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[RANDOM] looking for good MMO or single player game
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24 / Texas
Posted 3/23/14
The Metro series. Metro: Last Light is a heavy hitter on performance. I HIGHLY recommend turning off advanced Phys-x in the graphics settings seeing how top tier graphics cards have trouble running it.
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M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 3/24/14
I know someone mentioned this in another post but I second Planetside 2. Been playing it since Beta (even played the first one on and off for 9 years). An ACTUAL mmo fps (not like those other ones that think having a matchmaking/lobby system makes it an fps) with huge maps that support up to a thousand players and there can be hundreds of players fighting over one area. All the games weapons are for the most part balance (There are some under and over powered weapons from time to time, but the devs balance them out pretty quickly) the default weapons are pretty good, some of the top players just use the default weapons.

Another game worth looking into is natural selection 2. It's pretty different from other FPS games, you can ether play as the marines (humans) or the aliens, both playing very differently. There is also one player on each side who acts as the team's commander and plays from an RTS perspective who has to build up their team's base and help support their team mates who are trying to destroy the other team's base.
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Posted 10/21/14
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