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Post Reply Your Top 10 Shounen Anime
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Posted 12/18/15
I'm not really a fan, but I used to watch a lot of shonen. So...

One Piece
Noragami: Aragoto
Blue Exorcist
Hitman Reborn
Senyuu (oh god oh god i hope it counts)
Fairy Tail
Blood Lad
Kill la Kill
Soul Eater (the idea is decent, the artwork is unique, but this is not for everyone)
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Posted 12/18/15

BlazingRagnarok wrote:

People have said about both Deadman Wonderland and Black Butler, too, due to their graphic violence and dark stories, but both of those series are officially shonen. Whether a given work "feels" shonen is incredibly subjective, since it rides on someone's conceptions (or misconceptions) about the demographic/genre. For example, AoT feels incredibly shonen to me, what with Eren going on about friendship and protecting people and getting an inexplicable power-up partway through a fight.

An objective way to tell if a manga is shonen is this: Does this manga run in a shonen magazine? All three of the series mentioned here run in shonen magazines, so, no matter how much gore and death is thrown our way or how much the author ignores our ideas of shonen, these works are shonen-demographic. Note that this method is manga-only, so anime without manga adaptations can be a little iffy here.

Hmm, okay, you caught me there... I guess i'm only referring to the Anime of AOT then because the Anime of AOT differs from the Manga when it comes to the art and overall atmosphere, but the again, I feel that way with most Anime and Manga due to the studio adding in stuff like extra background art and animations.
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Posted 4/3/16 , edited 4/3/16
i've watched so many shonen at this point in time that its really hard to narrow it down to ten. Oh, who am i kidding i have a pretty defined top 10, id even go as far to say my top 30 is a pretty solid list of my opinions on these shows, so, here we go.

1.One piece - its been with me for so long, and it has entertained me more than any other thing, be it film, anime. book, live action or game, so i cant see myself putting it any lower than where it belongs, it really always be number 1 to me.

2.Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood - This show is objectively the best shonen hands down from start to finish it is absolutely amazing from the characters to the plot and conflict it is great, so it is my number 2.

3.Fate/Stay Night (All series that counts(i don't think zero counts)) - i Just love the concept behind this show so much, and they pull it off pretty well, the battles with ideals are great, the action is amazing(especially when done by ufotable) and it has some excellent characters all around (gilgamesh is the best though)

4.Rurouni Kenshin - This show i have been watching for so long, i cant even remember how old i was but it is so amazing and is obviously a classic i dont think much more needs to be said about it.



7.Kuroko no basket

8.yu yu hakusho

9. a certain magical index

10.Eyeshield 21
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Posted 4/3/16 , edited 4/3/16
So I'm just going to define 'shounen' as 'based on manga serialized in a shounen magazine' to have some sort of guideline as to what can be included. That means anything that's anime-original or based on something else won't be on my list, while genre's not going to matter.

1. JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure
2. Fullmetal Alchemist (either version)
3. Silver Spoon (serialized in Shounen Sunday, despite being about farming)
4. Attack on Titan
5. Assassination Classroom
6. Soul Eater
7. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (somehow, this bleak ball of cynicism was in Weekly Shounen Magazine)
8. Azumanga Daioh (and apparently Dengeki Daioh is a shounen magazine. Nothing makes sense anymore.)
9. Keroro Gunsou
10. One Piece (would be a LOT higher on the list if we were talking about the manga)

Based on the first episode, My Hero Academia will probably knock the One Piece anime off my list once I see more of it.
And it looks like I need to watch HunterXHunter at some point.

I didn't notice until after posting that this was a year-old thread being necro'ed. Delete if appropriate.
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