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Posted 10/28/15
So they all succeeded at their assigned tasks and the East show was a marginal success, but the problem with both Fuuka Aoi's music and Yuu's music is coming to light. It is fun in the moment but doesn't stick with you. The obvious solution is that they need to work together, which is what the other producer wanted them to do in the first place. Their current producer didn't think they would succeed and was planning on fleecing them all along, so I can't imagine she will try to help them actually fix their problems. Hopefully the Hedgehogs members will get them straightened out and maybe get them into a better contract (or prevent them from signing a bad one in the first place...)

It is obvious that Fuuka needs to be part of The Fallen Moon. I just wonder who will actually make the connection first. My bet is Drummer Sempai. He played with her and Yuu at Fuuka's gig a while back and probably has the best chance of convincing the rest of the band that it is time to replace Fuuka with Fuuka... (Of course, Yuu will eventually replace Fuuka with Fuuka in another way, but I don't see that happening as soon as Fuuka joining the band...)
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