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Post Reply You're A Genie: So Grant Three Wishes
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36 / M / The IshVille
Posted 1/9/14 , edited 1/10/14
Here's the rules:

Grant the wish you think the person above you would want.
Grant your own wish
Grant the wish you think the person below you wound want.

(No one is above me so I'll just say Shinji)

^ Shinji, your wish of having more 1,000,000 more subscribers in 2014 has been granted.
< My wish of owning a high rise condo in downtown Tokyo has been granted
V Your wish of having a magazine model girlfriend has been granted.

Yes, Suicide Girls. And/or Victoria Secret. Whichever floats your boat. I'm a generous genie.
Posted 1/9/14 , edited 1/9/14
What kind of model? Suicide Girls?

^I grant your wish to become a cat humanoid so that Neferpitou will love you too
<To be reborn when humanity has found a way to explore deep space and space travel is common.
V I grant your wish to be able to turn anything you touch into ice cream.
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26 / M / Minneapolis
Posted 1/9/14
^ The Millennium Falcon to travel deep space
- I would wish to have an infinite supply of wishes...
V Your wish of owning 15 fish tanks full of used bed sheets is granted.
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24 / M / United States
Posted 1/9/14
^Your wish for a lifetime supply of "Violent Laxatives" has been granted
-Ability to shape-shift into any object/animal/vehicle (pretty much anything)
v 1,000 stylish, new hats that will always look fantastic on you.
Posted 1/9/14
I love hats :D
^your wish for an unlimited supply of cat food has been granted :D
<all paid trip to England solo
v once in a life time opportunity to be in a field of puppies
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23 / M
Posted 1/9/14
Mwuahahahahaha.....-Takes out my flail and goes to the field with glee.-

^ The ability to save the field of puppies at the expense of your face.
< Motivation to write a good book.
v Free Hug Phersu without Dying or Losing your Face Coupon. Super rare.
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21 / In Wonderland
Posted 1/9/14 , edited 1/9/14
this is fun lols~

^ I grant your wish for the motivation to write a story with a magic pen that shaped like the anime chaaracter you reallu like (kinda like a a figure pen version)
<I wish that all the anime characters are real (you know like from the show itself) because some fantasy animes are so awesome~

V I will grant you the ability to be able to plant tomatoes
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36 / M / The IshVille
Posted 1/9/14
Ahhh hell yeah! I'm going into the ultra lucrative farming business!

^ Your wish for a stack of porn mags invisible to everyone but you has been granted.
< My wish to be able to fly like Superman has been granted
v Your wish to be reunited with your first love has been granted. They now have a triple chin, though.
Posted 2/6/14 , edited 2/7/14
Knew that bastard was having dietary issues.

^ Your wish of wanting to look like a cat girl has been granted.
< Should one day become a musician.
v Anything you want, and you will get it--or is it that you want unlimited powers? Granted.
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Posted 2/15/14 , edited 2/15/14

^ Your wish of an accursed tuba that lets you play the Devil's Trill like no one's business is granted.
< The power to negate all other wishes unless bribed appropriately.
v You are granted the power to know the secret reasons for everyone's wishes, the ones they can't even admit to themselves.
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M / Baka Zone
Posted 5/24/14 , edited 5/24/14
^ Your wish to become the assistant of the mad scientist known as Hououin Kyouma has come true.
< My wish to turn my microwave into a time machine has defied reality.
v Your wish for more Dr. Pepper, the intellectual beverage for the chosen ones, has come true.

-El Psy Congroo
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30 / M / USA
Posted 5/24/14
^Your wish for a dimension-shifting toaster is granted
<my wish for a better musical talent is granted
v your wish for 1,000,000 ducks is granted
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M / Tralfamadore
Posted 5/25/14 , edited 5/25/14
^Your wish for a woman who only says-merest whim?
.>popcorn flavoured toothpaste for that just back from the movies mouth
v finally your turn at the anvil catching game-good luck
Posted 8/22/14 , edited 8/22/14
^ Your wish for a neck so your head can finally be attached to your body is granted.
> My wish to be happy in life is granted
V Your wish to be Goku has been granted.
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39 / M / one mile from a d...
Posted 8/22/14
thanks, I'll take it

^ your wish for uncanny flawless hindsight has been granted
< My wish for isomorphic nanotech (submicroscopic machines that can only be programmed by me) to create anything I desire is Granted.
v your wish to be the wife/slave of Phersu is granted
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