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Post Reply Fanart!!... :P
Posted 11/2/08

akai09 wrote:

hehe ulfina!!
i used to draw that woman 6 months ago..
hehe no knowledge of coloring yet that time

Sorry for the late reply....I missed it by the way....
To tell you the truth...It's unclear and the image is to small for me to tell for certain...
Posted 11/2/08

Sakunai wrote:

sasukesrg wrote:

Sakunai wrote:

I just started with using watercolor. And have much to learn. XD Can u tell me what i can do better in this drawing of Ikuto from Shugo Chara? :O Well i know theres something wrong with the nose XD but what els? And i just sucks in drawing nose on guys :/ Any idea how to draw noses without break the cool looking face on him? :O

arigatou! n__n

EDIT: Oh btw. The scanning on the right side is bad. Dont mind it XD

It's pretty decent...but your painting is a bit messy around the edges of the hair...though it looks unavoidable....Try adding shadows above the eyes near the hair tips to give it more depth...
(If there is shadow, try darkening it)
Anatomy wise, the neck is a bit too long....For the hair, try adding slightly more volumes of hair on the skull....Eyes are bit too far from each other...try to minimize the distance between the eyes....
For the nose, you can add a thin line below the nose (disconnected line from the black bold line of the nose)

Colouring...Try darkening the hair colour and shirt colour to give a distinctive value to the face(meaning the painting looks flat if hair, face and shirt are about/similiar in value)

I liked the painting...considering you started with using watercolour...(not an easy medium to use I might add) maybe because I have not used traditional painting for quite some time....(though I actually kinda suck at it...and it's messy...)
Keep up the good work...look forward to seeing more...

Wauw wauwww!!! Yep yep! Thanks alot! I will try some of them! x)

Don't mentioned it....you posted here...and I am supposed to give some criticism/compliment....but considering how inactive the group here was...(since i never take the initiative to make the place alive)...you came along and ask for opinion....(what makes you so sure that I will reply?)...

Anyway, you are welcomed....
Posted 11/2/08
Haha. You sounds like im super sad over the criticism XD To be honest i can see it now. I mean i see whats wrong with it. And what u mean with that "What makes you so sure that i will reply?" XD I wasnt sure. But i hoped you will is enorgh. Haha.
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Posted 11/15/08
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Posted 4/25/09
the group is pretty dead but.. lol

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