Post Reply Rain will begin his own journey :J.Tune NEW office (bigger and more beautiful)
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Posted 1/29/08 , edited 6/24/08
J.Tune NEW office (bigger and more beautiful)

J. Tune New Office Address
J-Tune Entertainment Co., Ltd.
2Floor(office # 201), M Building.
#221-5 bunji, Nonhyeon 2-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul S.KOREA
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rain left jyp and he is raising his own society
It’s called “Rainy Entertainment

Two months ago, Rain registered himself as the director in Rainy Entertainment. The chairman of the board is his father. This 'one-man' style enterprise is indeed very eye-catching
The info was verified. Rain changed his registration on June 29 and a share holding company, i.e. Rainy Entertainment was set up and Rain is the director. Based on the exclusive info received by portshankok, Rainy Entertainment is an entertainment enterprise which was registered with 50 million Won
Whereas about the business properties, the record shows:
- album producing and marketing
- musical publication
- artist related entertainment issues, etc.
Since Rain is the director, the company was registered with a name related to his nick. Therefore, this company is predicted to be related to Rain's entertainment career, the management is either directly or indirectly.
Although Rain is the director, it's not sure he will participate in the company management. The person incharge of Rainy Entertainment said, "The registration is meant to build an agency, so this is only a small part of the whole big picture."
So coincident that Rain voiced out in July 31 that he would end his shareholder relationship with WHITE WORLD, in which he is the biggest shareholder. And hence, people are getting curious about Rain's role in Rainy Entertainment. The person incharge commented regarding this issue, "There are rumours using Rain's name to affect the stock situation. Rain stands with the small investors and considered they might experience losses because of this, that's why he quickly requested to sell out his shares in WHITE."
Rainy Entertainment recently gained the copyright of "RAIN" from his ex-agency, JYPE. Since the setup of entertainment agency and through its career planning, it is said Rain is getting ready for his Korea and overseas activities
It's not the right time yet to reveal t
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Posted 1/29/08
woooow that's cool

Rainy Entertainment luved the name
I wish he will succeed too
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Posted 1/29/08
Oh how cool! I would kill to work for him! Maybe I can get a job there? But yea I hope he succeeds as well!
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Posted 2/3/08

As far as I know, Rainy Ent. is his father's company. His own company is "J Tune".
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Posted 5/25/08
waaaaaahhhhhh.. he really rock!!.. good luck to him!!.. ^-^
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