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Post Reply .............DESCRIBE YOUR FIRST MAJOR CRUSH!! I'm curious......
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21 / F / Deep In Naruto-ku...
Posted 4/24/14

jordancharacter wrote:

When I was 9 I was taking the same tae kwon do class with my crush. She was very tomboyish and very attractive, with auburn hair and defined facial features. We were sort of like rivals, but unfortunately since I was young, I did not know how to hold back, so when we were sparring I accidentally punched her in the face..


Needless to say, after that she did not like me very much, and after I quit tae kwon do, I never saw her again..

well, its kind of funny and embarrassing,
I bet you will find out who he is after reading it... haha
** I'm soooo pathetic.... (¬_¬) but its the truth!!!

Spoiler Alert! Click to show or hide
I met him when I was 13 years old...
he was a loner at his school and I was from other school...
at times, I saw him sitting on the swing alone with his head down...
and he will peeks at his friends who was on the other side of the park playing around and talking happily, from time to time..
hoping they would invite him to join them but sadly they don't... so he ended up being alone...
I know the moment when I saw 'this' look on his face! How he was hoping to have a friend, a companion...
and sadly, I can't stay by his side to cheer him up; to be his friend... 'cause I'm not from his school...

years later, according from what I've found from stalking him... yeap stalking
he had grew into a fine young man... I can see that there is a lot of people by his side...
I'm really glad that he finally made some friends... according to how he acts in front of his friends...
I get to learn more about him... about his favorite food, favorite colour, and so on...
he is a sunshine boy, who always smiles brightly... always put on a smiling face,
an optimistic person, never gives up easily, always does his very best in whatever he is doing,
treats everyone equally, always helps people out and is a kind-hearted person...
whoever had problems, he will help them out without giving a second thought....
his smile can warms peoples' heart... especially mine...

he is the most perfect guy I've ever met... and he is also the ideal lover that I was looking for...
but unfortunately, it's just my one-sided love... it's and unrequited love.


Bingo~!!! XD
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23 / M / Las Vegas
Posted 4/24/14
My first major crush (I would call it more than just a crush) was when I was about 16. I still find her beautiful in every sense of the word...
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M / Where you are.
Posted 4/24/14
There was this girl I thought she was hot...3 days later we slept together GG WP.
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18 / M
Posted 4/25/14
I stopped listening to that side of me. I've been rejected at least 5 times in my life, all my life for that matter. People always say, "I'm surprised you're still single," "Don't worry you're too good for them," maybe even "One of these days." However I'm still single, but I'm happy because I'm no longer focusing on it, I'm healthy because I eat properly, so what more can I ask for?
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23 / M / Ireland
Posted 4/25/14
my first crush was excruciating.
I was 14 at the time, and the girl was in my class. What made it so painful is that it was so obvious that I fancied her and her friends basically told me that she fancied me as well. We both also got along really well and used to walk home together from school, but I guess we were both just far too nervous to take it any further.
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23 / M / Missouri, United...
Posted 4/25/14
Hm, I was 5 so I had no idea that I was crushing on this girl until much later. I pretty much walked with her, stared at her, thought she was the smartest person I knew, even though she was only 5 as well. I don't remember much more.
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Posted 5/12/14
wow omg my first major crush was a grade above me. we had a class together when i was a freshman in high school and i liked him for three years (i still kind of like him but we're both in relationships) he's really smart, really talented at violin and piano, and he has a really great sense of humor. he's really perfect but he never noticed me T^T
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24 / M / USA
Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/13/14
The Meeting
My first crush was when I was in middle school and it was pretty big. I would always glance at her every chance I get at lunch time and class but I could never look her in the eye. I would even try to figured out who she was exchanging notes with. She was artistic, smart, popular and many other boys had crushes on her. She was also the cousin of my best friend since middle school. I told my best friend one day about this and he teased me and told her the next day about it and tried to set us up. Sadly, I was very stupid when it come to girls, overly nervous, overwhelmed with embarrassment at the moment and a mega nerd already. She obviously shut me down and made it pretty obvious that she wasn't interested in me and I was okay with it since I sort of expected it being who I was and we just decided to become friends although I could never really bring myself to talk to her very much. 8th grade graduation came and she decided to attend a different high school closer to her place.

High School, Coping and the Stalking
For a time, I would ask my best friend on the update of every guy she dated and how she doing throughout high school. I even stalked and googled her name on the internet and found her social networking account and talked to her a little on it after making myself an account. Turn out she was pretty easy to find since she went to state for a sport competition which I heard from my best friend and was able to find her after doing some digging. Looking back on it, I felt creepy as shit. Anyways, high school continue and I see other girl and have crushes on them too but never as big as her. I was nerdy, had braces and had low self confidence so I never had the guts to approach any though. High school ended and I found out she was going to a all girl college but already had a boyfriend and was in a pretty serious relationship. I pretty much gave up on her and was hoping for a bright future.

Wait...I know you?
College was great for me and was a new opportunity to start new by meeting new people. I was able to gain a lot self confidence and even found a girl friend for a few month. Then my 2nd year of college approaches and I ended up seeing a very familiar face in my discussion class. I ended up meeting up with her after class and confirming that she was indeed THE SAME first girl I had a crush on. I was pretty surprise to hear that she transferred school and what was even more surprising was the big lump (she prego) on her belly when she turn 180 to face me. She said she was also surprise to see me too since I have changed so much, gotten taller and no braces. I found it funny that she would even made a light joke about going to be a single mom and still had her outgoing and friendly personality. We grabbed lunch and caught up to talk about old time and current time. We would become good friends but I would never ask who the father was and if she was single or not because I have I didn't want to give her any ideas.

If only this was 9 years ago
She came to me one day after coming back to school from giving birth to her child and told me that she could drive me home if I would walk her to her car since she got tailed by 2 guys the other day and felt unease. Since it was a night class, it was pretty dangerous to walk alone at night especially on a large campus to a person car. So I agreed to her request. As the semester continued and we do our routine every day, we got closer and I got to know her more. I never really expected anything but as we reach closer to the end of the semester and the end of our class together, one day she dressed really nice. I was kind of surprise considering she just gave birth so she pretty much lost her nice figure that she uses to had in middle/high school and was pretty self conscious about it. (I mean WOW, I never knew a woman can lose their figure so much from just giving birth until meeting her. She wasn't fat, but she had the body of a mother instead of a young woman.) On the drive home, we were talking like normal but for the first time ever I saw the scars on her forearm because she wasn't wearing a long sleeves. It never would of occurred to me that such a cheery person and the person I thought was perfect in middle school would have enough cut marks on her forearm to make the inside of her forearm hardly recognizable. I was pretty shocked upon this realization and then

She said, "You know, I think I am probably going to be single for a long time."
I said, "No, I am sure you will find the right person. You have a lot going for you now and a beautiful son. If you want, I can hook you up with someone."
-Long pause-
She said, "Haha! JK!!"

The setting and the atmosphere pointed out that she was clearly interested in me and wanted me to make a move on her. I am fairly confident that she wanted me to give her something that showed that I was interested in her. The dress, the topic of the conversation, perhaps even the whole 2 guy tailing her story was to get to know me better. Instead I basically made it obvious that I was not interested in her in anything more. Too this day, I found it ironic that I ended up responding to her "confession" the same way my she did to me 9 years ago my "confession" which was not intentional. I just could not see her anything more than a friend after her having a kid. I truly hate myself for being superficial about this but I know I can not change my feelings about her. Recently I find out by snooping around that the reason for her cutting was probably due to the death of her boyfriend.

The Present
It been a few years and she graduated early already and we are still good friends. I am just glad that I was able to finally move forward after this and never think of her again as anything more than friends. This whole event taught me a lot of things valuable in my life. Why am I wasting my time telling everyone here about this? I don't have much of an answer but reading everyone crush brought back a lot of my memory about my own crush that would only conclude after 10 years and made me feel like also sharing.
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23 / M / Canada
Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/13/14
Not sure if it's really major but..

I think it was in 5th grade when I was around 11 or 12 years young.. I don't remember much but I think she was the smartest girl in class or in the top 2 at least (I'm top 3! I remember that for sure!).. She was like the class president type of girl in anime who always try to help others.. I think I felt that I had a crush on her when we started doing group projects.. After about 2 or 3 projects later with her, we got a bit closer.. I started helping her out more with her schoolwork, walking with her from school back to her home, carry her books for her, talking about random stuff with her on the phone till like 9pm (lol dat curfew), etc.. I didn't really know what to do after that and where it was headed since I was very young and had no clue what would happen if I ask her out. So if I remember correctly I think I just decided to just go with the flow of just staying as good friends until 6th Grade. And alas, that's what had happened and nothing more..

During 6th grade, we still got in touch a bit for the first few months.. but that only got smaller and smaller to the point where we don't even say hi anymore whenever we see each other in the hallway.. It was a bit frustrating for me since I didn't really know if she's angry or what. I think it's because I found a new crush and she probably got jelly or we just got really busy.. I don't know!!!... But yeah, she and I just stopped talking to each other completely for the rest of 6th grade.

During my elementary grad though, we all got friendly again and talked a bit about which school we're going to. Sadly we're not ending up in the same school again so we said our goodlucks and good byes during graduation. She told me she had a nice time and thanked me for being a such a great classmate during our 5th Grade and a good friend (classmatezoned and friendzoned?!!?).. At this time I thought, I really want to ask her out but I have this other girl in my mind now.. (the struggle is real boys and girls).. So we just ended up once again, being good friends and nothing more.. Also, I think my mom took a picture of us together (along with her friend who I think I had a small crush on but not on the same level with her).... After graduation, I lost contact with her completely and now I can't even picture her face anymore. Though I still remember her first name, Angelica... can't remember her last name.

I still need to find that picture..
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M / Pennsylvania
Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/13/14
well... She’s Nice, thoughtful, understanding, Beautiful (inside and out) and inspirational. She’s unlike other girls, her personality stands out! Everything about her is just perfect! She’s the kind of woman every man should have! She’s also helping me to be the man God wants me to be and my future wife deserves! Her relationship with Jesus is strong! She loves Him, she lives for Him, and she has a faith that can move mountains. Her smile? So gorgeous, so uplifting and it has power of making your day. If you know her, you’ll probably fall in love! for short: She’s Just Amazing!
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Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/14/14
Reading these, it is a bit...sad how fragile people's feelings are, and how little they mean to others. Think about someone for two years of your life, and yet you're not even a twinkle in their eye.

But such is life and humanity I suppose...

My first crush was in gradeschool. I don't remember exactly what grade it started; 4th maybe? It's all a blurr now ha. I was one of those giggling, non-serious idiots who talked about shallow things with their friends all day. There was this kid named Lyman who about 70% of the girls had a crush on, and I was one of them. He was attractive and quiet. It lasted...I don't know, maybe a few years. Somehow I was never serious about it though. I did even ask him out once (in front of all his and my friends, I think I was doing it more for them than me...) He totally ignored me (smart ha) and never gave me a proper response. I actually don't think we ever had a conversation with just him and I. I never expected him to pay me any attention though, I was just playing around and didn't know what a relationship was and didn't really want to know in 4th grade so.

I have no hard feelings about it.

He dropped out in like...7th grade or something, and I haven't seen him since.
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23 / M / Sacae-sama's Dungeon
Posted 5/13/14
Well... my first crush was probably in grade school and was forgotten after a few weeks cause I was an easily distracted kid.

First MAJOR crush.... hmmm probably started around the summer going into first year of middle school, we ended up starting to date at the beginning of middle school and that lasted through middle school but then we went to different high schools and didn't keep it going.

That's bout it. Nothing great, or grand, or hugely upsetting like some of the other posts here.
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17 / M / United States
Posted 5/13/14
Oh man...

well, it all started in Elementary school. It might of been the summer of 5th grade. Basically, my friend tells me about how he is going out with a girl in our grade and she is popular, cute, and outgoing. I've never heard of her until then... so I was curious. Fast-forwarding into the start of next year... My friend and the girl have broken up and she is in my class. We become friends and she started to grow on my heart... a lot .

We would text all the time, and talk pretty much all the time in school. It was great for me. I loved talking to her. I loved being able to make her smile, laugh, and all that. I fell hard for her. But she didn't feel the same way. I was friend zoned.

About a year later, we are still talking. I was always thinking of ways I can get her to like me as much as I like her. I never really attempted anything though, because I didn't want to make the relationship awkward. All I could do was to continue being her friend, and maybe she would realize her feelings. But it never turned out that way. She ends up finding a boyfriend that she keeps, and still to this day they are a couple. We don't talk much anymore though. We usually shoot a text to each other about twice a week.

I guess that's pretty much my story of my first crush and how I was friend zoned. It was a shame I was never able to go out with her, but I was glad enough to be her friend at least.
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24 / M / This Dying World
Posted 5/13/14

darkfire9o9 wrote:

There was this girl I thought she was hot...3 days later we slept together GG WP.

no re or re'd?
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F / On my way
Posted 5/13/14

My first crush, eh.. It happened when i was still in umm.. in Elementary school .. around.. 4th grade, i suppose? I have an older brother, 8 years older than me. He used to bring his friends to our house and they would slept over. He had around 5 close friends. And, one of them was my first crush. Well, I would say that he's kind, not too cool, but really kind. I don't exactly know the reason why did i had a crush on him back then.. I was a really quiet girl, i rarely talk, but he could make me turned into a talkative person. I don't really thought about our age difference. I mean, really, 8 years difference? Well, back then, i thought it can work out somehow, but, nope. He obviously knew that i had a crush on him, he purposefully acting like he liked me, like i said, i was still a kid. I still am now, though, Moving on, I didn't know what it is like to be in a relationship. We would joke around every time he sleeps over. I think it lasted around .. 3 years or so? But then, i realized that it won't work out. Then, Me and my family moved to another city, and since then, I.. decided to let go of my feelings. 7 years has passed since then, somehow, we're still in contact now.. But, we would just flirt with each other.. To talk about random things. Actually, i still kinda like him now. Pathetic, isn't it?
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