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Posted 2/2/14 , edited 2/3/14
Back on Jan 29 2014 IGN made a video about Xbox. The 12 Xbox One Predictions for 2014. ( here is the link ) They made alot good predictions in video ( I hope alot will come true. ) So..After seeing the video. I came up with own Xbox One Predictions for 2014-2017! Yea! Not just for 2014 like IGN did! I have more for Microsoft to do! Let's get going shall we?

1. The Definitive Editions! ( read my past blog on this! )

2. Microsoft will give Square-Enix what they need. To bring Final Fantasy XIV to Xbox One.

3. Microsoft will make its own MMO for Xbox One and PC ( Now. What world it will be based in. Fable, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Gears or War, and Crackdown. would be great picks! )both players will be able to play with each other!

4. Black Tusk Studios's new IP will release after the new Gears game.

5. Banjo 3 will be in the works for both Xbox One and Xbox360.

6. A new Perfect Dark will be one of the games being worked on by Black Tusk studios.

7. A HUGE DLC pack for Forza 5 will come out. IT WILL ONLY HAVE RACE TRACKS IN IT!!

8. Microsoft will send out better software to help developers to make the EsRAM better to use. for better performance.

9. Microsoft will make a deal with Namco. To bring furture Tales of games To Xbox One too.

10. More Free to play games will hit Xbox One.

11. Microsoft will make a deal with Mistwalker to bring games to the Xbox One.

12. Microsoft will make a deal with Crapcom to bring Monster Hunter Frontier G to Xbox One ( and bring it to the U.S. )

13. Microsoft will take a page outta Nintendo's play book. To invest more into all its own IPs. ( Not just: Halo, Forza, Gears, and Fable )

14. A new Joy Ride & World of Keflings will be in the works!

15. Tao Feng characters comes to Killer Instinct!

16. Microsoft makes a disc based Killer Instinct that runs at 1080p/60FPS

Well. thats all I have on my mind ( for now! ) It will be great to see if any of these Predictions becomes true. I know. Sony fanboys will come and HATE on this blog ( Just like they HATE on anything positive about Microsoft/Xbox ) HARDCORE! They just got nothing to play! LOL!!
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