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Posted 1/24/14
new simulpub on cr

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Posted 1/28/14
I hadn't seen this one yet, but since it is by Ichigo Takano, the same mangaka as Orange, I was exited to read it. I caught the first two chapters [elsewhere] and think it has potential. Amnesia stories are sometimes too cliche, but this one seems interesting at least.

The only bad part of it is that its mere existence is taking time away from Takano-sensei's work on Orange. LOL
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Posted 2/24/14
I was a really big fan of her manga Yume Mieru Taiyou so I was happy to read this manga too!!
The premise of the story is kind of cliche but the way she writes her characters is really refreshing.
The fact that there's a nod to ARASHI in the third chapter kind of just won me over.
Definitely would recommend this manga!! Its just a pain to have to wait for this manga to come out every week -_-
I'm really want to get the manga in Japanese when it comes out.
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