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Posted 3/23/15

hpulley wrote:

papagolfwhiskey wrote:

hpulley wrote:

By "changing stuff so it makes sense" I meant that as they skipped more and more chapters, about 20 in a row at one point IIRC, they had to change things in the anime to make up for the stuff they skipped. Overall I prefer the manga BUT... but, but but... I actually quite like how the anime ended as well. AND, they really put it in the same exact position as the end of book 10 of the manga. It seems the series composition director or the author wanted the show to get to that point so with only 13 episodes (probably originally supposed to be 22-26), they had to chop and skip and change a lot in the end after quite faithfully doing the first 40 chapters or so. Too bad really as the sales mean almost surely that no more anime will ever come.

Reminds me of babylon 5 season 4 only worse.

That was the opposite problem, wasn't it? Thought it was getting cancelled so they wrapped it up quick and then got another season and had no story. And actor issues...

Basically yeah. but in order to wrap it up in 4 they had to accelerate a story line and leave out side stories. Thus they only had side stories in season 5. anyhow. Reminds me of the pain writers go through when execs make inconvenient decisions

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