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F / Edo Era
Posted 12/23/13
{she throws away the now useless pine tree and jumps onto its face as she begins to punch into its eyes disabling its sight she kept puncing and puncing with all her might and used harder force with every thrust} DIE! DIE! DIE!
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Posted 12/23/13
Zwei continued walking to the youma, her anger meter slowly rising as she sees that this piece of whatever it was ignoring her. But being the most patient, forgiving person she is, she didn't obliterate the the thing into pieces, seeing that it was oh so pitiful. As she finally faced the youma after slightly moving here and there to make sure no blood gets on her and dodging broken off body parts. She now stood in front of it and looked into wherever its eyes were giving it the sweet angel smile, but her eyes said something different as her pair of eyes that adjusted to look at the youma as it's prey.
Posted 12/23/13 , edited 12/23/13

"Tachibana Mikutsune"

NPC:The youma, weakened and heavily damaged by your rage and determination to eliminate its existence, it chooses to escape from you, throwing you off several yards away as it gives itself time to run away, holding its bleeding eyes.

Note: Be careful, you are exerting yourself. You may get sick after this mission.
Mikutsune's HP ♞♞♞♞♞
YOUMA'S HP ♞♞♞♞= 1 Hits per post.


NPC: instead of attacking, the youma bows down to you, showing it has surrendered. This indicates you have already defeated the youma and you are in control of it. Congratulations! You now have permission to roleplay this youma as your side character.

Note: Please update your character sheet here.
Be sure to read everything on the first post of the Food Court thread.

Side Note: This youma is a land type known as a Level One Spitter. It spits acid and eating human beings is a sweet delicacy to its appetite. It already has instinctive combat. The good thing about this youma is that it can be trained and evolved to three levels; [1] Acid Spitter, [2] Acid Spitter with Scorpion tail, and [3] Fire breathing flight . It is submissive and loyal to its master.
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