Rurouni Kenshin animation
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Posted 1/20/14
I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed differing levels of polish on certain episodes of the anime. What I mean to say is it feels like some episodes had more budget put into them than others. Some episodes will have clean animation with nice proportions, smooth movement of the characters and great cinematography and choreography with slim to no recycled scenes. Others however, have multiple recycled scenes, a lot of 'static' action shots (the kind where the camera does most of the movement and they layer on some kind of filter or effect.) especially in scenes with multiple characters, disproportioned characters, little to no cinematic flair and and loss of scene continuity.

A think a good example of this is Episode 25 and Episode 26, with 25 being the 'low budget' episode and 26 being the smooth silky episode. I'm not sure if it was just because 25 seemed to have a lot of more characters present than 26 or if that had no effect at all, but even with that in mind there have been episodes with multiple characters with better animation than this one so I don't think multiple characters have the largest impact on this sort of thing. In any case, I think those two show a pretty clear difference in quality from one another.

I am not bringing this up to criticize or make disparaging remarks about the show in any way. On the contrary, I am a big fan of the show and I was just curious about the development process for the show and to see if anyone could potentially shed some light on the budgeting and/or quality differences of the series, that I do.
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Posted 1/20/14 , edited 1/21/14
The short answer is yes. Look at Naruto, same idea.
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Posted 1/21/14
Hm, I always thought that goes to most anime... maybe I guess the long running ones or the old animes.... ie Sailormoon (sometimes they have a huge face) and I felt like Gundam Wing had the same problem... but is it just me or the animation was not as good as today's work..
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Posted 12/26/15
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