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Posted 1/28/14 , edited 1/28/14

Felstalker wrote:

They compensated very well for the 3rd season. The new characters are used to ease in the new veiwers, while the older characters like Madarame and Sasahara are how the old viewers see it. As far as a season goes it is indeed the best animated.

Now, I've just finished reading the manga for all of it, so I'm biased, but the entire thing is spot on. I'm talking direct direct translation here. I believe the 3rd season takes the most liberties, but studio I.G. has the money to do that. The characterizations, the storytelling, and the writing are all the same as it's manga counterpart. You just get the joy of a whole lot of anime reference humor.

I can see how hard it would be to return-watch the first and second seasons, but I find the first in particular a far better piece. It was about Otaku being Otaku, with acceptance, tolerance, and understanding all over the damn place. Half the cast of Season 3 is still the early cast, even if they're no longer in need of character development.

Oh, I don't think I'm getting anywhere with this argument. Hopefully whoever read it will have enough information to decide on their own.

Edit; Oh my god I forgot the Attack on Titan joke in the simi-last episode! That's also the episode in which I had to look to the Manga to see what happened, not all of Genshiken's original Manga was made into an anime, specifically the last 2 books before Nidame. But....that Attack on Titan moment WITH A CHUN LEE SUPER ART REFERENCE FINISH! Ooooh it was amazing.

It can go both ways I think; I'm rewatching the first episode of Nidaime now and you're definitely right about knowing most of the characters from prior seasons and how it might not be too accessible for guys with the heavy female cast.

I still loved it though; I'd tried to watch Genshiken before and failed repeatedly.

It'd probably ride on what the audience is like, I guess.

The first two seasons definitely improve the experience, but Nidaime alone is better than nothing at all I think.
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Posted 1/28/14
Nidaime alone is still really damn good. However it is only, imo, a "masterpiece" if you are use to the series, because all of the major dramatic payoffs are still good if you only watched Nidaime but they become like 10x more dramatic and important if you have been following the series. For example the climatic episode of Nidaime was a moment that was literally years, nay the better part of a decade in the making for me(cause I got into Genshiken in the middle of the 2000's). It still was properly built to where anyone watching gets the dramatic weight, sure, but it lacks its true emotional punch for those that are newbies, cause it was something both the characters and old fans were waiting to see resolved for years.

So yeah Nidaime is great by itself, way better if you have seen the earlier seasons/read the manga.
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Posted 12/26/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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