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Posted 12/22/13
The topic can be anything but the group rules do apply to this and its ok to give your opinion on the different topics as long as there is no fighting! Well Start giving ideas so this way the group can be active and a bunch of fun for everyone and by doing this you'll be able to find people with the same interests as you! I'm accepting of any idea as long as it doesn't involve hentai. ^^; Other than all of that, Let me hear what you guys want on this group to make it more fun! I want to see what you guys have to say so this way I can help make that suggestion happen! Now let the suggestions, ideas and opinions fly!!!
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Posted 4/27/14
My idea may seem a bit out there but maybe we should get together and figure out a way us otakus can talk to each other outside of forums, while posting once in awhile for games - Maybe something like a Teamspeak server.
That way we can keep it active and help make some of us feel less lonely.
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