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Posted 1/31/14
Hello I pre-ordered the Attack on Titan Hoodie- Survey Corps on the 16th of December 2013 for its release on the 31st of December.

After I was told the hoodie would be delayed a month I was willing to wait for it.

Now it has been delayed again until Februrary the 15th.

I live in the UK and I was happy to pay £54.98 the US equivalent being $90.48 because that was including delivery charges but now this product is in an indefinite delay I have lost all my patience with you guys at crunchyroll.

I am the one being taken advantage of in this situation and I would greatly appreciate a full refund from you guys, I don't want any kind of store credit I want my money back.

Cheers The_Lotus_Eater
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Yo Mama's House
Posted 1/31/14
$90+ for a hoodie. Woah. You serious. "LAWL"

Anywho, you can probably expedite to resolve your issue by going through this:

You can try directly contacting the Support Staff as well.

Well, I hope that you order gets fixed. Have a good day.
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