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Anybody play airsoft?
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26 / M / Cloud 9.
Posted 1/29/14 , edited 1/29/14
Tokyo Marui M4A1 that i've had for 9 years - still kicks hard.
Tokyo Marui L96 AWS

I'm looking to pick up a new M4/Scar with recoil shock when I get a chance. I haven't been able to hit up the fields but it's a great work out and loads of fun. The scene has been going up and down for years, but it seems to be taking a bit of a resurgence which makes me happy.

Cool video, glad you're enjoying it. Just a tip ! You can also mount your gopro to your gun to give a really good POV for your viewers if you're intending on creating more videos in the future. The headcam is great, but when it's attached to the gun you get to see the BB's trajectory.

There's a lot of serious MILSIM games that go on that people (mostly ex-military) take very seriously. Objective based, lasting all day long. With the new guns from TM, they're so realistic that you have to load your mag, hit the bolt catch in order to get your gun to load the BB's. There's also new mags that stop your gun from being able to fire once you are out of rounds (30 round mags available for MILSIM).

Video : Tokyo marui m4a1 recoil showing you how it works.

Video : Green Mountain Rangers (GMR) a group of ex military who partake in MILSIM operations.
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20 / O
Posted 1/29/14
The guns cost too much!
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M / Mars, Mt. Olympus
Posted 1/29/14 , edited 1/29/14
The airsoft scene is not very serious here in Houston Texas. My main plan is to use it as a training-aid for firearms manipulation (since stopped using "real steel" due to ammo availability and cost) but casual gameplay is a lot of fun too. That, and it get's my arse out of the couch which is a must.
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M / Various
Posted 1/29/14

yuma1234 wrote:

antx0r wrote:

I once advocated for using Airsoft as a training tool. Alas, the higher ups in the community saw it as more of a toy, and argued that it wasn't "realistic" enough. Besides, they had already invested into the sim rounds. Personally I think that using chalk BBs achieves almost the same effect as a sim round at a fraction of the cost. At the very least it could be useful during Robin Sage.

Higher ups in community? Are they avid shooters or from law enforcement?

Nowadays airsoft guns are getting more sophisticated with recoils and ejecting shells, so their perception is outdated.

I'm a big fan of military simulation or MILSIM for short. Never a fan of rifle magazine that carries 500 round.

I guess the term "community" is a bit misleading. I'm talking about in the military, a very specific group within the military. The "higher ups" being those guys that sit in those nice offices in North Carolina and Florida. I thought "Robin Sage" would give it away, but I guess it's a very obscure term. It's like using "Superbowl" in Europe.

I have some friends that really into airsoft, and I know how realistic it can seem. He goes to these huge airsoft matches every once in a while that he wants me to attend when I find the time. Seems interesting, but I'm not all that into it.... feels too much like "work"
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24 / M / Utah
Posted 1/29/14
Man I love airsofting its great to see how much it has grown, i've been playing for such a long time and where i there is a lot of areas to play
also we have a lot of groups that play on a weekly basis, Its always cool to meet new people who play airsoft as well
and of course I run full load outs Multicam BDU's
A&K Masada with upgrades
A&K dragonov (spring sniper)
WE HiCappa pistol
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28 / M / Wales, UK
Posted 3/18/14 , edited 7/18/14
I've been playing since 2004 now, part of a Milsim Team ( team cobalt) and within that team I'm C02. based in the UK, we have an awesome Milsim airsoft scene here as well as in other euro countries which we head to sometimes.

Don't really like having loads of guns, just put a lot into the ones I have.

*EDIT* (Edited pic size><)

Primary: HK416D Systema PTW


Systema PTW 2012 MAX II PPTW
VFC GBBR 416 Upper*
Suzutomo Gen 1 416 Lower*
Li-Po Modded Colt Buffer tube
Mike P Surefire FH556 Suppressor*/Surefire FH556-212A
G&P KAC Front Taupe Sight*
KAC 600M Micro Rear Sight
Invisible Sight ATPIAL(PEQ-15)*(Replacing with real AN/PEQ15)
Surefire M600C with KM2 on S&S Lo-pro mount
Night Evo SR-D-IT Dual Switch*(Replacing with real Surefire one)
HM Eotech 551*(Replacing with Real Eotech EXPS3-0 and G33 combo with Wilcox magnifier mount)
LaRue LT110 Riser(removing when new optics arrive)
Hogue Overmoulded Pistol Grip
CQD Forward Sling mount
Magpul Ind. ASAP Plate(Replacing with Daniel Defense Burnsed loop)
Magpul Ind. Trigger Gaurd
BFG Redi-Mod
YHM Extended Take down pins
Blue force gear VCAS Sling MC
7x Systema Steel Stanag mags with Magpuls.

Planning on replacing with Rail with a Geissele SMR soon as well.

Secondary: WE Glock 19 with TM Internals

ACM RMR*(Replacing with real)
Surefire X300
Grip Reduction
Trigger guard finger groove
Mag access cut away
TM Glock Internals
4x TM Glock 17 Mags
Shooters Design +2 Mag Bumpers*
Guarder Threaded Barrel with thread saver

As well as some Gen 3 NVG Goodness ;)

Wont bother doing a kitlist for the whole helmet but the Nods are:

ITT Excelis AN/AVS(ANVIS) 9s with MX10160B Gen 3 Tubes

Here's me wearing my full Delta/CAG impression anyways, won't bother putting a full kitlist, you can check here for that:!c02---ben-wasley/c1bf8, just click the appropriate piece of gear i.e. plate carrier/gun/helmet and a separate window will come up showing it in detail.

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21 / F / Seoul, South Korea
Posted 3/18/14
My youngest sibling has an air soft gun.

I've never played air soft but I spectate her matches. I've been hit before though... Doesn't hurt at all, actually.
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18 / F / California
Posted 3/18/14
My brother and I do. We have quite a lot of gear, perhaps I'll be able to take a picture of it all soon. We live in CA so we have Airsoft GI, Evike, and SC Viper very close by, so that's handy.
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24 / M / Iowa >.>
Posted 3/18/14
I don't really play it but I do amuse myself by shooting my brother in the ass, does that count?
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M / HI
Posted 3/18/14
I used to play when I was younger(2 years ago)
Posted 3/19/14
I've wanted an airsoft AK-47. But, I can do without, since I have real guns. One of which is a sporterized Zastava M70AB2.
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28 / M / Wales, UK
Posted 3/19/14 , edited 3/19/14

Magical-Soul wrote:

My youngest sibling has an air soft gun.

I've never played air soft but I spectate her matches. I've been hit before though... Doesn't hurt at all, actually.

You clearly haven't played enough :p

A friend from the states who got shot in the eyebrow.

This one below is a mate who got shot in the top lip and it got lodged in there, then his next game he got hit tooth shot out :p
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26 / M / Sweden
Posted 3/23/14 , edited 3/23/14
Well hell yes, been playing for 7 years now, i'm the leader of one of the two local airsoft clubs. I've had all sorts of gear since starting, but nowadays i play Russian, with focus on the Vostok Batallion.

Oh, my gear? Meh, i like basic things. CYMA RPK74M, Smersh and Flora uniform. Can't be assed to list the small things.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 12/28/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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