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Posted 2/15/14 , edited 2/15/14
This is my first game, I hope I am doing it right.

To play:

1. Read the post above you. It should contain the description of a meal you might expect to get in an anime.
2. Then comment on it, either accepting or rejecting the meal.
3. Then describe a meal of your own for the poster below to comment on, and accept or reject.

For example, you might read above the meal of "Pickled Daikon and Auburge on a bed of beansprouts". You could then comment, "Very Sublime, I am near death, or coma. Accepted". You might then describe a meal for the person below, like "All Rice Bento" or "yakkisoba pan with mayonaise".

Or less comically you describe the dream meal from a Japanese ryokan would like someone to accept, perhaps even providing a photograph to illustrate. Or a bento meant to serve as giri to bend the bishie of your dreams to your will, or whatever.

I could suggest inspiration from CookPad.com, or just search for "Japanese cuisine" or "Bento" on your best loved search engine. Or come up with something Nyarko-san might cook in a fit of love ( or crawling chaos ). Or maybe an anime view of foreign food.
I'll start:

Inari Sushi with fresh pickled turnip and greens, misoshiru with mitsuba, served with a view of Tanigawa-san. We will try to climb his lordship the mountain tomorrow, and hope he is more merciful to us than he has been to the many others that have attempted it, so this meal will have no flesh. Please accept this meal, while considering your own mortality and preparing your mind for the ascent. May it provide encouragement of climb.
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Posted 2/15/14
I decline and go with the simple, and oft forgotten meal of instant ramen.
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Posted 2/16/14
Broketoon, I realized this is basically the same as an existing game, yuck or yum.

Anyway, I accept the barely adequate 11 hour old instant ramen, and slurp down the bloated noodles, since you went to the trouble.

I withdraw the game, same as YoY, basically. Should have known a snap idea was already going to have been done.
Posted 4/2/14
closed per OP request
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