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Romance Animes on Crunchyroll
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Posted 2/12/14 , edited 2/13/14
Will also agree with what some of the others said, Kimi Ni Todoke is a romantic masterpiece in my opinion. One of the most touching and uplifting animes I have watched.
Posted 2/12/14 , edited 2/13/14

xrobo wrote:

I really good one that I highly recommend is "Waiting in the Summer" or in Japanese "Ano Natsu de Matteru"
Oh geez, i'm going to be honest with you I shed some manly tears during this show

Hahahahahaha that gif never gets old!

But on topic, yeah Kimi ni Todoke and there are many others. Let your anime adventure on crunchyroll beginnnn!!!! oh and stay away from an anime called 'Dragon Crisis'. So many idiots gave it five stars and it was the dumbest thing I've ever watched in my life.
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Posted 2/13/14 , edited 2/13/14

cherrypit8 wrote:

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and am looking for really good romance animes that I can watch here on crunchyroll.

I've already watched and LOVED Toradora, Say I Love You, and Campione! I also really like Junjou Romantica and Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi.

So what are some other really good romantic animes??

Hi, as mentioned in Balzack's post above, please use the existing Recommend Me an Anime thread if you need recommendations in the future (looks like you got quite a few for starters here already).
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