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Posted 1/12/14
So I was able to catch a showing of Evangelion 3.0 in a near by city. Man was there a line for the film!!! Worried, but it

was washed away as I purchased my ticket. As excited as I was, I left the movie theater disappointed. The movie was

nowhere near as good as the first two. I felt like there was lack of of coherent story telling. A new character is

introduced but is given hardly and screen time. The film had a little bit too much filler for my taste and there was a lack

character development. Even with this, it was visually appealing with all the CG animation, design of new machines and

use of color. It felt like I was at a light show. I think if your a fan of the series, its worth checking out. If your

barely getting into anime, you might want hold off.
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