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Posted 2/16/14 , edited 2/16/14


▸▸▸Be active.
▸▸▸Be nice. No hurtful comments.
▸▸▸You can create as many characters as you like.
▸▸▸No godly characters.
▸▸▸You can only be whole or halfbreed.
▸▸▸No killing characters.
▸▸▸Cussing is allowed, just don't overdo it.
▸▸▸You can only be in one class.
▸▸▸Have fun.

Anything Else?

▹▹▹Have suggestions? PM creator, or mods.
▹▹▹Questions or Comments?
▹▹▹Need a better idea of rules? Ask or PM.
▹▹▹You must create a character before joining.
▹▹▹Most pictures here aren't mine.
▹▹▹Remember, you can't RP w/o approval.
▹▹▹Certain rooms need a pass.
▹▹▹Please try to stay in one room at a time!
▹▹▹No technology
Please leave, questions and comments below. And your pass for reading the rules is, Flower.
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