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The Shinigami Princess and the daughter of the devil. Besides this she loves all things kawaii. She has pure, snow white hair that reaches her hips, at the front she has shorter strands that she usually has in-front. Her right eye is gold while her left eye is crimson red. When she uses her strong powers her eyes glows.


The devils assistant/ right-hand man. He is 18 and started to work for Lucifer when he was 14. He cut his wrist but Lucifer came to ask if he wanted to become a B level demon and serve him. Vincent watched over Inori for a few months and slowly started to fall in love with her although he doesn't realize yet.

Hiyoshi "Lucifer" Moon
Inori's father and the ruler of hell. He has a poor attitude towards everyone besides Inori. His ability's are; seeing people's greatest fears, transporting to different worlds and illusions. He likes to drink red wine or whisky.

Reita (Air)
A Chinese hoping zombie. He has the ability over Aerokinesis (The power to control the wind) and can summon paper that can turn sharp.

Seike (Fire)
In the Military however the Undead corporation moved him out to work with them.He is a Enenra (Spirit made out of smoke) and has the ability over Pyrokinesis(The power to control fire and heat)

Jenziih (Earth)
A Bakeneko. Member of the pirate clan.

Shiroyama Yuu AKA "Aoi" (Water)
Mochi princess
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18 / F / Tokyo
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The cold winter's wind brushed over England. The sun, barely shinning, hiding behind the mundane buildings. Only the sound of the occasional car filled the air. In one room that had pitch black walls, a dark pink small castle tarots ran along the top of the room with red coffin shapes painted under. In the corner of the room was a black double bed covered in a black duvet with a cute bat printed in the middle. A young girl was crouched in-front of the mirror next to the bed. She was wearing a black, pleated skirt that reached ten inchs above her knee, black tights, a short sleeved white shirt, a dark green and black striped tie and a v-neck, long sleeved black jumper. Thin black, eyeliner outlined her brown eyes. "Should I put my hair up?" she asked to the empty room, picking up two plain black hairbands. She carefully tied her shoulder length bleach blonde hair into two twin-tails behind her ears. She picked up a small hair-clip with a little, yellow bow decorated with small, printed strawberries. "I wish the school was more flexible with the dress code," she sighed before leaving the room. She slipped a pair of black pumps with a small silver bow on the front onto her feet before picking up a black blazer. Sighing, she put the blazer over her shoulders followed by a short, black and grey coat printed with small skulls. She placed her black phone and Ipod touch into her coat pocket, picking up the black bag-pack with "B.A.P" written in white with a white bunny printed underneath and putting it on her back. Putting in white ear-phones, she left the house as Kpop started to play loudly. "Hey," a girl wearing the same uniform besides her tie had dark blue stripes and her coat was thick. "Hi Amy," the blonde haired girl smiled, putting away her earphones. "How are you?" Amy asked while they were walking. "I'm okay, you?" the blonde haired girl responded. "I'm fine," Amy nodded. "Something feels weird today," the blonde haired girl sighed. "Weird?" Amy repeated," Probably because we're going back to school after a week of," she added. "Probably," nodded the blonde haired girl. Sitting at a bench at the school was a girl wearing the same uniform with short light brown hair, a pink beanie hat and a hot pink scarf was around her neck. A leather jacket was covering her arms and her tie had blue stripes. "Hi Shannon," the blonde haired girl smiled, sitting down at the bench and pulling her hood backwards. "Hi Shannon," Shannon responded, not looking up from her ipad. A girl with pale red hair came walking up with one orange earphone in her ear. Her tie had green stripes. The bleach blonde Shannon shuffled to the side before the red haired girl sat down. "Megan, can I put my book in your locker?" the Shannon on the ipad requested. "Yep," Megan responded. "Cheers," Ipad Shannon thanked before getting a few books out of her bag and running of. After a few minutes a girl with medium length brown hair arrived, her tie had blue stripes. "Hi Brittany," Ipad Shannon greeted. A few minutes later two girls, one with medium length black hair and one with light brown/blonde hair came walking up. Both of their ties had green stripes. "Heidi," Shannon smiled, jumping of up the bench and hugging the black haired girl. "Knew she was going to do that," the light brown/blonde haired girl stated. "Nerys, its been a while," Shannon smiled, hugging the girl with light brown/blonde hair. "Totally haven't been talking to you all week," Nerys joked. A loud beeping filled the air. They all walked of into different directions. "Looking forward to mocks next week?" Shannon asked from the back desk in the corner by the windows with Megan sitting next to her, being the one closest to the windows. "Going to fail," Megan responded. "Same here," Shannon nodded. "We have a new teachers assistant," Mr Lang called from the front of the classroom, catching everyone's attention. A tall man with black hair and wearing a black suit walked in through the door. "He looks strict," one of the girls in the room whispered. "Is it me or does it look like he could be one of those creepy, homicidal teachers?" Shannon whispered. "He kind of does," agreed Megan. "I am Mr Scar," Mr Scar introduced, looking straight at Shannon and Megan. Shortly after everyone went back to their own conversations. "Your Shannon Hill, correct?" Mr Scar asked, walking up to the desk. Shannon nodded, glancing at Megan. "Can I speak to you outside?" he questioned. "Okay?" Shannon mumbled, pulling down her skirt slightly before standing up. "Have fun," Megan whispered. "Have I done something wrong?" Shannon shyly asked once they got outside. Mr Scar had turned around to look out of the window that was opposite the tutor room. "No, but you will," he started. Before Shannon could respond Mr Scar turned around, pointing a gun straight at Shannon's head. She stepped backwards, bumping into the wall. "It would be easier if I kill you while you still have a human body," he added. "You are joking, right?" Shannon mumbled. Mr Scar pointed the gun upwards, pulling the trigger. The gun was silent however it had gone all the way through the ceiling. "You have the wrong person," Shannon commented, stepping to the side. Mr Scar pulled the silencer of the gun, throwing it to the floor. Shannon quickly rushed to the side, pulling open the door which caused everyone to look up at her. Someone behind her kicked her to the floor. "I was going to let you have a less embarrassing death," Mr Scar sighed, pointing the gun straight at her forehead. Mr Lang went to move however stopped when Mr Scar pointed the gun at him. "If anyone try's to stop me I will shoot them," he warned, moving the gun back down at Shannon however no one was there. "Inori Moon, this classroom doesn't have that many places to hide," Mr Scar called out. He crouched down to see that Shannon was hiding under the desk at the front. He grabbed her collar, pulling her out form under the desk before pushing her against the wall. "You're hair has already reset before it has to change," he added, looking down at Shannon's hair that was now completely dark brown. He pointed the gun straight at her forehead. "Inori Moon, Shinigami Princess and daughter of the Devil be prepared to die," he commented. "Inori moon?" Shannon repeated. "You're real name," Mr Scar informed. The gun clicked. His finger pressed against the trigger, slowly pushing against it. Shannon closed her eyes while the whole classroom was in silence. A grin appeared on Mr Scar's face as he pulled the trigger. Suddenly a pink glow appeared, pushing backwards away from Shannon and pushing Mr Scar backwards. "Inori..." a male voice called from the ceiling. White lines moved around in a circle as a young boy appeared on one of the desks.
As he held his hand up a red light appeared above his hand, turning into a pentagram shape. "I call upon the four elements," he called out. "Fire," he started, a small flame appeared around him. "Water," he continued as a large bubble appeared next to the flame. "Earth," a orange flower appeared in the air. "Air," he added, a mini tornado appeared. "Unseal the Princess!" he shouted, pointing his hand towards the pink glow. The flame, bubble, flower and mini tornado flew towards the glow. The glow grew stronger as light bursted out. Standing there was a slightly shorter girl with snow white hair that was down, reaching her hips, which had two shorter sections at the front that was in-front of her. Her skin was pale white and clothes was the same however the blazer was down on the floor. A black cape was around her shoulders with bat wing shaped collars. She fell forwards, being caught by the Japanese boy who knelled down on the ground. "Sorry that I had to force the spell of you," he apologized, leaning Inori against him. As Inori opened her eyes the boy looked down into her eyes that had also changed color. Her right eye was gold while the left was crimson red. The door swung open with four men wearing SWAT uniforms standing in the doorway. A man, wearing black trousers, a white shirt and a black tie, walked out from behind him. "We are from Undead Corporation," he started. "Undead Corporation?" Inori repeated. "We work for the government. Like the Police or military. However we deal with the supernatural," he continued. "Where were you when she needed help?" the boy asked. "We only just located her. We got here as quick as we could," the man informed. "This is a dream..." Inori mumbled as she fell unconscious, being caught again by the boy. The boy wrapped his arms around Inori, picking her up Princess style. "Wait!" Megan yelled from the back of the classroom. "They'll explain," the boy responded, glancing at the men from Undead Corporation. Inori opened her eyes to see that she was laying on a black sofa in a large room with a tall ceiling. A fireplace with a fire was on the wall opposite her and to the left of the sofa was a red armchair and to the right was a black armchair. "Some demons are taking care of him, thanks," a middle aged male voice called from behind her. "Just doing my job," the boy from earlier voice responded. "If I asked any other demon to do it they probably would refuse or kill her instead," reminded the other voice. Inori sat up and looked behind her to see how much bigger the room was. There was a door on each of the walls and a large grey door stood on the wall opposite her. Standing in the middle of the room was the boy from earlier was standing next to a man who had black hair and pale grey eyes.
"Are you feeling any better?" the man questioned. "I'm okay, what happened? Where is this?" Inori asked. They both walked over to the sofas. The man sat down on the red armchair while the boy from earlier sat down next to Inori. "I believe the demon from earlier explained that your father was the devil?" the man started. Inori nodded. "Well, I'm Lucifer and he's Vincent my right hand man," Lucifer introduced. "Lucifer? So that would mean?" Inori mumbled. "I'm the devil, that is correct," Lucifer responded. Inori looked up at Vincent. "I'm his assistant so if there's anything you want just ask," Vincent added. "Basically you have a Shinigami soul, do you know what a Shinigami is?" Lucifer asked. "A god of death," Inori nodded. "Well your the Shinigami Princess and also the daughter of the Devil so a lot of demons and other creatures want you dead," Lucifer informed. "Don't worry, i'll protect you," Vincent smiled, patting her on the head. "Why should I believe you?" Inori mumbled. "It seems unbelievable but you can trust us. If you want more proof ask your mother," Lucifer started. He picked up a glass of red wine and started to drink. "Anyway, i'll take you home," Vincent added, standing up before helping Inori up. "Home?" she repeated. "Unless you want to go back to school," Vincent commented. "My mum should be at work by now," Inori mumbled. Lucifer glanced over at him. "THAT should be ready in a few hours so just stall her somehow," Lucifer interrupted. "How about going to Camden?" suggested Vincent, looking down at Inori. "Camden?" Inori repeated. "We have clothes for you if you don't want to wear your uniform," Lucifer stated. Inori was wearing a long sleeved pastel pink dress that had two strips of white lace going down in the middle and white lace going in-between , fluffy pink jacket that reached just passed her waist that had bunny ears on the hood, sheer colored tights with large white lacy flowers printed on, Pastel pink boots and a pastel pink bow on the side of her head that was covered in lacy pink pinks and silver crystals."It looks cute on you by the way," Vincent added, walking out of the Camden subway with Inori behind him. "How did you know that I liked Hime gyaru?" Inori asked. "I was told to look after you since the start of the year so yeah... I heard you talking about how you liked Hime, Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei and Kogal," Vincent mumbled. "Why since the start of the year?" Inori wondered. "We knew the seal was going to come of before you turn sixteen so it was so I could protect you," Vincent explained. "Thanks," she mumbled. Vincent smiled as he patted Inori on the head. "So if you see anything you like just tell me and i'll buy it for you," he smiled. "Telling someone that in Camden..." Inori mumbled. "I can afford it so just tell me," Vincent reasured. "So how long have you worked for him?" Inori asked. "Only 4 years, I started when I was 14," Vincent responded. "Your 18?" Inori guessed. "For a few months, yeah," Vincent nodded, buying some food at one of the stalls in the stables market. Vincent sat down on one of the benches, passing a pair of chopsticks to Inori. "Do you know how to use them?" he asked. Inori sat down, pulling the chopsticks apart. "I think so," Inori nodded. Vincent placed the plate of Japanese food down on the bench in-between them before pulling apart another pair of chopsticks. "You must be hungry so eat as much as you want," Vincent smiled, picking up something of the plate and eating it. After taking a small bite Inori nodded. "It tastes good," she blushed. "I'll put them in the bin," Inori added once they finished eating, picking up the rubbish before walking over to the bin. Vincent glanced behind them to see someone quickly hide behind one of the stalls. "Are you okay?" Inori asked once she got back. Vincent wrapped his arm around Inori's back, pulling her closer. "Someone's watching us, and its not one of the people who weirdly take pictures of strangers," he whispered into her ear. "A demon?" Inori guessed. "Probably," Vincent whispered. He winked, grabbing Inori's hand before walking of. He walked into an empty alleyway, pulling Inori closer to him. "Why are you following us?" he asked, turning around to see a Japanese boy.
"I don't trust you with the Princess," he stated. "Don't trust me? I work for her father," Vincent reminded. "Best position for a traitor to be in," the boy added. Inori lightly grabbed a hold of Vincent's sleeve. "How do we know to trust you?" Vincent questioned. "I don't care if you trust me or not," the boy added, stepping forwards. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Reita. What can I call you?" Reita introduced, holding his hand out towards Inori who glanced up at Vincent. "Inori," Vincent interrupted. "Japanese for to pray, Ironic," Reita expressed. "Anyway its good to see people in the west wearing Japanese fashion," he smiled, patting Inori on the head. Reita carefully un-clipped his necklace before moving closer to Inori. "If your wearing it and call for me i'll come to you," he informed, tying it around Inori's neck. "Why?" Inori mumbled. Reita winked before walking of. "Can we trust him?" Inori asked. "You can, I'm not sure about me but you're safe and if your not call me on your phone," Vincent responded. "I don't have your number," remembered Inori. "I put it in there when you were asleep last night," Vincent informed. Inori quickly got her phone out of her pocket, going under contacts. "Why did you put it in last night?" Inori asked, spotting Vincent's number. "I had a strange feeling that the spell was going to be taken of today," explained Vincent. "You keep going on about it, what is the spell?" Inori acknowledged. "When you were born Lucifer put it on you so you could pretend to be human and not be targeted by demons," Vincent responded. "Sounds complicated," Inori sighed. Something in a shop window cached her attention. In the shop window was a pastel pink dress covered in frills and bows. Vincent waved a credit-card in-front of Inori. "Do you want it?" he offered. "It's okay, don't worry. Its £30 anyway," Inori blushed. Vincent grabbed her hand, pulling her inside the shop. "Is there anything else you want? And do not look at the price tag," Vincent asked. Inori stepped away, picking up a few items. "Are you sure you're okay with buying them?" Inori wondered. "Of course," nodded Vincent. "Thank you," she mumbled. Vincent smiled as he patted Inori on the head before carrying the things Inori picked out to the counter. "Do you wanna carry it or should I?" he asked once they got out of the shop. "You paid for them, the least I can do is carry them," Inori responded. "You know that you're going to have to use your powers some-when," Vincent reminded. "My powers?" Inori repeated. "What ever they are, you have strong powers," Vincent explained. The air around them turned colder. Inori glanced up at the sky. "It's white..." she mumbled. Small snowflakes started to fall from the sky. Vincent took his jacket of, placing it over Inori's shoulders. "You'll be cold without it," Inori cried. "I'm fine, don't want you being cold," Vincent responded. Heavy footsteps occurred behind them. The sky suddenly turned red as everybody besides Inori and Vincent stopped moving. "A demon," Vincent acknowledged, pulling Inori closer to him. Red ribbons appeared out of now-where, wrapping around Vincent and dragging him backwards against the wall. "Vincent!" Inori cried, stepping forwards. "If you move out of that spot I will kill him," a female voice threatened as red ribbons tied around Vincent's neck. Inori turned around to see a woman wavy, dark red hair that reached just passed her shoulders. "So you're the Princess?" she commented. "You're not going to hurt him are you?" Inori mumbled. The woman bursted out laughing. "You care about a low rank demon like him?" she laughed. "Actually i'm a level B demon and you're a level D- the lowest," interrupted Vincent. "You can shut up," the woman complained, moving her hand to the side. The ribbon around his throat tightened. "Stop!" Inori cried. SLAP. "Stop caring about him," the woman complained after slapping Inori. "Why do you hate him so much?" Inori mumbled. "It's not him I hate, he would just get in the way," the woman informed, kicking Inori down to the ground. Red ribbon appeared in the air, forming into a blade shape. Before it went down into the ground where Inori was, she moved out of the way. The blades started zooming towards her as she kept dodging out of the way. As the ribbon moved past Inori it scratched her arm. Pink cherry blossom petals floated in the air. The petals sparkled as they zoomed towards the woman. As the petals zoomed through the woman blood dripped down from her mouth. "Oops," she panicked as she turned to gold smoke that drifted away. Inori rushed over to Vincent, kneeling down on the ground as she untied the ribbons around him. Vincent pulled Inori closer to him, pushing her up against his chest. "Thank you," he smiled. "V-Vincent!" Inori blushed, trying to move backwards. "You shouldn't of tried to help me like that," Vincent muffled into her shoulder. "I couldn't just let her kill you," Inori mumbled. Vincent kissed her on the check. "We should carry on before everyone unfreezes," Vincent concluded, standing up and helping Inori up with him. Everyone started to move. "Lets go," Vincent smiled, grabbing Inori's hand as he walked of. "What time is it?" Inori panicked after a few hours. Looking down at her phone she saw that it said '3.50pm'. She quickly started to write a text saying "I'm safe, out with a friend". "What's wrong?" Vincent asked. "Have to text my mum when I get home, she would be worried if I didn't text her," Inori explained A few hours later Vincent took her home. "Let's go up to your room," Vincent smiled. "Why?" Inori mumbled. Vincent smiled as he walked up the stairs, still holding on to her hand. As he opened the door Inori gasped. The carpet and walls were pastel pink. In the left corner of the room was a double bed with white frames. The bed had a pastel pink duvet covered in a small flowers. The pillows were matching besides one shugo chara pillow in the middle. The toy monkey was at the side along with a Jewel pet Ruby plushie. A large pastel purple toy arpakasso was at the end of the bed. Hanging on one of the bed panels had a large Baby the stars shine bright Usakamma bag. On the wall behind the bed was a large, white frame with a Angelic Pretty poster inside. Three smaller, white frames were around it with different Angelic Pretty posters inside. Hanging down from the shelf to the right of the bed were five bags hanging down on hooks. In order from the wall were; a pink star shaped bag with four white lines going through the middle with a white bow in the center, a pink heart shaped bag with a large bow on-front that had small crystals on,A pastel pink strawberry shaped bag, a pink crescent moon shaped bag with a small white cloud at the bottom and a yellow shooting star bag. The curtain matched the duvet cover. A pastel pink, long mirror was in the corner of the room. The wardrobe, which was on the wall opposite the bed, door was open which showed that the wardrobe was filled with pastel colored clothes and pastel colored shoes along the bottom. On the wall by the door was a pastel purple cabinet that had a pink my little pony on-top and some shaped rings were neatly spread out. A necklace stand was at the side with cute necklaces hanging down. A round mirror was behind the cabinet. Next to the bed was a dressing table covered in Kawaii accessories. "Sorry, we told the designer you liked kawaii stuff and this is what they did," Vincent commented. "It's cute, thank you," Inori smiled. Vincent smiled, patting Inori on the head. The sound of the door happening occurred downstairs. Inori looked out of her door. "Its my mum," she whispered. Vincent wrapped his arm around her. "We should tell her," Vincent whispered. Inori looked behind her and blushed. Vincent moved his arms away from Inori. "Sorry," he apologized. "Mum..." Inori mumbled, opening her door as she heard footsteps going up the stairs. Her mum glanced at Vincent then back at Inori. "You know about it, don't you?" her mum guessed. Inori nodded. "Just to tell you, I'm not some creepy guy. I'm Lucifer's assistant," Vincent interrupted. "I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you but I couldn't. You wouldn't believe me anyway," the mum apologized. "It's okay," Inori smiled. "Well I should get back, bye. Remember ring me if you need anything," Vincent stated, patting Inori on the head before going away. As Inori was sleeping the cross necklace was around her neck. She was wearing black pajamas. The top had pink straps and hung at her hips. The top was decorated in pastel pink stripes and small pink cherry blossom prints. Along the bust area were ruffles and had a small black bow hanging in the middle. The bottoms were shorts that reached her thighs and had ruffles at the bottom. They matched the top. "You really shouldn't sleep with a necklace on," Reita sighed as he stood over her bed. He crouched down, carefully taking of the necklace before putting it down on the bedside table. Inori turned around in her sleep to face him. Reita moved Inori's fringe to the side. "That guy didn't protect you, did he?" he sighed, looking down at the small cut on her check that was caused by the woman slapping her. Inori opened her eyes to see Reita crouching down by the side of the bed. He quickly moved up and covered her mouth with both of his hands before she could scream. "Its just me," Reita whispered, moving one hand away to switch the lamp on. "Are you going to scream?" he quietly asked. As Inori shock her head he moved his hand away, sitting down on the bed. "What are you doing here?" Inori asked, sitting up. "Making sure that you're safe," Reita responded. The sound of footsteps occurred outside of the room. "Inori?" her mum's voice asked from the hallway. Reita and Inori exchanged glances before Reita quickly hid under the duvet, in-between Inori and the wall. The door opened with Inori's mum in the doorway. "I saw your light, are you okay?" she wondered. Inori could feel Reita grip on her legs increase. "I'm fine, I couldn't find my phone so I put the light on," Inori lied. "Did you find it?" her mum questioned. "It went under my pillow," nodded Inori. "Okay, shout me if you need anything," Inori's mum concluded, leaving the room. Reita waited a minute before sitting up. "Thanks," he sighed, pulling the duvet down. "Why did you want to make sure I was safe?" Inori asked. Reita smiled as he looked down at the ground. "I want to be friends with you, you're a pretty interesting girl," he smiled, picking up a small hello kitty plushie. Inori moved, picking up something from out of the bedside table. Reita looked confused as she moved closer, placing it on-top of his head. "I'm a pretty annoying person, are you sure?" Inori asked. Reita moved to the closest mirror, seeing a pair of pink cat ears were on his head with blue bows in-front. He took them of, sitting down on the bed. He placed the ears on-top of Inori's head. "If that's your idea of annoying, then annoying means cute," Reita responded. He smiled again before taking the cat ears of Inori and placing them down onto the bedside table. "You should get some sleep, especially if you're going to school," Reita added. "I don't know what to do about my hair and eyes," Inori sighed. "Strict dress code?" Reita guessed. Inori nodded. "There might be some way you could convince the school to let you have them like that," Reita guessed. "Maybe," Inori nodded. "Anyway good night," Reita smiled, patting Inori on the head. "Night," she blushed. Reita walked up to the closed window. He waved before jumping through the closed window. The next morning was colder than the day before. In the middle of the floor was a white clothing box with a note on-top. The note read, "Trust me. Wear it and without the blazer - boss at Undead Corporation," As Inori opened the box it was folded in white tissue paper. Inside at the top was a badge saying 'Undead corporation' was at the top with a white Pentacle in the middle. She changed into the clothes underneath after taking a deep breath. A black van was parked outside her drive. The drivers seat window unrolled with the man from Undead Corporation sitting there. "Luckily it looks good on you," he started, looking down at Inori's clothes. She was wearing a white seifuku top with a black collar decorated with white stripes on the edge and a red and white striped bow, a pastel pink cardigan that was buttoned up and hid most of her top besides the collar and the bow. The cardigan reached just passed her hips and the sleeves were rolled up to her elbows. Underneath the cardigan was a pleated skirt that matched the bow and reached ten inches above her knees, black over the knee socks, black flat hime shoes, a pastel pink hello kitty bag and a hidden garter belt with the UC badge attached. "You're the man from yesterday," Inori remembered. "Call me Yagami, I'm the boss at UC," Yagami introduced, leaning over the seat next to him, opening the van door. "I'll drive you to school," he added. "Getting in a vehicle with a stranger isn't a good idea," Inori mumbled. "If he does anything weird to you i'll send a message to the police," a male voiced informed from the back row. Looking in the back row Inori saw a boy, round about twenty, with short black hair and typing on a black laptop that was on his lap. His fringe was in pieces and in the middle almost covered his nose. A pair of black framed glasses was over his eyes. "That's Kai, he's a detective," stated Yagami,"I can pick up any friends you walk to school with," Yagami convinced. "There's one," Inori mumbled. "That's fine, you probably should sit in the back then," Yagami agreed. Kai moved his arm, opening the door at the back. "Okay," Inori blushed, climbing into the back before closing the door. She put her bag down before putting her seat-belt on. Kai grabbed her hand, pulling her closer. Inori glanced at the laptop to see a wordpad opened with 'Don't worry. He's weird and grumpy but he won't hurt you. He just wants you to join UC- although you already have a company badge' typed up. Inori glanced up and him and he nodded. "Where do you meet your friend?" Yagami questioned. "At the bottom of school lane," Inori mumbled. "Okay, got it," nodded Yagami. Kai moved his glasses down, looking at Inori before moving them back up. "Do you want to watch anything on this?" Kai questioned, passing Inori a earphone that was plugged into the laptop. "It's okay, don't worry about it," Inori blushed. Kai typed in something and placed the other earphone into his left ear. Inori nodded, popping the other earphone into her right ear. The van came to a stop. "She lives over there, it might be easier if I go knock on her door," Inori mumbled. Kai moved the laptop to the empty seat next to him. He pushed open the door his side. "Will she reconise me?" Inori panicked, un-clipping her seat-belt. "She will, for some reason everyone who knows you knows that your name is Inori and what you look like," Yagami informed. "Okay," Inori nodded walking past Kai and jumping out of the van. "You're being awfully friendly," Yagami snickered from the front of the van. Kai glared up and him. "Do you know them or..." Amy started, glancing up at the van. "Don't worry, you can trust them," Inori reasured. "Hi," Amy greeted once she got to the van with Inori. Kai moved to the seat next to him. "Can you sit in the middle?" Amy whispered. Inori nodded, sitting in the middle. Kai went back to typing. "Are you going to be okay from here on your own?" Amy asked once Yagami parked the van on the road that leaded to Amy's boyfriends house. "I'll be fine," Inori nodded. "Bye," Amy waved, getting out of the van. "If I take you to pastrol I can get them to let you get away with your clothes," Yagami added as he started driving. "Oh yeah about that, aren't these from a Japanese school uniform brand?" Inori guessed. Kai glanced up at her. "A certain detective slash hacker choose them for you," Yagami informed. Inori glanced at Kai. "Way to through me under the bus," Kai mumbled, slugging in his seat. "You picked them?" Inori asked. "I'm not creepy, I'm just a eighteen year old straight guy that put together one outfit as his boss told him to choose a school suitable outfit for you," Kai commented, not looking up from his laptop. "Did you have to put the straight in?" Yagami mocked as he drove passed the school side gate. "Don't you want to explain something to her before we get to the school?" Kai moaned. "Right, you're now apart of UC. We will be sending you on missions and one of our agents will train you," Yagami informed. "Why am I apart of UC?" Inori mumbled. "You're the Shinigami Princess, you will be a lot of help," Yagami responded. "I'm weak, I w on't be any help," Inori cried. "Don't worry," Kai smiled. After braking in the school car park Yagami, Inori and Kai walked through the set of doors before walking into pastrol. Yagami walked around the corner followed by them. He knocked on one of the office doors before opening it. "They knew we were coming to talk to them about it," Kai added. "We have changed your name and are aware that you have to go on missions and we'll agree to the uniform change only because the prime minister himself ordered us to let you wear it. Also all teachers have been informed so its just the students you have to worry about," Mrs Lane informed. "Thank you," Yagami concluded. "So your fine after yesterday?" Heidi asked at break later that day. "Megan told you?" Inori guessed. "Everybody's talking about it," Brittany interrupted. "This isn't going to end well," Inori sighed. "Don't worry about it," Heidi smiled. "It's officially been two days since you unlocked. If your feeling ill or anything just tell me," Yagami stated, driving Inori to the school the next day. "I'm fine, thanks," Inori mumbled. "This is seriously boring," Heidi moaned, writing down in her book. The math teacher at the front of the room was explaining how to work out Pythagoras. "He said if I need help he will come, does dying of boredom count as needing help?" Inori sighed, playing with her necklace. "It might be worth it," Heidi responded. Inori's phone started ringing with Mama by Exo playing. "Turn it of," Mr Morehead nagged. "Sorry, can I take it quickly?" Inori requested. "Fine, but be quick," Mr Morehead stated. Inori nodded before quickly rushing out of the class-room. "Hello?" Inori asked, answering her phone. "I'm from UC, there's a high number of Zombie energy just outside your school. Can you sort it out? Your powers should help and the guns Yagami gave you this morning," a female voice informed from the other end of the phone. "Zombies?" Inori repeated. "They're pretty much the same as the ones in the movies," the voice responded. "How am I meant to fight them?" Inori cried. A scream occurred of in the distance. "You will be able to," the voice stated, hanging up. "I have to go," Inori mumbled, opening the classroom door. Mr Morehead nodded. Inori quickly ran of. An idea came into her head as she opened one of the windows. She jumped up onto the window frame, going out of the window before somehow jumping up onto the roof. "Using her powers will feel natural to her," a male officer commented as he sat opposite Yagami in a cafe. "We're getting him to train her," Yagami responded. "And he agreed?" the officer questioned. "It was easy enough to convince him," Yagami nodded. His pocket started beeping. He pulled his phone out seeing the message which said 'click on this link'. After clinking on the link a video stream came up, showing what was happening at the school. Yagami showed it to the officer. Inori was on the edge of the roof, looking out into the distance. A group of twenty zombies wobbled up to the gates. Their clothes were covered in blood. Inori jumped of the edge, landing on the canopy before jumping of onto the ground. She pulled twin guns out from the top of her skirt and under her jacket. "You're to weak to," a voice whispered behind her. Turning around she saw a boy with short, light brown hair. A chain was wrapped around his wrist. "Little Shinigami," he snickered. Inori quickly stepped to the side, spinning around and aiming the two guns towards the zombies. BANG. All the zombies turned to dark green dust. The boy pushed Inori down to the ground. "Stupid girl," he moaned, sitting down on-top of Inori and wrapping his hand around her throat. Inori kicked him where it hurts before moving to the side. "Wanna play a game?" he grinned, sticking his tong out. Inori quickly ran of. A hand suddenly grabbed her wrist, pulling her into a nearby cupboard. Standing there was a boy with black hair.
"I'm Seike," he introduced. As a sound of footsteps occurred outside Seike switched of the light before grabbing Inori's hand, pulling her into him. Inori could feel his heart beet. He placed his hand along the back of her shoulder. The footsteps went away. Seike let go of Inori's hand. "Are you okay?" he asked, switching the light on. Inori nodded, moving backwards. She bumped into a bookshelf behind her. The books fell of the shelf. Seike rushed forwards, wrapping his arms around Inori. THUD. Seike could feel the books that had landed on him and Inori underneath him."Seike!" Inori panicked, opening her eyes. "I'm fine, you?" Seike responded. "I'm fine," Inori nodded, looking up at Seike. "Sorry," she mumbled. Seike sat up, moving the books away. "You're bleeding," he acknowledged, seeing a drip of blood rolling down her check. Seike moved Inori's fall fringe to the side to see a small cut on her head. He wiped some of the blood away, looking down at the blood on his hand. "Lets get out of here," he added, standing up before holding his hand out towards Inori. "What about the demon that's here?" she asked, using his hand to stand out. "Don't worry, I'll sort it out," he reasured. As soon as they got out of the cupboard they spotted the man that was standing there. Seike pushed Inori behind him. " Enenra, don't even try to protect her," the man moaned. "You don't want to get in my way," Seike responded. "Ooh- a threat," the man smiled. "It was a promise," Seike moaned. Black fog covered the ground. "Inori!" Seike shouted. "How do you know my name?" Inori asked. "I'll tell you later, just use your powers," Seike responded, turning around to face her and pulling her against him. Frost covered the walls and floor. Sparkling cherry blossoms fell from the air. Seike's grip on Inori's back increased. "Close your eyes," he whispered. Inori quickly closed her eyes, followed by Seike closing his eyes as well. A small flame of fire flew in the air around them. A burst of red and white light appeared as the man started to disappear. "W-what?" he panicked as he completely disappeared. Seike opened his eyes, looking behind him. "He's gone, you can open them," He informed. "What happened?" Inori mumbled, opening her eyes. "I needed our powers to combine," Seike replied. "Combine?" Inori repeated. "It's a long story," he sighed, patting Inori on the head. "Seike will help you train," Yagami informed, drinking from his coffee cup as Inori and Seike sat opposite him. "I guess we're working together, its nice to meet you," Seike smiled. "Nice to meet you too," Inori nodded. "You had to get injured," Vincent sighed later that day. "It wasn't my thought," Inori cried. Vincent placed the plaster over the cut. "You walked into a bookshelf," Vincent reminded. "I didn't know it would fall," Inori mumbled. "Its only been four days, you should take it easy," Vincent advised. "Anyway I need to go, your father gets moody if I don't buy him more whisky," Vincent concluded. "Sorry for bothering you," Inori apologized. "Bothering me? If you told me that you got hurt instead of me finding it out it would of been easier," he sighed. Inori went on tiptoes, wrapping her arms around Vincent's shoulders. "Sorry," she mumbled. Vincent wrapped his arms around Inori's back. "Don't worry about it," he smiled. "So you want me to go to a demon party?" Inori asked, in the living room of Lucifer's castle. "I'll pay for a dress and stuff for you to wear" Lucifer responded. "Its going to posh though right?" Inori guessed. "There will be music and food. It's only so you can get the feel of how hell isn't always bad," Lucifer informed. "Am I allowed to just stand by the side?" Inori requested. "Yeah, why not," nodded Lucifer. As he waved his hand the door opened. A woman with short black hair that was longer at the front, wearing a black shirt, black pencil skirt and a black ear-piece. "Yes, Devil," the woman calmly responded. "Oh right, only certain people get to call me Lucifer," Lucifer explained. Inori nodded. "How are the preparations for tomorrow night?" Lucifer wondered. "It's going well, we're on schedule," the woman responded. "Could you get Parcee?" Lucifer questioned. "Okay," the woman agreed before walking of. A few seconds later a woman with dark blue hair and pale blue eyes walked in through the door. She was wearing a plain bright red cocktail dress and red high heels. "This is Parcee, a fashion designer here in hell," Lucifer started. Parcee stepped forwards. "Parcee, This is Inori my daughter. She needs something to wear to the party tomorrow," Lucifer requested. "Got it, Thank you for requesting me," Parcee spoke. Her voice was harsh but still had an impressive feel to it. "You're the best in hell," Lucifer praised. Parcee walked to one of the many rooms, followed by Inori. "You're really pretty," Inori shyly commented. "Thank you Princess, its part of my charm towards men. For a Shinigami you are pretty cute," Parcee responded. "Charm towards men? Does that mean your a succubus?" Inori guessed. "And clever to," Parcee smiled. "So Princess, what type of dress would you like to wear? Do you have any idea on color? Shape?" Parcee asked. "Call me Inori, and i'm not sure," Inori responded. "How about I draw some designs?" Parcee suggested. "Isn't that to much trouble?" Inori mumbled. "Of course not, and plus while you wait you can look around hell. I'm sure your father would allow it as the demon necklace your wearing is connected to the owner," Parcee replied. Inori looked down at the cross necklace around her neck. Inori changed into some clothes that Lucifer had brought her along with some other clothes. She was wearing a long,plain black sweater that reached just passed her hips the sleeves were long which meant only the top of her fingers could be seen, black and white striped shorts, purple and black diamond patterned tights, the black bat cape and black and white wedged shoes. The cross necklace was still around her neck. "I'm still not happy with you going around hell without anyone there," Vincent sighed, tying the back of Inori's hair into two buns on each side, her bangs were still down. "I'm wearing more sutel clothes though," Inori added. "Still, besides the fact that your father is the ruler of this world you are also seriously cute," he complained. Inori's checks blushed. "Summon that guy if something happens," Vincent reminded. "What should I do around the town?" Inori asked, walking out into the living room with Vincent. Lucifer was in the middle of a conversation with two men. He pulled something out of his pocket, throwing it over to Inori who caught it. "Its the currency here, buy whatever you want," he explained. "I have some business in the troll markets anyway so i'll take you down there," Vincent arranged. "You can find a few good things somewhere in these shops. Ring me if you want me to pick you up," Vincent concluded as they were in a rounded alleyway with paths leading to shopping lanes. "Okay, thank you. Good luck," Inori responded. Vincent patted her on the head before going separate ways. The shopping lanes were filled with people and different types of shops were along the side. Everyone had a different appearance. Some had horns and some had animal ears. A small toy My melody was in the shop window. She went inside, looking at the price tag before opening the envelope Lucifer had given her. She picked up the My melody before looking around the rest of the shop. "Here you go miss," the shop assistant stated, handing Inori a pink shopping bag after being given the money. "Stop him!" a voice yelled from one side of the street. A boy with medium length, edgy black hair with his left eye being covered by his long fringe wearing a pair of black trousers and a black tailcoat with silver chains and a silver love heart, thorn pattern ran past.
As he looked down at Inori he grabbed her hand bore running of. He stopped running as he ran down a path that lead to the harbor. "Can you let go of me?" Inori mumbled. The boy glanced down at her. "Ai," a voice shouted from behind them. The boy turned to the side to see another boy who was dressed in steam-punk and a pirate hat. "I have to go, see you around," he concluded, letting go of Inori before walking of towards the steam-punk boy. "These are some of the designs I came up with," Parcee started, placing a few pieces of paper down onto the table in one of the rooms in Lucifer's castle. "They're awesome," Inori smiled. "Thank you Princess," Parcee thanked. "Can I have this one please? If its not to much of a trouble," Inori mumbled. "I'll start making it now," Parcee nodded, picking up the designs. "Thank you," Inori added. "It might be easier if you stay here tonight, Vincent can walk you to the spare room once he gets back," Lucifer started. "I should go home," Inori mumbled. "I'm aware that you don't like sleeping without your toy monkey. I got someone to fetch her and put her into the room," Lucifer informed. "Okay, thank you," Inori nodded. "We got the watches from the Troll markets," Vincent stated, coming in through the door. "You're still here," Vincent smiled, noticing Inori. "You could at least try to not act that happy," Lucifer moaned. Vincent ruffled his hand through his hair. "Can you take her to the spare room?" Lucifer requested. "Okay," Vincent nodded. "We're here," Vincent added, opening one of the doors in the long hallway.
"Is this room okay?" Vincent asked. Inori nodded. "There's pajamas and your toy in that box," he added, glancing at the posh black clothes box that was resting on a stall in-front of the crimson red dressing table which was opposite the bed. "Okay, thank you," Inori smiled. "Anyway my room is the one opposite yours, if you need any help just knock," Vincent added. "Vi," a male voice shouted from down the hall. "That's the chef, I have to go. Bye," Vincent sighed, walking out of the room and closing the door behind him. "Bye," Inori waved, jumping backwards onto the bed. She stared up at the ceiling. "Is this alright for the menu tonight?" the voice from earlier asked in a large kitchen. Vincent skimmed down the piece of paper he was given. "It's fine," Vincent nodded, handing the piece of paper back to the man. After eating they all went their separate ways and all the staff went home for the night. "What else is left for tomorrow?" Vincent asked, sitting down in his chair with a glass of wine. "The setting it up and heating up the food. Inori's dress has also need to be finished," Vincent responded. "About that, if you do anything to hurt her I will throw you into the abyss myself," warned Lucifer. "I know, I know," Vincent responded. Lucifer held a glass of wine out towards Vincent. "No thanks, I should take a shower and go to sleep," Vincent rejected. "Okay, night. See you tomorrow," Lucifer commented, taking a sip of his wine. Vincent glanced down at him and sighed before walking of. Lucifer looked around to make sure that Vincent had gone. Inori had changed into the pajamas that were in the box. There was a quite knock on the door. The door opened with Lucifer standing in the doorway. "Are you okay? Do you want to be tucked in or anything?" Lucifer asked. "I'm fine, and no thanks," Inori responded. "Sorry, I'm not so good at the whole father thing," he apologized. "It's okay, I'm not so good at this either," Inori mumbled. "Are the pajamas okay?" he wondered. "Yep, they're cute. Thank you," Inori nodded. "Well good night," Lucifer smiled before closing the door. That night Inori couldn't get to sleep. "It's so comfy but I can't sleep," she sighed. The next morning most of the staff at the castle were hard at work. Vincent went around helping with anything anyone needed. Parcee dropped by to deliver Inori's dress and a few other clothes that he had made for other people. "Thank you, I'll give it to her," Vincent thanked before carrying the clothes box to Inori's room. KNOCK KNOCK. There was no response. "Is she still asleep?" he guessed, quietly opening the door. Inori was snuggled under the duvet. Vincent placed the box down on the bed. "Inori..." he called, gently poking Inori's check. As Inori opened her eyes she quickly sat up. "You slept in quite a bit, there's a few hours till the party," Vincent informed. "I couldn't get to sleep last night," Inori nodded. "Anyway here you go," he smiled, picking up the box and passing it to Inori. "If its okay can I do your makeup and hair?" he offered. "Aren't you busy? I'm okay doing them," Inori responded. "I want to," Vincent stated. Inori nodded. Vincent sat on the edge of the bed while Inori sat in-front of him on the floor. He carefully used a curling iron to curl her hair and pinning it up as he went along. He opened the box to see the color of the dress. "You should have pink eye makeup as your dress is pink," he stated. As the party started Lucifer waited at the door wearing black trousers,a black top-hat,a white shirt and a red tailcoat. Vincent was at his side, wearing a black suit. They greeted the guests as they arrived.Inori was at the back of the room with her back against the wall. "Are you feeling alright?" Parcee asked from the side of Inori. She was wearing a floor length red dress.
"I'm okay," Inori sighed, looking down at the ground. "Something is bothering you," Parcee guessed. "It's just that being here, in the world and this form, It's just weird," Inori admitted.

"Anyway I need to go talk to the hot guy over there, bye," Parcee waved before walking of."Why is a cute girl like yourself all on her own?" a male voice asked from in-front of her. Looking up Inori saw a boy with short black hair and grey eyes. "I'm kinda shy," Inori responded. The boy picked up a glass of white wine before passing it to Inori. "No thank you," she mumbled. The boy nodded before taking a sip. "Anyway I'm Tyler," he introduced. "Inori," Inori responded. "Cute name for a cute girl," he smiled, putting the glass down and placing his arms each side of Inori on the wall. Inori went to move however was stopped by Tyler. He leaned closer before whispering," You're HIS daughter, aren't you?" he guessed glancing at Lucifer who was talking to a group of people. Inori elbowed him before walking of. Tyler grabbed her wrist before pushing her against the wall. "Please let me go," Inori mumbled. "We can have some fun," he snickered. A glass of wine was thrown at Tyler from behind him. "Step away from her," a voice demanded from behind them. A boy with light blonde and brown split hair was standing behind them.
Tyler moved his hands away from Inori. "You can have her," he sighed, pushing Inori into the new boy who caught her. Tyler waved before walking away. "Thank you," Inori blushed. "No problem. You're who I think you are right?" he asked. Inori exchanged eye-contact with him. "You are the Shinigami Princess, right?" he guessed. "Yeah," Inori nodded, looking down at the ground. "I'm an Ace by the way," he added. "Ace? Inori repeated. "So you have no idea," he sighed. "What do you mean?" Inori asked. "There's a few guys who were born to protect you," he explained. "How do I believe you?" Inori mumbled. "You can ask your father, he'll tell you about Aces," the boy responded. He moved his hand down to Inori's hand, placing something in the palm of her hand. It was a silver pentagram shaped ring. Writing was lined around the edge of the star. "It's connected to me, like your cross is connected to another demon," he informed, gently poking the cross necklace around Inori's neck. "Shouldn't you keep it then?" Inori mumbled, looking down at the ring. "It means I can be a good Ace and protect you, the boy responded, picking up the ring. With his other hand he held onto Inori's left hand. "Do you agree me being an Ace?" he asked, looking Inori straight in the eye. "Okay," she nodded after a few seconds. He gently slipped the ring onto Inori's index finger. "Ahem," a voice stated from the side. Lucifer was standing there with his arms crossed. "I'm an Ace," the boy started. "I know who you are. Jenziih, the Ace of Earth who's apartof the Coins," Lucifer informed. "Coins?" Inori repeated. "A demon pirate clan," Lucifer explained. "It's not really a clan," Jenziih defended. "Anyway, what are you doing here?" Lucifer asked. "I wanted to meet the Princess," Jenziih replied. "I didn't invite a pirate to my party," Lucifer complained. Jenziih grabbed Inori's hand. "Then we're leaving," he added before dragging Inori of. "Don't worry about them. He's one of the Ace and plus he's given her his ring that he's connected to," reasured Vincent. "I know, just don't trust men around her," Lucifer moaned. "Can you let go of me?" Inori mumbled while Jenziih was still walking. He let go of her hand before sitting down on the edge of the fountain outside the castle. Inori sat down next to him. "So your a pirate?" Inori asked. "Wanna see my ship?" Jenziih offered. "No thanks," Inori responded. "Have you been okay with all this since you've only just got the spell of?" Jenziih wondered. "How did you..." Inori started. "An Ace can feel when the Princess unlocks," Jenziih explained. "Really?" Inori asked. "Yeah, although by the burst that occurred I wouldn't be surprised if every demon and spirit felt when you unlocked," he admitted. Inori nodded, leaning backwards and looking up at the stars. Suddenly she fell backwards. Jenziih quickly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back up however ended up falling on-top of Inori. "Are you okay?" he asked, looking straight into her eyes. His heart beat started to increase. "I'm okay, you?" she mumbled. "I'm fine," he nodded. "Inori, I should take you home now," Vincent interrupted from next to them. "You have to be careful," Vincent commented while he was walking Inori home. "Don't worry about me," Inori mumbled. Outside the school gates the next day was Reita. She was walking with Heidi and Nerys. "Hey, wanna hang out for a bit?" he smiled. Inori glanced at Heidi and Nerys who nodded. Inori went home to get changed first.
"So you've been to hell again," Reita started once they got to the park. He was sitting against the railings."It's really complicated," Inori sighed as she walked along the railings. "If there's anything I can do to help, just tell me," Reita responded. "I would just be bothering you," Inori sighed. Her foot slipped, causing her to fall. "Inori!" Reita panicked, going to catch her. As he caught her he lost his balance, causing him to fall forwards and land on-top of Inori. "Are you always this clumsy?" Reita mumbled, opening his eyes. "I'm not that clumsy," Inori blushed, looking to the side. "So, how much do you know about Aces?"Reita asked as he sat to the side, helping Inori up. "Only that they're meant to protect me," Kuro mumbled. "Me and the rest of the Aces have an element. For me its Air. There is also Fire,Water and Earth. When we join with you, Soul, we're meant to be really powerful," Reita explained. "Fire..." Inori mumbled. Reita had a blank look on his face. "How do you know if someone is an Ace?" Kuro asked. "How there power reacts with yours, i guess. Why?" Reita responded. "This guy called Seike said he combined our powers,when it happened there was a feel of fire," Inori explained. "He could be an Ace," Reita stated. Inori's phone started to ring. Inori showed her phone to Reita as she noticed the caller ID said 'Seike'.

Inori felt a pair of arms wrap around her from behind. Before she could elbow them,Jenziih leaned his head on her shoulder. "Hi," he smiled. Inori's checks blushed. He let go of her, so she could face him.

Lucifer paced up and down the living room. "You pacing makes me nervous," Vincent complained from the sofa. "When you own a realm you can tell people off for pacing," Lucifer coldly commented. "If she was in trouble she would use the cross or ring, right?" Vincent reminded. "Yeah, anyway you should get some sleep. I'll wait here for her," Lucifer responded. "Okay, wake me up if you want to swap," nodded Vincent. "It's weird seeing him scared," Vincent sighed, looking out into the distance through the window. Heavy rain started to pour from the sky. After half an hour Lucifer sat down on the sofa. "Should I send someone out to look for her?" he asked, looking over at the fireplace. Inori's legs felt weak, causing her to fall to the ground. "It's not that far," she mumbled. Inori carefully walked along the driveway surrounded by black roses.The door quietly closed behind her. She noticed Lucifer sleeping on the sofa. "He's asleep?" she mumbled, walking up to the sofa. A drop of blood fell from her wrist, landing on the floor. "Inori..." Lucifer mumbled, opening his eyes.
She smelt of both rain and blood. Lucifer reached forwards, wrapping his arms around her back and pulling her onto the edge of the sofa. "I'm glad your safe," he whispered. "You were worried?" Kuro mumbled. "Of course, I'm your father," Lucifer responded, looking down at the blood dripping from her wrists. "I'll take you to my room," he informed, standing up. "So, what happened?" he asked, rummaging through the shelf's in his room while Inori was sitting on the sofa.
"A group of demons turned up," Inori mumbled. Lucifer picked up a black box of the shelf before sitting down in-front of Inori. "Do you know who they are?" Lucifer asked, wiping an antiseptic wipe over the cut on her left wrist. "All I know is that there were three demons who practice black magic," Inori mumbled, flinching. "Three demons...black magic..." Lucifer repeated. "Ignis, Mora and Blair," he guessed, wrapping a bandage around the cut. "Who are they?" Inori mumbled. "The witch sisters, or Adrienne as they like to be known," Lucifer explained, wiping the blood of Inori's wrist. "You should sleep here tonight, your mother would have a heart attack if she saw you like that," Lucifer started. "I'm okay with going home," Inori mumbled. "Ah right, you probably don't want to sleep on your own. You can sleep in Vincent's room," continued Lucifer. Inori's checks turned red. "Don't worry, he won't do anything to you, if he does he will regret it," Lucifer commented. KNOCK.KNOCK.Vincent opened his room door, shirtless, and half a sleep. "Lucifer..." Vincent yawned. "Wake up," ordered Lucifer, pulling Inori out from behind him. "Inori!" Vincent smiled, noticing the blood on her. "What happened?" he panicked. "Can you look after her tonight?" Lucifer requested. "Sure," nodded Vincent. "If you hurt her I will throw you into the abyss," Lucifer threatened before walking of. "Come in," Vincent commented, moving to the side to let Inori into the room. He quickly put on a long sleeved, black top."I'll get you a top to change into, do you want a shower?" Vincent offered, pulling a short sleeved top out of his closet. "I'm ok, thanks," Inori mumbled. Vincent passed her the top. "Oh right, i'll leave the room," he remembered before leaving the room. "You can come back in," Inori blushed, looking in the mirror. Vincent opened the door. "It looks cute," he smiled. Inori's face turned red as she threw a pillow at Vincent. "What was that for?" he asked, going to throw the pillow back before stopping. "You didn't throw it at me because you work for my dad?" Inori guessed. "No," Vincent mumbled. As Inori was wearing a short sleeved top he could see that her arms were covered in cuts. "It must hurt," he added.

Chiro came running up to her. "
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The death spirit Princess
A Sakura tree stood on the top of the hill. The petals floated down to the ground. A young Japanese girl with pale skin and 152 cm tall, stood in-front of the tree. Her hip length pure, snow white hair glittered in the moonlight.She was wearing a short sleeved pastel pink seifuku, the skirt reached twenty inches above her knee, A blue crescent moon shaped necklace that was laying in the middle of the bow, White over the knee socks, pastel pink lose socks and a pair of pastel pink two inch wedged Lolita heels with heart shaped buckles and a heart at the front of both of the shoes. A glowing white light floated down, landing in her hands. The light bursted out. "Yuki... Yuki," a voice called out. The white haired girl looked up from the piece of paper she was reading. However her hair was bleach blonde reaching just past her shoulders and was tied up at the side by a pastel pink hairband. Her brown eyes focused on the passed paper on her lap. She was about 165 cm tall and was wearing a black pleated skirt, a white shirt, a black jumper, a black blazer, black tights and a green and black stripped tie. "Sorry, I wasn't listening. What did you say Jackson?" Yuki responded. The red haired girl in-front of her who was wearing the same uniform sighed before sitting down on the top of the bench next to her. "I asked if you were okay," Jackson commented. "I'm stressing out," Yuki sighed. Jackson looked down at the piece of paper Yuki was reading. "Biology?" Jackson acknowledged. "Yep," Yuki nodded. "It will be fine," Jackson reasured. "Hey guys," a voice called out as a girl with black hair walked over to them. "Hi, Scarlet," Jackson greeted. Yuki started to quietly read out information from the book she just pulled out of her bag. "Don't worry about it," Scarlet stated. "We need to start heading up soon," a girl with brown hair added. "Selena," a girl with blonde hair added. "Yeah, Ophelia?" the brown haired girl responded. "Your collar has gone weird," Ophelia stated, folding down Selena's collar. "Thanks," smiled Selena. "Should we go up early?" a girl with short, light brown hair asked. "Might as well, don't want to be late," nodded Scarlet. Yuki felt someone watching her from a nearby roof. Looking up, she saw a man with black hair and black eyes wearing a black suit with a red tie, watching her. A smile formed on his face as he pressed his finger against his lips. "Yuki?" Ophelia asked. Yuki looked over at her. "Whats wrong?" Ophelia wondered. "Nothing," Yuki mumbled, looking up at the roof which was empty. "You may start your exam now," a man wearing a suit called out into the hall which was filled with desks and students. The silent hall echoed of the sound of papers flipping. Students started to write in answers, crossing them out and re-writing them. A pink petal fell onto the desk in-front of Yuki. Her vision started to go blurry. "It's just stress," she rejected in her head as she turned the page and put a cross in one of the boxes on the page. "Yuki," a voice echoed through the air. Yuki jumped, causing her to accidentally knock her pen off her desk. The nearby examiner picked it up, placing it on the desk. "Thank you," Yuki mouthed before continuing to write. The only sound was the sound of pens scratching against the paper. The doors slammed open. The man from the roof stormed up to Yuki's seat. He grabbed her wrist, pulling her out of her seat. "Your coming with me," he ordered. The teachers in the room stepped forwards. "She's currently taking an exam," one of them called out. "See it as me kidnapping her," the man responded before starting to walk towards the doors. "Stop!" Yuki cried. The man stopped walking. "W-W-Why were you on the roof?" Yuki mumbled. The man grinned as he looked down at Yuki. "Deciding when would be the best time," he grinned. "Let go of her," a teacher demanded. The man pulled Yuki closer to him. "Your already starting to change," he smiled. "What do you mean?" Yuki mumbled, trying to pull away from him. "Your hair has reset to brown," he stated, looking down at her hair which was now brown. He let go of Yuki, causing her to fall backwards and land on the ground. THUD. A click sound occurred above her. Looking up, she saw that the man was pointing a gun straight at her. "We're taking this outside, now. 1 teacher came come out if they need to," he added. One of the female teachers stepped forwards. "I am one of her teachers," she interrupted. "Okay, lets go," the man demanded, grabbing Yuki's am and pulling her up. He dragged her outside the hall followed by the teacher following them. The teacher nodded at one of the teachers before walking out. "Why are you doing this?" the teacher asked. The man glanced over at her. "She's a little shinigami that needs to be sorted out," he coldly commented, exchanging eye-contact with Yuki. "I haven't done anything wrong," Yuki mumbled. "Your the Shinigami princess, its best to kill you," he moaned, pushing her down to the ground. The teacher stepped forwards.BANG. Blood dripped down Yuki's arm. She flinched as she quickly covered the bullet wound on her arm with her other hand. "Don't get any closer to her or I will shot her again," the man threatened. "I'm going to fail science because of you," Yuki mumbled. "Huh?" the man asked. Yuki glanced up at him. He sighed as he kicked her to the side. He stormed into the hall. "Are you okay?" the teacher panicked, crouching down next to her. "It hurts," Yuki cried, still keeping a grip over the wound. "An ambulance will be coming soon," the teacher commented. The door swung open as the man walked through. He threw her exam paper down next to her. "But..." Yuki mumbled. The man crouched down in-front of her. "You can still move your right arm, no major mussels were infected it will just hurt. And I'm sure the loss of blood won't affect your brain yet. So just do your stupid biology paper," he moaned. Yuki glanced up at the teacher who nodded. She looked back down at the paper as the man passed her a black pen. "I can't think," she panicked, looking at the question. Something in her brain clicked as she thought of the answer. "When I came here to kill the princess this isn't what I was suspecting to do," the man sighed, playing with the gun. A Syrian filled the air. The man glared over at the teacher. "It wasn't me," she responded. He pointed the gun down at Yuki. "I should of just killed you," he complained, moving the gun down and shooting her left thigh. A pink glow covered Yuki. A large flash occurred as her appearance changed to the pale skinned, white haired girl. Her right eye was pastel purple and her left eye was pastel pink. "Stupid Princess," the man moaned, moving the gun towards Yuki's head. "Stop!" a male voice yelled. A brown haired boy, 179 cm tall, swung open the doors leading outside.
"Don't hurt the Princess," he added, holding his hand out in-front of him. Static energy floated around his hand as mini lightning strikes drifted of his hand. "Its a shame the paper doesn't have any useful information for right now," Yuki mumbled. The lightning around the boys hand disappeared as he moved towards Yuki. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and his other arm around her legs as he lifted her up, Princess style. "They're on their way, don't worry," he whispered. "W-Who are you?" Yuki blushed. "Call me Ren," he smiled. "Both of the bullets are still in there," he sighed, gently placing his finger near the bullet wound on her thigh. Ren glanced down at the biology exam on the floor. "Were you in the middle of an exam?" he asked, looking down at Yuki. "About ten minutes in," Yuki nodded. "Okay, that's just cruel," he complained, looking over at the man. "Can you put me down," Yuki flushed, tugging on Ren's top. "Its fine, your not getting blood on me," Ren reasured. "But... your wearing white. And this is embarrassing," Yuki mumbled. "From observation your just a pervert," the man added. "That and an Ace," Ren corrected. "Ace?" the teacher repeated. "Aces are meant to protect the little princess," he responded, tightening his grip around Yuki. An ambulance, two police cars and a blacked out van parked outside the school building. "Check mate," Ren smiled as armed men came running up to the door. "Put your hands up where we can see them," they demanded, pointing guns towards the man who put his arms up in the air. A police officer carefully handcuffed his wrists together before another police officer guided him outside to the back of the police car. "Can you get her bags and other stuff?" a paramedic requested, coming into the hallway after the other officer left. The teacher nodded before going into the exam hall. "They have my phone and ipod as well," Yuki mumbled. "She's going to get all of it. She's probably asking your friends which is yours," Ren stated. "Can you not call my mum? A taxi is too expensive to get to the hospital?" Yuki mumbled. "Don't worry about it," Ren reasured, carrying her to the ambulance outside. A doctor walked around the corner in the hospital. Ren was sitting on his own in the seating area. He quickly stood up when the doctor came out however he walked past. "The heart transplant was successful," the doctor commented to an elderly couple. "So my son is fine?" the old woman asked. "Yes," the doctor nodded. Ren sighed as he sat back down. "Excuse me, Is my daughter here?" a woman's voice panicked from the reception desk. "Whats her name?" the receptionist asked. "Shannon Hill, She's from Beacon," the woman responded. Ren remembered when the teacher informed them of Yuki's real name. He quickly walked over to the woman. "She's still in surgery," he responded. "Are you the boy who saved her?" her mum asked. "Sorry I didn't get there sooner," he nodded. They both sat down. "You know about it, don't you?" her mum sighed. "About her father," guessed Ren. Her mum nodded. "She doesn't know yet," she stated. "The name she goes by, Yuki, is it the name he choose?" Ren asked. "He suggested it and then suggested a fake name to cover it up," her mum nodded. A young male doctor came out the surgery room. "Miss Hill?" he asked. Her mum quickly stood up followed by Ren. "Surgery was a success. The bullets didn't damage anything. However we took two cat-scans. The first it showed that she had... a few problems such as cancer. But the second one showed she was fine and that her cells were different. We believe this to be due to her body changing," the doctor informed. "Your a Vampire, correct?" the Doctor asked, glancing at Ren who nodded. "Then you know about her being the Shinigami Princess. The first scan was with her human cover up shield and then the second one was the real one," the doctor stated. "When can we see her?" her mum asked. "She's still unconscious but you can see her now," the doctor informed. "How did you know where she was?" her mum asked once they got to the hospital room Yuki was asleep in. "I sensed the energy that was sent of when she turned back into a Shinigami," Ren explained, moving the white duvet down to see the bandage around the bullet wound on Yuki's arm. She was still wearing her shirt, which had the top two buttons undone, her skirt and tights which were cut around the bullet wound which had a bandage covering it. "Poor girl," Ren sighed, moving Yuki's fringe to the side. "Ren?" Yuki quietly mumbled. "Your awake?" Ren softly asked. Her mum rushed over to the bed. Yuki carefully sat up, with the help of Ren. "What happened?" Yuki asked. "You collapsed shortly after I carried you into the ambulance," Ren explained. "I guess I failed science then," Yuki sighed. "I'm sure they will let you do it another time," her mum commented. "Hopefully," Yuki nodded. "I need to talk to you about something," her mum started. The room turned cold as there was a knock at the door. The door opened with a man in the doorway.
He walked into the room, glancing at Yuki's mum before going over to the bed. "You can explain it to her," her mum muffled, looking down at the ground. "My name is Hiyoshi moon," the man started. "Moon?" Yuki responded. "That's right, like the 'fake' name you came up with," Hiyoshi nodded. "I'm also known as Lucifer. 16 years ago I came to this world and met someone," Hiyoshi continued. Yuki glanced up at Ren who nodded. "I fell in love in love with her. But since she was human I wasn't allowed to stay with her. After a few months of going back to hell I heard that she was pregnant. I snuck into the human world on the day she was born. I only spook to her mother for a few minutes and realized that she was a Shinigami. And Shinigami being born doesn't happen. She was the Shinigami Princess. I placed a spell on her which hid her powers, real appearance and anything that wouldn't hide her as a human. But now the spell is off," Hiyoshi concluded. "Are you saying that..." Yuki mumbled. "Your my daughter," he nodded. Yuki looked over at her mum who nodded. "Sorry that I haven't been able to be around," he apologized. A ring around his index finger started glowing. "There's an emergency in hell. I have to go," he sighed. "Shout out my name if you ever need me," he added before touching his ring. He quickly disappeared. "I need to get back to school," Yuki mumbled, moving to the side and standing up on the ground. Ren quickly wrapped his arms around her as she fell forwards. "Your too weak to," he reminded. "But, I don't have long to finish art and plus the biology exam," Yuki mumbled. Ren sat down on the bed, pulling her down onto the bed in-between his legs. "Your in pain, school can wait," he muffled into her shoulder as he hugged her. "This is embarrassing," she mumbled. The door opened with the doctor from earlier standing there. "Miss Hill, can i talk to you in private?" the Doctor requested. "Okay," her mum nodded before following him out of the room. "Anyway you lied," Yuki mumbled. "I lied?" Ren asked. "You have blood stains on you," Yuki reminded. "Ah right, I said you weren't getting blood on me," remembered Ren. Yuki nodded. "If you don't want to stay here I know where we can go," he commented. Yuki looked around at him. He smiled as he patted her on the head. "The SDC wants to speak to her," the doctor informed Yuki's mum. The door opened with Ren standing there, holding Yuki's hand who was hiding behind him. "Staying in a hospital is bad for a shinigami," he stated. "Its only been two hours since the second shot," the doctor reminded. "Can you get her realize papers?" Ren requested. "You said she was fine," Yuki's mum added. "I'll get them," the doctor sighed. "Do you want to go home and get changed first?" Ren asked as he looked down at Yuki's blood stained school uniform. "Okay," Yuki nodded. "I'll fill out the form and then call a taxi to drive us home," Yuki's mum stated. "No need, ma'am," a voice commented. To the side was two men and one woman wearing black suits. "We are from the SDC, if you don't mind, we'll drive you," the man in the middle instructed. "We are from a company known as Supernatural defense corporation. We work with supernatural cases," the woman explained while they were driving Yuki, Ren and Yuki's mum home. "Why are you telling us this?" Ren mumbled. "Your an Ace and she's the Princess, we thought it might help if you know that we're on your side," the man driving responded. Ren and Yuki exchanged eye-contact. was an awkward silence for the next thirty minutes. The blacked out van parked outside of a semi-detached house. "I'll help you walk," Ren added after opening the van door and climbing out. He held his hands out towards Yuki. "I can walk," Yuki mumbled, standing up. Pain rushed through her as she fell into Ren's arms. "Sorry," she blushed. The man in the drivers seat rolled his eyes while Yuki's mum climbed out of the van. "I'm going to pick you up if you don't let me help," Ren smiled. "I'm okay, really," she blushed, jumping out of the van. "Do you want us to drive you?" the woman offered. "Yes, please," Ren nodded, wrapping his arm around Yuki's waist to help her walk. "I'll walk behind you. I'll catch you if you fall," Ren stated once they got inside the house. "You go first," Yuki blushed. "I'm not going to look up your skirt, don't worry," he reasured, patting Yuki on the head. "I' wearing shorts underneath anyway," Yuki mumbled. "I know," Ren replied. Yuki's face turned bright red. "Pervert!" she blushed, hiding her face. "It was just that when..." he babbled, stopping before he said everything else. "Just go up the stairs," he flushed. "Anyway, this is my room," she mumbled once they got outside the door at the top of the stairs to the right. The door was covered in hello kitty wrapping paper and Kpop posters. "I guessed," he admitted. "I'll be back in a minute," she added before going into her room and closing the door. "Oh my god," Yuki called inside. Ren quickly opened the door to see Yuki looking at her pastel pink room. "Whats wrong?" he panicked. "My room is tidy and pink," she added. "Was it not before?" he asked. Yuki shook her head. "The walls were black," she remembered. In the middle of her bed was a box. "You should get changed," Ren added. "Can you get out?" Yuki mumbled. "Oh,right," Ren blushed, quickly leaving the room. "How long does it take to get changed?" he sighed,sitting down opposite her room and seeing on his phone that ten minutes had passed. "Can you not laugh at me?" Yuki mumbled from the other side of the door. "I won't laugh," Ren promised. The door slowly opened with Yuki standing in the doorway.
Ren smiled as he stood up. "You look adorable!" he grinned as he hugged her. "Your too tight," Yuki mumbled. "Ready to go?" he asked, letting go of her. "Mum, I'm leaving," Yuki called. The door opposite her room opened with her mum in the doorway. "Okay, bye. Look after her," she concluded. "So, where are we going?" Yuki asked once they got to the train-station. "Camden," Ren responded. "But, I don't have any money," Yuki added. "I'll pay, don't worry," he smiled. "That's just annoying for you," Yuki mumbled. "It's okay, And its good to get out of that jacket," smiled Ren, pulling Yuki into the train-station. "It's still annoying for you, we don't even know each other," Yuki sighed. Ren patted Yuki on the head. Two hours later they arrived in Camden. "Lets go get food," Ren added as he heard his stomach rumble. On the way to the food area in the stables a store caught Yuki's attention. It was filled with chiffon, gyaru clothing. Ren waved a credit card in-front of Yuki. "I'll pay for anything," he smiled. "But, that's annoying for you," Yuki added. "Its fine, its annoying if you keep saying its annoying," Ren responded. "Its expensive in there," Yuki mumbled. Ren grabbed her hand before walking inside. "Pick up anything you want," he commented. "Saying that to someone," Yuki sighed. Ren wrapped his arms around Yuki's shoulders from behind her. "See it as a sorry for being late earlier gift," Ren added. "Are you sure?" Yuki asked. "Of course," he nodded, moving his arms to around her waist. "Okay," she blushed. "Thank you," she blushed once they got outside the store. "Do you want me to carry them?" Ren offered, looking down at the four shopping bags. "I'm fine,It's the least I can do," Yuki added. "Your arm was shot six hours ago," Ren reminded. "It hurts but I can still use it," Yuki responded. "Are you sure you don't want pain killers?" he asked. "I'm allergic to a type of medicine," Yuki added. "Really?" Ren asked, watching Yuki nod. "That's unlucky," he sighed as they walked into the food area. Ren got a ice slushie and some mochi while he brought Yuki a chocolate milkshake and a strawberry crepe. "Thanks," Yuki smiled, sitting down on the bench next to Ren. "So hungry," she mumbled before biting into the crepe. "It tastes good," Ren added after taking a bite of his mochi. Yuki nodded. "I'll put them in the bin," Yuki blushed once they finished eating. "Doesn't it hurt when you walk?" Ren asked. "I'm fine," Yuki responded,picking up the rubbish and going over to the bin. "She is seriously cute," Ren sighed, leaning back and looking up at the sky. "Whats wrong?" Yuki asked, looking down into his eyes. Ren wrapped his arms around Yuki's back, pulling her against him. "Ren!" Yuki blushed. "I can tell they're still bleeding," he mumbled. "They're fine," Yuki blushed. "Only a few hours ago you were shot, its not fine," Ren argued. "Why are we arguing about this?" Yuki asked. "Because I let you get hurt," Ren mumbled. "You were the one that saved me," Yuki reminded. "If I got there a few minutes earlier then you could of not been hurt," Ren rejected. Yuki wrapped her arms around Ren's shoulders. "Thank you for saving me," she whispered. "We should go," Ren concluded, patting Yuki on the head before standing up. Yuki's checks suddenly blushed. "Whats wrong?" Ren questioned. "This... isn't a date, is it?" she asked. Ren ruffled his hand through his hair. "I guess so," he flushed. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds. "Lets go," Yuki mumbled, lining arms with Ren before walking forwards. They looked around a few more shops, buying some more things for both of them. "It's getting late. We should head back," Ren sighed, looking down at his phone. "Oh yeah, where do you live?" Yuki asked. "I'm currently staying in Lewes," Ren stated, pulling Yuki's phone out of her pocket and started to type. "What are you doing?" Yuki asked, looking at her phone. "Putting in my number. Call me if you need anything," he added, patting Yuki on the head. "We have ten minutes before our train gets here," Ren added once they found the train information on the board. Thank you for everything," Yuki thanked. "No problem, it was fun," he smiled, kissing her on the check. "He's just a pervert," a cold male voice interrupted. On the wall behind him was a tall, jet black haired boy who was standing on the top of the seven foot wall. He was 173 cm tall. He jumped down in-front of them.
Ren wrapped his arm around Yuki. "I won't hurt her," the boy muffled. "Who are you?" Ren asked. "An Ace," the boy quietly responded, exchanging eye-contact with Yuki. He knelled down in-front of Yuki who blushed, stepping backwards. "Princess, My name is Hiroto I am a Chinese hoping Zombie," he introduced. "Why are you kneeling down?" Yuki blushed, gently pulling Hiroto up. "But you are the Princess," he reminded. "It doesn't matter," Yuki blushed. Hiroto pulled his sleeves down. "Are you saying that you want to be friends?" he asked. Yuki glanced around at Ren before nodding. "I don't know how to be a friend," he admitted, tugging on his scarf. "Don't worry, Its easy," Ren interrupted. Hiroto nodded. "The train is ready to board," Ren informed, glancing down at his phone. "What train are you getting on?" Hiroto asked. "The one towards Uckfield," Ren stated. "I'm staying in Uckfield," Hiroto added. "Really?" Yuki asked. "Yeah," Hiroto nodded. They all got onto the train. Ren and Hiroto sat next to each other on the side of the table that was going backwards while Yuki sat opposite them, next to the window. "Are you okay?" Hiroto asked as he quickly moved to the seat next to her. "I'm fine," Yuki nodded, gripping over her bullet wound on her arm. Ren passed her something under the table. It was a Ibuprofen packet. "Do you know if you can take it?" he asked. Yuki nodded. Hiroto moved Yuki's bolero to the side before carefully pulling it down. "What happened?" he asked, looking down at the bandage. "A demon turned up earlier with a gun," Ren explained. "So the Princess is hurt," Hiroto stated. "Yuki, Call me Yuki," Yuki complained. "Okay, Yuki," nodded Hiroto. "Why do I feel that you only like her?" Ren sighed. Hiroto glanced over at him. He sighed as he put his feet up on the seat next to Ren. "We're friends too, aren't we?" Hiroto commented. "Yeah," nodded Ren, watching Yuki as she was drinking the medicine. "If you want, you can put your legs on my lap. It might be better for it to be straight," Ren added. "I'm okay," Yuki blushed. "Its been a long day," Yuki sighed, leaning her head on Hiroto's shoulder half an hour later. Ren took of his jacket, passing it to Hiroto who wrapped it around Yuki. "She's had a tiring day, exam then being shot, meeting me, surgery and then her father, then Camden and then meeting you,"Ren expressed. "If only I knew about her in trouble earlier," Hiroto sighed, moving her fringe to the side. "If I got there ten minutes before maybe she wouldn't of got hurt," added Ren. "Aces that can't protect her," Hiroto sighed. Yuki was standing on the top of a Japanese shrine gate. Large bubbles, with rainbow gleams, floated up from the ground. Her eyes started to glow as a shimmer of light appeared in-front of her, turning into a transparent scythe when she touched the glow. "Yuki, Yuki," Hiroto's voice called. Yuki opened her eyes to see Hiroto leaning her her. Her face blushed as she sat up, accidentally bumping heads with him. She looked around, seeing that she was sitting on her bed in her room. Ren was fast asleep at the bottom while Hiroto was sitting next to her. "What happened?" she yawned. "You feel asleep on the train and I carried you in here after SDC gave us a lift. Your alarm went of," he explained. "It's morning already?" she panicked, going to stand up however pain rushed through her, causing her to fall down onto Hiroto's lap. "Your too weak, you shouldn't go in," he added, moving her fringe to the side. "I need to," Yuki mumbled, sitting up. "Your working too hard on these exams, your injured," reminded Hiroto. "It's only till June 13th," Yuki added. "It's a month away," Hiroto commented. "I'll be fine," Yuki sighed. "Oh yeah, its your birthday soon. Isn't it?" he remembered. "June 15th," Yuki nodded. "Okay," Hiroto replied, throwing a pillow at Ren to wake him up. "It's to early," he moaned, sitting up. "We need to go so she can get ready," Hiroto informed., standing up. "Okay, remember call us if you need anything," Ren added before following Hiroto out of the room. "Yuki! Are you okay?" Jackson asked later that morning. "It hurts but i'm fine," Yuki nodded. "You don't have an exam today, do you?" Jackson questioned. "Not till tomorrow, what about you?" Yuki responded. "Same as you," nodded Jackson. "Is she okay? Its been three days since she got shot," sighed Ren while him and Hiroto were standing on the school roof. "I'm fine," Yuki interrupted from behind them. They quickly turned around to see Yuki standing behind them. "How did you get up here?" Ren asked. "My Shinigami powers are going all over the place," Yuki explained. "Your already using your powers?" Hiroto asked, watching Yuki nod. "If your going to wait around my school at least do it in a less creepy way," Yuki added. "Yuki, we wanted to watch over over," Ren apologized. "Don't you have work or school?" Yuki asked. "We work for SDC," Hiroto mumbled. "Really?" Yuki asked. "They didn't tell you that on Tuesday," Ren stated. "Why didn't you say anything?" Yuki asked. Ren stepped forwards, gently placing his hand against the bandage on her thigh. "You were hurt too much," he added. Yuki's face blushed as she stepped backwards. "Pervert," Hiroto quietly moaned. A loud, beeping sound filled the air. "I better get back to class,bye," Yuki waved, jumping onto the top of the nearby lamppost then onto the ground. She waved before rushing over to her friends before following them inside the building. A few weeks later Hiyoshi transported them all into a large, black castle. "There is something I wish to speak to the three of you about," he started, sipping red wine out of a glass. "In August your all moving to Tokyo. I'll pay for everything," he informed. "Japan?" Yuki, Ren and Hiroto repeated in-unison. "That is correct," nodded Hiyoshi. "But I don't know Japanese and..." Yuki started. Hiyoshi held up a piece of paper. "What does it say?" he asked. "You can speak Japanese?" Yuki mumbled. "Its in Japanese and you just read it, so you'll be fine. And since the boys grew up there they also know Japanese," Hiyoshi commented. "What about school?" Ren asked. "Since she would be starting sixth form in a few months anyway it doesn't matter, and you two are transferring to the same high school," Hiyoshi informed. "We can't just move to Japan," defended Ren. "SDC want you for their Japan division, its getting a little bit... tight there," Hiyoshi stated. Ren glanced at Yuki. "What about her mum?" he asked. Hiyoshi looked over at Yuki. "If you summon me I will transport you to her," he expressed. Yuki nodded. "Well it looks like we're going back to Japan," Ren sighed. "Five years later," Hiroto added. "I was last there nine years ago," Ren commented. "Yuki, are you okay?" Hiroto asked. Yuki looked up at him. "I'm fine," she nodded. KNOCK. KNOCK. Yuki's mum answered the door. "Hi, we're here to help with the party," Ren smiled. "Did Yuki invite you?" her mum asked. "Yeah," nodded Hiroto. "She's in the garden setting it up," her mum responded, moving to the side and letting them in. Yuki was in the garden wearing a pair of over the knee socks, pink frilly shorts and a white short sleeved Kuromi top. "Morning," Ren smiled, patting Yuki on the head from behind her while she was opening a box. "Hi," she blushed, turning around. "Is that the stuff Lucifer gave you for the party?" Hiroto guessed, looking down at the box. "Yeah, no idea whats inside," she nodded. To the side of the house was a small alleyway which led from the front of the house. Ren hung a UV light rope along the top of the edge of the roof. Hiroto tied black sacks diagonally from the roof down to the fence. Ren hung a neon clown on the side of the wall while Yuki stuck different colors of neon sticky notes on the ground like a brick path and Hiroto hung orange and green neon string from the top. Ren stuck a 2D neon clown poster on the wall. "Part one done," Yuki smiled. "I'll do the carnival part,Hiroto does the outside of the tent and you do the inside?" Ren suggested. "Sounds good," nodded Hiroto. Slowly the garden started to turn into a Gothic carnival and Circus. The phone in Yuki's pocket started to ring. "There's four hours till the party, I'm going to get changed. If thats okay," she added. "Okay, we're going to get changed as well," Ren nodded. Yuki rushed of to her room while Ren and Hiroto got changed in the living room. At the front of the house was a run-down looking ticket booth with a life size clown next to it with green hair and wearing a black and white costume and was holding a jack-in-the box. On the front wall of the house was 'black rose circus' written with glow-sticks. Red fabric covered a gazebo on the grass with black marks on. White fabric was around the entrance and black fabric lined around the top. While they were getting changed, Yuki's mum set out the rest of the party by blowing up the helium balloons, tying them down, turning on the battery powered candles that were in paper lanterns and lined either side of the red carpet leading to the tent. On the tables along the sides she placed the pink candy floss that was in paper cones with glow sticks inside. Mini stalls were either side of the red-carpet with varies carnival games. Black lining hung above it with fairy lights tangled up in it. A fortune telling booth stood on one side. A 'welcome to the carnival' sign with directions was outside the alleyway. "Does this look okay?" Ren asked as he walked out of the living room through the patio doors. Ren's face was painted white and a black mouth mask covered his mouth. Thick, black eyeliner covered his eyelids.His hair was spiked up in a visual Kei hairstyle. He was wearing a short sleeved black top with a white rib cage print, Black studded bracelets that hung on his wrists, black trousers and white shoes.
"It looks fine," Hiroto muffled from behind him. He hair was spiked, similar to Ren's and he was wearing black smudged, eye-shadow, a thin line of black eyeliner that outlined the outside of his eyes, Black and white striped arm warmers that reached halfway to his elbows, tight black jeans that was covered in zips and a black and white striped ripped short sleeved top covered in fake blood stains. "You look kinda cute, now we just need to dip dye your hair pink," Ren grinned. "No way," Hiroto defended, stepping backwards. "Hey mum, can you help me with my hair?" Yuki asked as she popped out of the kitchen door. She was wearing a pastel pink dress, a black tailcoat with sleeves reaching her elbows and it was decorated in red patterns a black rose and was buttoned up in the middle by red and black buttons, black heels with silver sparkles and a pair of skin colored tights decorated in little white hearts.
"Hi," Hiroto awkwardly blushed as he looked down at Yuki. "Hiroto, you should do her hair. Your the one who's better at hair styling," Ren volunteered, lightly pushing Hiroto forwards. "So, what do you want done?" he asked once they got Yuki's room. "Just curled please, don't worry if you don't want to," Yuki mumbled. Hiroto sat down on the edge of the bed, picking up the curlers. Yuki sat down on the floor in-front of him. "What makeup are you doing?" he asked, curling a strand of her hair. "Something doll like," Yuki responded. "Can I do it?" Hiroto requested. Yuki turned around. "Why?" she asked. "Sounds fun," he stated. "If your okay with it," Yuki mumbled. "Don't worry, I'm not going to mess it up," he reasured, continuing to curl her hair. "You look adorable by the way," Hiroto mumbled. "Thank you," Yuki blushed. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds. "You look cute too," Yuki added. Half an hour later he had finished curling her hair. He pined it up slightly before spraying. "It should hold for a few hours and it makes it sparkle," he stated before moving down onto the ground in-front of her. "Is it weird I invited both of you while you don't know my friends?" Yuki asked. "Close your eyes," Hiroto added, picking up a eye-shadow blush. Yuki quickly closed her eyes. "It's not weird, It makes us happy that you actually want us here," he admitted. After covering her top eyelid with pink eye-shadow he made a white outline under her eyes. Her eyes were open while he smudged black eye-shadow in the outer corners. With black eyeliner he carefully drew a line that extended past her natural eyelash line with a slight tail. Using black mascara, he made her eyelashes bigger. He glued fake eyelashes just above her eyelash line and then applied a light pink tint to her checks. He carefully covered her lips in pink gloss. "Done," he smiled, picking up the black top hat of the bed and placing it on the back of her head. "Cute," he smiled, kissing her on the check. "Thank you," she blushed, moving backwards. "Wait!" Hiroto panicked, quickly wrapping his arms around her and pushing her down. "What are you doing?" Yuki blushed. Hiroto quickly covered her mouth. A gust of wind entered the room as a squeak occurred. A strange small looking spirit hoped to the end of the bed. Hiroto quickly put his hand on its head. Small flames occurred before covering the spirit and it disappearing. "It was about to call to a demon that it had found you," Hiroto explained, looking down into her eyes. "Thanks," Yuki mumbled. "Is your lip-gloss smudge proof?" he asked. Yuki's checks blushed. "W-we should go downstairs before the party starts," she blushed. "Okay," he nodded, sitting up and helping her up. Yuki carefully set out the food, drinks and the cake. There was a variety of food including party rings, small sandwiches and popcorn. "The cake looks really cute," Ren added, popping his head into the tent. "A friend of the family made it for me," Yuki responded.
A loud knock filled the air. "I have to put the music on," she panicked, rushing into the living room and playing the playlist on her ipod that was connected to the speaker. The loud music filled the area. Her mum answered the door, letting in the guests who were all wearing black and white. "You like her, don't you?" Scarlet guessed, standing next to Hiroto who was standing by the side. "Of course I do," Hiroto quietly responded. "I mean like like her," Scarlet added. "Just because i'm going to live with her and I find her cute doesn't mean that I like her," Hiroto moaned, watching Yuki who was playing darts with everyone else. "Live with her?" Scarlet repeated. "Did she not tell you?" Hiroto guessed. Scarlet blankly looked up at him. Hiroto felt someone grab his arm. "Time to join in," Yuki smiled. She glanced over at Scarlet before looking up at Hiroto. "I thought you had told them," he admitted. "Whats happening?" Scarlet asked. "I'm moving," Yuki mumbled. "Guessed that," Scarlet replied. "Your moving?" Jackson asked behind them. "To Japan," Yuki mumbled. Hiroto and Ren exchanged eye-contact. "When were you going to tell us?" Selena asked. "At the end of prom," Yuki mumbled. "So next month," Ophelia added. "We had exams and stuff, I wanted to leave it," Yuki mumbled. "You should of told us," someone else called out. Ren stepped forwards, wrapping his arm around Yuki's shoulder. "She's gone through a lot in the past month," he added. Hiroto gently grabbed Yuki's hand. "A lot, huh?" a voice asked from the roof. A woman with black hair and black eyes was standing on the roof. Ren and Hiroto quickly moved Yuki behind them. "Why are you here?" they both moaned. The woman grinned. Small flames drifted around Hiroto and small electrical strikes drifted around Ren. Black spikes zoomed towards them. Hiroto wrapped his arm around Yuki, jumping onto the top of the fence while Ren jumped to the side.Spikes zoomed towards the girls. Yuki quickly rushed forwards. Hiroto threw a pair of pastel pink Katana's towards her. As she touched them a pink and white light shot out. The Katana's easily cut through the spikes. "Yuki!" Ren yelled, dodging out of the way of spikes. "Right," she nodded,jumping up onto the roof. "Remember like we taught you," reminded Ren. Glowing beams formed around her as her eyes faintly glowed.
The beams shot towards the woman, sending out small bursts of light. The woman started to disappear as a black card decorated with the yin and yang symbol, floated out. The card floated to Yuki's hand. "Wow," Ophelia added. "That's why she's the Shinigami Princess," Ren smiled. Yuki turned around to face them and did a V sign. "Hey, Yuki," Ren called while Yuki was asleep. "If you play Kpop she should wake up," Hiroto interrupted behind him. Ren leaned on the bed. "Birthday girl," he whispered. Yuki opened her eyes, blushing when she saw Ren. She quickly sat up, moving backwards. "I told you to not do it in a creepy way," Hiroto sighed. "What are you doing here?" Yuki blushed, hiding her face under the duvet. Ren sat down on the bed. "Its your birthday, we're going to Brighton right?" he reminded. "Yeah but why are you in my room?" Yuki mumbled. "I'll go tell your mum that your awake," Hiroto stated, leaving the room. Yuki picked up the toy monkey next to her and started to awkwardly play with its ears. "Do you want our presents first?" he offered. "You brought me presents?" Yuki asked."Of course," he nodded, patting her on the head. He glanced down at Yuki's pajamas which were hello kitty and consisted of a short sleeved top with a hood and cat ears and a pair of shorts. Yuki's checks blushed as she used the duvet to hide behind. "Here," he smiled. Yuki pulled the duvet down. Ren passed her a large box wrapped in Micky mouse wrapping paper. Inside was a Japanese sweet box, a anime figure and a pink skirt.
"Sorry, I didn't really know what to get you," Ren apologized. "They're cute, thank you," Yuki smiled, quickly hugging him. Ren smiled, patting Yuki on the head. "Oh yeah," Ren remembered. Yuki looked up at him. Ren kissed her on the check, causing her to blush. He smiled once again as Yuki's checks blushed. "She's getting changed," Hiroto mumbled, walking into the room. He glanced at Yuki's red checks and then at Ren. "I didn't do anything perverted," he defended. Hiroto nodded before walking over to the bed and sitting down in-front of Yuki. He picked up a present wrapped in pink wrapping paper which had 'happy birthday' printed all over it of the floor before passing it to Yuki."Thank you," she blushed as she opened it. Inside was a pastel pink seifuku and a salopette.
"Thank you," she smiled, hugging him. Shortly after the boys left the room so Yuki could get changed. She changed into a pink, dream fantasy salopette that her mum had given her just before the boys left the room, a short sleeved pastel blue top, thigh high pink socks and a pair of pastel blue tea party shoes. "Ready to go, birthday girl?" Ren smiled. "Yep," Yuki nodded. A few weeks later.
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