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M / hell
Posted 7/25/08
i am a water bender from the northern water tribe and the best water bender they got there. On a battle against the fire nation why are there so much fire benders attacking the northern water tribe. This is bullshit
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Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08
i was born in the fire nation and was the daughter of a loyal fire nation general. i attended the girls fire nation academy.a few years later, my father died during an attack of a kingdom by his own side (for being accused as a traitor but it was claimed as an accident). since my mother(daughter of a governer) had no sons i was to serve in his place in the army regardless of gender or age (as punishment for the father's family). i saw the fire nation's brutality and abandoned my post and ran away to a fishermans village to later become a firebending pirate.
xD its all i got now
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