Funniest thing you’ve heard in online gaming
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Posted 2/4/14
Pretty self-explanatory, so here are my favorite bits with the games I heard them in.

(Payday 2) “OHMYGODI’MONFIRE!!” (all said as one word)

(Planetside 2) “I don’t give a [email protected]# if there’s a Max in there! I got a rocket launcher and that’s all that matters!” (said about five seconds before being killed by the Max)

(MAG) “Alright everyone get in! You guys ready? Good, now here we go like a DRAGON INTO THE NIGHTTTTTTT!!!!” (Our APC driver was very enthusiastic)

(Uncharted 3) “Don’t worry man I got ya! PUNCH TO THE [email protected]@#ING FACE!!!” (A teammate in need is a teammate indeed)

(Starhawk) “Alright everyone this calls for some victory music. Now let’s get down to the funky rhythms of the Marshall Tucker Band.” (Nuff said)
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Posted 2/5/14
Heard? Can't think of anything. Seen?

Playing Halo online I assassinated a guy on Blue Team at the exact same time my teammate did and we both got the same assassination animation. It was a double assassination completely in sync and I just had to stop and laugh. Fail on Blue Team's part.

Speaking of fail on Blue Team's part... I was playing Grifball in Halo and I got a first strike extermination. Killed all 4 guys on the other team in one swing. It was awesome.
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Posted 2/6/14
(Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2) "YOU DON'T SUPPORT THE TROOPS AND THAT'S F***ED UP!"

He was talking to someone in the lobby and then yelled that and it was so loud and sincere that I couldn't help but crack up.
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Posted 2/6/14
Dead Space 2 Online

Was playing with a group of guys when I hinted out how Issac (player characters) sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger when being attacked by enemy players. All of sudden on of the guys starts mimicking Arnold s voice, grunts and yells. Spurting out randomness and it was just flat out hilarious. Was in tears laughing and couldn't even play the game. Made a new friend that day haha.
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Posted 2/6/14 , edited 2/6/14
Funniest thing I've personally heard in an online game? Can't really remember anything noteworthy, but (Leeroy Jenkins) is a classic.
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Posted 2/12/14
More of an inside joke from one of the Ponyville servers on tf2
"do you even shower?"
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Posted 12/25/15
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