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Posted 1/8/14
You do not have to introduce yourself, but I highly encourage it guys! It does not have to be a real introduction, if you wanna give us an RP introduction that is fine, if you just want to give us some random persona introduction that is also fine. I just want some input from you guys!

My name is KENO. I work full time like an adult, but I live like a teenager enjoying my anime and manga >:). I have been into anime for years and don't think I will ever stop. I tend to go on anime binges on the weekends waking up at noon and spending the entire day until 2 or 3 the next morning watching anime/reading manga.


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Posted 1/9/14
My name is Adri. I will soon begin working as an occupational therapist, school based. I too live like a kid/teenager. I enjoy anime and have spent many man hours watching it haha. Outside that I love music, being outdoors, playing sports, and hanging with family and friends. I dont ever want to really grow up, being a kid at heart is awesome.

As for AOT it is def one the best animes I have seen in a long time. DBZ is an all time favorite I am hoping for new DBZ series....and would love to see an AOT movie, either CG or anime style (as in one really long episode lol) style will do just fine.
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Posted 4/1/16 , edited 8/3/16
Hello, I am TinySatanchan or just Sata if you prefer. I work full time in a welding shop and write stories/draw manga in my free time. I have had some of my written work published but am still working on the manga bit. I run a live action role playing group one weekend out of every month, and the rest of my weekends are usually spent with friends/family, reading, watching anime, and in general doing whatever seems entertaining at the time.

I am a huge fan of cosplay, and Hanji Zoe from SNK is my current favorite. I adore SNK and it is one of the best animes I have seen in a long time. I am currently working on reading the manga as well and dying for more episodes to come out. Other fav shows include Deadman Wonderland and Sword Art Online.
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