Why is Funimation taking so long to release One Piece!?
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Posted 3/3/14
If you go to this list here http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/FUNimation_Entertainment/Episode_List_and_DVD_Releases it shows that it took almost 2 years to get DVD collection 9.

Did something happen where they couldn't release it sooner. All of the other collections were released every 2-3 months. So once collection 9 comes out how long will I have to wait for collection 10?! 0.o

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Posted 3/3/14
I don't follow One Piece, but I would assume it has something to do with Licensing.
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Posted 3/3/14 , edited 3/3/14
If you really checked that page you'll see something called voyages. The only "long" break they took is between season 3 and season 4. Otherwise they release a set every 2-3 months.

They release the voyages first, then after a year-2 years they collect 2 voyages sets to make 1 collection set. They have to make a big gap between the voyages and the collections. The collections are for those who don't want to spend the same amount of money as collection sets for less episodes. The voyages are for those that don't want to wait for the collection sets, and want to get the episodes as soon as they're released. I buy the voyages because I'm impatient and the packaging is a lot better.

Anyways, there shouldn't be that long of a time between collections 9 and 10 since Funimation has already released all of seasons 4, 5, and 6.

So to make this even clearer, collection 9 is basically season 4 voyage 1 and season 4 voyage 2 which were released in 2012.
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Posted 1/10/15
I know! Its SO annoying!!!!!!
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Posted 1/7/17
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