u should remove the ads that is on the right
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Posted 6/24/07 , edited 6/24/07
Eeek you shouldn't make threads in this section! ^-^

Members have complained about some of the adverts being inappropriate before and i agree since this site is supposed to be PG13. However, i don't think Shinji (admin) has much control over the actual adverts.
If they annoy you then you can always donate to get rid of all adverts ^-^

There's a thread where this is discussed *goes to hunt* ^-^

Hey CR, what's with all the sex ads?
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Posted 6/24/07
^ steff is right. The ads are supported by adbrite, and shinji doesn't have much say over the content of these advertisments... :sweatingbullets:

You can also get rid of advertisments by using adblock plug-ins. :)

Also, avoid posting new topics in this section of the forums. You could simply refer your complaint through the suggestions thread, or even the casual chat with the mods thread.
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Posted 6/24/07
Anything remotely resembling an advertisement doesn't deserve to live. Ads are the stepping stones to brain washing, to manipulation, and to mind control. Ads are cunning, underhanded, but nothing's worse than the person who creates them. What to do? Humans are cheap, they need money to survive, hences ads must be created. And so for the time being, the ads will be here to stay for a while. Right. Sjb made her point, no threads should be created here.
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