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Posted 1/7/14
Hi! I ordered the Someday's Dreamers set and the PMMM movies. The orders haven't gotten to me and the USPS website shows nothing so I asked the Post Office and they claim they never got the order.

The order #: #607319996844 and the Tracking Number is 9249096900995602319930.

The tracking site says it was accepted though, so I don't understand how they couldn't have gotten it.
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Posted 1/7/14 , edited 1/7/14
I looked at your tracking number and it looks like it's moving now.

I actually work for the post office though so I can give some insight. looking at your tracking you/they tried to ship it the day after Christmas and during all the horrible weather. The entire system is being delayed due to all the weather back east, like out here in CA we're still getting a lot of stuff that was intended for Christmas and this is "fast mail" not the super slow stuff like you have. They also tried to send it the day after Christmas when we lose a ton of our seasonal staff and the career employees go on vacation. So our capacity goes down a bit.

It honestly just looks like you were a random victim of circumstance Between when they tried to send it, the fact that the mail volume is still relatively high, seasonals being fired, and employees going on vacation. What probably happened is the shipment yours came in with got put on a lower priority than something else so it didn't get run or the volume was so high it might have not been properly scanned. Sometimes we have to skip scanning an item or two to avoid backing up and shutting down machines
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Posted 1/10/14
As more and more people do their shopping online, I fear this may become a progressively worse issue. Of course, it may result in a backlash where in-store sales just swing back up.

It certainly sucks for ordering anything else during the holiday season though. Especially SAL. Had a friend get a SAL package after like 30-35 days, when it normally takes around 10-14. I placed a manga shipment on like Dec 22nd as SAL, and I don't expect to see it until the last week of January, honestly =\
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