Can you trade Event Legendary pokemon in GTS?
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Posted 1/29/14
I've been looking for a Mew for a while and I cant seem to find ANY Event Legendaries being offered in the GTS and noone will take my shiny eevee for one either </3
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Posted 1/30/14
Most Event Pokémon are contained with a Cherish Ball. Pokémon that are contained within a Cherish Ball cannot be traded or offered on the GTS. The only legitimate Mew one could obtain on the GTS would be the Mew that can be caught on Faraway Island in Pokémon Emerald Version for the Game Boy Advance. Capturing this Mew, however, requires the use of the Old Sea Map, a special item that was never made available to players outside of Japan without the use of a cheat device.
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Posted 12/25/15
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