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Toxic Friends
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Posted 2/1/14
I'm currently dealing with friends who don't treat me nicely and I finally made up my mind to kick them to side of the road. I'm an introvert so I don't thrive on companionship anyway and am totally cool with just spending some peaceful time alone. It was the encouragement of a close friend and family that made me actively look for companionship and to become more social (later I learned I don't need to be more social if it's not me).

Basically I would always get rude 'jokes' from these friends. I've tell me to 'put on a jacket you skinny bitch' (I'm very slim) after I commented on how cold I was. He usually had no problems with laughing at my interest in jfashion and generally being an asshole. The other one would often take part in joking with me too. I let it slide for a while because my mentality is they're only joking but there is only so much a person can take before that line get's crossed. After having them berate me in a public setting while eating a hotdog (yeah I know it's really stupid and childish.) the line was crossed and I was done with them. Even after I told them I was pissed off directly to their faces they both laughed at me in reply.

OP, don't hang around people that make you feel like crap and treat you badly. I've learned and realized that I'm not obligated to hang around people that make me unhappy. And it shouldn't even be expected of me to continue to keep them company at my expense.
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Posted 2/1/14 , edited 2/1/14

Striketh wrote:

Thfelese wrote:

Toxic or not having a friend is better then nothing.

Actually, that really depends on you and your point of view. For example, I consider myself unfriendable to others simply because I tend to always see the worst in people, I have a minor superiority complex, and I quickly lose interest in people if I always have to be the one to initiate and maintain conversation.

As you might surmise, I have no 'real' friends. However, I feel that both I and them are probably better off for it. I'm perfectly fine with limited interactions with other people and I can maintain a nice facade long enough to get by.

It's best to say that I've seen the worst in people too.. despite of my lack of interactions. and you're not the only one who has no real friends. although, I do my best to become a better person. It's really hard to seek a real friend then seeking one online.
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Posted 2/3/14
"Help those who help themselves" is usually what I go by.
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Posted 2/5/14 , edited 2/5/14
i'm the toxic friend you're all referring to

but tbh, i dont have that many friends. not that i'm picky, it's just i'm hard to approach. i do initiate conversations once in a while tho but if i find you stupid and/or we dont share the same interests, i'll lose interest. i've never dealt with toxic friends because I keep all my friends at arm's length to avoid unwanted dramas
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Posted 12/27/15
Year-end cleaning. Closing threads with no new posts since 2014.
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