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"I'll protect the princess no mater what,"
Main characters

Kuro Yomi
Type: Shinigami
Age: 15 (June 15th 1998)
Ability's: Transvection, Frost, Sharp vertical Sakura petals, Onibi
Likes: Watermelon, Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei, Strawberries
She can wield two guns or two swords at the same time however fights with twin Katana's and is also capable of impressive acrobatic feats. Her attacks are usually called "White Rose Cluster" People occasionally nickname her the Snow Princess due to her pale skin and snow white hair, she has the appearance of a doll with multicolored eyes, the left red and the right gold, although she tends to wear brown contacts.

Kim Ki-bum AKA "Key"
Type: Vampires
Born: September 23, 1991 (age 22)
Ability's: Lightning, Transvection
Likes: Tea, The night, taking care of Kuro
He usually fights by summoning a thousand Knives (That can fly out at high speed) or with a single gun

Lee Taemin
Type: Chinese Hoping Zombie
Born:July 18, 1993 (age 20)
Ability's: paper manipulation
Likes: Milkshakes,
He can shoots a large, glowing blue and white yin-yang that bounces slowly on the ground before exploding a purple crescent-shaped wave straight ahead.

Choi Minho
Type: Kappa
Born: December 9, 1991 (22)
Ability: Water
Likes: Cucumbers,
He was the first out of SHINee to kiss Kuro.

Kim Jonghyun
Type: Enenra
Born: April 8, 1990 (age 23)
Ability's: Transvection, Pyrokinesis
Uses Chains with blades at the end and sniper guns

Lee Jin Ki AKA "Onew"
Type: Kodama
Born: December 14, 1989 (age 24)
Ability: Transvection, Earth, Strawberry vines
Likes: Chicken, Roller-coasters, Flowers,
Onew fights with two steampunk styled guns

Other characters

A tall baby faced Bakeneko who works at Undead Corporation in a in-field division however he keeps it a secret.When Kuro joined he was happy that he finally wasn't the youngest member. Since he tends to the youngest he tends to act like a big brother towards Kuro however he ended up falling in love with her.

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Chapter 2- The clockwork world
Snow started to fall onto the shrine. Along the sides of the paths were pale blue rose bushes. On string hanging above them were lit paper lanterns. On the left side were lanterns with blue symbols and on the right were red soul like shapes going around in a circle. In-front of them was a large, black Shinto shrine gate with the protective paper hanging in the middle. Behind it showed that the lanterns went on for miles up the steps leading to the shrine. Campier trees were around the edge. Kuro was standing in the middle with her snow white hair down and both contacts were out. Kuro was wearing a short black dress that had thick strap sleeves, a white pointy collar each side with purple lining and a pastel pink bow hanging in the center with a yellow crescent moon shaped gem in the center with a purple outline, Two purple stripes lined down the dress with six large purple buttons in the middle with a dark pink background, Purple stripes lined across the bottom, Over-sized sleeves were attached via silver threads wrapped around silver buttons that have been inlaid into the fabric of the dress and sleeves, the sleeves had a pink strip at the top and bottom an d the inside fabric was pink, A purple buckle was on each strip, A black Japanese fox mask was tied on the side of her head, black thigh high socks with a purple hem and white Lolita styled heals. Glowing white orbs drifted out of the ground. THUD. Kuro opened her eyes to see that she had fallen out of bed. "A dream?" she mumbled, sitting up and looking around the room. "Oh yeah, I moved yesterday," she sighed before standing up. Kuro was wearing black pajamas. The top had pink straps and hung at her hips. The top was decorated in pastel pink stripes and small pink cherry blossom prints. Along the bust area were ruffles and had a small black bow hanging in the middle. The bottoms were shorts that reached her thighs and had ruffles at the bottom. They matched the top. The smell of pancakes filled the air. Onew was busy cooking in the kitchen. "Morning," Kuro yawned, coming in through the door. "Good morning, did you sleep well?" Onew asked, not turning around from the frying pan. "Kind of," Kuro responded, yawning again. "If you want to get some more sleep I can come wake you up when its ready," Onew informed, turning around and stopping when he saw what Kuro was wearing. "You look cute," he confessed, exchanging eye contact with Kuro before turning back around. "Thank you! Do you need any help?" Kuro blushed. "Its okay I don't need any help. Its slightly lonely though, do you want to keep me company?" Onew asked. "Okay," Kuro nodded. "About you not being human either, what are you?" Kuro asked. "I'm a Kodama," Onew informed. "The river deity?" Kuro guessed. "Bingo," Onew smiled. "How long have you worked at UC?" Kuro wondered. "We've all been here roughly two years now," Onew explained, pouring pancake mix into the frying pan. "How long have you worked at the cafe?" Onew asked. "Jonghyun told you?" Kuro blushed. "I saw you going in there yesterday," Onew replied. "Please don't tell anyone," Kuro begged. "Why don't you want people knowing?" Onew wondered, turning around to look at Kuro. "Its kinda embarrassing," Kuro mumbled. "But from what I saw you looked really cute," Onew stated. Kuro's checks blushed. "Morning," Taemin greeted, coming into the kitchen. "What were you talking about?" he asked, noticing Kuro's red face. "Nothing! Don't worry about it," Kuro blushed. "Hows your new apartment?" questioned Kasumi later that day at work. "Its good, its nearer the cafe as well," Kuro smiled. A girl with medium length straight hair came walking up. "Megumi! Welcome back," Kasumi added. "How was your holiday?" Kuro asked. "France was good. Good food and cute guys," Megumi responded. "Oh yeah you missed it. This guy Kuro is 'friends' with came by," Kasumi remembered. "What was with the empathize on friend?" Kuro asked. Kasumi stuck her tong out before going back to serve customers. "So what was the weather like in France?" Kuro asked. "Not as cold as here," Kasumi smiled. A few hours passed. "Kuro, Its the end of your shift," Megumi called out as she looked down at the blue watch that was on her wrist. "Okay, thank you," Kuro smiled, rushing to the changing rooms. After Kuro had finished getting changed her phone started ringing. The caller ID said UC. "Hi?" Kuro mumbled, answering her phone while she put her pastel pink boots on. "Head to the main office at HQ now!" a voice ordered on the other line before hanging up. The main office was busy with lots of people talking and rushing around. Kuro accidentally bumped into someone, falling backwards. THUD. "Sorry! Are you okay?" a male voice asked from in-front of her. Looking up Kuro saw a tall boy with dark red hair with most of his hair to the right and piercings in his left ear. Despite his height he had a baby face. He held his hand out towards Kuro. "I'm okay, sorry. What about you?" Kuro mumbled, using his hand to get up. "I'm fine, Princess," he responded. There was silence for a few seconds. "Oh right, i'm from B.A.P, call me Zelo," he introduced. "Kuro," Kuro smiled. "How old are you?" Zelo asked. "15, what about you?" Kuro blushed. "17," Zelo informed. "Zelo!" a voice called from down the hall. "Sorry that's Yongguk the head of my division. Bye, see you around," Zelo stated before walking of. "So it is her," he mumbled before going over to the brown haired boy waiting for him. A young woman with black hair was standing with SHINee standing around her. "I am here to prompt you on the mission your going on," the woman started as she watched Kuro walk up. "Mission?" Kuro mumbled, glancing up at Key who was standing next to her. "You have to enter a building and collect a pocket-watch. The Van is waiting outside," the woman informed. "Kuro," Key mumbled while they were walking outside. "Yeah?" she asked, looking up at him. He passed her a black gun. "We'll protect you but its just in case we can't," he explained. Onew was sitting on the back row with Minho to his left and Taemin to his right. On the row in-front of them was Kuro in the middle, Key to the left and Jonghyun to the right. Sitting in the drivers seat of the van was a man with short, neatly combed black hair and was wearing a dark grey suit, white shirt and a black tie with white boxes printed on. "Its nice to meet you, I'm Chief Soichiro Yagami," Yagami introduced. "Nice to meet you," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun patted Kuro on the head. "Don't worry, you'll be fine," he reassured. "Hey Kuro, wanna play?" offered Taemin leaning forwards and holding up a pack of cards. "Okay," Kuro nodded. They spent the whole journey playing card games. "We're here," Yagami announced, driving up to an old, abandoned building somewhere out of Tokyo. As soon as Taemin left the van he shivered. "Its seriously way to cold out here," he moaned, zipping up his jacket. Key took his jacket of before placing it over Kuro's shoulders. "Its okay, you'll be cold," Kuro blushed. "Don't worry about it," Key commented, patting Kuro on the head. "Thank you," Kuro smiled, putting her arms in the jacket. The wind howled through the wooden walls of the old building. The door creaked as Onew opened the large wooden door. Kuro lightly grabbed onto Taemin's arm. "Are you okay?" Taemin asked, looking down at Kuro. "I really don't like ghosts," Kuro mumbled. "Ghosts?" Minho repeated. "I don't think this place is haunted," Onew stated. "Its still really creepy," Kuro mumbled. "A Shinigami afraid of ghosts," sighed Jonghyun. Taemin moved his arm away from Kuro before locking his fingers with Kuro's. Key and Minho were watching them in the corner of their eyes. "Anyway we're meant to find some pocket-watch so should we split up to look quicker?" Onew suggested. "I suppose we could split up into pairs," Jonghyun replied. Minho and Onew were looking together, Jonghyun and Taemin were together and Key and Kuro were searching together. "So do you have any idea about what the pocket-watch is?" Kuro mumbled. "There's rumors about a pocket-watch that can guide you around hell, but that's all I know," Key remembered. "Demonic pocket-watch in a creepy building..." Kuro mumbled, grabbing Key's sleeve as a rattling sound occurred behind them. "Don't worry if something happens I will protect you," Key reassured, patting Kuro on the head. A growling sound filled the air. Key wrapped his arm around Kuro's shoulder, pulling her closer to him. "Don't worry," he commented. The sound of footsteps occurred in-front of them. A boy with short black hair and gold eyes walked around the corner. He was wearing jeans, a white shirt and a leather jacket. A white beanie was on his head. Key tightened his grip on Kuro. "Do you two need to look so scared?" the boy sighed. Key pushed Kuro behind him. Red fabric appeared, wrapping around Key and pushing him against the wall. Kuro went to help him however fabric wrapped around her and dragged her down to the floor. THUD. "So you're the Princess?" the boy sighed, walking over to her. "Stay away from her!" Key ordered. Kuro pulled her arm away from the fabric. The boy busted out laughing. He crouched down in-front of Kuro. "Princess, could you give me your arm?" he asked. Kuro moved her arm behind her as she shock her head. He grabbed Kuro's arms, pushing her down against the floor. Key went to move however the fabric kept him down. "There's a demon, help us," Key whispered. The ear-piece by his ear flashed as Jonghyun responded," Got it- on our way," Kuro tried to fight away. "Please let us go," Kuro cried. The boy grinned as he placed a dagger against Kuro's arm. "Where would be better?" he asked. "Get away from her," Key demanded. The demon pulled Kuro's top up and placed the dagger against her stomach. Frost started to form on the floor around them, catching the attention of Key. The demon started to carefully cut a pentagram into Kuro's skin. A shimmer of light sparkled in the demons jacket pocket. "Key, his pocket!" Kuro shouted. Key quickly tugged on his fabric to pull a dagger out of his belt and cut the fabric tying him. Rushing forwards Key grabbed the thing in the demons pocket before kicking him to the side. Looking down at his hand Key saw a pocket-watch with a pentagram encrusted on the front. "Kuro!" Jonghyun panted from around the corner. Key threw the pocket-watch over to him before rushing towards Kuro and kneeling down on the floor. He used the dagger to cut the fabric around Kuro. Minho rushed over, helping Kuro up and leaning her against him. "Are you okay?" he panicked. "I'm fine," Kuro mumbled, putting pressure on the small amount of cuts on her stomach. Taemin wrapped his arms around Kuro, picking her up Princess style. "I have bandages and pain relief in my room," Onew reminded. "Lets go home," nodded Minho. "I can walk," Kuro mumbled, lightly tugging onto Taemin's shirt. "It's okay, it must hurt anyway," Taemin rejected. Key and Minho went to the HQ to fill out mission reports and to talk to the director while everyone else went home. Onew stitched up Kuro's cuts while Taemin cooked dinner. "Thank you," Kuro blushed as she sat on Onew's bed, lightly swinging her legs. "Its okay, If you want I could help you train," offered Onew. "Wouldn't that be annoying?" Kuro mumbled. Onew crouched down on the floor in-front of Kuro, placing his folded arms on Kuro's lap. "To be honest its an excuse to spend more time with you and plus it will help you," admitted Onew. "Are you sure?" Kuro mumbled. Onew nodded with a smile on his face. He patted her on the head. "So if you want any training just come and find me," he concluded. About an hour later Key and Minho came home. "Anyway do you want to sleep in my room tonight?" Jonghyun offered. Kuro glanced up at him. "Really?" complained Taemin. "I don't mean it in a perverted way," Jonghyun defended. "You wouldn't mind it to be in a perverted way would you?" sighed Minho. "Shut up!" Kuro cried. Her face was bright red. "Anyway, it was because if your in pain it would be better if you wasn't left alone," Jonghyun stated. "Its embarrassing," Kuro blushed. "I promise I won't do anything weird," Jonghyun convinced, holding out his pinkie finger. Kuro hesitated for a second before making a pinkie promise. Key sighed as he walked into his room. "Do you need any help getting changed?" Jonghyun offered. "No, Its okay!" Kuro blushed. "Are you trying to be more of a pervert?" complained Onew. "I'm only being kind," Jonghyun stated. Kuro stood up. Pain rushed through her stomach causing her to fall down. Taemin caught her in his lap. "Are you okay?" Taemin asked, looking down into her eyes. Kuro's face kept turning more red. "And now the 20 year old is being a pervert," Minho complained. "20?" Kuro repeated, looking up at Taemin who nodded. "I'm 24, Jonghyun is 23, Minho is 22 and Key is 22," Onew explained. "There's kind of a huge age difference," Minho sighed, patting Kuro on the head. "You should probably let go of her now," he added, looking straight at Taemin. Taemin sighed, moving his arms away from Kuro who quickly stood up. "I'll be back in a minute," Kuro mumbled, running of to her room. "Thanks guys," Jonghyun moaned. "What did we do?" Minho asked. "You made it sound like i'm a pervert," Jonghyun stated. "You are a pervert," responded Onew. Taemin looked at Kuro's door. "Still she only just found out that she's not human, moved in and got injured," Taemin sighed. "Yeah, she moved in yesterday," nodded Jonghyun. KNOCK KNOCK. Kuro opened her door to see Key standing at her door. "Sorry I know your feeling embarrassed and all but can I came in?" Key asked. Kuro nodded, slightly confused. Key walked in and shut the door behind him. "Does it hurt a-lot?" Key wondered. "Yeah," Kuro nodded. Key turned around to face her. He grabbed her wrist, dragging her over to her bed and pushing her down against the bed. "K-Key!" Kuro blushed. "I need to talk to you," he stated. "Do- do you need to sit on me?" Kuro mumbled. Key moved to the side, letting Kuro sit up. "I'm sorry that I let you get hurt," Key apologized. "It's okay, Sorry I was useless," Kuro mumbled. Key patted Kuro on the head. "Do you want pepper spray?" Key wondered. "Pepper spray?" Kuro repeated. "Because you're sleeping in Jonghyun's room tonight," Key explained. "Its okay!" Kuro mumbled. "Anyway you look cute," he added, looking down at Kuro's pajamas. "T-Thank you!" Kuro blushed. "Good night," Jonghyun smiled after he had turned of the light and climbed into his bed with Kuro. "Jonghyun..." Kuro mumbled. "Yeah?" he responded. "Thank you," Kuro quietly commented. "For what?" Jonghyun asked. "I might just be the Princess but thanks for helping me," Kuro mumbled. "Just be the Princess?" Jonghyun repeated. He wrapped his arms around Kuro's waist, pulling her closer. "I don't care that your the Princess," he whispered into her ear. Kuro's face blushed. The next morning Minho was cooking breakfast. "Can't we just go in and wake them?" Onew complained, swinging his chair back and forth. "Sleep will help her heal," Key stated, not looking up from his phone. "Shouldn't they be healed?" guessed Taemin, coming around the corner holding a towel. "Maybe," shrugged Onew. "Anyway i'm taking a shower, anyone want the bathroom before?" Taemin offered. "Nah, I'm having a shower after you though," Onew arranged. "Good morning," Jonghyun smiled as he watched Kuro wake up. "Morning," Kuro yawned. "Do you feel any better now?" Jonghyun wondered. "They don't hurt," Kuro mumbled, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. "Cute," Jonghyun quietly puffed. Kuro glanced over at him. Jonghyun slid out of bed, helping Kuro up. "Are you going to work today?" Jonghyun asked. Kuro nodded. "I start at two," she added. As they were coming out of Jonghyun's room Kuro bumped into Taemin who was only wearing a towel around his waist. Taemin quickly caught Kuro before she could fall however he ended up slipping. THUD. Taemin landed on-top of Kuro. "Please tell me you're wearing something under that," Jonghyun moaned. "I just got out of the shower, what do you think?" Taemin complained, exchanging eye contact with Kuro. "Okay time to get of her so it doesn't get dodgy," Jonghyun complained. . "Do you want someone who walk you home?" Kasumi asked at the end of Kuro's shift. "I'm fine," Kuro responded. "If your sure, bye," Kasumi waved. Outside it was lightly snowing. Suddenly a hand grabbed the back of her arm. Behind her was a boy with short black hair. His eyes flashed emerald green before winking. "W-why-why do you want to talk to me?" Kuro mumbled keeping as far away from him then she could get. He sat down on the top of the wall at the end of the ally. "Call me Tao," he introduced. He glanced up at the sky before looking back down at Kuro. "So you're the Princess," Tao sighed. Kuro nodded, not sure what to do. He jumped down before pushing Kuro against the wall. "I was just going to kill you but now I now I know your cute maybe playing a game first is better," he snickered, getting daggers out of pocket, putting them through Kuro's sleeves to pin her to the wall. "Please stop!" Kuro cried, trying to pull away. Tao pinched Kuro's checks. "Who would of thought that the Princess was this cute," he grinned. "Please, let me go," Kuro begged. "Have you had your first kiss yet?" he whispered. Kuro shock her head, trying to not blush. Tao placed one hand on the side of Kuro's head, leaning closer to her. Kuro went to kick him however stopped when Tao pressed his lips against hers. After half a minute he pulled his lips away. Frost started to appear on the wall and the ground. Kuro pulled away from the daggers, causing her to fall forwards. THUD. Tao pulled the daggers out of the wall before crouching down in-front of Kuro. "You are seriously weak," Tao sighed, pushing Kuro against the wall. "Please stop," Kuro mumbled. Tao moved Kuro's fringe to the side. "Its shame that your so cute," Tao commented before digging the dagger into Kuro's stomach. He quickly covered her mouth so she couldn't scream. He started to make more cuts on Kuro's arms. Kuro lightly bit into Tao's hand. Suddenly a pain formed in Kuro's eyes. Tao noticed and stopped cutting. The brown contacts started to fade away showing that Kuro's eyes were faintly glowing. A burst of pink light flew out, knocking Tao backwards. Frost started to cover the wall around Kuro. "This is a Shinigami's power?" he mumbled, standing up. Kuro's eyes stopped glowing as she weakly sat up on her knees. "Anyway I need to go, see you around sometime," Tao sighed, standing up before jumping onto the wall and then onto the nearby roof. He saluted before jumping to another roof. Heavy rain poured down from the sky. Onew heard the front door open. "Kuro?" he guessed, looking behind him. As soon as he saw Kuro he rushed over to her. Her legs gave out causing her to fall to the ground. Onew quickly caught her, leaning her on his lap. "What happened?" he panicked, moving Kuro's fringe out of her eyes. "A demon called Tao..." she mumbled. "I'll ring the others to get home," Onew commented, going to stand up. Kuro grabbed his sleeve. "Don't leave me," she cried. Onew patted her on the head. "You're covered in blood, you should get changed," he added, carefully helping Kuro up. She flinched as pain rushed through her legs. Onew wrapped his arms around Kuro, picking her up Princess style. He carried her to his room to get the bandages before carrying Kuro to her room. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled. "Why are you sorry?" Onew asked. "Because your helping me as your an Ace," Kuro explained. "You don't like the Princess slash Ace thing do you? So stop going on about it," complained Onew, placing Kuro down onto the bed. "But-" Kuro started. Onew pushed her down onto the bed, climbing on-top of her. "Me and the others couldn't care less that we're meant to protect you, we want to," Onew continued. Kuro looked up at him. Her heart began racing. "You wouldn't if I wasn't the Princess," Kuro reminded. "Yes I met you because of that but if we didn't like you when we met we wouldn't of suggested that you moved in and wouldn't still protect you," Onew admitted. "You suggested it?" Kuro mumbled. "You wasn't meant to find out about that," Onew sighed. He moved to the side, helping Kuro up. "You should have a bath to get rid of the blood," he arranged, watching Kuro nod. As they were going towards the bathroom Minho came in through the front door. "Kuro!" he panicked, quickly closing the door and rushing over to her. "Can you run her bath? I'll cook the food," requested Onew. "Sure," Minho nodded, wrapping his arm around Kuro. "This is probably going to sting a bit," he sighed, pouring bubble bath into the running bath while Kuro sat down on the floor. "Thank you," Kuro mumbled. "Its okay, don't worry about it," he responded, sitting down next to Kuro. "Is your lipstick smudged?" he acknowledged. "Tao, the demon, kissed me," Kuro nodded. "First kiss?" guessed Minho, watching Kuro nod. Minho's hand went into a fist behind his back. "Sorry that he was your first kiss," he mumbled. The bath started over flowing. "Its okay, it wasn't your fault," Kuro mumbled as her and Minho switched of the taps. Her legs started to feel weak. Minho quickly cached her however he slipped causing both of them to fall in the bath. "Are you okay?" Minho asked, opening his eyes to see that Kuro had fallen on his lap. "I'm okay, you?" Kuro mumbled. "I'm fine, do they sting?" he wondered. "They still hurt the same," Kuro blushed. Minho's grip on Kuro's back tightened. He pulled Kuro closer to him before kissing her for a minute on the lips. Kuro's face blushed as Minho moved his hand from her back to the back of her head. Kuro lightly tugged on his shirt, causing him to pull his lips away. "Sorry... " Minho apologized, letting go of Kuro who moved to the side and slipped. "Anyway you should go get changed," Kuro blushed, looking down. "Yeah," Minho nodded, standing up. He patted Kuro on the head before walking out of the room and closing the door. Kuro placed her fingers against her lips. While she was in the bath Key, Taemin and Jonghyun had came home and were all playing a video game. Onew sat at the end of the sofa with a first aid box to the side of him. Minho was in the kitchen. "Kuro, can you come here?" Onew called as he heard the bathroom door open. "Okay," Kuro responded, coming out of the bathroom wearing her pajamas. Onew pulled her down onto his lap. Key glanced in the corner of his eye to check what Onew was doing and quickly paused the game. "Kuro!" he panicked moving over to them. Taemin and Jonghyun looked before rushing over as well. "What happened?" Jonghyun asked, looking at a cut on her arm. "After work I ran into a demon," Kuro mumbled while Onew was wiping an antiseptic wipe over one of the cuts, trying to cause Kuro as less pain as he could. "A demon?" Taemin repeated. Kuro nodded, flinching as Onew placed a plaster over one of the cuts before wiping the others. "The omelets are ready," Minho commented, appearing in the doorway. Kuro glanced over at him. As they exchanged glances they both blushed. "I'll finish bandaging you up first," Onew added, getting a nod from Kuro. Key, Taemin and Jonghyun walked into the kitchen. "There you go," Onew stated. "Thank you," Kuro mumbled. "Do you want anything for the pain?" he offered. "Its okay," Kuro mumbled. Onew pinched her checks. "You need to smile more," Onew commented. Kuro's checks blushed. "The foods getting cold," Taemin shouted from the kitchen. "Do you wanna go eat?" Onew wondered. Kuro nodded as she stood up, accidentally slipping. THUD. Onew reached his hand out towards Kuro who had landed on the floor. "Thanks," Kuro blushed, using his hand to get up. "Are you feeling any better?" wondered Jonghyun the next morning from the seat next to Kuro. "It hurts less," Kuro nodded. Jonghyun patted her on the head. "Maybe I should walk you home later," he suggested. "It's okay, i'll be fine," Kuro blushed. Jonghyun pulled Kuro's phone out of her pocket before typing in his number. "Ring me if you need anything," he commented. "Wouldn't your girlfriend misunderstand if I ring you?" Kuro asked, being passed her phone. "We're all single," Taemin smirked. "Really?" Kuro repeated. "You sound surprised," Key added. Kuro nodded. "I would of thought all of you had girlfriends or boyfriends," Kuro admitted. "Boyfriends," repeated Onew, trying to not laugh. "We're single and straight," commented Jonghyun. Kuro nodded. "Its the same with you," Key confessed. "What do you mean?" Kuro asked. "We don't see it likely that your single," explained Onew. Minho and Kuro exchanged glances. "Anyway I need to head to the cafe," Kuro commented, picking up her plate and taking it over to the sink. "Do you want me to walk you to work?" offered Onew. "Where she works is a secret," Jonghyun stated. "I know where it is," Onew informed. "You know?" Jonghyun asked. "I saw both of you there a few days ago," nodded Onew. "Where do you work?" Minho wondered. "A cafe in Akihabara," Kuro responded. "What cafe?" Taemin asked. Kuro glanced over at Onew and Jonghyun who were still talking."Maid Dreamin," Kuro quietly mumbled. "Isn't that the..." Key started. "I think it is it," Taemin added. "Forget that I told you," Kuro blushed, turning away. Key grabbed her hand, turning her around. "So you work in a maid cafe?" he commented. "Can we not talk about it?" Kuro mumbled. Key let go of her hand. After Kuro's shift she tripped, being caught by someone behind her. Looking behind her she saw Zelo. "Are you okay?" Zelo asked, helping Kuro up. "I'm fine, sorry," she blushed. "I actually wanted to talk to you," Zelo stated. "You wanted to talk to me?" Kuro repeated. Zelo nodded. He guided her to the alley way. "What happened to your eyes?" Zelo acknowledged, looking at Kuro's real eyes. "My brown contacts disappeared while I was wearing them," Kuro explained. "Did a demon attack you?" Zelo guessed. Kuro nodded. "Did you get hurt?" he panicked, stepping closer. "He made a few cuts on my arm and stabbed me," Kuro mumbled. Zelo patted her on the head. "Don't worry about it, do you know who it was?" Zelo questioned. "Why?" Kuro asked. "So I can beet the shit out of him," Zelo moaned. "It's fine, don't worry," Kuro cried. A pair of cat ears suddenly popped on-top of Zelo's head. "You're a youkai?" Kuro mumbled. Zelo quickly used his hood to cover his head. "You weren't meant to find out about that," Zelo admitted. He turned around so Kuro couldn't look at his face. Kuro walked in-front of him before going up on her tiptoes to move back Zelo's hood. "They're cute," Kuro blushed. "They're stupid," Zelo mumbled. Kuro shock her head. "Your the one that's adorable," Zelo admitted. His checks turned red as soon as he realized that he just said it out load. Kuro's checks blushed. "Anyway can you not tell anyone about me being a Bakeneko?" Zelo begged. "As long as you don't tell anyone about my eyes," Kuro nodded. Zelo patted Kuro on the head. "Anyway its getting late, you should probably get home. I'll walk you," Zelo concluded. "It's okay, I'm fine by my self," Kuro blushed. "I would be just worrying about you, a cute girl shouldn't be walking around on her own at night especially when demons want to kill her," Zelo convinced. "Okay," she sighed. "So how long have you worked at UC?" Kuro asked while Zelo was walking her home. "Roughly two and a half years now. Can I admit something?" Zelo responded. Kuro nodded. "The day after UC found you, I kind of looked at your file," Zelo admitted. "My file?" Kuro repeated. "The one in the directors office," nodded Zelo. "How much did you read?" Kuro mumbled. "All of it, it had a lot of information about why you left school," Zelo informed. Kuro stopped walking. "Sorry, I shouldn't of looked at it," Zelo apologized. "Its okay, its just that not many people know about what happened," Kuro sighed. "The Aces don't though?" Zelo guessed. Kuro nodded. "Iv'e only known them for a few days," Kuro nodded, looking up to see that they were outside the apartment building. "This is me," Kuro added. Zelo walked her up to the apartment door. "Bye, see you around," he smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "Bye," Kuro smiled. When Kuro got inside the apartment all the lights were of besides a light coming from Jonghyun's and Key's room. The door opened with Minho walking in, his clothes covered in blood and a bruise on his check. "Minho!" Kuro panicked, rushing over to him. "Not to loud," he complained. "What happened?" Kuro cried. "Mission," Minho responded, pulling his shirt of showing his abs. "Are you okay?" Kuro asked. "I'm used to this, the guy punching me now that was a surprise," Minho sighed. "What kind of mission did you go on?" Kuro cried. "Usual one, elimination of a demon," Minho replied, walking past Kuro. "The blood..." Kuro mumbled. "You weren't meant to find out the missions that we went on," Minho coldly commented, not turning around. "You all go on missions like this?" Kuro guessed. "We begged the Director to not give you any of these types," Minho informed. "I was meant to go on them?" Kuro mumbled. "Yes, we also didn't want you knowing that we were monsters," Minho responded, continuing to walk away. To his surprise Minho felt Kuro wrap her arms around him from behind. "Your not a monster," Kuro mumbled. Minho turned around, wrapping his arms around Kuro and leaning his head on her shoulder. "I literally get paid for killing people and don't do it the nice way," Minho muffled. "I don't care," Kuro mumbled. Minho turned his head to face her. "You don't care?" Minho repeated. "To me your still the kind and childlike Minho," Kuro blushed. Minho kissed Kuro on the check. "You should get some sleep," he whispered, moving away from Kuro. "Are you going to be okay?" Kuro asked, looking up at the bruise on his check. "It will fade by tomorrow morning," Minho informed. The next morning it was warmer than normal. "Oh yeah Kuro, The director wants to talk to you today," remembered Onew while Jonghyun and Key were cooking breakfast. "That can't be good," Kuro sighed. "I'll go in with you if you want someone there," Jonghyun suggested. "Its okay, I don't want you to be bothered," Kuro mumbled. "I have to go in to get more bullets anyway," Jonghyun responded. Kuro and Minho exchanged glances. "If your okay with it," Kuro nodded. After eating Kuro went to go get changed. "I can't wait till it gets warm enough to not wear coats," Kuro commented, coming out of her room wearing a long sleeved Bobon21 dress which had thin white sleeves and the rest of the dress was pastel pink. A matching bow was in the middle as if it was a high wasted skirt with buttons above it and ruffles along the bottom. A fluffy pink coat with bunny ears on the hood were covering her arms. "You look cute though," Key commented, flashing his cute smile. "Ready to go?" Jonghyun asked, coming out of his room. "Ready," Kuro nodded, rushing over to him. "Bye," she waved to everyone else before exiting the apartment with Jonghyun. "Who was the guy that walked you home last night?" Jonghyun asked while they were on the train. Kuro's checks slightly blushed. "Zelo, he works at UC," she blushed. "At UC?" Jonghyun repeated, watching Kuro nod. "How did you know?" Kuro wondered. "I heard you through the door," he responded. "Did you hear me and Minho?" Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun looked down at her. "He's right, we did beg for you to not get any of them," Jonghyun stated. Kuro nodded, looking down at the ground. "What you said to him, do you feel that way towards all of us?" Jonghyun asked, sounding slightly awkward. Kuro nodded. Jonghyun loudly knocked on the directors office door. "Come in," the Directors voice shouted from the other side. Jonghyun linked arms with Kuro before opening the door and walking inside. The director was in the middle of reading through documents. "You wanted to see me?" Kuro mumbled. "Yes, Cheshire cat- close the door," the Director demanded. Jonghyun nodded before leaving Kuro to close the door. "Cheshire cat?" Kuro repeated. "SHINee all have nicknames. Onew is known as March Haare, Jonghyun is known as Cheshire cat, Minho is known as door-mouse, Key is known as the Hatter ,Taemin is known as White Rabbit and you're known as the Princess," the director informed. Jonghyun wrapped his arm around Kuro's back. "Starting from today once a day I want you to do a training session with the Aces," the director ordered. "But-" Kuro started, stepping forwards. "They can take it in turns. Anyway that is all," the Director concluded, signifying them to get out. "As we're both here do you want to train with me?" offered Jonghyun as they walked down the stairs. "Don't you have anything better to do?" Kuro mumbled. "I want to anyway," Jonghyun informed. Kuro nodded. "Okay," she mumbled. Jonghyun guided her to a large room filled with shooting targets and hanging sand-bags. "So what weapon do you want to use?" Jonghyun asked, switching on a small light on the door so other agents know that someones inside. "I'm not really sure," Kuro sighed. "If you could use any weapon what would it be?" Jonghyun wondered. "Probably twin Katana's..." Kuro mumbled. A small smile formed on Jonghyun's face. He walked over to the other side of the room, unlocking a safe that was in the wall. He pulled out a long black box which had a silver rose encrusted in the middle with a pentagram behind. Kuro walked over to him. "Perhaps something like this?" he suggested. Kuro unlocked the hinge. Inside, resting on black fabric, were two Katana's. The handles were black with dark pink diamonds. A string of black beads and two golden bells hung from the handles. On the blade was a Sakura pattern imprinted on the front. Kuro picked up one of the Katana's. "They've been here for awhile apparently," Jonghyun stated. "Is it okay if I use them?" Kuro asked. "They were probably made for you," Jonghyun smiled. "Are you okay? You've been training and working a lot for the past three days," Taemin asked at dinner. "I'm fine," Kuro nodded. "You need to get more sleep," Key stated. "Don't worry about me," Kuro mumbled. Key patted her on the head. "The training sessions have been about showing you that you can do it," Key admitted. Onew's phone suddenly started ringing. "Hello?" Onew answered. Everyone was watching him. "Hang on, i'll put you on speaker," Onew stated, moving the phone away from his ear. "I'm sorry to bother you all but there is an emergency," a voice stated from the other side of the phone. "Is it a mission?" Minho guessed. "I'll explain everything once you get here however we all need you to get changed into clothes we have. Aces you will go to the weapons room to get changed and Princess, your clothes are in the Director's office. He's agreed to let you go in there so when you all get to HQ head to your designated area, get changed then meat in the middle of main office," the voice commanded before hanging up. The Aces changed into black SWAT team uniforms that had 'SHINee' written in white on the back. "This is a level A mission, isn't it?" Taemin asked while lacing up his black boots. "That is correct," the Director responded while standing in the main office. Key noticed in the corner of his eye that Kuro was walking down the stairs. As soon as he looked at her he tapped Minho and Jonghyun. Minho tapped Taemin before pointing to the stairs. Jonghyun tapped Onew and moved to the side. Walking down the stairs was Kuro who had her pure white hair tied up into high twin-tails. She was wearing a short sleeved black seifuku with a pink bow hanging down from the collar and a short black seifuku skirt with black frilly shorts underneath, An over-sized pink Japanese vest, black thigh high socks, a pair of pink two inch heals that had white ruffles along the straps and had a pink bow in the center and a black peace now black cape with a bat wing shaped collar. On her back, under the cape was a Katana brace with the two Katana's facing downwards. "How did you get clothes that fits me?" Kuro asked, jumping of the last step. "You're fairly small and plus we have access to all documents and found a order for your maid cafe uniform," the Director informed. "That's kind of really creepy," Kuro mumbled, glancing up at the guys who were all standing with their moves slightly open. The director did a loud fake cough which caused all the guys to suddenly act normal. "You look cute in a seifuku," Key smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "Thank you," Kuro blushed. "Anyway Yagami will drive you. This is a Level A mission so do not leave any of them alive and collect a fire crystal," the director ordered. "Fire Crystal?" Kuro repeated. "There are five objects for each of the pentagram points and Ace types well besides Key who acts as Blood which connects the points," explained Onew. During the journey Minho and Onew were talking. Taemin had placed a white ear-phone into his left ear before pressing play on his I-pod which was in his pocket. Jonghyun was playing on his phone. Key was leaning against the side and sleeping while Kuro was playing with a necklace that was around her neck. Taemin reached over, slightly moving Kuro's cape to the side to see a necklace with a silver chain with a small purple crescent moon with a thick black boarder. Kuro slightly tilted her out. "Sorry, was curious about your necklace," he apologized, letting go of Kuro's cape. "I've had it as long as I can remember," Kuro mumbled. "Moon," whispered Jonghyun, getting a nod from Minho. The van came to a stop. Yagami turned around and passed everyone a black head-piece. "I'll be around the corner," he stated before everyone climbed out of the van. Looking in-front of them was a large, red building with a large fence all around and a locked gate at the front. On the wall was a sign which said 'Hibiya High school'. Kuro looked down at the ground. "Lets go," Onew arranged, stepping forwards. He climbed over the fence and jumped down from the top, followed by Key and Minho. "Are you okay?" Jonghyun asked. Kuro looked up at him. A flashback of the school with the gates opening in the day with lots of students wearing summer uniforms going through the gates. Among them was Kuro and Chanyeol. "I'm fine, sorry. Just bad memories here," Kuro mumbled. "You used to come here?" Jonghyun guessed. Kuro nodded. "We should hurry up so you can get out of here," Jonghyun stated before going to start climbing the fence, followed by Taemin. Kuro sighed before starting to climb over. Key held his arms out. As Kuro jumped from the top Key caught her in his arms. He smiled before helping her down. "This place is creepy at night," Onew sighed. Paper appeared around Taemin's hand before breaking through the lock on the school gates. "So if a demon approaches, kill it," ordered Onew, getting his twin steam-punk styled guns out of his pocket. "Got it," nodded Minho. "And find the fire Crystal," added Key. They all split up and searched around the school. Kuro stopped walking outside a classroom. She took a deep breath before sliding open the door and walking inside. White lines waved as red lightning filled the room. Ten inches of water covered the floor. The sky outside the window was red. Scratches were covering all the desks. A large teru-teru doll appeared in the air. It hovered up and down as black liquid dripped from its eyes. Black liquid formed in the air, joining together to make blades before shooting towards Kuro. She quickly back flipped backwards, landing on-top of one of the desks. A chalk lifted up, writing 'Princess' on the chalkboard before the chalk dropped to the ground. The black blades appeared again, shooting towards Kuro who jumped backwards onto one of the other desks. The blade went through the desk she was on, causing it to fall to the side. The drawn on mouth of the Teru-Teru doll moved into a smile. Kuro glanced up to see black blades coming down from above her. She quickly jumped out of the way, landing on a desk on the other side of the classroom. The windows exploded in. Kuro moved her arms behind her back, crossing them over as she grabbed the handles of the Katana's. She looked down as she pulled them out of the brace. She looked up at the Teru-Teru doll as she moved the Katana's in-front of her. Black blades appeared in-front of the Teru-Teru doll. A dull light glowed in Kuro's eyes. As the blades moved towards her she jumped towards the Teru-Teru doll, placing the Katana's inside the paper doll. White lights flooded away and the Teru-Teru doll disappeared. A small black gem fell to the floor. Kuro slid the Katana's back into the brace before jumping of the desk. She crouched down and picked up the gem. As Minho was walking through the hallway he looked in each of the rooms. He suddenly felt someone tug on his sleeve from behind him. "Kuro?" he guessed before turning around to see Kuro standing behind him. "How did you know its me?" Kuro asked. "You're the only one who does the cute tug," Minho explained. Kuro let go of his sleeve. "What are you holding?" he wondered, noticing the black gem in Kuro's hand. Kuro moved her hand up and showed him the gem. "There was a Teru-Teru doll," Kuro mumbled. Minho picked up the gem, looking through it. "A demon soul," Minho acknowledged. "Demon soul?" Kuro repeated. Minho passed her back the gem. "When demons are defeated by Shinigami their soul turns into a black Gem," Minho informed. He lightly placed his hand on the side of Kuro's head. "It seems the three days training made you more confident with fighting," he added. A growl appeared behind him. Minho quickly pulled a gun out of his pocket as he turned around. He aimed the gun and a red light shone in the middle of the forehead of the demon standing behind them who had light blue skin, horns and white eyes. BANG. The demon turned to gold dust. "Did you use your powers or the Katana?" asked Minho. "The Katana's, I don't know how to use my powers," Kuro mumbled. "Once you know how they will be easy enough to use," reasured Minho, patting Kuro on the head. Onew was inside the infirmary. A large demon was standing by the window. Blood was dripping down the walls. The demon had pale skin and no eyes on their face. Onew fired a bullet out of one of the steam-punk guns. The demon turned to dust before Onew walked out of the infirmary, accidentally bumping into someone. THUD. Onew opened his eyes to see that he had fallen on-top of Kuro. "Do you wanna get of her?" Minho complained from behind them. Onew stood up, helping Kuro up. "How many demons have you killed so far?" Onew questioned, not letting go of Kuro's hand. "Two, one each. What about you?" Minho responded. Kuro's checks were starting to blush. "Two," Onew informed. "Onew," Kuro mumbled, causing him to look down at her. "Can you let go of me please?" Kuro blushed. Onew moved his hand away from Kuro. "Sorry," he apologized. "Lets go find the others," suggested Minho, walking forwards. Kuro glanced at the infirmary before following after them. "You told Jonghyun that you used to come here," remembered Onew. Kuro nodded. "Did you leave due to your hair and eyes?" Onew guessed. "In my class were three girls. They were really popular and didn't like me due to them. They spent a year bullying me and I decided to leave school," Kuro admitted. Minho wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "They were only like that because you're cute and they didn't like that fact," he smiled. "Stop flirting," Taemin complained as he came out from one of the classrooms. "Its not flirting," Minho complained. "The official meaning of flirting is a person who is innocently overly friendly, especially the type of friendliness that is interpreted as seduction," remembered Taemin. "Then that means we all flirt with her," Minho stated, not realizing what he just said. Kuro's checks blushed. "We should find the others," she blushed, walking forwards. Key and Jonghyun were together. Large, floating paper lanterns with black eyes on the front were surrounding them. "Ready?" Jonghyun smiled, standing back to back with Key. "Ready," Key responded. After three seconds Jonghyun held his hand out to the side, making a red flame appear before he threw it towards the lanterns while Key crouched down, banging his hand against the floor which caused lightning strikes to zoom through the lanterns. The lanterns turned to dust which fell to the floor. "The Shikigami are growing reckless," Jonghyun acknowledged. "Do you think it means that something is going to happen soon?" suggested Key. "With Kuro probably," nodded Jonghyun, checking the time on his phone. A school bell rang through the corridors, making everyone jump. "Will the Princess and Aces attend a assembly in the main hall," a crackling voice announced. The main hall was a large room with a stage at the back. Standing on the stage was a man with pale white skin, dark brown eyes and black hair. He appeared to be of american decent. He was wearing tight black trousers that had dark red strips, a black shirt, a waist coat that matched his trousers and a long, black trench coat and black shoes. "Welcome, I am Blackheart," he introduced, watching everyone enter the hall at the same time. "What do you want?" Onew demanded. "I wish to kill the Princess so her powers won't stop me from taking over the underworld," Blackheart informed. Jonghyun grabbed Kuro's hand, pulling her behind him. "Let's play a demonic game," Blackheart grinned. Black fog covered the ground. Everyone suddenly fell unconscious.
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Chapter 3- Descent of the rose
Silence had filled the air. Onew opened his eyes to see a white ceiling. As he went to sit up something pulled him back down. Looking to the side he saw that his wrists were tied by hand-cuffs to a bed post. Kuro felt pain rush through her wrists as her eyes opened to see a ceiling. The sound of the door opening occurred. Looking to the side Kuro saw Tao coming into the room. Kuro admittedly tried to sit up, being pulled back down by the handcuffs. "The Aces are being occupied by some more demons, I believe Blackheart- the demon behind the operation is with the Vampire," Tao stated, sitting down on the bed. "Please let us go," Kuro begged. Tao moved Kuro's top up seeing a faint scratch on her stomach. "So it hasn't completely healed," he commented. "Please stop," Kuro cried. "Oh right, I never got your name. What is it?" questioned Tao. "Kuro Yomi," Kuro mumbled. "It's nice to meet you Kuro," Tao smiled, kissing Kuro on her check which caused her to flinch. "Lets continue with what happened the other day," He lifted up a needle of the bedside table. As he stabbed it into her arm Kuro flinched, trying to not scream. "It's Valentines day tomorrow, have you got me chocolate?" he asked. "Seriously?" Kuro weakly mumbled. Tao patted Kuro on the head. He pulled the needle out, causing blood to drip down. Tao leaned against Kuro, looking straight into her eyes. "It really is a shame that to hurt you I would have to make scars," Tao sighed. "You don't have to," Kuro mumbled. Tao picked up a dagger from the table. He rolled the dagger down her arm, stopping once he got to her wrist. "Please stop," Kuro begged. A grin appeared on Tao's face. Key woke up to the sound of a door banging open. Blackheart came walking into the room. "Hello little Vampire," he announced. "Where is Kuro?" Key demanded, trying to sit up. "The Princess is with the demon known as Tao," Blackheart responded. Key admittedly reconised the name from when Onew explained what had happened to Kuro the other day. "Let her go," he shouted. Blackheart started laughing. He walked up to the bed, crouching down by the side. He placed his hand on-top of Key's left shoulder. Pain rushed through his shoulder as if he was being burned. After a few seconds he pulled his hand away. Onew could feel something sharp wrapped around his wrists. As he opened his eyes he admittedly sat up. "Guys?" Onew asked. A small light flashed by his ear. "Onew?" Jonghyun's voice responded. "They didn't take away our earpieces," Onew sighed. "Are you okay? Have they come into your room?" Jonghyun wondered. "I'm fine, just handcuffed to a bed. You?" Onew replied. Jonghyun looked down to see that he was handcuffed to bath railings as he was sitting in the fulled bath of cold water. "I'm handcuffed in a bath," Jonghyun informed. "Water to stop your fires," Onew guessed. "Do you know if the others are okay?" Onew questioned, looking around the room. "The others aren't responding so I guess that answers the question," Jonghyun mumbled. A loud sound occurred from the door near Onew's room. "The door's opening," Onew whispered. There was silence as the door opened. Taemin was standing in the doorway. His top two buttons were undone. "Taemin," sighed Onew. Taemin rushed over to him. As he moved his hand paper appeared in the shape of a pick-lock. Ten seconds later the handcuffs fell down. Onew stood up of the bed and patted Taemin's shoulder. "Thanks," he thanked. Taemin made another paper pick-lock before giving it to Onew. "Find the others and get out of here, I can hear you in the earpiece so we just keep in contact with who we have found," arranged Taemin. "Got it," nodded Onew before walking out of the room with Taemin. "What the hell are you doing to her?" Key moaned. "Can you smell her blood?" Blackheart guessed. "You know I can," complained Key. "Calm down Vampire, you wouldn't want a certain ticking weapon to explode in this building," threatened Blackheart. "Just let her go," Key mumbled. A smile formed on Blackheart's face. "Now we just need to find Key and Kuro," Taemin stated as him and Minho walked through the hallways. "Guys, we found something," Jonghyun stated. "Is it Kuro or Key?" Minho asked. "Not quite," Onew responded. Him and Jonghyun had found a room filled with monitors showing CTTV of the building, including rooms with Key and Kuro in. "Key's on third corridor and by the window escape," informed Jonghyun, reading the monitors. "We'll get Kuro," Onew added. "Give it up Vampire," Blackheart stated, pressing his hand against Key's check. The burning like pain covered his check. "Get away from him," Taemin demanded from behind Blackheart followed by two clicks. Turning to the side Blackheart saw Minho and Taemin holding guns straight at him. "I'm a demon, I don't give up," Blackheart responded. "Too bad," Minho commented. BANG. Tao leaned towards Kuro, kissing her on the check. He looked down at her, looking at the trip of blood that was rolling down the side of her check. He carefully licked the blood. "It tastes sweet," he grinned. "Why are you doing this?" Kuro weakly mumbled, sounding like a mixture of crying and almost falling unconscious. "You're the Princess," Tao responded. The door barged open. Onew and Minho were in the doorway, panting. As soon as he noticed Kuro, Minho rushed forwards, pushing Tao against the floor and getting on-top of him. Onew went over to Kuro and started to unlock the handcuffs. "He's the demon from before," Kuro quietly mumbled. "Don't worry about it," Onew responded, unlocking the last handcuff. "I understand why you love her," Tao stated. Minho pushed Tao down more. Tao winked. "Bastard..." Minho mumbled, punching Tao in the check. Onew wrapped his arms around Kuro before picking her up Princess style. "We need to get out of here," Onew stated. "Leave me with him for five minutes," Minho demanded, glancing up at Onew who nodded. "The bloods leaking through your clothes," Onew added while carrying Kuro down the stairs. "Is everyone else okay?" she mumbled. "We're fine," Onew started, being interrupted by a hand going down on his shoulder. Key was standing right behind them. "Taemin went outside with Jonghyun," informed Key. "Minho is with the demon," Onew confirmed, exchanging eye contact with Key. "Are you okay?" Key asked. Kuro nodded. "It just hurts a lot," she responded. "60 seconds," Blackheart stated from the staircase above them. Key held his arm out in-front of Kuro. Kuro lightly tugged on Onew's sleeve causing him to look down at her. "Can you put me down?" she asked. "Are you going to be okay to stand?" Onew wondered, watching Kuro nod. He gently put Kuro down onto the floor. As she fell forwards he quickly wrapped his arm around her waist. Onew slowly moved his arms away from her. "Why did you kidnap us?" Kuro asked, sounding weak. Blackheart busted out laughing. "Cute little Shinigami," he laughed. Minho came running up. "We need to go," he commented. "Onew, you should get out of here," Key whispered. "Are you two going to be okay?" Onew asked. "We'll be out in a minute," Key informed. Onew nodded, patting Kuro on the head before running of, followed by Minho. "Do you know why the demons are targeting her?" Key asked. "She's not the only one being targeted," Blackheart stated. He stepped forwards. "The Princes are also being targeted," he responded, pointing at Key. "40," he added, going towards the window. "What are you counting down to?" Key demanded. A smile formed on Blackheart's face. "I told you earlier, didn't I?" he grinned. "A bomb," acknowledged Key. Blackheart kicked open the window before jumping out. "We have half a minute," Key started, grabbing Kuro's hand. Lights started to flicker. Rushing down the stairs they found out the door was locked. "Shit," Key mumbled, attempting to kick open the door. Frost started to cover the lock. Key glanced down at Kuro. He leaned towards Kuro, placing both his hands on her checks. "Using your powers in that condition is dangerous, your powers use your blood and your losing it fast," he reminded. "If I don't try..." she mumbled. "six," Blackheart's voice echoed from the top of the staircase. Key wrapped his arm's around Kuro. "five," Blackheart called. Key pushed Kuro down onto the ground. "four," Blackheart added. Key leaned over Kuro, wrapping his arms around her head. "three," Blackheart called. "Use your powers as best as you can," Key whispered. Small strikes of lightning bounced of the walls. "Two," Blackheart counted. Kuro gripped a-hold of the front of Key's shirt as she closed her eyes. Frost traveled away from them, covering the whole floor. "One," Blackheart laughed. A bright orange light filled the air followed by a loud, exploding sound. The roof-boards of the building fell down. Jonghyun rushed forwards, starting to push the boards away. "Kuro! Key," he shouted, pushing the bricks to the side followed by everyone else. Minho heard coughing in the distance. He rushed over, pushing to bricks away. He spotted Key's light hair. "Key!" he acknowledged, moving the boards out of the way. "Don't worry about me," he mumbled, moving up to show that Kuro was underneath him. Taemin and Onew helped Key out. Jonghyun picked Kuro up. "Are you okay?" Jonghyun asked. "It hurts..." Kuro mumbled. Key wrapped his arm's around Kuro, pulling her closer to him up against his chest. "Don't worry," he whispered into her ear. "Key..." Kuro weakly mumbled. A few seconds later her eyes closed as she fell forwards. Jonghyun paced up and down the living room. "You pacing is making me more nervous," Taemin commented from the sofa. "What if she's in a coma or something," Jonghyun responded. "We would sense it if something that bad happened," Minho reminded, appearing in the doorway from the kitchen. "We need to do more things with her," Key mumbled, from next to Taemin. Jonghyun exchanged eye-contact with him. "I mean get to know her more, spend some time with her, get memories. That kind of thing," Key explained. The sound of a door opening occurred. Turning around they saw Onew standing there. Light blood stains were on his shirt. "The bleeding's stopped," he stated. "Guessed that," Key complained. "Well she's all bandaged up. She feels really hot and should be changed into comfier clothes," Onew commented. Everyone exchanged eye-contact. KNOCK KNOCK. "I'll change them into pajamas while someone gets the door," Taemin stated, standing up and going into Kuro's room. At the front door was Zelo. His breathing was high as he leaned his arm on the door. "Just overheard Yagami telling the boss about Kuro," he panted. "Come in," Jonghyun commented, moving to the side to let him in. "What do you feel towards her?" Minho asked, passing Zelo a bottle of water. "She's like a little sister," Zelo commented before downing half the bottle. "That's one weird fetish," Key responded. "It's not a fetish," Zelo complained. "What did Yagami say to the boss?" Onew wondered. "Only that your all hurt, especially her," Zelo informed. "You should go get changed," he added, glancing around at everyone's blood stained clothes. "Taemin's in Kuro's room, if he comes out before we come back can you tell him we're getting changed?" Minho asked, pulling his shirt of. "Sure," Zelo nodded. A few hours passed. Key and Minho were asleep on the sofa in Kuro's room. Zelo and Taemin had fallen asleep on the sofa in the living room. Onew was in his room, fixing his steam-punk gun. Jonghyun was sitting down next to Kuro's bed with his head resting on his arms. Kuro's eyes slowly opened to see the wall next to her bed. She turned around to see that Jonghyun was asleep. Going to sit up, pain rushed through her which caused her to fall down. Looking down she noticed that she was wearing her pajamas however they were in pink. Kuro lightly tugged on Jonghyun's sleeve. He yawned before sitting up and stretching. As soon as he opened his eyes and saw Kuro was awake he leaped forwards, wrapping his arms around Kuro and pushing her down onto the bed. "I was worried about you," he muffled into her shoulder. "Your pressing to hard," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun snickered. "Not like that," Kuro cried. Jonghyun winked before sitting up, helping Kuro up with him before leaning against the bedpost and leaning her against his chest. "Are you okay?" Kuro mumbled. "Wrong person asking the question. I'm fine, only a few bruises," Jonghyun responded. "Sorry about waking you up," Kuro apologized. "I'm glad you woke me up," Jonghyun corrected. They exchanged eye-contact for half a minute. Kuro's heart-beet started to increase. "You guys should go sleep in your beds," Onew stated, opening the door. He froze for a few seconds. He rushed forwards, wrapping his arms around Kuro. "Don't do that to us again," he whispered before kissing her on the check. "Onew..." Kuro mumbled. "You've been out for five hours, you're probably hungry," Jonghyun guessed. Kuro looked up and him and nodded. "I'll wake Minho up to cook for you," Onew commented, pulling away from Kuro. "It's okay, don't worry about waking him up," Kuro blushed. Onew patted her on the head before going over to the sofa and quietly waking Minho up. "Yeah?" he yawned. Onew moved to the side. Minho stood up, quickly going to the bed and wrapping his arms around Kuro's waist. His checks slightly blushed as he looked down at her lips. "Can you cook her something? You're the best chief out of all of us?" Onew requested. "Sure, pancakes?" he guessed. Kuro nodded. "Thank you," Kuro blushed. Minho moved away from Kuro and went out into the kitchen. "Should we wake the others?" Jonghyun wondered. Onew picked one of the toy's of the bed before throwing it straight at Key. "Hey," he moaned, quickly waking up. "Kuro!" he shouted, quickly rushing over and hugging her. "We seriously hug her to much," Jonghyun sighed. "Coming from the skinship guy," Onew complained. "How long have you been awake?" Key asked, moving Kuro's hair to the side to look at the cut on her check. "Only a few minutes," she mumbled. "Minho is making food," added Onew. Key helped Kuro up. "Do you want a bath to get rid of the blood? Onew can bandage you up again," Key wondered. "I'm okay, thanks for bandaging them up," Kuro mumbled. Onew patted her on the head. "Can I ask a question?" she mumbled. "Yeah," Jonghyun nodded. "Who changed my clothes?" Kuro blushed. Key, Jonghyun and Onew exchanged glances. "Taemin," Onew explained. Kuro nodded, trying to not blush. Zelo and Taemin were still asleep. Zelo's head was leaning on Taemin's shoulder. "Zelo..." Kuro mumbled. "He came an hour after we brought you home, he was was really worried," explained Onew before walking of into the kitchen. "It might be best if you wake them up as they will hug you as soon as they see you anyway," Jonghyun suggested before going into the kitchen followed by Key. "Taemin... Zelo..." she mumbled, tugging on both of their sleeves. "Too early," Zelo muffled, half asleep. Taemin grabbed Kuro's hand, pulling her down onto his lap. He wrapped his other arm around her back. "Taemin!" she blushed. Zelo opened his eyes and lightly tapped Taemin. "Hey, wake up," he shouted. "Not to loud," Taemin moaned, opening his eyes. His heart started beating faster as he saw Kuro on his lap. "You're awake," he mumbled. "Can you let go of me?" Kuro blushed. "20 year old, that looks really perverted," Zelo commented. "Your 17," argued Taemin. "I'm only 2 years older than her, your the one who's four years older," Zelo reminded. "Can we stop arguing about age?" Kuro blushed. "Sorry," Taemin responded. "What are you doing for your 16th anyway?" Zelo asked. "I don't know, haven't really thought about it since its five months away," Kuro mumbled. "Your birthday is in June?" Taemin guessed after a few seconds of working out the number of months. "June 15th," Kuro nodded. "Mines July 18," replied Taemin. "And mines October 15th," added Zelo. "The pancakes are almost ready," Minho called from the other room. "It would be better to eat in the living room since theirs seven of us and we don't have enough chairs," Key suggested. "Sounds good," agreed Jonghyun, picking up a jar of golden syrup from the cupboard. "We're eating out there," shouted Minho. "Okay," Taemin responded. "There's still not enough room for seven people, who's lap do you want to sit on?" Taemin asked. Kuro's checks blushed. "I-I can sit on the floor," Kuro blushed. "You're to weak to," Zelo reminded. Kuro's checks turned cherry red. Jonghyun came into the room carrying a jar of golden syrup and a pot of sugar. He placed them down on the table before sitting the other side of Taemin. "How long are you going to be pulling her down like that?" he asked. "We're deciding whose lap she's going to be sitting on," Taemin responded. "I'm fine on the floor," Kuro blushed. Key walked into the room carrying a bowl of melted chocolate, placing it down onto the table before sitting on the rest of the sofa the other side of Jonghyun. Onew brought in two plates filled with pancakes, placing them down and sitting next to Zelo. Minho sat down the other side of Onew. "So whose lap do you want to sit on?" Zelo questioned. "I'm fine on the floor," Kuro mumbled. "You could sit in-between," Onew suggested. "Pervert," complained Minho. "You trust me right?" Minho asked. Kuro nodded. Taemin moved his arms away from Kuro. Minho held his hand out towards Kuro who hesitated for a second before placing her hand in his. Minho pulled her over to him before pulling her down onto his lap. Key sighed before reaching forwards, cutting a section of the pancake, dunging it into the chocolate sauce and placing it inside his mouth. Minho held out some of the pancake in-front of Kuro's mouth. She glanced behind her. "I'm not a little kid," Kuro mumbled. "The handcuffs cut your wrists, it would be easier if I did it," reminded Minho. A smile appeared on his mouth as Kuro bit the pancake of the fork. "He's enjoying this," sighed Onew. "What do you mean i'm enjoying this?" Minho asked, still feeding Kuro. "Well besides the massive smile on your face, we can tell your excited," moaned Taemin. Minho moved his jacket down. Kuro quickly stood up, guessing what they were talking about. "Thanks guys," Minho complained. "I'm getting a drink," Kuro mumbled, rushing of into the kitchen. "Are you okay?" Zelo asked from behind her, making her jump. "I'm fine," Kuro nodded, turning around to face Zelo. "Your face is bright red," he added, placing his hand on-top of her forehead. "Your boiling," he panicked,"You should take a cold bath," Zelo suggested. "I'm fine, don't worry," Kuro blushed. Zelo wrapped his arm around her. "I should go, thanks for dinner," he responded, walking out of the kitchen with his arm wrapped around Kuro's shoulder. "Don't do anything perverted, and look after her. She feels really hot," he ordered, patting Kuro on the head before going over to the front door. Waving, he left the apartment after putting his shoes on. "I have working air con in my room, you should sleep in there," recommended Onew. "It's okay, don't worry about it!" Kuro blushed."You were fine sleeping in Jonghyun's room," Minho reminded. Kuro's checks blushed as she exchanged eye-contact with Jonghyun. "You can kick me where it hurts if I do anything perverted," bargained Onew. "Okay," Kuro nodded. "By the way you look cute with the pajamas in pink," Onew stated, switching the air-con button on in his room. "Thanks, are you saying I don't look cute with them in black?" Kuro pouted. Onew let out a small snicker before patting Kuro on the head. "You look cute in whatever you wear," he smiled. Kuro's checks blushed. "Anyway you should get some sleep. Do you want me to sleep in the other room?" offered Onew. Kuro tugged on his sleeve. "Sleep in here," she mumbled. A smile appeared on Onew's face. "You did good today," he added, patting Kuro on the head after sitting down on the bed. "I still wasn't any help," Kuro sighed. Onew wrapped his arm around Kuro, pulling her closer to him. "You was a lot of help," he whispered, kissing Kuro on the neck. The next morning Minho and Jonghyun were cooking breakfast. "They seriously want us to go in for another mission?" Minho sighed. "They wouldn't do that to us, would they?" Jonghyun asked. "If the boss asks you to go in it can't be good," Taemin added, not glancing up from his phone as he was sitting at the table. "I have a small mission for you," the director informed later that day. "Knew it," sighed Minho. "I know you went on a mission only yesterday but this one can not be avoided," the director started. "We should be worried," whispered Key. "I need you all to enter an old building and smash the mirror inside," the director ordered. "What's so important about some mirror?" Jonghyun asked. "Its a blood mirror, its used as a demon passageway into and out of hell," the Director informed. "Don't worry, leave it to us," Key smiled while in the van. "That would mean i'm being useless again," Kuro mumbled. Key patted her on the head. "You've never been useless to us," 'he reasured. The building was old. Inside was a large window showing the surroundings. The floorboards were covered in dust. A black leather chair was at the side. Large, gold frames were on the walls however no pictures were inside. A black framed bed stood in-front. A lit candle was on the small table next to the chair with a small blue bottle leaning against it. A three-paneled mirror stood at the back of the room. A small wooden chair was next to the window. A demon with short, black hair stood behind them. "Minho!" Taemin called out. Minho quickly turned around, pointing his gun straight at the demon. BANG. Jonghyun felt a hand go down on his shoulder. Standing behind him was a woman with pale green skin and black hair. Horns stuck out of her forehead. Jonghyun quickly pulled his gun out. BANG. "They don't want us to destroy the mirror," he acknowledged. "We should hurry before anymore attack," Key suggested. A pair of arms wrapped around Kuro from behind her, pulling her backwards. Taemin moved forwards, holding his hand out towards Kuro to help her. Kuro grabbed his hand, only to pull him backwards through the mirror with her. THUD. They had landed in a large, under-ground black cave with skulls lined around the edges. A few meters away from them was the water with a small gondola leaning against the side. "Where are we?" Taemin asked, sitting up. He had landed on-top of Kuro. "Are you okay?" Kuro mumbled. "I'm fine, you?" Taemin responded. "I think so," Kuro nodded. "Are we in hell?" Taemin guessed. A footstep occurred behind them. Taemin's grip on Kuro increased. He turned his head around, making sure that Kuro was behind him. Looking behind him they both saw a man with short brown hair with black tipped dyed and silver eyes. He was wearing black clothes along with a black tail-coat. "How do we get back?" Taemin asked. "Go back through the mirror," the man informed. "Why did you bring us here?" Taemin demanded. "I needed to talk to her," he responded, looking straight into Kuro's eyes who grabbed a-hold of Taemin's shirt. The man walked closer, crouching down in-front of them. "Princess," he started. Kuro glanced up at him.He held his hand out towards Kuro, a small box was in his hand. "What is it?" she mumbled. "Just a gift from the boss himself," the man replied. "The boss?" repeated Taemin. "We're in hell, aren't we?" the man added. "Who are you?" Taemin asked. "Vincent, Lucifer's assistant, right hand man, what ever you want to call it," Vincent introduced. He moved Kuro's hair to the side to see the cut on her check. "Your injured..." he stated. Taemin placed his hand on the side of Kuro's face, moving her closer to him. "It happened yesterday," Taemin coldly informed. "Anyway do you want it?" Vincent asked. Kuro moved the lid up of the box. Inside was a pale pink crescent moon shaped hair-clip, in the middle was a heart-shape gap. "What is it?" Taemin wondered. "It goes with your necklace," Vincent smiled. "With my necklace?" Kuro repeated, looking down at the crescent shaped necklace around her neck. Vincent shuffled forwards, carefully pulling the two sides of the necklace apart. A small pink heart shaped gem fell down into Vincent's hand. "The moon God thought this would be the best place to hide it for you," Vincent stated. He gently moved Kuro's hand, placing the gem in the center of her palm. He picked the clip out of the box before clipping it on the left side of Kuro's head. "It looks cute on you," he smiled. Vincent picked the gem out of Kuro's hand, placing it in the gap of the clip. "What is it?" Taemin questioned. "Its from the castle in the spirit world. Not sure what its meant to do however the moon God made it for you," Vincent explained. Pain suddenly rushed through Kuro. As she coughed up blood Taemin's grip on her increased. "The longer you spend here the quicker your wounds will heal but the pain will be worse," Vincent informed. "We should go," Taemin stated, standing up before helping Kuro stand up. "Thank you..." Kuro mumbled. "Just be careful. The mirror is behind you," Vincent concluded. Taemin nodded, helping Kuro walk. As soon as they walked through the mirror they were in the room with the rest of the guys. "Duck," Minho shouted out. Taemin moved to the side, pulling Kuro with him. In-unison Minho, Onew and Jonghyun fired bullets straight at the mirrors, causing them to fall to the ground. Key quickly rushed over, pushing Kuro against the wall. He moved her shirt up to see no cuts or bruises. "They're healed..." he acknowledged. "K-Key," Kuro blushed. Key stood backwards, moving his arms away. "For a reward of all your hard work over the past two days, we are sending you to the Maldives," the Director informed. "The Maldives?" Minho and Key repeated in-unison. "You're going to the Maldives? That's awesome!" smiled Kasumi. "With five guys though," Kuro nodded. "Lets go shopping after work," Kasumi arranged, linking arms with Kuro. "This would look totally cute on you," Kasumi grinned pulling of a black bikini of the rails. The top had ruffles along the straps that hooked at the back of the neck. Small dark pink bows were in the middle of the ruffles. A black bow was tied in the middle. The bottoms had bows tied at the side. The bikini also came with a short, bikini skirt with ruffles along the bottom and Small pink bows along the hem. "Is this appropriate?" Kuro mumbled. "It suits you," Kasumi convinced. Kuro looked at the price tag before nodding. "Okay," she sighed. "It will be fine, trust me," Kasumi smiled. "This would make a cute outfit," Kuro added, pulling a pink skirt, Thin jacket and strapped top of the railings. The skirt was pale pink and short with small black poke-a-dots. The skirt had three layers of ruffles. The jacket was thin and matched the skirt with cat ears on the hood. The top had dark pink vest straps and had a my melody image printed in the middle. "Cute!" Kasumi grinned. Kuro brought a pair of pastel pink Lolita wedged heals, a pink hair bow with large white lace around the hem and a golden crown gem was stitched in the middle and a strapped V-neck short black dress that had large gold buttons going down the middle, around the hips of the dress was a golden chained belt with a heart at the side. "Kasumi..." Kuro mumbled. "Yeah?" Kasumi asked, placing a pocky stick in her mouth. "Can I tell you a secret?" Kuro mumbled. Kasumi nodded. "Can we go somewhere private?" Kuro asked. They walked to an empty shopping street. Kuro glanced around before taking a deep breath. "It's about my eyes and hair," Kuro nervously started. "Did you find out why?" guessed Kasumi. Kuro placed her fingers against the wall. White frost started to cover the wall. Kuro's eyes were slightly glowing. Kasumi didn't move. "Long story short... I'm the Shinigami Princess," Kuro mumbled. Kasumi nodded. "I know you don't believe me and even if you did you would be feeling betrayed because iv'e known for just over a week and haven't told you but..." Kuro babbled. "It makes sense," Kasumi stated. "It makes sense?" Kuro repeated. "The guy your 'friends' with and why you keep missing work, and obviously your hair and eyes," Kasumi explained. "Stop putting empathize on friends!" Kuro cried. "Nope," giggled Kasumi. "So you believe me?" Kuro asked. "You just made frost appeared on the wall and your my best friend, of course I believe you," Kasumi nodded. "And your not mad I didn't tell you?" Kuro questioned. "Of course i'm not, you told me eventually. This is really awesome!" she smiled. "So what else can you do? Can you see lifespans like in Death note? Is the guy supernatural as well?" Kasumi babbled. "He's a Enenra. Sometimes I can see them but most of the time I can't. The rest of the guys i'm going away with are Youkai's as well," Kuro added. "They're all flower boys aren't they?" Kasumi guessed. Kuro's checks blushed as she nodded. Kasumi linked arms with her. "This is seriously awesome!" Kasumi smiled. They continued shopping for a few hours. "Pyon pyon!" Kuro smiled, making bunny ears with her hands. "Cute, Nyan," grinned Kasumi, making cat ears. "I think that's everything," Kasumi commented once they got to a stall that sold shaved Ice. "I think so," Kuro nodded, looking down at the dozen shopping bags. "Good luck," Kasumi expressed at the train station. "Thank you, i'll message you before the flight and once I get back," Kuro smiled. "Sounds good," Kasumi grinned. Once Kuro got home everybody was packing. BEEP BEEP. "Its to early..." Minho complained turning to the side. "Minho wake up, Yagami's here to take us to the airport," shouted Onew from the other side of the door. Minho crawled out of bed before getting changed. "Its not that early," Yagami complained. "Its seven am," yawned Jonghyun. "Like I said, its not early," Yagami commented. "It's still to early," Kuro mumbled. "You can sleep till we get there, we have at least an hour," Yagami stated. "Why are you only kind to her?" Jonghyun argued. "Being a gentlemen," Yagami responded. "If you want to sleep on my shoulder you can," offered Key. Kuro's checks slightly blushed. "Its okay, don't worry about it!" she blushed. "Anyway if you show your badges to security they will let you pass without being scanned and your guns can be taken through," Yagami informed. Jonghyun and Minho went around together the shops to buy magazines and food. Key and Onew sat in McDonalds to drink coffee and to use the free wireless internet. Kuro felt a pair of arms wrap around her from behind. "Trust you to be looking at these," smiled Minho from behind her. In-front of Kuro was a few shelf's lined with pastel accessories. "I don't know to buy one or not," Kuro mumbled. Minho moved one arm away from Kuro. He picked up a small pink packet that had two cute ghost phone charms inside and a small pink, lacy hair clip with a bow attached and a small golden heart in the middle. "I'll buy them for you," he smiled, patting Kuro on the head before going over to the counter. After paying they went outside the shop and went to sit down on the chairs. Minho opened the packet, passing one ghost charm to Kuro and taking the other one hand before pulling his phone out. "We can be matching now," he cutely smiled. "Thank you," Kuro blushed, hooking the charm into her phone. " M-Minho..." Kuro mumbled. "Yeah?" Minho asked, looking down at her. "Do you want to take a picture together?" she blushed. A smile appeared on his face as he wrapped his arms around her. "Of course," he smiled. Minho pulled his iphone-5 out of his pocket before holding it out in-front of him and Kuro. In-unison they did the 'v' sign as Minho clicked the camera icon. "A week in the Maldives," smiled Onew while they were waiting by the gates. "It sounds fun," nodded Taemin. "Specially since they rented the whole island for the week," added Key. "The plane is ready to board now," the stewardess informed from behind the counter.
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Chapter 4- The Maldives
Taemin was looking at the view outside of the plane window. "This journey is taking to long," complained Minho, sitting back in his seat. "You didn't have to come if you didn't want to," Onew reminded from the seat next to Minho. "I wanted to come," Minho stated. "Froggy," Taemin commented from the seat behind Minho. "What's with that nickname?" Minho asked, turning around to face him. "Your the frog Prince," Taemin started. "So if i'm kissed by a Princess I turn into a handsome Prince?" Minho commented. "It would imply you were a frog," Onew reminded, from the seat next to Taemin. "The Maldives is four hours behind right?" Jonghyun asked. "Yep, and the flight is ten and a half hours," nodded Key from the row opposite Onew and Taemin. "So our flight took of at 11 so we should get there at 10 our time and 6 their time," Jonghyun calculated. "How long does it take to get from Male to our hotel?" wondered Key. "I think its half an hour from the airport to Club Med," Kuro added, from next to Key. "It's still annoying he got the seat next to her," whispered Jonghyun. "I still can't believe UC rented the whole island," Onew added. The seat belt sign flashed on. "We have ten minutes till landing," the pilot started. "The current destination time is 5.24pm and the weather is 29oC," the pilot informed. Kuro tapped Key's shoulder as she could see the Male runway. The runway was on a small island and to the left of the runway was the small airport and a few trees. The sea was a pale blue. "The airport," Key smiled, leaning over Kuro. The plane shortly landed, getting a few claps from the people on-board. "Bye, have a good holiday," the air stewards and stewardesses greeted as everyone left the plane. After picking up their suitcases and going through customs they went out on the dock to see four yellow sea planes waiting by the docks. A pilot waited outside one of the sea planes holding a sign saying 'Lee Jin Ki'. "That's ours," Onew stated, recognizing his name on the sign. "We'll be landing in about 25 minutes," The pilot informed from the front of the seaplane. "This is going to be fun," smiled Minho. "Are you wearing a bikini under that?" Jonghyun asked, noticing a pink strap going around Kuro's neck. "I thought it would be easier to wear it," Kuro nodded. "Can't wait to see you in it," Jonghyun grinned. Kuro's checks blushed. "It's a bit late to go swimming now so how about having a BBQ?" suggested Taemin. "Sounds like a good idea," nodded Onew. "Who should cook?" asked Key. "Rock paper scissors," suggested Minho. "Do we have to?" complained Jonghyun. "If you refuse to take part in the game you automatically have to cook," stated Taemin. They started counting and doing the shapes. Minho got out first. "I'm safe," he smiled. Next to get out was Jonghyun followed by Kuro. "The person who loses can choose one person to cook with him," added Taemin. He shortly got out. Key and Onew were doing rock paper scissors for a few minutes. A grin appeared on Onew's face as he did rock while Key did Scissors. "I didn't lose!" Onew expressed. "I pick Onew to help me," Key commented. "Huh? Why me?" Onew responded. "Your the oldest," added Key. Kuro and Jonghyun exchanged glances before doing a low five. "You two helped each other," acknowledged Onew. "Nope," Kuro giggled. "That's just a conspiracy," smiled Jonghyun. "You two deferentially helped each other," Onew ranted. "Your being a bad loser," Key commented. "I didn't lose!" Onew reminded. As soon as everyone went back into the conversation Jonghyun ruffled Kuro's hair. "Luckily it worked," he whispered. "Yep, and luckily we didn't get caught," Kuro nodded. "We're landing," the pilot stated. "Wow," Kuro smiled, looking out of the window. Near them was a small island with sea-huts. They were close enough to see lanterns lit over the island. The sand was white and the water was a clear blue. After landing they took their suitcases to their hut. Despite them having access to the whole island their huts were along the same dock. Along each separate dock was 11 huts. Kuro's was at the end with Key's hut opposite. There was a hut space in-between each of them. Minho was in the room next to Kuro's and Onew was in the hut after the one to his left. Opposite Onew was Taemin and Jonghyun was in the middle. Key and Onew went down to the beach to cook the BBQ that UC had left there. "Chicken!" Onew smiled, seeing a few packets of chicken. Jonghyun ended up being kind and helping them by preparing the salad. Minho had found sparklers that UC had sent over so him, Taemin and Kuro were playing with them on the beach. "The youngest ones are playing with sparklers," Key added as he placed a burger down onto the BBQ. "Cute," smiled Jonghyun, watching Kuro play with the sparklers. "We should probably help them by sorting out the drinks," Taemin sighed as his sparkler stopped glowing. "What should we drink though?" Minho asked. "How about cocktails," Kuro suggested. "Your fifteen," Minho reminded."the legal age is 20, even i'm just about legal to drink it," Taemin added. "If its watered down it should be okay," Kuro reminded, putting her two hands together. "Fine, but if you get drunk its his thought," Minho sighed, pointing at Taemin. "Why would it be my thought?" Taemin questioned. "Because you just got to the legal age," Minho stated. "Can Shinigami even get drunk?" Taemin wondered. "It would be weird if they could," Kuro added. Minho and Kuro were rummaging through the box of random stuff UC had left them. "There's little umbrellas," he smiled, pulling out a packet of multi-colored umbrellas. Taemin was cutting up watermelon into little pieces. "You're seriously awkward at using a knife," Onew sighed. "Your meant to cut them like this," Taemin defended. Jonghyun was mixing the cocktails. "There's weird straws," Kuro added, pulling out a swirl neon orange straw. Minho picked it up, placing it above his lip and moving his hands away. The straw stayed for three seconds before falling of. Kuro let out a small giggle. "The burgers are ready," Key informed, placing one of the burgers into a roll before placing it down on the plate. "Thank you for the food!" everyone chanted before starting to eat into their burgers. "they're really good," Kuro smiled. Key did a 'thumps up'. "The cocktails are good as well," Taemin added, taking a sip of the blue lagoon. After eating Key and Onew took the plates into the kitchen. "Why am I stuck with washing up?" Onew asked, washing up a plate. "Because I don't do washing up," Key responded. "Your the one that lost," Onew reminded. The next morning the sun was high in the sky. Kuro changed into her black bikini with the skirt part and put on her my melody top and tied her hair up into high twin-tails. Key was already down on the beach. He was wearing black trousers that reached just past his knees, a short sleeved white t-shirt, black sunglasses that were on his head and black flip-flops. "Morning," Kuro smiled. "Hey, it looks cute," he grinned. "Thanks," Kuro blushed. "Did you sleep well?" Key asked. "It was comfy, what about you?" Kuro nodded. "Yep, felt slightly weird above water and a-bit lonely," responded Key. "Yo sup," Jonghyun smiled, jumping of the deck onto the sand. He was wearing white trousers and a short sleeved shirt that was blue and white striped. "Wanna go swimming?" Minho asked, wearing skinny jeans that was rolled up to his knees and a white vest top with black and red stripes, as he came down of the dock. Taemin and Onew followed him. Taemin was wearing blue crop-trousers and a short sleeved black t-shirt with a white printed sugar skull printed in the middle. Onew was wearing light blue shorts and a white short sleeved t-shirt that had thick blue stripes. Key pulled his shirt of, showing his abs underneath. Kuro's face blushed as she turned around. "Are you trying to be a pervert?" Onew asked as he took his top of. "How the hell am I being a pervert? We're at the beach," Key defended. He felt a shirt being thrown in his face. "Anyway, wanna go into the water?" Jonghyun asked, going up to Kuro who still had her back turned. "Do we have to go out deep?" Kuro mumbled. "Can you not swim?" Taemin wondered. "I don't like deep water," Kuro admitted. Jonghyun patted her on the head. "Okay, that's fine," he smiled. Key threw Jonghyun's top back at him. Kuro let out a small giggle as Jonghyun and Key kept throwing the top at each other. "Are they sure they're the oldest?" Minho sighed. "We don't know them," Onew mumbled, placing his hands on Kuro's shoulders. "You might want to take that of if you don't want it getting wet," advised Onew, playing with the strap of her top. "Its really embarrassing without it on," Kuro mumbled. "Do you not like your bikini?" Onew wondered. "I like it, but..." Kuro blushed. "We promise we won't do anything weird," Minho promised. Jonghyun pushed Key down into the water before starting to splash him followed by Key splashing him back. "Most of us anyway," Minho added. "Okay," Kuro nodded. She turned around before taking of her My melody top. "You can put it on mine so it doesn't get sand all over it," Taemin smiled, taking of his shirt and placing it down on the sand followed by his trousers. "Thank you," Kuro blushed, placing her top on-top of Taemin's. "We have the same," Minho stated, looking down at Taemin's swimming shorts. "In different colors though," nodded Taemin. Onew wrapped his arms around Kuro, leaning his head on her shoulder. "If you want you can wear my shirt, I don't mind if it gets wet," he offered. "I'm okay, thanks anyway," Kuro blushed, looking to the side to see Onew staring at her. "Its strange seeing you in black," he added. Kuro's face blushed as she moved forwards to face Onew. "So it does look weird then," Kuro mumbled. "It looks c-cute," Onew blushed, looking down at Kuro's bikini. "It suits you," commented Minho. Taemin linked arms with her. "You look really cute in it, don't worry. Do you want to go into the water now?" he asked. "Okay, oh yeah should I take this of?"Kuro asked, pointing to the crescent moon clip she received from Vincent that was in her hair. Minho carefully un-clipped it before gently placing it down on-top of his clothes. "It should be safe there," he responded. Key and Jonghyun were still splashing each other. "How are they 20 and 22?" complained Minho as they walked past into the water. "Where did they go?" Jonghyun asked, looking up at the sand. Key looked behind him to see everyone was in the water. "I guess we were playing for awhile," he anticipated. They exchanged glances before running of to join everyone else. "You look cute by the way," Jonghyun smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "T-Thank you," Kuro blushed. Taemin went of onto the sand to get his ipad. He aimed it towards Key who did the 'v' sign. He then aimed it towards Jonghyun and Minho who made a heart sign together. "It turned out really good," Taemin added, showing them the picture. "Kuro," he smiled, moving the camera to her direction. Kuro did the 'v' sign. Onew suddenly appeared behind her, wrapping his arms around her and also doing the 'v' sign. "It looks cute," Onew added once Taemin showed them the picture. "Do you want one of you?" Kuro offered. "Okay," Taemin nodded, passing Kuro the ipad. He made a heart with his arms above his head as Kuro took the picture. As Kuro passed him the ipad back he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer as he clicked the camera switch button on the ipad and clicking the camera. "It probably looks really bad," Kuro cried. Taemin went under the images. He showed Kuro the image. "It looks cute, right?" Taemin smiled. "It's okay," she blushed. Later that day Minho picked up a twig of the side and started writing an capital 's' into the sand. Taemin rushed over, writing a capital 'h' next to it, followed by Key writing a capital 'I', Jonghyun wrote a capital 'n' and Kuro and Onew both did a small 'e'. Taemin stepped backwards, taking a picture with the ipad. "There's watermelon!" Kuro smiled as she found watermelon. Key rushed over to her. "You like watermelon?" Key asked. As Kuro nodded Key held his hand up. "Me to," he smiled. Kuro gave him a high five. The next day Minho had found a boat and suggesting going snorkeling. "I think this is a good depth," Key stated as Taemin stopped the boat. "Are you sure you want to wait here?" Onew asked. "I'm fine," Kuro nodded. Onew slid out of the boat, placing the snorkeling goggles over his eyes. "Bye," he smiled, putting the oxygen part in his mouth before ducking under water. "Maybe you'll catch a tan," added Jonghyun before going under the water. Taemin did a small salute before going under. "See you later," smiled Minho, patting Kuro on the head before going under the water without any snorkeling equipment. "Minho!" Kuro panicked. Minho came back up. "Don't worry, as a Kappa I can breath under water," reasured Minho, patting Kuro on the head. "Was you worried about me?" Minho guessed. Kuro nodded, her checks slightly red. "Aw," he smiled, kissing Kuro on the head. "Bye," he winked, going under the water once again. "Shout us if you need us," Key commented before going under the water. Taemin had taken a under-water camera and was taking pictures of the coral reef. Kuro noticed a dolphin swimming in the distance that started to get closer. "Is it a shark?" Kuro panicked. There was silence as it swam closer. It squeaked as its head popped out of the water. Kuro let out a small sigh. She held her hand out and started to stroke the Dolphin. The dolphin squeaked before swimming away. "Hey," Taemin asked from behind her. Kuro jumped, accidentally falling out of the boat. Taemin wrapped his arms around Kuro and went up to the surface after they fell into the water. "Are you okay?" Taemin asked. "I'm fine," coughed Kuro," Thank you," Kuro blushed. Taemin patted her on the head. Taemin leaned his arm on the boat. "Are you hurt?" Taemin asked, looking down at her. "I'm fine, you?" Kuro blushed, looking straight into his eyes. "I'm okay," Taemin responded. His heart beet started to increase. His grip on Kuro increased. He moved his head down before pressing his lips against her's. Kuro's face turned red. Taemin moved his lips away from Kuro's. "Can you not tell the others?" he mumbled. Kuro nodded. "Your face is really red," he acknowledged. Minho came swimming up to the surface. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Kuro fell out the boat and when I caught her I fell in as well," Taemin explained, exchanging eye-contact with Kuro who nodded. "Anyway i'm going back under," Taemin mumbled, patting Kuro on the head. Kuro grabbed the side of the boat. Taemin moved away from Kuro. "Bye," he mumbled before going under the water. "He just kissed you, didn't he?" Minho guessed. Kuro's checks blushed. "He told me to not tell anyone," Kuro mumbled. "I said that to you last week," reminded Minho. Kuro nodded. "Who did you prefer?" Minho asked. Kuro's checks blushed. "You can't ask that!" Kuro blushed. "I'm not going to hate you if you say you prefer his kiss," Minho added. "That's a really awkward question to ask," Kuro mumbled. Minho wrapped his arm around Kuro's back. "Please tell me," begged Minho. Kuro looked down at the surface. "Not that I predictably liked being kissed but..." Kuro mumbled, pointing at Minho while still looking away from him. A smile popped onto his face. "Do you have to be smiling that much?" Kuro blushed as she looked up at him. "Sorry, its just that i'm really happy that you preferred my kiss and not his," Minho added. He looked around the sea. "Do you want to get back on the boat or do you want me to teach you how to snorkel?" Minho offered. "I'm really not good with deep water but thanks anyway," Kuro mumbled. "I can help you try not to be scared," Minho added. Kuro felt a fish brush against her leg as it swam past. She quickly moved forwards, wrapping her arms around Minho. "That seems harder than it sounds," he sighed, moving Kuro's hair to the side. "Why am I stuck with cooking again?" Onew moaned. "Because your good at cooking lunch," smiled Key. "Arm wrestle," challenged Onew. "Arm wrestle?" Minho repeated. "The loser has to cook lunch," Onew explained. Jonghyun got the food out of the kitchen, placing them on the white table that was on the beach. Onew leaned down with his arm up on the table. Key nodded as he followed Onew, wrapping his hand around Onew's hand. Minho rushed of to get his camera to take a picture. Key and Onew started to push each other's arm in the opposite direction. Key smiled as he won. Next was Jonghyun and Minho. Minho had won after a minute. Taemin whispered something to Kuro who nodded. "We're going to build a sandcastle while you cook," Taemin stated, before running of with Kuro. "Hey, that's cheating," argued Onew. "I've won so see-ya," Key added before running of. Minho ran of after him. "We might as well just cook it together," Onew sighed. "You know that we all do appreciate you. Especially her," Jonghyun reminded, cutting the strawberries into smaller pieces. Onew looked around at Kuro who was building a sandcastle with everyone else. "She doesn't feel the same way we do though," Onew added, cutting the cucumber. "From her point of view she has a few guys around her which might not be easy to choose who she prefers," Jonghyun expressed, spreading butter over the bread before passing them to Onew who carefully laid the cucumbers in-between the slices. Onew started to cook Chicken tikka skewers while Jonghyun was chopping up fruit. "Its not ideal but its what we have to deal with," Jonghyun mumbled after a few minutes as he was making egg and cress sandwiches. "Have you guys finished yet?" yelled Taemin. "Almost," Jonghyun responded. "Anyway its good to see you finally stopped wearing the contacts," added Minho. "Yeah, you haven't been wearing them for a few days," remembered Key. "It felt slightly stupid hiding them," Kuro admitted. Key patted her on the head. "You look cute either way," he smiled. Kuro's checks lightly blushed. "Foods ready," Onew shouted, sitting down at the table. After eating they waited for the food to go down before walking around the island. The next day Kuro was sunbathing on the hammock material styled bed hanging around the side of the water-hut. Wooden floorboards were around it and to the left was a similar styled outside bed however a thin red sun-mattress was on-top. The hammock styled bed had five,small red pillows. Kuro had fallen asleep with her head resting against the pillows. She was wearing a dark pink bikini that had white lace along the edge, silver gems stitched on and a black bow covered in white poke-a-dots hanging down in the middle. The strings were tied behind her back. The bottom half of the bikini had a bikini-skirt over-top which was ruffled and had matching black bows at the side. Over top of her bikini was a short pale pink dress printed with pink bows, white lace along the hem, a brown belt around her hips and a large black bow, sewn on at the top of the dress. Key knocked on the hut door. He was only wearing his swimming shorts which showed his abs. "Kuro, I'm coming in," he called before opening the door. A smile appeared on his face as he walked through the hut onto the patio around the outside which had the mattresses around the edge. He carefully climbed down onto the hammock styled bed, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "Kuro..." he called. After half a minute of trying to wake her up Kuro's eyes opened. Her face turned bright red. Key laid down next to her. "You're going to get really hot and tanned if you sleep out here," reminded Key. "I fell to sleep accidentally..." Kuro mumbled. "You can always sleep in mine if you want," Key added. "It's okay, don't worry," Kuro blushed. "Like I said it gets lonely so drop by if you want to," Key smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "Isn't that just embarrassing?" Kuro mumbled. "You've already slept with Onew and Jonghyun," Key reminded. "Don't put it like that!" Kuro blushed. "Sorry, sorry," apologized Key, moving Kuro slightly so she was leaning on his shoulder. "This is so confusing," Kuro sighed, looking up at the sky. "What's so confusing?" Key questioned. "Nothing, don't worry!" Kuro blushed. "Do you want to go eat?" Key offered, sitting up. "Okay," Kuro nodded. "It's
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