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Favorite "Crap" Movie
Posted 2/15/14 , edited 6/17/14
There are a lot of horrible, crap infused spectacles on the silver (in this case, bronze) screen. Too many to recall, really. But once in a while, something so outrageous, so derogatory, so... bad, that it's actually brilliant. These shining gems of human brain-garbage find their way into out hearts, and become guilty pleasures.

So, all that said, TL:DR, What is your personal favorite 'crappy' movie? and why's it special to you?

I'll start with Peter Jackson's cult classic, Braindead.

Now, despite it's decent ratings, this movie is horrible. The plot is inane, the acting is terrible, and the dialogue is too goofy to accurately insult. But that's the point, isn't it? I've watched like 1,000 zombie flicks in my life, it's kinda a hobby of mine. Roughly 96% of them are irredeemable heaps of cow dung. But Braindead somehow stands out and steps on all those landmines and comes out clean (pun intended). It's horribly flawed premise and characters make the movie fun, and oddly satisfying to watch.

- Plus there's the bit with the lawnmower at the end... it's.... EPIC O_O

Posted 2/15/14 , edited 2/15/14
My favorite crap movie, or should I say series, was the Twilight Saga. Why? Good laugh. Great laugh. Totally worthy to sparkle over and have eye-gasms over pale faces of horrible acting and dialogues. I guarantee nothing can ever beat The Twilight Saga, especially with the British man whom shot in the all hit series of Harry Potter (Guess he wasn't good enough that they had him killed by the villain in the show. In the end, he shows up in an all-time hit romantic yet deadly film. At least he didn't die, and at least he was important enough to get the shiny scenes and to get a girl! Yay, Team Edward.), which was apparently not as great as Twilight. Yeah, I understand why; Harry Potter is a four eye and is totally cliched with trolls and wizardry. But vampires? They are new to the industry.

Girls fall for drawn-in abs, and girls fall for animals that can turn into humans, or was it vice-versa?--Doesn't matter; it's still great either way. And men? Well, that's the funny thing. They are the object.
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Posted 2/15/14
The only thing I have to say to this is Sharknado. The acting in this is horrible to say the least... I could have done a better job at acting with my dog as a co star. Also, the CGI. If you can even call it that, was pretty much just really really bad photoshop. But the worst part is the plot I mean really...a tornado goes through the ocean and collects sharks...really now. The good thing about this movie though is that it's so cheesy that it's actually enjoyable. I mean you have to admit there is just something absolutely hilarious about watching sharks fall from the sky while eating/tearing people apart So really when you think about it, it's not that bad of a movie. Needless to say it will go down in history as one of the stupidest movies of all time.
Posted 2/16/14

AHAHA. How could I forget that one!? It's probably... #3 on my list of crap. I don't know what #2 is yet though ~heh Good pick.
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Posted 2/16/14
Troll Hunter
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Posted 2/17/14
It's the attack of the killer tomatoes!!!!!! best craptastic cult hit ever
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Posted 2/17/14 , edited 4/13/14
What about Street Fighter the Movie? Sure, the film is barely identical to the fighting game series we come to know and love - Dee Jay and Zangief are bad guys, Sagat is an arms dealer rather than a fighter, etc - but it still packs an arsenal of humor that, somewhat, saves it from being a Z-grade flick. For one, who could forget Bison's one-liner "But for me, it was Tuesday"? That was comically priceless, considering its blatant randomness. Besides, some of the characters don't live up to their original designs in the games, it's hilarious. If you know Charlie from SFA, then you'll be shocked to realize that
Even funnier is the fact this movie spawned a game based on it for PSX and Sega Saturn. Overall, SF the Movie proves that, IMO, only in comedy does the worse equals the better!
Posted 2/18/14
^ oh gawd... that movie. I buried the memory of that travesty long ago. I'll probably go watch it again -guh-. Excellent choice.
- OMG the game. That thing should be burned in a pit with all the copies of ET.
Posted 2/19/14
I'm gunna say Piranha 3DD lmaooo
Posted 2/20/14
Can go with any 80's B movie... Toxic Avenger ^0^
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Posted 2/20/14
Birdemic Shock and Terror.
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Posted 2/20/14
Sharknado and The Room.
Posted 2/20/14 , edited 11/5/14
OH ohohohohoho! How could anyone forget?;

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Posted 2/23/14
Evil Dead Series
Ridiculous at times and cheesy but I love them
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Posted 2/24/14
The Room, watching this with friends on Adult Swim's april fools night was suprisingly one of the funnest time I had watching a movie
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