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Posted 3 hours ago
Sorry in advance for raising a dead thread, heheh.

I'm also interested in becoming an ALT, like xdzzz just mentioned. I'm hoping to apply to the JET Program once I graduate from college in about a year and a half, but I know how difficult it will be to get in. That being said, if it's okay to ask, were you part of the JET Program? Or a different one? I've heard good things about Interac, and a friend of mine is actually working for Peppy Kids Club, but it's hard to tell which companies would be the best, and each one seems to have a slightly different application / interview process.

Anyway, here are several more questions, if it's alright!

1. How difficult was your interview / screening process? What sort of things would you suggest to study / prepare for in advance? Most places say that you don't necessarily need Japanese language skills, nor a degree in teaching, but I'm sure there are still pieces of each that they would prefer to see in applicants.

2. When you first moved to Japan, what was the most difficult thing about adjusting to life there? What sort of role did your company play, in order to help you adjust to living in Japan?

3. How easy / difficult was it to communicate with the other teachers at your school? Were you expected to speak to them entirely in English, or in Japanese? Were they generally pretty helpful as you got started, or did they have some strict expectations from the start?

4. What was it like to teach English in another country? Since we're native speakers, our English classes focus mainly on literature and analyzing it, and I can hardly remember any of my early-age classes when we were learning to read and write. What sort of advice can you give to people who want to teach in Japan, but haven't taken teaching courses before? Did you get to create your own lesson plans, or were you given materials to teach based on a different plan? Did you teach at one school, or multiple schools?

... I think that's all for now! I know I have more, but I don't want to overload you with questions or anything, hahah.
Thank you so much for this thread!!
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