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"I'll protect the princess no mater what,"
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Chapter 1- Clockwork world
The full moon hung in the corner of the sky with a pale violet tint. Sakura petals gently floated down from the sky. On the building opposite the Tokyo sky tree, on the edge of the roof was a young Japanese girl with pale, clear skin. Her full fringe laid just above her eyebrows. Her right eye was gold while her left was red. Her pure snow white hair which reached to her hips was blowing in the gentle wind. A young Korean boy, with layered light brown hair was running long the roof of a one story building. A black case was in his hand. He ran up to a Korean boy with shoulder length dark brown and light brown split hair , passing him the case. The light and dark brown haired boy kept running down the alley way before getting to a dead end. He jumped up onto the top of the five meter wall. A boy with short, layered dark red hair came running up with an identical case. They quickly threw the cases at each other, catching them with one hand. The white haired girl stepped closer to the edge. Taking a deep breath, she jumped forwards.Inside a maid cafe the waitresses were busy working. One girl stood out. Her snow white hair laid at her waist as it was tied up into high twin tails. Small strands of her hair were down and in-front of her. She had a full fringe and her eyes were different. Her right eye gold and the left red. All the maids were wearing a similar uniform. The white haired girl had pastel pink thigh high socks covering her legs and a pair of white Lolita Tea party shoes were on her feet. The cafe was fairly busy with five other waitresses working.
"Kuro-Chan," a little girl's voice giggled from the entrance. The white haired girl turned around to see a little girl about five with short black hair standing at the entrance with a middle aged woman with curly black hair. "Ami-Chan," Kuro smiled, crouching down in-front of the girl. "We were walking past and she wanted to say hi," the woman explained. "Look what mummy brought me!" Ami giggled, holding up a small Mew plushie. "It's cute, You should cosplay Mew somewhen," Kuro smiled. Ami glanced up at her mum who nodded. "Anyway we should go," her mum concluded. "Bye-bye," Ami waved. Kuro smiled and waved. A few of the customers were watching her. "Its clear that her being cute isn't the only reason why she's so popular," one of the maids commented to another maid. A few hours later Kuro looked up at the clock. "Hey, its the end of your shift right? Can I walk with you?" requested one of the maids."Asami, do you have cram school tonight?" Kuro asked while they were getting changed in the changing rooms. Asami clipped the bow onto her uniform.
"No, but I'm gong to the arcade with Takashi," Asami responded. "You finally confessed to Takashi?" Kuro asked. "He did earlier today. He came by my classroom at lunch and asked me out on the roof," Asami grinned. "You finally have your senpai," Kuro smiled. "You should get a boyfriend and then we can go on triple dates with Karen," suggested Asami. "How is her and Haku?" Kuro asked, untying her hair. Asami checked everything was in her dark blue school bag. "Pretty good. He gave her tickets to a Hello project concert today," Asami replied. Kuro buttoned up her fluffy, pink jacket. "Ready to go?" questioned Asami. Kuro nodded, pulling her My melody bag out of her locker before shutting the door."Is that a new skirt?" acknowledged Asami. "I saw it in Closet Child yesterday and couldn't resist," Kuro nodded. Asami swung her school bag as they walked along the crowded streets.
They passed a shop selling phone charms. "Can we pop in here?" Asami requested. Kuro nodded before the went inside. As Asami was looking at the phone charm rack Kuro felt someone watching her. Looking behind her she couldn't see anyone. "Are you okay?" Asami asked, popping in-front of Kuro holding a small shopping bag. "I'm fine," Kuro nodded. "I brought matching bear charms for me and Takashi," Asami explained, tucking her shopping bag into her school bag. "Cute," Kuro smiled. "Good luck with Takashi," Kuro added once they got to the crossroads. "Thanks," Asami thanked, hugging Kuro before doing a thumps up. "Bye," she waved, walking straight forwards. "Are you working tomorrow?" Kuro called out, jumping onto the first step of the over-pass. "Yep, so is Karen," Asami responded. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow," Kuro added. Asami waved before walking of. "Kuro-chan!" a male voice called from behind her. Kuro turned around to see a Korean boy with neat, light brown hair running up the overpass steps. "Chanyeol!" Kuro smiled. As Chanyeol ran up to her he caught his breath for a minute. "Are you okay?" Kuro asked. Chanyeol ruffled Kuro's hair as he went back to his original height which was a head taller than Kuro. "I should be asking you that. Can you see it?" Chanyeol questioned. Kuro glanced up at the sky to see a violet full moon. She nodded before looking back at Chanyeol. "Something creepy is defiantly happening, with you're eyes and hair being how they are and the fact that only you can see the moon is violet which means something supernatural," Chanyeol explained. "The doctors say its some form of a disorder," Kuro reminded. "Yeah but they also have no idea what disorder it is. I'm pretty sure that these are not symptoms of some disease," Chanyeol stated, gently poking next to Kuro's left eye. Kuro's checks blushed. "Aw, that's my timid, clumsy cute Kuro," Chanyeol smiled, hugging Kuro. "C-Chanyeol!" Kuro blushed. "Anyway my sisters cooking dinner if you want to come to mine to eat," Chanyeol offered, letting go of Kuro. "It's okay don't worry about it," Kuro replied. "Are you sure?" Chanyeol checked. Kuro nodded. "Why are you so cute?" Chanyeol sighed, pinching both Kuro's checks. Kuro stepped backwards with her face bright red and tripped over a running black cat. THUD. "You're too clumsy though," he sighed helping her up. "I'm not clumsy!" Kuro cried. The cat looked up at them before running of. "Anyway are you sure you should be walking home on you're own? You'll probably trip over something," Chanyeol stated. "I can work in a cafe so i'm not that clumsy," Kuro mumbled. Chanyeol patted Kuro on the head. "Anyway its getting late we should go," Chanyeol stated. "Bye," Kuro blushed. "See ya," waved Chanyeol, walking back down the other end of the over-pass. "Princess," a voice howled behind her. Turning around Kuro saw a man wearing a black, trench coat. He smirked as his eyes slowly turned black. Kuro stepped backwards, tripping over chains that were tied in a line behind her. "Its good to finally find the Shinigami Princess after sixteen years," his voice echoed. "You have the wrong person," Kuro mumbled, shuffling backwards. "I wouldn't shuffle backwards anymore if I was you," he advised. Kuro looked behind her to see that she was on the edge of the steps. Chains grew out of the ground around the man, shooting up into the sky before going straight towards Kuro who quickly stood up and ran down the steps. "Its a shame to kill such a cute girl but I can't leave you alive," he sighed, calmly walking down the steps. Chains wrapped around Kuro, pulling her down onto the ground. "I haven't done anything wrong to you," Kuro cried, attempting to pull away from the chains. The man stepped of the last step before kicking Kuro, causing her to fall forwards. The chains moved away from her, hovering in the air. Kuro quickly turned around and sat up. Spikes suddenly appeared on the end of all the chains. The man grinned as one of the spikes on the chain went through one of Kuro's thighs. Blood dripped down onto the concrete. She flinched as she felt tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Moonlight bounced of her hair, causing her white hair to sparkle. The chains wrapped together, pointing to her chest. "So you're the so called Princess?" the man sighed before the chains moved towards Kuro. She closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around her head. A small white light appeared before she opened her eyes which were faintly glowing. As the spikes were half a meter from going into her skin a white light glowed before turning into sakura petals. The chains disappeared as it went through the petals. "Your petals destroyed my chains," moaned the man. Five more chains appeared. The spikes zoomed towards Kuro. "Stop!" a male voice demanded behind them. standing at the top of the over-pass was a young Korean boy.
"An Ace," the man moaned, the chains moved closer to Kuro. The boy at the top of the overpass quickly slid down the railings before landing next to Kuro. He crouched down and pushed Kuro behind him. "Stay behind me," he ordered, looking straight into the man's black eyes. The boy held his left hand out in-front of him. Small strikes of lightning drifted of his hand. Black fog appeared around the man, turning into three other men. "You brought backup?" the boy asked, glancing at Kuro behind him to make sure she was still okay. "A Ace is hard to beat, even for one B level demon," the man explained. Water dripped down on of the new men's mouth. "Wallow, deal with him," the first man ordered. The man with water dripping down his face moved his hand, a gust of water pushed the boy to the side. Kuro went to stand up but stopped when one of the men stepped closer to her. His muscles were huge and he wore a long jacket with a scale like pattern. "Stay away from her," the boy demanded from where he was fighting Wallow. Strawberry vines grew out of the ground and wrapped around the strong man. "Gressil, kill the Kodama," sniffed the first man. Kuro looked behind her to see another young boy with brown hair. The strong man punched the ground causing the ground around the brown haired boy to crack. "This is on,"the man moaned.
A man with sharp features stepped forwards. He had shoulder lengh, thick dark brown hair and his skin was pale. He was wearing a long black jacket with fake fur along the collar. Strong winds started to appear and formed into a mini tornado. "Abigor, kill the Princess," the first man ordered, exchanging eye-contact with Kuro. "Wanna play a game?" a male voice asked from the side. Standing behind Kuro were two young boys. The one with brown hair was holding a gun in his right hand. The boy with blonde tip-tied moved his hand. White paper suddenly appeared in-front of him, forming into a butterfly shape. The paper split up before shooting towards Abigor.
Gold smoke fell to the floor as Wallow and the strong man disappeared. The two boys who were fighting then exchanged a high-five. The boy with the gun aimed straight at Abigor. BANG. The bullet shot through him at the same time as the paper. Abigor suddenly turned to gold smoke. The first man quickly moved forwards, sitting down on-top of Kuro, wrapping his hand around her throat and pushing her down against the floor. All of the boys stopped what they were doing. "If you make any movement I will burn through her neck," he threatened. "Please stop," Kuro mumbled. "Let go of her," requested the boy holding the gun. A chain wrapped around both of Kuro's wrists. The man suddenly felt a bullet shoot through the center of his forehead. A few drops of blood dripped down before the wound healed itself. "Human inventions won't kill me," the man moaned, the chains around Kuro's wrists tightened causing her wrists to start to turn red. "Sniper, come here," the man shouted. A boy with short red hair jumped down from the roof of the over-pass holding a sniffer riffle in his right hand. "That was a bad decision," the man moaned. "Just let her go and we won't kill you," the red haired boy stated.
The chains around Kuro's wrists had a folded piece of paper go through each one, causing the chains to fall to the ground. Kuro quickly moved, kicking the demon where it hurts before shuffling backwards. Five clicks appeared as all the boys pointed a gun towards the demon. "I told you, gun's don't work," the man reminded. Lightning covered one of the gun that the first boy was holding, small pieces of paper covered the gun of the boy with tip-tied hair, Rose vines covered the gun that the Kodama was holding, Fire covered the gun of the boy with red hair and water covered the gun of the boy with brown hair that reached his shoulders. "Your powers," the man sighed. He glanced over at Kuro and smiled. As Kuro quickly moved to the side chains stuck into the ground where she was. "Her heartbeats raising," the man stated. The boy with light brown hair took a step forwards. "She's going to collapse soon," the man added. The kodama rushed over to Kuro, crouching down next to her and wrapping his arms around her, leaning her against him. "Do you trust us?" he asked. He could tell how weak Kuro was. Kuro looked up at him and weakly nodded. He placed his hands over her eyes. "Use you're powers," he whispered into her ear. "My powers?" Kuro mumbled. "You'll know how," he responded, moving his hands away from Kuro's eyes. He stood up, carefully helping Kuro up. "Will you be okay to stand on you're own?" he whispered, looking down at the bleeding cut on her thigh. "I think so," Kuro nodded. The boy moved his hands away from Kuro and stepped back. Kuro's eyes started to glow again. Pink and white lights appeared from her hands. The man stepped backwards.
As the lights struck him, he turned to gold dust. Kuro's eyes stopped glowing. "Few, that worked," the red haired boy sighed. The boy with layered, shoulder length hair quickly rushed over to Kuro, just about catching her as she collapsed. "She shouldn't of used so much of her powers," he sighed, picking her up Princess style. Kuro could hear male voices talking. Opening her eyes she saw that she was inside a small room which only had a single bed and a window on the wall opposite. "She's awake," the boy with dark red hair acknowledged as he saw Kuro opening her eyes. All the boys from earlier was in the room and quickly rushed to the bed when he said that. "Are you okay?" the boy with chin length, brown hair asked. The boy with light brown hair sat down on the bed next to Kuro. "Are you feeling better?" he asked while Kuro sat up. "I'm okay," she mumbled. Pain rushed through her, causing her fall down. "Ow..." Kuro cried, clutching onto her arm. "Sorry I made you use your powers," the brown haired boy apologized. "Where is this?" Kuro mumbled. "The Supernatural defense corporation headquarters," the boy with tip-dyed hair informed. "Oh right, we should introduce our-self's. I'm Lee Jin Ki, call me Onew," The boy with short brown hair introduced. "Choi Minho," the boy with shoulder length brown hair smiled. "Kim Jonghyun," grinned the boy with brown and blonde hair, doing a V sign to his eye. "Kim Ki-bum, call me Key," the boy wearing the silver chain around his neck smiled. "I'm Kim Taemin," the red haired boy added. "Kuro Yomi," Kuro blushed. "When you're okay to walk we'll take you to our boss," Onew added. Kuro knelled up. "I'm okay to walk," she mumbled. Taemin smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "Kuro's a cute name," Jonghyun added. A light red tint formed on Kuro's checks. "Tiger you made her embarrassed," sighed Onew. "Tiger?" Jonghyun repeated. "Because of you're hair," Onew explained, pointing to his hair. "I was born with this, Kodama," Jonghyun defended. "Anyway, are you feeling better?" Key asked, standing up. "It still hurts but i'm okay," Kuro mumbled. "Anyway do you want to go see our boss now?" offered Minho. "Why do I have to see them?" Kuro asked. "Its a long story, its easier if he explains," Key informed, holding his hand out towards Kuro who hesitated for a second before using his hand to stand up. As they walked through an office filled of people everyone looked at them. "They're afraid of us because we're not human," Taemin whispered. "Not human..." Kuro mumbled. Onew led them all up the stairs and knocked on the single door. "Enter," a voice croaked from the other side. Onew entered the room followed by everyone else. "We've been looking for you for awhile, Princess. Kuro Yomi, age 15," the man behind the desk stated, looking at a file in his hand. "How do you know my name?" Kuro asked. "After the boys brought you here I looked up you're information," the man informed. "15?" Taemin quietly repeated, looking down at Kuro. "Moving on. I presume you have no knowledge in the situation? Oh and call me Director or boss" the man guessed. Kuro nodded. "Sixteen years ago a special Shinigami was born. As she was born a Shinigami and had strong powers she became the Shinigami Princess. Demons and Youkai want her dead because of how strong her powers are. Because of this five boys were born with special powers to protect her. They're known as Aces. Three years ago we found the Aces, who are the boy's standing around you. And the Princess is- well that should be obvious now," the director informed. "I'm a Shinigami?" Kuro asked. "That is correct," the Director responded. Key gently wrapped his arm around Kuro's shoulders, causing her to glance up at him before focusing back on the director. "Yes. Anyway for safety reasons you have to move out and move in with them," the Director enlightened. "But-" Kuro cried. "Yes you don't know them and all but it will be easier. And plus its not like we're not giving you money from you're apartment being sold or giving you free food and room decor stuff," the Director interrupted. "But living with guys though..." Kuro mumbled, glancing up at Key. "Don't worry the rooms and the bathroom has locks on the inside," Key reasured. "You'll move tomorrow. The van will come by and pick up your boxes at noon," the director informed, waving his hand to signify for them to leave the room. Minho grabbed Kuro's hand, pulling her to the side. "It still hurts, doesn't it?" he guessed, looking down at Kuro's thigh which had a white bandage covering the cut. "Yeah, who was it that bandaged it?" Kuro mumbled. "It was me," Minho responded. "Her hand's warm and fits perfectly," he commented in his head, tightening his grip on Kuro's hand slightly. "Thank you," Kuro mumbled, lightly squeezing Minho's little finger. "Hey Kuro, Do you wanna hang out with me for a-bit?" Taemin offered, appearing to the side of them. Minho let go of her hand. "Okay," Kuro nodded, exchanging eye contact with Minho. Minho wrapped his arm around Kuro's back. "You look cute by the way," he whispered into her ear. Kuro's checks blushed. Minho patted her on the head before walking of. "If it hurts to much just tell me and we can stop for a bit," Taemin added. "I'm okay. It doesn't hurt that much anymore," Kuro mumbled. Taemin grabbed her hand before walking out of the HQ building. "Where even are we?" Kuro mumbled. "Shinjuku, our apartment is in Shinjuku as well," Taemin responded. After walking down a few streets more people started to appear. Taemin's grip on Kuro's hand increased. "Is there anything in the supermarket you want to buy? I need to get some stuff and it would make sense if we go together," Taemin commented. "Yep, sounds like a good idea," Kuro nodded. When they got to the supermarket they got one trolley. "I think this is the coffee that they like," Taemin sighed, picking up a box of coffee. He turned around to see Kuro picking up a large box of pink pockey. He let out a quite laugh. Kuro tilted her head. He looked in the small shopping trolley to see a variety of pastel pink food and drinks. "Its just that I suspected you of got them since they're pink," grinned Taemin, patting Kuro on the head. "It's not just because that they are pink, they taste really good," Kuro mumbled.
Once they got outside Kuro got one of the pink bottles out of her bag. "Do you want to try it?" Kuro asked. Taemin nodded, picking up the bottle. After taking a few sips he nodded. "It's good," he smiled. Taemin's checks suddenly blushed. "Do you want it back or not?" he wondered. Kuro felt her checks blush. "If you want it you can have it otherwise i'll have it back," Kuro mumbled. Taemin placed the bottle back into Kuro's shopping bag. He pinched her checks. "You're seriously cute," he sighed. There was a minute of silence. "Such a cute, young couple," an old lady smiled as she walked past. Taemin and Kuro exchanged eye contact before bursting out laughing. "So what type are you?" Kuro asked while Taemin was walking her home. "Enenra, We're spirits made out of smoke," Taemin explained. Kuro nodded. "Anyway this is mine," Kuro mumbled once they got outside a apartment building. "Is it okay if I can come up with you to check nothing has happened to who you live with?" Taemin asked. "I live alone," Kuro mumbled. Taemin patted Kuro on the head. "That's more of a reason for me to check," he added. "Okay," Kuro nodded. After unlocking the door and shutting it behind them, they both took their shoes of before stepping over the entrance. "How long have you lived alone?" Taemin wondered. "About eight years now," Kuro remembered. Taemin had a look around the apartment. "I would of thought your room would be really cute," Taemin sighed. "Its because I like expensive clothes," Kuro mumbled. "How about this, I'll decorate you're room tomorrow while you're at school or whatever," Taemin suggested. "Isn't that to much of a trouble?" Kuro asked. "Nope, it sounds fun. I'll drag Minho into it to help me," smiled Taemin. "If you're okay with it," Kuro nodded. Taemin smiled as he patted Kuro on the head. Kuro had spent the whole night packing up everything. The next day everyone came by to pick up her stuff. After seeing where the apartment was Kuro went to the cafe. In the changing rooms Asami was talking to a girl with dark brown hair walked out of the changing rooms wearing the maid uniform. "Karen!" Kuro smiled as she saw her.
Karen waved as she checked her hair in the mirror. Behind her maid-headdress was a pair of black cat ears. "You look like something happened yesterday," Karen acknowledged. "She's right," nodded Asami. "I'll tell you both after our shift," Kuro mumbled. After an hour the cafe got busier. A fun atmosphere covered the cafe as the maids danced and chanted. "So, what happened?" Karen asked once they had finished their shift five hours later. Kuro told them everything that happened. "Shinigami princess..." Asami mumbled."You don't believe me," Kuro guessed. Karen shock her head. "I know you, And I know that your hair and eyes are real. It would make sense," Karen responded, playing with the end of her hair. "That means that you're really moving in with a bunch of cute guys," stated Karen, watching Kuro nod. Asami and Karen exchanged eye contact."Maybe you'll finally get a boyfriend," grinned Karen. "I met them yesterday!" Kuro blushed. "You always have Chanyeol," Asami teased, linking arms with Kuro. "Its not like that!" Kuro blushed. Kuro looked up at the large apartment building in Shinjuku before taking a breath and walking inside.
A beautiful middle aged woman walked into the elevator a few seconds after Kuro. For a few stops there was silence. "Are you the girl you just moved into the ninth floor?" the woman guessed. Kuro shyly nodded. "I'm Maeda Atsuko, I'm a model," the woman introduced. "Nice to meet you, I'm Yomi Kuro," Kuro smiled. "Are you in school?" Atsuko wondered. "I didn't want to go anymore, I'm working at a maid cafe," Kuro responded. "You're cute enough to work there. It makes sense," Atsuko kindly stated. "Thank you, you too. You're really pretty," Kuro smiled. Atsuko bowed her head. "You live with the flower boy's right? Are you related?" she asked. "They're just friends," Kuro blushed. "Well come find me if you need to talk to do girl talk, I'm in room 2 on the 7th floor," Atsuko added. "Okay," Kuro nodded. The elevator came to a stop. "Well this is me, bye," Atsuko smiled before walking out of the elevator.
Kuro sighed, leaning her back against the elevator wall. "This still seams surreal," she mumbled. She walked up to room 1 on the 9th floor. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door. The door admittedly opened with Onew standing in the doorway. Onew showed his friendly smile. He grabbed her hand before pulling her into the apartment and shutting the door behind her. The entrance was filled with a lot of sneakers and other male shoes. "'I'll show you around" Onew commented after Kuro took her shoes of. "Guys," Onew shouted before walking around the corner, still holding Kuro's hand. Jonghyun was by the fridge, pouring a cup of lemonade while Key, Minho and Taemin were all sitting around the table. Minho and Taemin were playing a glow hockey game on Minho's ipad.
"Kuro!" Jonghyun smiled, quickly hugging Kuro. Key signified the seat opposite him. "Don't worry, you don't have to be so awkward," Taemin added as Kuro sat down next to him. "It's just that I only met you all yesterday and plus your guys," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun patted her on the head from behind her. "Don't worry. We're friends, right?" Minho commented, still playing glow hockey with Taemin. "The pizza's will be here in about an hour," Onew added. "Oh yeah, there's something we need to tell you about SDC," remembered Taemin. "What is it?" Kuro asked, sounding worried. "We're a division known as SHINee, and we're a in-field division," started Key. "In field division?" Kuro repeated. "It means that we go on missions," Onew responded. "What type of missions?" Kuro mumbled. Minho and Taemin exchanged glances. "Normally extermination," Onew commented, glancing at Jonghyun who was watching him. "We'll take care of the extermination," Jonghyun added. Key and Kuro exchanged eye contact. "Don't worry," he reasured, gently holding her hand under the table for a few seconds. A loud knock echoed through the walls. "I'll get it," Onew stated, picking money up of the side before going out of the kitchen, followed by Jonghyun. "Oh right," Minho remembered. "What's wrong?" Taemin wondered. "There's only four chairs," Minho reminded. "Onew or Jonghyun can have my seat," Kuro mumbled, standing up. Still playing the game, Taemin moved his hand and grabbed Kuro's before pulling her down onto his lap. Her face turned bright red. "Jonghyun can sit on Onew's lap," Taemin added, finely finishing the game with Minho. "He's not sitting on my lap," Onew complained, coming around the corner, carrying a large pizza box. "And why does she get to sit on yours?" Jonghyun argued. Taemin turned around to face him, sticking his tong out. "I'm okay with sitting on the floor," Kuro blushed, looking up at Taemin. Taemin wrapped both his arms around Kuro's waist. He felt Key kick him under the table. "Don't be a pervert," Key complained. Taemin moved his arms away from Kuro. "I'm not being a pervert," he defended. Kuro quickly stood up, tripping on the chair leg. THUD. "You're really clumsy," sighed Minho. Jonghyun crouched down in-front of Kuro, holding his hand out towards her. Onew glanced over at Key who mouthed, "She's still bleeding". "Onew, you can have the spare chair. I have an idea," Jonghyun stated, helping Kuro up before quickly rushing out of the room. Onew placed the pizza box down onto the table before sitting down in the spare seat. Jonghyun walked in, carrying two identical pillows. He placed them down onto the floor next to the table. He sat down onto one of the pillows before pulling Kuro down onto the other pillow. Key sighed, taking a sip of his coke. Minho passed Kuro a glass of coke while Taemin passed Jonghyun a glass of lemonade. Onew held his glass out into the middle. "Cheers for the first day of us all being together," he started. Everyone moved their glasses together. "Cheers," they all smiled. Taemin stretched while yawning. Onew covered his mouth as he yawned, after watching Taemin. "I'm going to take a shower and then go to bed," he yawned, standing up and picking up his plates. "Hope you like your room," he smiled, patting Kuro on the head as he walked past. "Thank you," Kuro blushed. Taemin waved, yawning once again. "It's pretty late. We should get some sleep," Minho sighed, standing up despite the pins-and-needles that was in his foot. "I'll show you to your room," Key added. "Why you?" Minho complained. "Because my rooms opposite hers," defended Key. "If you want anything just knock on my door," Key smiled as he stopped walking outside one room. "Wouldn't that be annoying?" Kuro mumbled. Key wrapped his arm around Kuro's back. He kissed her check. "You would never be bothering me," he grinned. Kuro's checks blushed. "Ready to see your room?" Key questioned. "Okay," Kuro nodded. Key gently pushed the door open.
"Its so cute!" Kuro smiled. Key smiled as he patted Kuro on the head. "I like seeing you happy," he admitted. Kuro felt her checks blushing. She shyly nodded. "You should get some sleep. Good night," concluded Key, patting Kuro on the head before going into his room. "Night," Kuro blushed. "What do you think of her?" Minho asked, sitting down on Onew's bed. "Cute and shy. I hope she opens up to us a bit more,what about you?" Onew responded. "I agree with you. She gets along with Taemin and Jonghyun," added Minho. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" Onew mumbled. Minho busted out laughing. "I'm serious," Onew mumbled, leaning back against the wall. "It's just that I'm not the only one," laughed Minho. "You too?" Onew guessed. "Yup," nodded Minho. The smell of pancakes filled the air. Sunlight beamed through the windows. Onew was in the kitchen cooking. "Morning," Kuro yawned. "Did you sleep well?" Onew asked, not turning around. "It was strange sleeping in a new place but it was comfy. What about you?" Kuro responded. "I couldn't go to sleep that well as I was thinking of something," confessed Onew. "You were thinking of something?" Kuro asked. "I can't..." Onew started, turning around. He stopped when he saw was Kuro was wearing.
Her pastel pink pajamas suited her perfectly. "What's wrong?" Kuro asked, looking down at her pajamas. "Y-Y-You look r-really c-cute," Onew babbled, looking at Kuro. "T-Thank you," Kuro blushed. "The pancakes!" Onew quickly panicked, suddenly remembering what he was cooking behind him. He turned the stove of within minutes of it burning. "Is it okay?" Kuro cried. "It's fine, don't worry. can you go wake up the guys?" Onew requested. "Okay," Kuro nodded. "Oh yeah, just go in. They will be asleep so you would have to wake them up," added Onew. Minho was fast asleep, facing towards the wall. "Minho!" Kuro mumbled, gently poking his arm. There was no response. Kuro poked his check. As Minho opened his eyes a smile admittedly popped onto his face. Hew wrapped his arms around Kuro's waist, pulling her down onto the bed. Kuro blushed, looking up into Minho's eyes. "Morning," he smiled, not letting go of her. "Good morning," Kuro blushed. "You look cute," he added, playing with one of the ears on the hood. "T-Thank you," Kuro mumbled, feeling her face blush. Minho suddenly smelt the pancakes. "Onew told me to wake you all up," Kuro added. "I'll help you," Minho smiled, letting go of Kuro and sitting up. Minho went to wake up Taemin. After Taemin woke up he went to wake up Jonghyun. Kuro was surprised at how Key's room was decorated. His duvet was pastel blue and decorated in floral patterns. His best posts were white along with the rest of his furniture and his pillows were pink. Kuro poked him in the check. After a few pokes Key woke up."Morning," Key yawned, sitting up. His hair was scruffy and his black eyeliner from the day before was smudged. "Breakfast is ready," Kuro mumbled. "Okay, thanks," he responded, looking down at the bandage ,that was covering the cut on her thigh, that was poking out under her shorts. He sighed, wrapping one arm around her hips and with the his other hand he pulled her shorts up slightly. "Has it not healed yet?" Key asked. "Almost, It just hurts now and rubs when I walk," Kuro mumbled. "Sorry for letting you get hurt," sighed Key, patting Kuro on the head. "Let's go eat," he kindly smiled,helping Kuro stand up. Everyone were still in there pajamas as they were sat on the sofas with plates of pancakes. "Oh yeah, we should give you our numbers and vise-verser," advised Taemin. "Okay," nodded Kuro. "It's so busy today," Karen sighed later that day at the cafe. "Oh yeah, what was it like when you moved in with the guys?" Asami wondered. Kuro glanced at Karen who smiled. "I only told her about moving in with the guys," Karen stated. Kuro's checks turned bright red. "Are you in love with any of them?" Asami wondered. "Why are you asking that?" Kuro blushed. Karen and Asami busted out laughing. After Kuro's shift she went into the changing room to change back into her clothes. She changed into a black salopette, a fluffy pastel pink jacket, Black and pink striped thigh high socks, A short sleeved pastel pink cutsew and pastel pink tea party shoes.
RING RING. Onew's phone started vibrating. As soon as he answered his phone he glanced at Taemin who was with him. "Mission," he mouthed. "Bye Kuro," waved Karen before Kuro left the cafe. "Bye," she smiled. She walked along her usual path. "You have to believe in yourself to fight her," a voice echoed behind Kuro. She turned around to see nobody behind her. Black bats suddenly flew in from behind her, joining in the middle of the roof. The bats sent out a small black flash before turning into a woman. "I hate Shinigami, especially the Princess," she moaned in a cold voice. Her cold eyes glared at Kuro.
Kuro stepped backwards. "W-who are you?" Kuro mumbled. "My name is Lilith, my mission is to kill you," Lilith stated. A pair of black bat wings grew out from her back. A grin popped on her face. Thousands of black bats flew out from behind Lilith, flying around Kuro who quickly closed her eyes. A white light appeared before shooting out and causing the bats to disappear. As Kuro opened her eyes she saw that she had moved. Lilith stepped forwards. "you might of caused my bats to pass on but I still can transport you," she snickered.
"Why are we here?" Kuro asked, stepping backwards. "Little God of Death, what's it like being at the shrine that you were found at six years ago?" Lilith snickered. "How did you...?" Kuro started. "I'm a messenger from hell, I hear things," Lilith commented. More bats suddenly appeared, causing Kuro to step backwards and slip on the curb. The bats suddenly disappeared. "Why do you want to kill me?" Kuro cried, shuffling backwards as she watched Lilith walk closer to her. "Because you're the Shinigami Princess," Lilith commented. "I didn't chose to be!" Kuro reminded. "It's what your going to chose to do," Lilith added. "What i'm going to choose to do?" Kuro repeated, shuffling backwards and bumping into the shrine wall. "You have a pure power which can be used to transport any amount of souls, you also have Shinigami eyes which only death Lords process, You're not an ordinary Shinigami and that makes us wonder what you'll do," Lilith informed. As she moved her hand, a large pair of black daggers appeared, black smoke blowing of the daggers. Lilith crouched down in-front of Kuro. She smiled, showing her white, pointy fangs. Lilith slowly started to make cuts on Kuro's pale skin. After a few minutes Kuro was close to falling unconscious. "Good-bye, Shinigami," Lilith glared, moving the dagger up before moving it towards Kuro's chest. A burst of white appeared followed by glowing Sakura.
The Sakura surrounded Lilith, causing her to drop the dagger onto the ground. After about 30 seconds of the Sakura going around her, she turned into gold smoke. After finishing their mission, the rest of SHINee went home. Jonghyun was in his room, searching something on tumblr. His phone suddenly started ringing. "Hello?" he started. "Jonghyun..." Kuro mumbled, from the other end of the phone. "What's wrong?" Jonghyun panicked. "I'm at Meiji shrine... please help," Kuro cried. "I'll be right there,"Jonghyun stated before hanging up. He quickly ran as fast as he could. Once he got to the shrine his heartbeat was racing. "Kuro!" he panted, looking around. in the corner of his eye he suddenly saw Kuro's white hair. He rushed over to her, slipping on the ground. She was leaning against the shrine wall. Cuts were covering her. Jonghyun shock her arm. "Kuro,Kuro!" he shouted, still shaking her. Kuro's eyes opened. "Jonghyun..." she weakly mumbled. Jonghyun wrapped his arm around her shoulders before wrapping his arms under her legs. "Don't worry, I'm taking you home," he reasured, still in panic in his voice and still catching his breath. Kuro gripped Jonghyun's shirt before collapsing.
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Chapter 2- White Rose cluster
"Is Kuro home yet?" Minho wondered as he was making dinner in the kitchen. "No idea," Onew responded. "Thinking about it, We haven't seen Jonghyun in a while either," remembered Taemin. "I'll go see if he's in," Onew commented, standing up of the sofa before going over to Jonghyun's room. KNOCK KNOCK. "Hey, Jonghyun. Are you..." Onew started, stopping once he saw that Jonghyun was crouched down next to his bed with Kuro sleeping on his bed, covered in cuts. Jonghyun was wiping an antiseptic wipe over a cut on her check. "Guys, get in here," Onew shouted. Minho and Taemin quickly rushed in. "What happened?" Taemin asked. "I don't know, just after I got home from the mission I got a call from her asking for help at Meiji shrine. She collapsed shortly after I got there," Jonghyun explained, kissing Kuro on the check, just under the cut before placing a plaster down on the cut. "You should of told us," Onew added. "I was worrying to much to think about it," Jonghyun admitted. The front door suddenly barged open. "I smelt her blood," huffed Key, catching his breath. "She's okay for now," Onew sighed. After Minho changed Kuro's clothes everyone sat in the living room. "Everything will be alright," Key whispered into Kuro's ear before kissing her on the check. "We should cook her something," Taemin suggested. "I'll make it. Onew, can you help me?" Minho stated. "Okay," Onew nodded. A few hours later they were all waiting in the living room. "What happened?" Kuro's weak voice asked from the doorway. Everyone froze for a second. "Kuro!" Jonghyun smiled, quickly rushing over to her and wrapping his arms around her waist. "Your too hard," Kuro mumbled. "Sorry," Jonghyun smirked, loosening his grip.. "Not like that!" Kuro cried. Taemin walked over to Kuro, grabbing her hand before taking her over to the sofa. "We'll make dinner," Minho stated, glancing at Onew who nodded. Taemin sat down on the sofa, pulling Kuro down onto his lap. Jonghyun sat down the other side while Key was to the left of Taemin. "What happened after you turned up?" Kuro mumbled, looking up at Jonghyun. "I got Yagami, our driver, to come pick us up. I took you up to my room and tried to cover the cuts," Jonghyun informed. "And my clothes?" Kuro blushed. "Minho changed them," Key added. "Sorry for bothering you," Kuro mumbled. Taemin's grip around her waist tightened. "You not bothering us," Taemin muffled into Kuro's shoulder. "Anyway how long are you going to be holding onto her?" Key asked. Taemin moved his head to the side to look at him. He sighed before moving his arms away from Kuro. Key admittedly wrapped his arms around Kuro, picking her up and placing her down in-between his legs, facing him. He wrapped his arms around her back before pulling her closer to him. "I was really worried about you," he whispered. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled. Onew and Minho came back into the room, carrying a few plates of Yakitori. They placed the plates down on the table before sitting down on the sofa. Minho wrapped his arms around Kuro, picking her up Princess style. "I don't trust him with you," he added, carrying Kuro over to his seat before sitting down with her on his lap. Kuro's face was bright red. "If you really don't want to just tell us,"Onew added. Minho picked up one of the sewers of Yakitori before passing it to Kuro. "Do you want me to fed you?" Minho offered. "I'm not a little kid," Kuro mumbled. "If he was thinking of you as a little kid he wouldn't of got that excited," stated Onew. Minho moved his jacket down. Kuro went to stand up, stopping when Minho wrapped his arms around her. "Hey, 22 year old," moaned Key. "22?" Kuro repeated, glancing up at Minho. "I'm 22 and so is Key, Jonghyun is 23, Taemin is 20 and Onew is 24," Minho explained. "Big age difference," Kuro mumbled. Onew patted Kuro on the head before glaring up at Minho. "It's not illegal," Minho added. "Can you let go of me? There's something I need to do?" Kuro mumbled. "Okay," Minho nodded, letting go of Kuro. Kuro quickly rushed to her room. KNOCK.KNOCK. "Are you okay?" Key asked, opening the door to Kuro's room. Kuro was sitting on the floor with her back to Key. He closed the door before walking over to her, sitting down in-front of her. "What's wrong?" Key asked, sounding worried. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled, looking down at the ground. "What happened?" he panicked. "It suddenly hurt a lot," Kuro mumbled. "Do you want pain killers?" offered Key. "I hate the taste," Kuro mumbled, glancing up at Key who had moved. Kuro felt a duvet go down over her shoulders from behind her. "Key..." Kuro mumbled. Key crouched down behind her, getting into the duvet and wrapping his arms around her. "If there's anything else you need, just tell me," Key whispered. Kuro turned around, wrapping her arms around Key. "Thank you," Kuro mumbled. "Do you trust me?" Key wondered. Kuro nodded. "Sit on my lap instead of Minho's or someone else," Key added. His face was starting to turn red. Key's heat-beet begun racing. Kuro looked up at him. Key leaned forwards, placing his hand on the side of Kuro's head. "K-Key!" she blushed, going to go backwards however stopping when Key pushing her down onto the ground. Key's lips were centimeters away from Kuro's, who had shut her eyes. "The food's getting cold," Taemin interrupted, opening the door and freezing once he saw Key and Kuro. Kuro opened her eyes and looked over at Taemin. "What the hell are you doing?" Taemin panicked, pulling Key backwards. "Are you okay?" Taemin asked. Kuro nodded, glancing at Key who was looking straight at her. "Let's go eat," Taemin added, wrapping his arms around Kuro and helping her up. Key picked up the duvet. "She feels really cold, it might be best if she stays under the duvet," Key advised. "And you were what, trying to warm up her lips?" Taemin moaned. "Can we not talk about it?" Kuro mumbled. "Is everything alright?" Onew asked, watching them come back. "Besides Key almost kissing Kuro," Taemin added, sitting down on the sofa. He wrapped his arms around Kuro's waist and pulled her down onto his lap. "You almost kissed her?" Minho questioned. "It's no worse then you getting hard when she was on your lap," Key stated. "T.M.I," Kuro mumbled before picking up a Yakitori stick. Taemin nodded, patting Kuro on the head. "Anyway, you shouldn't go to work tomorrow," recommended Minho. "But I have to!" Kuro responded. "You're too weak to," added Onew. "I'm fine!" Kuro protested, standing up. She was trying her best to not show her pain. Taemin wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back down onto his lap. "I know they still hurt so please just for one day," he whispered. "What am I meant to do instead?" Kuro mumbled. "Go out with me," Onew commented. Everyone looked over at him. "We can go to Harajuku," Onew suggested. "Like a date?" Kuro blushed. "If you want," Onew smiled. "Okay," Kuro nodded. "Huh?" Onew and Key said in-unison. "If your okay with it," Kuro mumbled. "Really?" Onew asked. Kuro nodded. Onew leaped towards Kuro, wrapping his arms around her. "Hey, do you mind?" Taemin moaned as Onew was leaning on him. "He's really happy now," Minho whispered, watching Onew smile. After a few hours of everyone asleep Kuro woke up. Her temperature was higher than usual. "What is wrong with me today?" she sighed, getting out of bed and almost falling onto the ground due to the pain. Kuro made her way to the kitchen without turning any of the lights on. She filled a glass with water before drinking half the glass. She covered her mouth to stop her from coughing due to the water. "Are you okay?" Jonghyun asked from behind Kuro, making her jump before switching on the light. "I'm okay," Kuro nodded. Jonghyun glanced down at the glass of water in Kuro's hand. "I thought you hated water," Jonghyun remembered. "I thought it would cool me down," Kuro mumbled, emptying the rest of the water in the glass into the sink. Jonghyun placed his hand on Kuro's forehead. "You feel really hot," he commented. "Do you think its to do with what happened earlier?" Kuro asked. "About that, Why did you call me? We put all our numbers into you're phone but you rang me," Jonghyun added. "I'm not sure," Kuro blushed. "Anyway I have air-con in my room, do you wanna sleep in there with me?" suggested Jonghyun. Kuro's checks turned red. Jonghyun pinched her checks. "Getting embarrassed probably isn't good for you right now," Jonghyun sighed. "It's not my fault!" Kuro blushed. "It's not like you haven't already slept in my bed," Jonghyun reminded. "You're the one who took me there!" Kuro blushed, lightly hitting Jonghyun's arm. "So, do you wanna sleep with me?" Jonghyun offered. "Why are you putting it like that?" Kuro sighed. Jonghyun smiled. "Wouldn't it be annoying?" Kuro mumbled. "I want to," Jonghyun admitted. "Fine," Kuro quietly mumbled."If Onew does something weird to you tomorrow, just kick him where it hurts," Jonghyun added, sitting down on his bed. Kuro let out a small giggle. "Okay," she giggled. "It's good to finally hear you laughing," Jonghyun smiled. "What do you mean?" Kuro asked as Jonghyun was turning on the air-con. "In the past week you've been really quite and haven't seemed like you've been having fun," Jonghyun explained, sitting down on his bed. "Sorry, It's just that Iv'e only known you all for one week," Kuro mumbled, sitting down next to Jonghyun. He wrapped his arms around her waist before laying down, pulling her down with him. "Don't worry about it," Jonghyun reasured, stroking Kuro's hair. Jonghyun opened his eyes as he felt how cold Kuro's arm was. "She really does keep changing temperature," Jonghyun sighed,going to get out of bed and stopping when Kuro locked her fingers into his in her sleep. "She's seriously is cute," Jonghyun smiled, laying back down and pulling the duvet up. His heartbeat increased as he looked down at her lips. "Idiot," Jonghyun mumbled before leaning his head against Kuro's back. Key and Taemin were cooking breakfast the most morning. "Should we wake them up?" Minho suggested, sitting down at the table. "Wouldn't it be best if she had more sleep?" Taemin reminded. "She's with Jonghyun in his room," Key informed. "Huh?" Taemin and Minho asked in-unison. "I can smell her blood coming from his room," Key explained. "Morning," Jonghyun yawned, coming around the corner with Kuro behind him. "You didn't do anything perverted did you?" Minho questioned. "No," Jonghyun responded, patting Kuro on the head before going over to the fridge. "Do they hurt less?" Taemin asked. "Yep, Sorry for bothering you," Kuro nodded. After eating breakfast Kuro and Onew went into their rooms to get changed."About today," Taemin started. "I'm not going to do anything perverted," Onew stated, putting on his jacket. "Okay, but just be careful after yesterday," Taemin responded. "Which part? The demon part? Or the Minho slash Key part?" Onew wondered. "Do we have to keep going on about that?" Minho complained from the video game he was playing with Key. "You have to admit, you all want to do it as well," Key added. "Is this okay?" Kuro asked, from behind Onew. Onew turned around and froze. "Cute..." Key quietly muffled into his glass of coke.
"It's fine," Onew nodded, his checks slightly blushing. "I'm going to change," Kuro mumbled, turning around. Onew wrapped his arms around her from behind, pulling her closer to him. "You look adorable, don't worry," he reasured. Kuro's checks blushed. "Seriously don't worry. Right guys?" Onew asked. "He's right," agreed Minho. "So, what do you want to do?" Kuro asked as her and Onew walked to the train-station."So, you're 24?" Kuro mumbled. "Is the 9 year age gap bothering you?" Onew asked. "Don't worry about it," Kuro mumbled. "I might be an adult but I promise I won't do anything you don't want to," promised Onew. Kuro glanced up at him. "I'm mentally 17 anyway," Onew added. Kuro let out a quite giggle. "Your laugh is really cute," Onew smiled. Kuro's checks blushed. Onew awkwardly wrapped his arm over Kuro's shoulder, causing her to glance up at him. He smiled as he tightened his grip. "How long have you known the guys?" Kuro asked.while they were on the train.They were sitting on side seats next to each other. "We met four years ago. We trained for a year before we officially became SHINee," Onew explained. "Why don't you go to school?" Onew mumbled. Kuro looked up at him, feeling her chest hurt slightly. "You should be starting grade 1 in high-school next month right? But your file says you quit in grade 1 of Junior high," remembered Onew. "You looked at my file?" Kuro cried. "I'm the division leader, I had to," Onew defended. kuro sighed, looking down at the ground. "What happened?" Onew asked, wrapping his arm around Kuro's waist. Three years ago Kuro was at one of the local schools. "Yomi-san, go behind the school at lunch," a girl shouted from the classroom doorway. "Okay," Kuro nodded. Her hair reached her waist. All the girls were wearing matching uniform with a black and white checkered skirt, a short-sleeved white shirt, a red bow and a black waistcoat. Kuro also had black over the knee socks. The boys all wore black trousers, a red tie and a short sleeved white shirt. Behind the school was a group of three girls. "You're still wearing those contacts," a girl with dark brown hair sighed. "I need to get back to the classroom," Kuro mumbled, stepping forwards. The black haired girl pushed her backwards. "Apparently Taito-Senpai likes you," the dark brown haired girl stated. "Why are you telling me this?" Kuro mumbled, glancing up at them. "He's my Senpai," the light brown haired girl nagged. "You're just some golden fairy of death," the black haired girl moaned, pushing Kuro down to the ground. "Get away from her!" Chanyeol's voice shouted from behind them. Chanyeol ran past, crouching down next to Kuro. "Don't you have cheer-leading practice?" Chanyeol interrupted, wrapping his arm around Kuro's shoulder.
"You like her?" the dark brown hair girl guessed. "Are you hurt?" Chanyeol asked. Kuro shock her head. Chanyeol noticed the bruise on Kuro's leg, just above her socks. Chanyeol looked up at the girls. "We only pushed her, we didn't do it," the girl with black hair reminded. "Just leave her alone!" Chanyeol demanded. The light brown haired girl picked up a bucket of water before tipping it upside down over Kuro's head."Do us a favor,kill yourself,"she complained as she threw the bucket at Chanyeol before walking of. "Are you okay?" Chanyeol asked. "I'm sorry, Chanyeol. I can't take this anymore," Kuro cried, looking down at the ground. "Don't worry, Kuro," Chanyeol reasured, pulling Kuro closer to him. That had been the day before Kuro left school. "I'm sorry that you had to go through that," he apologized. "Onew..." Kuro blushed. Onew kissed Kuro on the check before letting go of her. "This is our stop," Kuro mumbled. Onew stood up, pulling Kuro up with him. "You're the second person I ever told that story to," Kuro mumbled. Onew stopped walking, looking down at Kuro. "Really?" Onew asked. "Besides my best friend," Kuro nodded. "So you trust me?" Onew smiled. Kuro nodded. "Is that weird?" she asked. "No, I like it," Onew admitted, noticing that Kuro had tears in the corner of her eyes. Onew pulled Kuro closer to him. As he moved his hand, green sparkles appeared before morphing into a pink and white rose. "your cuter when you smile," he commented. The rose lifted up before turning into rose petals that made a heart shape. A smile popped onto Kuro's face as she rubbed her eyes. "Thank you," she smiled. "Oh yeah, by the way my nickname is Dobu," remembered Onew. "Dobu?" Kuro repeated. "It's Korean Tofu, the guys came up with," Onew explained. "Dobu sounds cute, it suits you," Kuro admitted. "Are you calling me cute?" Onew smiled. Kuro nodded. "You're so adorable," Onew smiled, quickly hugging Kuro. "Are you feeling better now?" he asked. "Yeah, sorry," Kuro nodded. "Let's go," Onew added, holding his hand out towards Kuro who hesitated for a second before placing her hand in his. "Do you want to do Takashita Dori before it gets to busy?" Kuro suggested. "Okay, sounds good," Onew nodded, tightening his grip on Kuro's hand before walking to the left of the train-station. They looked around for a while, buying the occasional thing. "Can we go in there?" Kuro requested. Onew looked up at Closet child. "Okay," he nodded. Kuro's foot slipped as they were walking up the stairs to the first floor. Onew quickly caught her from behind her. "How many times have you been to this shop?" Onew asked. "Only a few times..." Kuro mumbled. "Ah, Yomi-san, welcome back," one of the shop assistants greeted as they got up to the first floor. "A few times?" Onew repeated. "A lot of times," Kuro mumbled. "Did you trip again?" the shop assistant guessed. Kuro's checks blushed. Onew busted out laughing. "You seriously are clumsy," he laughed. "Are you working tomorrow?" the shop assistant asked. "Yep, from 11," Kuro nodded. "Kuro!" a voice called behind them. Behind them was a girl wearing the shop uniform. "Tamai!" Kuro smiled, hugging her.
Tamai looked up at Onew and then back at Kuro. "Ah right, This is my friend Onew," Kuro blushed. "Nice to meet you, I'm Tamai Shiori. Kuro's friend," Tamai introduced, looking at Kuro. "It's not like that!" Kuro blushed. Onew stood there, confused. "She has a sick mind, ignore her," Kuro mumbled. "You also have one as you guessed what I was thinking," Tamai reminded, gently pushing Kuro forwards, into Onew. "Look after her, she's had a tough life," Tamai commented. "Shiori-san, you better get to work before the boss gets here," the shop assistant called out. Tamai patted her on the shoulder before going over to the counter. "Wah, So kawaii!" Kuro smiled as she pulled a salopette of the railings. A smile popped on Onew's face as he watched Kuro smile.
Kuro tried on some shoes and picked up other clothes and accessories. "Do you want me to carry anything?" Onew asked once they got outside, looking down at Kuro's shopping bags. "I'ts okay, don't worry. Thanks," Kuro blushed, swinging her shopping bags. "I have an idea," Onew smiled, grabbing Kuro's hand with his spare hand before dragging her into a shop up to a shelf filled with Arpakasso plushies. "We could get matching ones," he suggested. "Are you sure your okay with that?" Kuro mumbled. "Of course," nodded Onew, picking up a mint colored Arpakasso followed by Kuro picking up a matching pink arpakasso. "Can we look in there?" Kuro asked as they got to Laforet shopping center. "Okay," Onew nodded. "Do you want to get pancakes?" Kuro suggested as a crepe store was in-front of them. The smell of the crepes drifted across the air."Sounds good," Onew nodded, feeling hungry. Onew brought strawberry flavored while Kuro brought chocolate. "They're really good," Kuro smiled, biting into her crepe. Onew noticed that chocolate was dripping down the holder. He quickly moved and licked the drip of. Kuro's face blushed. "Sorry, here," Onew smiled, pulling a strawberry out of his crepe and holding it out towards Kuro. Kuro's face blushed as she picked up the strawberry before eating it. "We spent so much," Onew sighed as they were on the train back to Shinjuku. "A bit to much," Kuro nodded. The next morning Taemin and Jonghyun were cooking breakfast. "Morning," Kuro yawned, coming into the kitchen. "Good morning," Taemin smiled. "It smells good," Key commented, walking into the kitchen followed by Minho who was still half asleep. "The cafe is seriously busy today," Karen sighed while she was getting a parfait for one of the customers. "We've almost reached the maximum again," Kuro nodded, being passed a glass of strawberry milkshake. Several hours later Kuro's pocket started to vibrate. "Hello?" she asked after getting permission to take the call by the changing rooms. "I am from SDC," a female voice started. "We need to come into the office to complete a mission with the rest of SHINee," the female voice concluded before hanging up. "It's fine, its less busy now," Hina responded. Kuro quickly went to the changing rooms to get changed.
In the main office at SDC was Onew, Key, Minho and Jonghyun along with a woman. "This is her first mission. Can't you be easy on her?" Jonghyun asked. "You are SHINee. You don't get easy missions," the woman responded, noticing Kuro walking up behind them. "Nice to meet you Princess, I am Naomi Misora," Naomi introduced. "It's nice to meet you," Kuro shyly responded. Key wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to him. Shortly after Taemin turned up." I need you to enter this building, get rid of the demons inside and collect a black case," Naomi demanded. Kuro glanced up at Key who guessed what was wrong. "Kuro hasn't been on a mission yet," he reminded. "Her powers have unlocked. If I give her the weapons then she will be fine," Naomi responded. Two men dressed up in black, armed clothing came walking in, carrying two black bags each. They unzipped the bags before placing them down on the table and walking of. Inside were thousands of bullets and different types of guns. Taemin quickly ran of. "Men," Naomi complained, rolling her eyes. A minute later Taemin came running up. He wrapped something around Kuro's waist, underneath her cape. Kuro glanced around at him and he smiled. As something was slid into place, Minho moved up her cape to see a Katana holder with two Katana's attached. "I was given these to give to you," he added. "Thank you," Kuro mumbled.A black van with blacked out windows was outside the HQ. "Did that damn woman complain about Raye again?" the driver asked. "Their engagement seems happy right now," Minho responded. "She seriously needs to stop acting like she's the boss," the driver complained,glancing around at Kuro. "Ah right, the Princess. Kuro Yomi," he remembered.
"I am Soichiro Yagami," Yagami introduced. "We just call him Yagami," Jonghyun added. "Yes, you should at least put a 'san' in it," he sighed. "It's nice to meet you Yagami-san," Kuro shyly blushed. "Don't worry, you don't need to," Yagami reasured, glancing up in the car window. "Do any of you guys mind if I smoke?" Yagami asked. "It's fine," Onew responded. Yagami pulled a cigarette out of the box that was on the counter. He unrolled the window before pulling a lighter out of his pocket. "Smoking is going to kill you, you know," Taemin reminded. "If I don't get killed from driving you to a mission," Yagami commented. . "We're here," he informed an hour later. "Don't worry," Jonghyun reasured, patting Kuro on the head. "Thanks," she sighed, looking up at the tall building. A small fire occurred outside the building, causing half a dozen men wearing suits to rush out to throw water over the fire. Taemin, Onew, Jonghyun and Minho snuck pass, rushing to the stairs. White paper was wrapped over the security cameras. Key jumped from the rooftop of the building next to it. He held out his hand, looking straight at Kuro who was on the other roof.Kuro jumped forwards, jumping of the edge of the roof. Key patted her on the head before jumping down of the edge and going over to the middle of the roof. He pulled a pin out of his pocket and started to pick the lock on the air-vent. "You should go in first," Key advised, opening the top of the air-vent. "I'm fine at the back," Kuro blushed. "Don't worry, It's so I know nothing is going to attack you when you can't see it," Key explained. Kuro nodded before climbing down into the air-vent, shortly followed by Key. "We'll sort out of the demons, you two try to find the case," Onew ordered through the ear-piece. "Got it," responded Key. He wrapped his arm's around Kuro, pulling her closer to him. Before she could say something he wrapped his hand over her mouth. Underneath them was talking. "Stay up here till I sort them out," whispered Key, pulling a gun out of his pocket. He opened the air-vent before jumping down. Two men were on the floor underneath them. "An Ace!" one of them quickly acknowledged, lifting up his gun. Before they could both shoot Key a bullet went into the forehead of one of the men shortly followed by a bullet going into the other man's head."Do you want help down?" Key offered. "I'm okay," Kuro responded. She quickly moved, pulling twin guns out of her pocket, aiming them for the mirror in the corner of the ceiling. As the bullets bounced against them, they flew forwards and went threw two men that was behind Key who were about to stab him. They quickly turned to gold dust. "Thanks," Key thanked. Kuro slipped the guns back into the holder with her Katana's before jumping out of the air-vent. "How many demons are even inside this building?" Minho complained, watching gold smoke fall to the floor. "According to work reports, 150," the Director informed through the ear-piece. "Guys," Key interrupted."What's wrong?" Onew questioned. "Blood, second floor," Key responded. "I'll go check it out," Jonghyun informed before running of. At the end of the hallway on the forth floor was a large white door that was unlocked. Key grabbed Kuro's hand before walking forwards. Kuro moved her hand behind her back, gripping onto one of the Katana's. The door led to a mini balcony with white stairs going down the side. The rest of the room was a white lab filled with tables covered in paper and test-tubes. The lab was three feet in water.Key let go of Kuro before walking down the stairs. "Stay up there," instructed Key. "I don't want to be useless," Kuro mumbled. A quite growling occurred from one of the cupboards. Key pulled one of his guns out before opening the door. A rottweiler dog jumped out of the cupboard, landing on one of the desks. It went to jump towards Key however stopped once he heard a thud behind him. He turned around to see that Kuro had slipped backwards. Droll dripped from its cunning smiling mouth before it jumped towards Kuro. BANG. Blood tripped down the dogs head as a bullet hole was in the corner of its forehead. "Thanks, you being clumsy just saved my life," smiled Key. "Sorry I couldn't help any more," Kuro mumbled, going to stand up but slipping on the water that was now reaching her. Key walked up the stairs, helping Kuro up. He wrapped his arm's around Kuro, pulling her closer to him. "You don't have to be scared when i'm around," Key reasured. Kuro looked up at him. "Are you sure?" Kuro mumbled. "Of course, I'm the scary Vampire that's an Ace," Key smiled. Kuro let out a quite giggle. "I'm going to look for it again so we can get out of here," Key commented before letting go of Kuro and going back down the stairs. "Are you sure I can't help?" Kuro asked, leaning against the railings. "I'm a gentleman, I'm not letting you come down here," Key replied. Kuro felt a pair of arm's wrap around her waist. Before she could respond they covered her mouth with there hand. Kuro quickly stood on their foot, causing them to move there hand away from her mouth. "Key!" Kuro shouted. Key quickly looked up to see a boy with short black hair and silver eyes behind Kuro. "Let go of her!" Key demanded, stepping forwards. "I wouldn't move if i was you," the boy threatened, the hand that was previously over Kuro's mouth pulling something out from his pocket before moving it in-front of Kuro. Kuro felt her heart beat increase as she saw a gun pointing towards her stomach. "What are you doing here?" he demanded. "A mission, who are you?" Key responded. "Call me Zion," Zion introduced, tightening his grip on Kuro. "Princess Kuro, correct?" Zion guessed. Kuro nodded. Zion pushed Kuro forwards onto the ground. As she turned to face him, red numbers were hovering over his head and 'Wakanbashi Zion' written in Japanese Kanji. The numbers were counting down and was currently at 55 seconds.
"Numbers?" Kuro mumbled.. "My lifespan, you have the Death Lords powers?" Zion asked, he admittedly pointed the gun straight at Kuro's forehead. "What does it say?" he demanded. He exchanged eye-contact with Kuro. "My extended time's going to run out, I'm going to hell in less and hour aren't I?" he guessed. Kuro nodded. Pain filled his chest. Kuro quickly jumped out of the way, landing on one of the tables in the lab, her eyes faintly glowed as red light appeared. Zion quickly moved his gun up.
Pulling the trigger before collapsing to the ground. "Kuro!" Key shouted, rushing forwards. Grey sparkles appeared as Zion appeared next to his body, being transparent before disappearing. Kuro's legs gave out, causing her to fall down on her knees on top of the table. "Kuro!" Key panicked, wrapping his arms around Kuro and covering the bullet wound in her stomach. "Kuro! Key!" Minho shouted as he came running into the room. Kuro moved her arms away from her stomach, looking down at the blood on her hand. Key wrapped his arm's around Kuro before standing up and picking her up, Princess style. "Don't worry, you'll be okay," Key responded before jumping up onto the balcony. He passed her to Minho who had a tight grip on Kuro as he was holding her Princess style. "I'm going to look for the case, get Yagami to drive her to the hospital," Key ordered. "But-" Kuro weakly started. "SDC will pay for it," Key answered. Kuro's felt weak as her eyes opened to see that she was laying in her bed. As she went to sit up pain rushed through her stomach. She looked down to see that she was now wearing a large black t-shirt with a white skull printed in the middle. "Isn't this Jonghyun's?" she mumbled. The door opened with Taemin in the doorway. "Kuro!" he smiled, rushing over to Kuro and hugging her. "What happened?" Kuro mumbled. "Shortly after you and Minho left the room Key found the case and we all went to the hospital. You collapsed just before we got into the van. At the hospital they spent an hour bandaging you up and then Jonghyun changed you into his shirt as your clothes were wet and covered in blood. We brought you home and have been in the other room ever since," Taemin explained, sitting down next to Kuro. "This has became a bit of a habit," Kuro mumbled. "Sorry," Taemin apologized. There was silence for a few seconds, being interrupted by Kuro's stomach rumbling. Taemin stood up before picking Kuro up Princess style. "Lets go eat," he added before walking out of the room. "The mission report is done," Onew informed, not looking up from a black notebook that Minho was reading. "Where is Key and Jonghyun?" Taemin wondered. "Asleep," Minho responded. "Minho, can you wake them up with me?" Taemin requested. "Why?" Minho asked, glancing up at Kuro. He quickly hit Onew's arm. "Ow," he moaned before looking up as well. Taemin walked over at gently placed Kuro on Onew's lap. "Be back in a minute," Minho added, ruffling Kuro's hair before going over to Key's room while Taemin went to Jonghyun's room. "Are you okay?" Onew asked, wrapping his arm around Kuro's waist and being careful to not touch the wound. "I'm fine, can you let go of me?" Kuro blushed. Onew pulled her closer. "I was seriously worried about you," he muffled into her neck. "Onew," Kuro blushed. "You get hurt way to much," he sighed. Kuro felt a pair of arm's wrap around her from behind her. "My top looks pretty cute on you," Jonghyun admitted from behind her. Jonghyun glanced up at Onew before helping Kuro of him. "Pervert," Jonghyun added before sitting down, leaving a gap in the middle so Kuro could sit on the sofa."Sorry about your top," Kuro mumbled, sitting down in-between them. "I was the one who did it," Jonghyun reminded. "I'm surprised you didn't put her on your lap, you're the only one who hasn't had her on his lap," Taemin responded, sitting down the other side of Onew."You can't say things like that!" Kuro blushed. "Isn't it obvious she hates things like that," Jonghyun stated, exchanging eye-contact with Kuro. "Taemin, can I talk to you?" Minho asked as soon as he got out of Key's room. "What's wrong?" Taemin wondered once they got inside the kitchen. "He's refusing to come out. He's worried that he's going to bite her," Minho informed. "Is Key okay?" Kuro asked, looking up at Jonghyun. "No idea, its weird for him to not come out and hug you," Jonghyun responded. "I'm going to see if he's okay," Kuro added, going to stand up however felt week and fell forwards, landing in Jonghyun's lap. "Do you want help walking?" Jonghyun offered. "I'm fine, thanks anyway," Kuro blushed, standing up. "When she fell in your lap..." Onew started. "Oh, shut up. It wasn't my thought," Jonghyun moaned. "You're a guy I know and she's cute," Onew responded. Jonghyun covered his mouth as he looked of into the different directions, trying to hide the fact that he was blushing. KNOCK. KNOCK. "Key, I'm coming in," Kuro mumbled, opening the door. "Don't turn on the light!" Key demanded before she could turn on the light. "What's wrong?" Kuro asked as she stepped forwards. The door creaked closed behind her. "I don't want to talk about it," Key mumbled. Kuro tripped on a bin, causing her to fall forwards. She felt that she had landed on Key's lap."You are seriously clumsy," Key added."Sorry!" she blushed, going to stand up. Pain rushed through her. "Why did you come in here?" Key sighed. "I was worried about you," Kuro admitted. Key grabbed her hand and dragged her over to his bed. "K-Key!" Kuro blushed. Key pushed her down onto the bed, before leaning on-top of her. "Don't hate me," he whispered into her ear. Kuro felt Key lick her neck. "Please stop," she cried. Key bit into her neck, feeling her blood with his tong. He lost his balance, causing him to fall down onto Kuro. With his other hand he covered Kuro's mouth. "The foods ready," Jonghyun informed as he opened the door and switched on the light. "Key!" he shouted, rushing over and pulling him away from Kuro. He quickly helped her sit up. Key wiped away the blood that was dropping down from his mouth. Jonghyun grabbed Kuro's hand before standing up. "You should eat something," Jonghyun added, opening the door. The door slammed shut as Key pushed Kuro against the wall. "Let go of her!" Jonghyun ordered. "Wait," Key responded, focusing his vision back to Kuro. He looked down at the blood dripping down her neck. "Sorry, Your blood smells really strong and sweet. Everyone's else's blood is sour, but yours is sweet," Key added. "So that gives you the right to push her down onto your bed- in the dark- when she's barely wearing anything- and bite her?" Jonghyun complained. "I don't want you to hate me," Key ignored. There was silence for a few seconds. "Do you hate me?" Key asked. "I don't hate you," Kuro quietly admitted. "But your not completely happy with me," Key guessed. "I don't blame her!" Jonghyun interrupted. "Do you want to wait outside? Your being really annoying," Key responded. "Who knows what you will do to her," Jonghyun responded. "Please, just for five minutes," Key begged. Jonghyun exchanged eye contact with Kuro. "If he does anything kick him where it hurts and shout," Jonghyun advised before leaving the room. Key moved his arms away from Kuro. "Anyway your should heal quicker now," Key added. "That's why you bit me?" Kuro guessed. "I just wanted to drink your blood," Key admitted. Kuro nodded, looking down at the ground. "Please don't hate me," Key pleaded, wrapping his arm around Kuro's waist. Kuro glanced up, freezing as she looked Key in the eye. "I don't hate you," Kuro admitted. "I bit to hard. It should be healed by the end of tomorrow," Key sighed. "Okay," Kuro nodded. "Sorry, you should leave. It will be saver for you if your not in here with me," Key stated, walking of. "Wait!" Kuro cried, grabbing the end of Key's sleeve. "I'm a monster, just ignore me," Key complained, pulling away from Kuro. To his surprise he felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind him. "To me your not a monster," Kuro mumbled. "Kuro..." Key sighed, turning around to face her. "So, are you going to turn back to being happy Key?" Kuro blushed. "Sounds like a good plan," Key responded. "This is why its bad for the Princess to be so young, it makes you reckless and easy to get hurt," complained the Director the next day. The director had called all of SHINee into the HQ. "Tomorrow I have to leave to for America.There will be a substitute Director while I am away so do not upset him. He's higher up then me so be careful," The director warned. "Great," sighed Jonghyun. "Your missions have doubled and you have to act carefully. Don't show him your all reckless. My job depends on this," The director added. "Why have they doubled?" Onew asked. "Some agents from other in field visions are coming with me so that just leaves mainly SHINee here in Japan," The director explained. He glanced over at Kuro. "While it's healing just train and don't go on the missions till its completely healed," he ordered. "Okay," Kuro nodded. "So the boss told you, huh?" Yagami commented as soon as they got outside the directors office. He was standing against the wall opposite. "Are you going?" Key guessed. Yagami nodded.
The next morning Onew's phone started vibrating. "Hello? Ah, Misora-san. Really? Okay," Onew commented into his phone. "The substitute will here in a few minutes,"Naomi informed from the front of the office. Besides SHINee there were about 30 other people."If he can't even turn up on time how is he meant to run this place?" a man complained out."I'm going to wait outside a bit," Kuro mumbled before quickly walking outside the office. Once she got outside the HQ she sat down against the wall. Her light was blocked of as a young boy leaned over her. "Why are you here?" he asked. Kuro quickly stood up, almost accidentally bumping into him.
"Do you work here?" he asked. Kuro nodded. "Judging by your appearance you are Kuro Yomi, the youngest in the company, correct?" he guessed. "How did you?" Kuro mumbled. "That also means that your the Shinigami Princess," he ignored. The boy pushed her against the wall, placing his arms either side of her so she couldn't run of. "Prove it," he challenged. "Prove what?" Kuro mumbled. "That the Shinigami Princess is not useless," he responded."Please let go of me," Kuro mumbled. He placed his hands on her waist before leaning closer. "Maybe I should make you prove it by another way," he whispered. He kissed her neck before moving his hand down to get something out of his pocket. Kuro felt something point against her thigh. "It's to easy to point a gun at you," he whispered. Kuro quickly kicked him where it hurts, causing him to stumble backwards a step. Kuro's legs gave out, causing her to fall down to the ground. "If I was going to do it, I would of done it. You're just a weak little girl. I don't know how people can stand you," he moaned before typing in the code into the keypad on the side of the building before walking inside. "Jerk," Kuro blushed, standing up. The black haired boy was standing next to Naomi as Kuro entered the main office. "Please don't tell me..." she mumbled. "Everyone, let me introduce the substitute director, Jun Matsumoto," Naomi introduced. "It's a pleasure to meet you all, lets work hard," he commented, glancing over at Kuro and smiling. "Anyway do you have work next?" Taemin wondered. "Not for another three hours," Kuro mumbled. "Lets hang out for two hours," Minho stated, grabbing her hand before walking of. Jun was watching them from near the directors office. Minho and Kuro stayed around Shinjuku. "Sorry I couldn't protect you," Minho apologized."It wasn't your fault," Kuro reminded. "Still,If I turned up sooner, then maybe you wouldn't of been shot," Minho commented. "I'm sorry that I keep bothering you all," Kuro sighed. Minho wrapped his arm around Kuro. Kuro awkwardly put her arm around Minho's back. "We really don't hang out that much," Minho added. "Iv'e only been alone with you a few times," Kuro nodded. "It's a shame," Minho confessed. They spent an hour looking around the shops in Shinjuku. "Where do you work?" Minho wondered. "Akihabara," Kuro mumbled. "Wanna go eat there before you have to start work? I'll pay," Minho suggested. "If that's okay," Kuro nodded. "Doraemon!" Minho smiled as soon as they got inside Mcdonalds. There was a sign showing that the happy meal toys were Doraemon figures. He glanced down at Kuro. "I seem kinda pathetic, right?" he sighed. "I got a happy meal last year when they were doing pretty cure stuff," Kuro admitted. "Really?" Minho asked, watching Kuro nod. "Hard to believe i'm 22," Minho laughed. "I think it's cute," Kuro smiled, blushing after she heard what she just said. Minho smiled, patting Kuro on the head. He brought a happy meal while Kuro got a double cheese burger and a chocolate milkshake. "You've seen Chuunibyou as well?" Minho asked, taking a sip of his cola. "Yep, Rikka is my favorite character," Kuro nodded, swinging her legs under the table. Within a few minutes they had finished eating. Minho placed the Doraemon figure into his jacket pocket before zipping it up. "I'll put the rubbish in the bin," Kuro smiled, jumping out of her chair and picking up the tray. When Kuro got back to the table Minho wrapped his arm around her back, pulling her closer to him. "By the way you look really cute," he blushed. "Thank you," Kuro smiled, doing the V sign before turning it into bunny ears."Your seriously too adorable," Minho mumbled, not realizing how loud he said it. Kuro's checks blushed. There was a minute of awkward silence. "I have to get to work," Kuro blushed, looking at the time on her phone. "I won't tell anyone," bargained Minho, placing his two hands together."This is the cafe," Kuro added about twenty minutes later. Minho looked up at the building. "A maid cafe..." Minho smiled, glancing at Kuro. "Good luck with Asami and Karen," Kuro warned. "Kuro-chan!" Asami grinned as she noticed Kuro walking in through the door. "Hi," Kuro blushed. "Is he your boyfriend?" Asami asked, looking up at Minho. "He's not my boyfriend!" Kuro cried. "We're just friends," Minho protested. "But you don't want to be," Karen stated, coming up from behind Asami. "That's not what I meant," Minho responded. "So you don't like her?" Karen asked. "I didn't say that," Minho blushed. "So you do," Asami replied."Anyway Kuro, you should go get changed. We'll keep him company," Asami smiled. "Be back in a minute," Kuro added before rushing of to the changing rooms. Karen guided Minho to one of the tables. "So, do you?" Asami asked. "Do I what?" Minho questioned. "Love her," continued Karen. "Where did that come from?" Minho mumbled. "We saw how you were looking at her," Asami observed. "Fine, just don't tell her," Minho mumbled. "Was that just a confession?" Karen grinned. "Yes, can we leave it alone?" Minho blushed, feeling embarrassed. Karen and Asami exchanged glances before busting out laughing. "Are you being mean?" Kuro asked. Minho turned around to see what Kuro was wearing. Karen tapped Asami's arm, causing her to follow Karen's glance to see a smile on Minho's face. "You look really cute," Minho confessed. Kuro's checks blushed. "Thanks," she smiled. Minho turned around and slugged in his chair. "He's being turned on by her cuteness," Karen giggled, looking down at Minho who was blushing and covering his mouth. "You can't say things like that!" Kuro blushed. "You too are cute together," Karen added. "Okay you're making them really uncomfortable. Just get back to work," Hina commented from behind them."Yes," Karen and Asami nodded before rushing back to serve customers. "Thanks," Kuro blushed. "No problem," Hina responded. She leaned towards Minho. "She can tell that you like her. We can all. I don't know how she feels back but she doesn't bring people here. You should confess it to her face," she whispered before going back to work. "What did she say to you?" Kuro mumbled. "Just to not do anything creepy to you," he lied. Kuro nodded, glancing around at Hina. "I have to go into the office, can I have the bill?" Minho sighed half an hour later, glancing down at his phone that had just vibrated. "Sure," Kuro nodded before getting the bill. "Will you be okay?" Kuro mumbled while Minho was getting out his money. "I'll be fine, don't worry," Minho smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "See you at home," he smiled before leaving. At the end of the day Karen got changed the quickest and was waiting for Asami and Kuro to finish changing. "I'm going first," Hina stated before leaving. Karen suddenly heard the bell above the door ring. "Sorry we're closed," she apologized. She smiled as soon as she saw who had came through the door. "It's really cute by the way," Asami added, looking down at Kuro's outfit which consisted of the salopette Kuro brought when she was in Harajuku with Onew. "Thank you," Kuro smiled, spinning around."Kuro," Karen stated once Kuro and Asami walked out of the changing rooms. "What's wrong?" Asami asked. Karen pointed to the side. A tall figure walked out of the darkness. "Chanyeol!" Kuro smiled, rushing forward and hugging Chanyeol. "How have you been the past week and a half?" Chanyeol asked, hugging Kuro back. "Iv'e been okay. What about you?" Kuro responded. "Iv'e been good. Especially being able to see the rest of my family back in Seoul," he smiled. "We'll leave you two to walk together," Asami grinned before leaving the cafe with Karen. "Are you cold?" Chanyeol acknowledged while they were walking. "I'm fine, don't worry," Kuro blushed. Chanyeol took of his jacket before placing it over Kuro's shoulders. "You know when you're cold you should tell me," Chanyeol sighed. "You'll be cold though," Kuro reminded. Chanyeol linked arms with her. "This makes me warm enough," he smiled. With his other hand he kept something behind his back. "Can I tell you something?" Kuro asked. "Of course," Chanyeol nodded. "But you can't tell anybody," Kuro cried. "How about we go there ," he suggested. They walked to a small park that had two swings, a climbing frame and a slide. "I should of told you this earlier but I'm seriously afraid that you'll hate me after I tell you," Kuro mumbled, lightly swinging on one of the swings. "I could never hate you," Chanyeol admitted, he was sitting on the swing next to her with what he was hiding resting on the floor. "You know that day a few weeks ago when you ran up the overpass steps when I was on it?" Kuro started. "Yeah," Chanyeol nodded. Kuro looked down to the ground. "After you left me, this guy turned up," Kuro mumbled. "What did he do to you?" Chanyeol asked, tightening his grip on the swing. "He tried to kill me. Then five guys turned up and saved me. I collapsed and woke up at this company run by the government," Kuro mumbled, tears formed in the corner of her eyes. "The company deals with the supernatural.They told me that I was the Shinigami princess and the guys were Aces, supernatural guys that are meant to protect me. The company moved me into there apartment," Kuro mumbled. "Shinigami Princess..." Chanyeol commented. Kuro moved her hand which caused a small glowing white and pink orb to appear. Sakura petals fell down around it. Kuro's hand fell down by her side causing the glow to disappear. "It's also why my hair and eyes are like this," Kuro added. The tears were rolling down her face. Chanyeol picked up a shopping bag that was on the ground before getting of the swing. More tears fell down Kuro's face. After a few seconds she felt something go down onto her lap. "I brought this for you in Seoul," Chanyeol stated, with his arms resting on Kuro's lap behind the shopping bag. "Don't you hate me?" Kuro cried. Chanyeol wiped away her tears with the end of his sleeve. "I will never hate you," Chanyeol smiled. Kuro looked up at him, still crying. "But I lied to you, Kuro sobbed. "I don't care, I love you," Chanyeol confessed. Kuro felt her checks blushed as she glanced up at Chanyeol. "So do you want it" Chanyeol asked. "Okay," Kuro mumbled. Chanyeol wiped Kuro's tears away before he watched her open the bag.
"Are they okay?" Chanyeol asked. Kuro nodded, wiping a tear that was rolling down her check. "Are you crying again?" Chanyeol panicked, going onto his knee's. "Sorry," Kuro cried, rubbing her eyes. "Thank you," Kuro quietly mumbled as she held back the tears. Chanyeol picked up the shopping bag before placing it down on the ground. "Don't cry, I hate it when you're sad," Chanyeol admitted. "C-Chanyeol..." Kuro mumbled. "What can I do to make you happier?" Chanyeol questioned. "You have," Kuro added as she was still looking down at the ground. Chanyeol quickly moved up onto the swing, facing Kuro and leaning on her lap. He wrapped his arm around her back. "Chanyeol!" she blushed, trying to move away only to cause the swing to move. She fell backwards, landing on the ground, with Chanyeol landing on-top of her. "Sorry..." Chanyeol mumbled, looking down at Kuro's lips. "It was my fault," Kuro blushed. "You don't like kisses, right?" Chanyeol guessed. Kuro nodded. Her face turned bright red. Chanyeol's heartbeat rapidly grew louder. "You should go home before it gets to late," Chanyeol added, still staring into Kuro's eyes. "Right, before the guys worry," Kuro nodded. "I'll take you home," Chanyeol stated, moving his head up. He kissed Kuro on the center of her forehead before going back down to look her in the eye. Chanyeol quickly sat up, covering his mouth with his hand. Kuro sat up,despite Chanyeol still sitting on her legs. "We should go," he babbled, standing up and holding his hand out towards Kuro who grabbed his hand. The only sounds they could hear while they walked home was the sound of their footsteps. Chanyeol was still holding onto Kuro's hand and Kuro was carrying the bag she got from him. "This is it," Kuro mumbled. Chanyeol looked up at the building. "I'll take you up to your apartment," Chanyeol announced. Silence filled the elevator as Kuro and Chanyeol kept to opposite sides of the elevator. "Sorry about earlier," Chanyeol apologized. "I should be the one apologizing," Kuro mumbled. Chanyeol stepped in-front of Kuro. "You're not going to cry again, are you?" Chanyeol asked. "Iv'e cried enough for one day," Kuro responded. The elevator came to a stop. "Is this your floor" he guessed. Kuro nodded. Chanyeol walked her to the front door. "Thank you for these," Kuro mumbled, holding up the bag. "No problem, glad you like them," he smiled. "Bye," Kuro mumbled. "Wait, there's something I have to do," Chanyeol interrupted before Kuro could unlock the door. He kissed her on her check. "That's the closet I can get without upsetting you," he added. He waved before going back into the lift. Sitting in the entrance way,without any lights on,was Minho. "What is he to you?" Minho coldly asked. "He's my childhood friend," Kuro mumbled. "He just kissed you, didn't he?" Minho guessed. "On the check, "Kuro nodded. "Have you had your first proper kiss yet?" Minho asked. Kuro shock her head. Minho nodded. Kuro took of her pastel blue Lolita tea party shoes. Minho reached forwards, grabbing her hand. "Minho..." Kuro mumbled. Minho quickly pulled Kuro past him, causing her to fall down just above the entrance step. Minho leaned over her, with her legs in-between his. Kuro's checks turned red as she looked up into his eyes. "Minho, can you let go of me please?" Kuro mumbled. "You drive my heart crazy," he whispered before leaning towards her. As he pressed his lips against her's, Kuro gripped onto his shirt. Kuro closed her eyes as Minho moved his hand, placing his it on her check.
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Chapter 3- A shadow that burns red
Minho placed his other hand on Kuro's waist as he continued to kiss her. Kuro tugged on his shirt. Minho's grip on her waist tightened. After a minute he pulled his lips away from her's, licking his own lip. Kuro opened her eyes, looking up into his. Her heart was beating rapidly. "You've had a long day, you should get some sleep," Minho acknowledged. Kuro nodded, still looking into his eyes. Her hand fell to her side. Minho moved to the side to let Kuro sit up. She quickly sat up and grabbed the shopping bag. Her face was still bright red. "I'm going to my room..." Kuro mumbled, standing up before walking to her room. "Maybe I shouldn't of used tong for her first time?" he mumbled, placing his finger against his lips. The next morning Taemin and Jonghyun were cooking breakfast. Taemin was cooking the rice while Jonghyun was cooking the Miso soup. "Do you need any help on the others?" Key offered. "Yeah, thanks," nodded Taemin. Key started to make the Tamagoyaki and Natto. "I'm glad we finally got a floor table. Now we can all fit around the table," Taemin expressed, scarping the rice out of the rice maker and into six bowls. "It took SDC long enough to buy us it," nodded Jonghyun, carrying the bowls of Miso soup into the living room. In the living room was a the new table with Minho sitting on one side, playing on his phone.
"Anyone would thought they prefer Kuro out of all of us," Taemin added. "It's a pretty awesome table," Key smiled. "Okay, prefer Kuro and Key who both like pink," corrected Taemin. Kuro came out of her room wearing the skirt and top she got from Chanyeol, a pair of pink thigh high socks that had hearts printed on the sides. Her hair was tied up into high twin tails. Jonghyun sat down next to Minho. Onew sat down on the edge the other side of Jonghyun. Key sat down opposite Jonghyun and Kuro sat down next to Key. "Are you okay Kuro?" Key asked while they were eating breakfast. Kuro looked up from the Tamagoyaki she was eating. "Just didn't get enough sleep last night," Kuro mumbled. Minho glanced over at her. "Are you feeling ill again?" Jonghyun panicked while picking up some Natto with his chopsticks. "Just was thinking about something," Kuro responded. "Something good, or something bad?" Minho asked, looking over at her. "I'm not sure," Kuro mumbled, blushing as she exchanged eye-contact with him. "Anyway, I have a mission. So see you all later," Onew concluded, finishing of the last of his Miso soup. He picked up his empty bowls and carried them over to the sink, washing them and putting them away in the cupboard before going to his room to get changed. "I have to go as well," Taemin added, taking his empty bowls over to the sink as well. "You got home really late last night, what happened?" Key asked, looking over at Kuro. "My childhood friend came back from Korea yesterday, I told him the truth," Kuro mumbled, glancing at Minho opposite. "You told him everything about the Princess and Ace thing?" Jonghyun asked. Kuro nodded. "How did he respond?" Key asked. "After I finished crying he was okay with it," Kuro mumbled. "I've finished, bye," Key commented, standing up. "If you cry again just call me," he added, patting Kuro on the head. "Me too," Jonghyun nodded, following Key to the Kitchen. "I'm not hungry, so bye," Kuro mumbled, picking up her bowls and going to stand up. Minho grabbed her hand from under the table, pulling her back down onto the floor. An awkward tension filled the air. Minho continued to eat his Tamagoyaki while holding Kuro's hand under the table. "Were they in the bag from yesterday?" Minho asked, not looking up at Kuro. Kuro looked down at her top and skirt. "Chanyeol brought them for me," Kuro nodded. "Do you love him?" Minho questioned, eating his last Tamagoyaki. "No," Kuro mumbled. "That's good," Minho admitted, swallowing the last bite of his Tamagoyaki. "Do you want me to feed you your food?" Minho offered. "I don't want to eat anymore of it, I don't feel that well," Kuro mumbled. "You said you wasn't ill," Minho reminded. Kuro glanced up at him to see him watching her. "I'm fine. Can I go get ready for work?" Kuro mumbled. Minho's grip on her tightened. He quickly climbed under the table and pinned her to the floor, leaning on her. "Do you actually feel ill?" he asked. "Only a little bit," Kuro mumbled. "It can't be period pain as Shinigami can't get pregnant and therefore you can't have periods. There was nothing wrong with the food as we're all fine," Minho started. "T.M.I," Kuro quietly mumbled, looking to the side. "You said that after Key told you that I went hard after you sat on my lap," Minho remembered. Kuro looked back at him. "Do we have to talk about that?" Kuro mumbled. "I guess not since i'm on-top of you," Minho responded. He looked down at her stomach. Minho glanced up into Kuro's eyes before pulling her top up. She had a faint scratch on her stomach from where she was shot. "You said it had healed," Minho reminded. "It is," Kuro mumbled. "Not completely," Minho stated. "You were all really worried about me when you knew I was injured," Kuro mumbled. "We always are worried about you," Minho added. "But you were less worried when you thought it was healed," Kuro mumbled. "Still, you shouldn't of lied. You've been training for the past two days and on-top the dancing at the cafe," Minho complained. "It only hurts a little," Kuro mumbled. "So it still hurts," Minho sighed, glancing down. "Sorry," he apologized, pulling her top back down. "Oh yeah, Minho," Jonghyun's voice started from around the corner. Minho quickly sat up and moved to the side. Kuro sat up, tucking her top back into her skirt so the bow at the top of the skirt could be seen. "You've moved," Jonghyun stated. "I thought Kuro would be lonely," Minho responded. "Okay, anyway about dinner tonight, what about having pizza delivered?" Jonghyun suggested. "I'm okay with that," Minho nodded. "I have to go to work," Kuro mumbled, standing u before going to her room to get her jacket and bag. "Do you know whats wrong with her today?" Jonghyun questioned. "Headache for something like that," Minho responded, standing up. "You're wearing the top and skirt!" Chanyeol smiled after Kuro's shift as they were talking in Starbucks in Akihabara. "I thought I would try them," Kuro nodded. Chanyeol looked behind him at the man behind the counter. "You two can talk till we get customers" the man behind the counter informed. "Thanks, Boss," Chanyeol smiled. "Oh yeah, my brother was wondering if Shiori-san was still single," remembered Chanyeol. "Is he in love with Tamai?" Kuro giggled. "You saw them during middle school," Chanyeol reminded. "He kept clinging to her," Kuro remembered. "She was the one who was obsessed with holding his hand," Chanyeol added. "They're cute together," Kuro nodded. "So is it okay if he asks her out?" Chanyeol asked. "I think she's single," Kuro nodded. The bell above the door rang. A group of six people walked in. "I guess I should go back to work," Chanyeol sighed, standing up. "Talk to you tomorrow," Kuro waved. Chanyeol quickly kissed Kuro on the check before going back to work. RING RING. "Hello?" Kuro mumbled into her phone. "Its Naomi from SDC," Naomi's voice stated. "Whats wrong?" Kuro asked. "I need to talk to you, can you come in?" Naomi requested. "Okay, I'll be in soon," Kuro nodded. Naomi hanged up the phone. "Hi," Kuro shyly smiled once she got to the HQ. "Please don't hate me," Naomi begged. "Why?" Kuro asked, confused. "He told me to get you here saying I wanted to talk to you because you wouldn't if he asked you too," Naomi answered. Someone from the other end of the office shouted her name. She did the one minute sign before focusing back at Kuro. "The boss wants to see you," Naomi informed. "The substitute director?" Kuro guessed. "That is correct," Naomi nodded. "Do I have to see him on my own?" Kuro asked. "He wants to talk to you privately," Naomi responded. "Can't you come with me?" Kuro cried. "I have to go on a mission, you will be fine. There's nothing to be worried about," Naomi reasured. "That's easy for you to say," Kuro sighed. "Anyway he's in the directors office," Naomi informed before walking of. Kuro took a deep breath before walking up the stairs. Kuro gently knocked on the door. "Matsumoto-san, you wanted to see me?" Kuro mumbled, opening the door. Her hand was behind her back and holding onto her gun. "Close the door," Jun ordered from the desk. Kuro stepped inside and closed the door. "Come closer," Jun added, reading a file. "What did you want to talk to me about?" Kuro asked, walking closer to the desk. "First of call me Jun, and second..." Jun started. He quickly stood up of his chair, grabbed Kuro's wrist and pushed her down onto the desk. He pulled the gun out of behind her, throwing it across the room. "How weak are you?" he moaned, climbing up onto the desk and sitting on-top of Kuro. "Please get of me," Kuro begged. "You know begging won't save you if someone is trying to kill you, or worse," reminded Jun. "Jerk," Kuro mumbled. "The director is just too easy on you," Jun stated. "The director isn't a jerk," Kuro complained. "I should get to work," she mumbled. "You still haven't proved that the Shinigami princess isn't useless," Jun commented, looking down into Kuro's eyes. "I am useless, please can I go?" Kuro mumbled. "I'll walk you," Jun stated, getting of the desk before grabbing Kuro's hand. "Do you need to get anything from home?" he asked, pulling her of the desk. "I don't need anything," Kuro mumbled, trying to move her hand away. "Where is it?" Jun asked. "Akihabara," Kuro mumbled, looking down at the ground. "I'll drive you," he sighed before walking of and grabbing Kuro's gun. He tucked it into the back of Kuro's skirt as he walked down the stairs. Everyone looked up at them and were whispering. "Can you let go of me?" Kuro cried, looking away. You would run of if I let go of you," reminded Jun. "Do you blame me?" Kuro asked. Jun smiled as he continued walking. He dragged Kuro into the lift before pressing the button. Kuro moved away from Jun, staying on the opposite side of the lift. "How old are you?" Kuro mumbled. "25," Jun responded, looking straight at Kuro who was looking at the ground. "There's only a 10 year age gap," Jun stated. Kuro nodded. The lift came to a stop. Jun grabbed Kuro's hand before the door opened. Jun walked forwards into the car-park, suddenly feeling Kuro grab his hand. He pulled her closer. "The useless Princess is scared," Jun added. "People always die in the car-park in horror movies," Kuro mumbled. Jun stopped walking as he got to a posh black car without the roof. Jun unlocked the the car, letting go of Kuro's hand. "Get in," he ordered, pushing Kuro forwards. She climbed over to the passenger seat before doing up her seat-belt. "I'm not going to crash," Jun sighed, starting up the engine. "When is the director coming back?" Kuro mumbled, looking up at the sky. "Wow, you really don't like me," Jun commented. Kuro glanced at him. "He's meant to be back in three weeks," Jun informed. "Great," Kuro sighed. For most of the journey there was silence. "Its here," Kuro mumbled. Jun looked up at the cafe. "So the useless princess works in a maid cafe," he stated. "Please don't tell anyone!" Kuro begged, turning to face him. "Make me," he challenged. Kuro quickly grabbed the car-keys. "I won't give them back until you promise," Kuro added. Jun reached forwards, stopping when Kuro went to jump out of the car. Jun wrapped his arms around her, pulling her don onto the backseat and accidentally landing on her. "Pervert," Kuro cried. A van zoomed past. Jun looked down into her eyes. "Thanks," Kuro mumbled. "Useless and suicidal," sighed Jun. "I'm not suicidal," Kuro cried. Jun felt his heart beet faster. "I'm going to be late," Kuro mumbled. Jun pulled the keys out of Kuro's hand. "I won't tell anyone," he added before sitting to the side. Kuro admittedly sat up. "Being on-top of you seems to be a habit," Jun grinned. Kuro stood up, tripping over the seat-belt which caused her to fall to the bottom of the car. "Ow..." Kuro mumbled. Jun rolled his eyes as he crouched down in-front of her. "Useless, suicidal and clumsy," he commented. "Can you stop saying that?" Kuro mumbled. "You are useless though," Jun responded. Kuro stood up. Jun wrapped his arm around Kuro's back, pulling her down onto his lap. "Pervert," Kuro cried, trying to pull away. "How do you work in a maid cafe if you cant even stop me from being perverted?" Jun asked. "Jerk!" she mumbled. "You should get to work," Jun stated, moving his arm's away from Kuro who quickly stood up and got out of the car. The cafe started to get busy. Jun was watching Kuro from one of the tables. "She's pretty popular," a female voice interrupted. He looked up to see a girl with short black hair. "She is?" Jun asked. "She's cute, talented and warmhearted," the black haired girl nodded. "So she's not completely useless," Jun quietly noted. "Are you meeting up with Chanyeol?" Karen asked after the cafe closed. "For a few minutes," Kuro nodded. "You two are cute together!" Karen smiled. Kuro's checks blushed. "It's not like that!" she cried. Chanyeol wrapped his arm around Kuro as he sat down onto the swing. "How is the situation?" Chanyeol asked. "It's okay," Kuro mumbled. "Don't worry, it will get better," he reasured. As Kuro exchanged eye-contact with him, she smiled. "I can always count on you," Kuro smiled, jumping of her swing. "That's what friends are for," Chanyeol added. Kuro walked closer to him. Chanyeol pulled Kuro up against him. "C-Chanyeol!" she blushed. "I'm still not happy with you living with five guys," Chanyeol sighed. Kuro felt her checks blush. Chanyeol's pocket started to vibrate. "Sorry," Chanyeol panicked, pulling his phone out of his pocket. "Yeah?" he asked through the phone. "Ah, Kai. Chen's inviting us round for dinner? I'm with Kuro though. It's not a date! I know what I told you," Chanyeol babbled. Kuro tugged on his shirt. "It's okay, I should probably go home now," she whispered. "Okay, I'll be there in half an hour," Chanyeol stated before hanging up. "Do you want me to walk you home?" he offered. "That would be annoying for you," Kuro mumbled. "I guess i'll see you tomorrow," Chanyeol sighed. He stretched as he stood up. "Bye," he smiled, kissing Kuro on the check. "Bye," Kuro blushed. A woman was pushed out through the side door into an alley way. "Find another job!" a male voice shouted before shutting the door. "Stupid boss," she sighed. "Are you okay?" Kuro shyly asked. "I'm fine," the woman responded, kicking the door before turning to face Kuro.
"The Princess," she stated. "So you hate the Princess situation?" the woman asked as her and Kuro were sitting in a cafe. Kuro nodded. "Well don't worry little Shinigami, you have a Satori for a friend now," she smiled. "Satori?" Kuro repeated. "We're meant to dwell in Mountains and are famous for being the youkai that are able to read human thoughts," the woman explained, taking a sip of her hot chocolate. "Oh right, I'm Kiritani Mirei, 24," Mirei introduced. "Yomi Kuro, 15," Kuro shyly mumbled. "Nice to meet you," Mirei smiled, placing her hat down onto the table. "Like wise, If you don't mind me asking... what happened back there?" Kuro nodded. "I heard my boss saying to himself how he was in love with a coworker. I confronted him and he fired me so I wouldn't tell," Mirei explained. "That doesn't seem fair," Kuro mumbled. "That's life, especially for Youkai," sighed Mirei. "I have an idea," Kuro smiled. "At where I work this girl is moving to Kyoto and we need a replacement. If you want another job you can work there," Kuro suggested. "Sounds good, where is it?" Mirei wondered. "Maidreamin in Akihabara," Kuro smiled. "A maid cafe, What ,would I have to do?" Mirei questioned. "You would be welcoming the customers and join in with some of the dances," Kuro explained. "I'll try it," nodded Mirei. "Yay," Kuro smiled, hugging Mirei. "So when should start?" Mirei asked. "I can call the boss and ask if you can tomorrow if you want," Kuro suggested. "Whereabouts do you live?" Mirei asked. "Shinjuku, what about you?" Kuro responded. "Shibuya. We could meet by Akihabara station?" she suggested. Kuro nodded. "Sounds good should I meet you before you start tomorrow?" Mirei commented. "Sounds good, my train should get in about 11:25," Kuro added. "Mine gets in about 11:20, so i'll see you then," Mirei smiled. "I'll text you if something happens," Mirei commented before they split up. "Okay, bye," Kuro smiled. "Night," Mirei waved. "So that's the princess," a male voice stated from in the shadows. "We can get her tomorrow," another figure arranged, playing with a pocket knife. "What is wrong with you two for the past two days?" Taemin asked. Minho looked up from his food. "You barely talked to each other," added Key. Kuro and Minho exchanged eye-contact. "Probably because I kissed her," Minho mumbled. "You kissed her?" Jonghyun asked, standing up. He glanced down at Kuro who nodded. "How?" Onew asked, not looking up from his food. "Pervert," Taemin moaned, pushing Minho down against the ground. "I didn't say anything," Minho defended. "You didn't have to, the silence was enough," Taemin argued. "Are you okay?" Key questioned. "Can we not talk about it?" Kuro nodded. "You guys want to do it to, Key even tried," Minho reminded. "So?" Key responded. "Guys!" Jonghyun shouted. Everyone looked up at him. "Can't we move past it?" he asked, glancing at Kuro who mouthed, "Thank you". Taemin moved away from Minho. "I need to get ready," Kuro mumbled, standing up and picking up her plate. KNOCK.KNOCK. "Are you okay?" Jonghyun asked as he opened the door to Kuro's room. Kuro was sitting on her floor wearing a black salopette, a short sleeved pastel pink top, and thigh high pastel pink socks with stars printed up the side. In her hand was a hair-curler.
"I'm fine, thanks for back there," Kuro mumbled. "I'll curl your hair," he offered, sitting down behind her and picking the curler out of her hand. "Yesterday at breakfast when I came back to talk to Minho, was he doing something perverted?" Jonghyun guessed, curling a section of Kuro's hair. "He pushed me down onto the floor," Kuro nodded. "Sorry," Jonghyun apologized. Kuro turned around to face him. "Why are you sorry?" she asked. "I want to protect you but I couldn't," Jonghyun sighed. Kuro turned around and wrapped her arms around Jonghyun's shoulders. "Thank you..." she blushed. "Can I ask you something?" she mumbled. "Of course," nodded Jonghyun. "What do you think of the substitute director?" Kuro mumbled. "To young to run a company, why? Did he do something?" Jonghyun asked. "You can't tell the others," Kuro cried, moving backwards a step. Jonghyun moved closer to her. Kuro explained everything that had happened with Jun. "We should tell Naomi or at least Onew," Jonghyun started. "It sounds worse then it is," Kuro mumbled. "How about when ever you're at the HQ you stick with me?" Jonghyun sighed. "Wouldn't it be annoying if I called you every time I went to the HQ?" Kuro mumbled. "Of course not," he reasured, patting her on the head. "What should I do about work though?" Kuro asked. "Good question. How about if I come to work with you?" he suggested. "You can't!" Kuro blushed. "Why?" Jonghyun questioned. "Because you would think i'm weird," Kuro mumbled, looking down. "You're not weird, you're cute and friendly," Jonghyun smiled, patting Kuro on the head. Kuro went up onto her knees, leaning on Jonghyun. "Maidreamin," Kuro whispered. Jonghyun looked at Kuro. "The maid cafe?" Jonghyun acknowledged. "Not to loud!" Kuro blushed. "I'll keep it a secret," Jonghyun nodded, patting Kuro on the head. "So do you want me to take you to work?" he offered. "It's okay, I have to meet my friend anyway," Kuro responded. "Is it the guy?" Jonghyun asked. "She's called Kiritani Mirei, she's a Satori," Kuro explained. "Satori... so she's not human," Jonghyun acknowledged. "Don't worry, I'm safe," Kuro reasured. "I seriously worry to much about you," Jonghyun sighed, patting Kuro on the head. "kiritani!" Kuro smiled, spotting Mirei outside the train-station. "Mirei!" Mirei complained. "Okay, Mirei," Kuro nodded. "Morning," Mirei smiled. "Ready to go?" Kuro asked. Mirei did a thumps up. "You're uniform is in you're looker, Kuro-chan, can you show her?" Hina stated. "Okay," Kuro nodded. "So i have to decide on a nickname," Mirei sighed, clipping on the bow onto her uniform. "You can use your own name," Kuro added. "How about Ringo?It matches my hair," suggested Mirei. "It's cute," Kuro nodded. "Thanks for this," she smiled. "That's what friends are for," Kuro blushed. The door open with Asami in the doorway. "Hi," she started. Mirei suddenly heard what Asami was thinking. "Isn't she going out with Chanyeol yet?" Asami thought. "Who's Chanyeol?" Mirei asked later that day. Kuro's face turned red. "Where did you hear that?" she blushed. "Konno-chan was saying to herself if your going out with him," remembered Mirei. "He's a childhood friend," Kuro mumbled. "Are you in love with him?" Mirei asked. "For a bit in middle school but now i'm not sure," Kuro admitted. "Anything to do with the hot Aces?" Mirei guessed. Kuro's checks blushed. "It's not like that," Kuro mumbled. "That's the problem with being around hot guys, it makes your heart confused. And plus you were the one that called them hot," Mirei responded. "you've had experience with it?" Kuro asked. "Yeah, well with dramas," Mirei nodded. "Do you have control of your powers?" Kuro asked. "I can only hear one thought at a time, sometimes I can chose who i read but most of the time its random," Mirei explained. As she pasted a couple she heard the man's voice say, "How should I propose to her" in his head. "Bye," Mirei concluded as her and Kuro were about to split up. "Bye, see you tomorrow," Kuro waved. As she was walking, she accidentally bumped into something. THUD."Sorry," Kuro blushed. Above her were two high schools boys. One had bleach blonde hair and one had black hair. "No problem, cutie," the one with blonde hair smiled. Kuro quickly stood up. The one with black hair grabbed her wrist. "wanna party with us?" he offered. "No, thanks. I need to go," Kuro blushed, stepping to the side. "Lets take her there," the blonde boy added. The one with black hair started walking, dragging Kuro behind him. "Please let go of me!" she cried. The blonde haired boy pulled something out of his pocket. "If you try to run away or shout for help we will kill you,Princess," he coldly commented, showing that he was holding a pocket-knife before putting it back into his pocket. They dragged her to an alley way. The black haired boy pushed her down onto the ground. "What do you want?" Kuro asked, shuffling backwards. "Fun," the blonde boy replied. "Blood," added the black haired boy. The blonde boy noticed that Kuro had her phone out behind her. He quickly moved forwards, pushing Kuro down and grabbing the phone. "Key huh? an Ace?" he guessed, reading her phone. "Bad princess," the black haired boy stated. The blonde haired boy pulled the battery out of the phone before throwing it to the side. He pulled the pocket-knife out of his pocket, passing it to the black-haired boy. "Please, let go of me," Kuro cried. "You're annoying," the black haired boy moaned before sliding the knife against her check. He busted out laughing when he saw Kuro flinching.he started to make a few cuts near her wrists. "How would you react if i actually cut your wrists?" he asked, moving the knife closer to her wrists. "He will smell the blood..." Kuro mumbled. "Think vampire boy with save you?" the blonde haired boy laughed. "Your Aces won't save you," the black haired boy informed. "I take it that this so called Key is the vampire?" the blonde boy guessed. "What about if we kill him?" the black haired boy questioned. "Don't hurt him!" Kuro cried, trying to pull away from him. The black haired boy passed the blonde boy the knife. The black haired boy covered Kuro's mouth as the blonde boy rammed the knife into Kuro's thigh. A pink light appeared, knocking the two boys backwards. "Stupid Shinigami," the black haired one complained. He rushed forwards, going to stab Kuro however she moved out of the way. The blonde boy kicked her down onto the ground. "Using your powers was a bad discussion," he commented. "If I don't..." she mumbled, sitting up. The black haired boy punched her in the check. The blonde boy attempted to hold back his laughter. "If you fight it will be more painful," the black haired boy reminded. "Get away from her!" a male voice demanded from behind them. A young boy came running up. He crouched down next to Kuro, wrapping his arm around her.
"Stay away from the princess," the boy moaned. "Protective boyfriend," the one with black hair moaned before running of with the bleached blonde haired boy. "Are you okay, Princess?" the boy asked, crouching down in-front of Kuro. "You know who I am?" Kuro mumbled. "I'm a Hundun," the boy responded. "Hundun?" Kuro repeated. "A spirit of chaos," the boy explained. He looked down at the cut on Kuro's arm. "Damn punks," he sighed. He took his black jacket of before placing it over Kuro's shoulders. "I'm Nam Woohyun, and you?" Woohyun introduced. "Yomi Kuro," Kuro mumbled. "Can I call you Kuro?" Woohyun asked. Kuro nodded, picking up her phone and the battery. He wrapped his arms around her waist before helping her stand up. "Why should I trust you?" Kuro mumbled. Woohyun moved his head closer to Kuro's. "I'm an Ace," he whispered. "Your an Ace...?" Kuro mumbled. "I take it you've met some of your other Aces?" Woohyun guessed. "five, I didn't know there was any more," Kuro nodded. "There's one more that i'm aware of," Woohyun stated, noticing a tear roll down Kuro's check. "You're safe now, i'll take you home," he reasured, wiping the tear away. "Thank you," Kuro mumbled. During the way Kuro's legs gave out, causing her to fall to the ground. "Kuro!" Woohyun panicked, crouching down. "I'm okay, it just hurts," Kuro blushed. Woohyun slightly pulled Kuro's skirt up to see the cut. "Wrap your arms around my neck," he commented. Kuro hesitated for a second before wrapping his arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms under Kuro's legs and around her shoulder before picking her up. "I'm okay with walking," she blushed. "I don't want to make you do that," Woohyun admitted, walking forwards. "Isn't the food ready yet?" Taemin complained, sitting at the table. "It will be ready in a few minutes," Onew shouted through the kitchen wall. "The strong is pretty strong, it might burn in a minute," Key commented as he was playing a video game with Jonghyun. "You're a vampire, everything smells stronger to you," Minho reminded. The front door open. "Kuro, dinners almost ready," Taemin informed, not looking up at the door. "Guys," Kuro mumbled. Everyone looked over at her to see Woohyun helping her down. Key rushed over, placing his hand on the side of Kuro's face. "What happened?" he panicked. "Two humans that were in a contract with a demon were trying to kill her," Woohyun explained. Key glanced up at him. Jonghyun, Onew, Minho and Taemin all came over. "Who are you?" Taemin asked. "I'm Nam Woohyun, i'm also an Ace," he introduced. "An ace..." Minho mumbled. "How should we believe you?" Onew questioned. "We can take him into SDC and they will find it out," suggested Minho. Kuro and Jonghyun exchanged eye-contact. "I'll run you a bath to get rid of the dried blood," Taemin volunteered. "I'll get something to change into," Kuro mumbled. "I'll get it," Jonghyun stated before running of to her room. Key picked Kuro up, princess style, and carried her to the sofa. After placing her down on the sofa he crouched down in-front of her. Woohyun leaned over the back of the sofa while Minho and Taemin sat down either side of Kuro. "The foods about to burn," Key reminded. Onew quickly ran of. "When did you turn up?" Minho asked, looking up at Woohyun. "Just as one of them was threatening her," Woohyun informed. "After they punched me," Kuro mumbled. Taemin kissed her check, just under the cut. Kuro's face blushed as she looked at Taemin. "Is this okay?" Jonghyun asked, coming into the room carrying a pair of pink pajamas. "Lets go," Taemin started, wrapping his arm around Kuro's shoulder and helping her stand up. Kuro glanced at Woohyun. "I'll be okay, I need to talk to them anyway," Woohyun responded. "Okay," Kuro mumbled. She sat down with her back to the bath while Taemin turned on the taps. "I'm sorry," Kuro mumbled into her arms as her arms were leaning on her knees. "Why are you sorry?" Taemin asked. "For bothering you like this," Kuro explained. Taemin wrapped his arm around Kuro's waist. "Sorry that I couldn't protect you," Taemin added. Kuro awkwardly wrapped her hands around Taemin's hand. "Not having to come home to an empty apartment afterwards is how your making up to it," Kuro mumbled. Taemin looked to the side, stopping as his eyes met with Kuro's eyes.The water suddenly started to over-flow from the bath. Taemin quickly stood up, turning of the tap. Kuro went to stand up, pain rushing through her leg. Taemin quickly caught her before she could fall. The water slightly tipped over the side as Taemin landed in the bath with his legs up against the side and Kuro on his lap. "Ow," Kuro mumbled, opening her eyes. Her wrists were under the water, causing her cuts to sting. Taemin glanced down at the cut on her thigh to see that the cut was a few centimeters away from touching the water. "Are you okay?" Kuro mumbled. "I'm fine, you do realize how close your hand is?" he asked, looking down at Kuro's hand that was on the top of his leg. "Sorry," she blushed, moving her hand away. "I don't mind, just thought you wouldn't like it," Taemin stated. Kuro looked into his eyes. "If they hurt then you can lean on me and I can wipe the blood away," Taemin suggested. "Pervert," Kuro blushed. "I mean just like this," Taemin defended. Kuro stood up, almost slipping on the bottom of the bath. "Anyway I should leave you, i'll be outside the door. Shout me if you want anything," Taemin concluded, standing up before leaving the room. "Here," Onew stated from to the side of Taemin. He looked up from the ground where he was sitting to see Onew holding out a bottle of water towards him. KNOCK.KNOCK. "Kuro, I'm going into the living room, if you need help just shout," Taemin informed. "Okay," Kuro nodded, playing with the bubbles in the bath. "So i'll come into the HQ with Kuro tomorrow," Woohyun stated. "And Jonghyun," Kuro added, appearing in the doorway. Everyone turned around to see her in her pink pajamas.
"Don't trust me?" Woohyun asked. "Its another reason," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun got up from the sofa, going over to Kuro. He wrapped his arms around Kuro's waist and helped her walk over to the sofa. Onew picked the first aid box of the table. He knelled down on the floor in-front of the sofa as Kuro sat down in-front of him. Minho's and Key's phones gave out a quick tune. They both read a text saying 'mission, head to main office'. "We have to go, bye," Minho sighed, patting Kuro on the head before going over to the entrance way and putting on his shoes. "We'll get food on the way home," Key added. "Yep, don't wait up," Minho stated, opening the door. Key quickly put on his shoes before leaving the apartment with Minho. Kuro flinched as Onew wiped the cut on her thigh with an antiseptic wipe. At the mission Key and Minho were looking through an abandoned building. The torch in Minho's hand grew fainter before going dark. "Great," Minho sighed, hitting the torch against his hand. The only light was from the torch Key was holding. "Key, look out," Minho yelled. Key quickly turned around as the blonde boy was about to stab him, dodging out of the way. The black haired boy stepped out from the shadows. "your the famous Key, huh?" he snickered. "You know me?" Key asked. "The princess was trying to call you earlier before we took away her phone" the blonde boy informed. "You two are the guys who hurt her earlier?" Minho asked, his hand going into a fist. The blonde boy busted out laughing. "You're all bandaged up," Onew stated at the apartment. "Thanks," Kuro mumbled, looking down. Onew exchanged eye contact with Taemin, Woohyun and Jonghyun. "How about we watch a movie?" Taemin suggested. Kuro nodded. "I'll cook you something else, what do you want?" Onew offered. "Dango?" Kuro mumbled. "Okay," Onew nodded, standing up and patting Kuro on the head. "I'll help," Woohyun added, following Onew. Taemin left the sofa before going into his room. Jonghyun pulled Kuro closer to him, placing his hand down onto her thigh. "Ideally I said to arrest them without injuries," Naomi sighed at the HQ. "They hurt her," Key mumbled. "Yomi-chan?" Naomi guessed. Minho nodded. Taemin wrapped a duvet around Kuro from behind the sofa, causing Jonghyun and Kuro to look up at him. He climbed over the sofa, sitting down the other side of Kuro and getting under the duvet. "Is there anything else we can do to help you feel better?" Taemin asked. "I'm okay, thanks though," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun leaned his head on Kuro's shoulder. "You look cute in them by the way," he admitted. Kuro's face slightly blushed as she looked at him. Onew placed a plate filled with Bocchan dango down onto the table. He crouched down in-front of the DVD shelf next to the TV. "What type of film do you want to watch? We're fine with a chic-flick," Onew offered. "Do you have any studio Ghibli?" Kuro mumbled."I have Totoro and Kiki's delivery service in my room if you want to watch either of them," Jonghyun added. "Okay," Kuro nodded. "We can watch them both," Jonghyun added, standing up and going to his room. "So you like cute films?" Onew asked. "I also like horror movies," Kuro mumbled. "You like horror movies? Aren't you scared of ghosts?" Taemin remembered. Kuro nodded. "Is it because of horror movies that your scared of them?" Woohyun guessed. "Maybe," Kuro nodded. "Still strange that sometimes you can be really scared by shadows or noises," Taemin sighed. Kuro's checks blushed. Taemin remembered a few nights ago when Kuro had heard a strange noise coming from the balcony one night. She had gone into Taemin's room to wake him up. "Taemin..." Kuro had mumbled, poking his arm. Taemin quickly sat up after waking up. "What's wrong?" He had asked. "There's a weird noise coming from the balcony," Kuro mumbled. "I'll go check it out," Taemin sighed as he had patted Kuro on the head. She quickly grabbed his sleeve. "When they split up in horror movies they always die," she cried. They had quietly sneaked to the other side of the apartment. After Taemin had opened the balcony a rustling sound occurred near them. Kuro's grip on him increased as he had grabbed her hand. A small ginger cat jumped out of the hanging flower pot on the neigh-boroughs balcony. It had meowed before going onto another balcony. Kuro let out a small sigh. "Do you wanna sleep in my room with me tonight?" Taemin had offered. "That would be annoying," Kuro had mumbled. Another noise occurred from another balcony. "I really don't mind," Taemin had responded, sounding scared himself. They had easily fallen asleep, in the comfort of each other's presence. "That was embarrassing," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun came back into the room carrying two DVD boxes. "You weren't the only one scared," Taemin reminded. Jonghyun placed one of the DVD's into the DVD player. Woohyun placed a plate of Dango down onto the table. "Thank you," Kuro smiled. A smile appeared on Onew's face as he sat down next to Jonghyun, followed by Woohyun sitting down the other side of Onew."Its good to see you smile," he added.
"You two aren't doing anything weird under that are you?" Onew asked. Taemin and Jonghyun shock their heads before continuing to eat. "It's annoying that you two get to do that," Onew sighed. "Being logical one of us can go under there as well, if Kuro sits on us," Woohyun added. Kuro's checks blushed. "I'm not sitting on anyone's lap again," Kuro blushed. "Again," repeated Woohyun. "You trust me, right?" Jonghyun questioned. Kuro nodded. Jonghyun wrapped his arms around her, lifting her up and putting her down onto Taemin's lap. Jonghyun sat down where Kuro was sitting before picking Kuro up again and putting her on his lap. "You two can sit on each other's lap if you want then we all can be under the duvet," he suggested, looking over at Onew and Woohyun. Onew and Woohyun exchanged eye-contact. "We're okay, thanks," they responded in-unison. "I should probably leave you guys anyway, i'll meet you where we arranged tomorrow," Woohyun stated, going towards the door. Kuro turned around, leaning up over the sofa. "Thank you for saving me earlier," she thanked. "No problem, happy to help," Woohyun smiled, putting his shoes on. The front door suddenly opened with Key and Minho standing in the doorway. "We're home," Minho called out. "Our boss told us to give this to you," Key stated, handing Woohyun an envelope. There was silence as he opened it. "I have to join SDC and move in here?" he asked, looking down at the paper. Key looked over his shoulder to check what it said. "Do you wanna stay to eat?" Taemin offered. "It's okay, I have to get home. it's a while away," Woohyun responded, standing up. "Will you be okay?" he asked as he crouched down in-front of Kuro. "I'll be okay. Thanks again for saving me," Kuro nodded. "You're sure your okay?Since your on his lap," reminded Woohyun, glancing up at Jonghyun. "I'm not doing anything perverted," Jonghyun defended. Kuro's checks blushed. "He's right, you don't seem that bothered," acknowledged Minho. "And we can't see what he's doing with his hands," Onew added. "They're around her waist, that's all," Jonghyun stated. Woohyun looked up at Kuro who nodded. "Do you want to sit on the sofa?" Jonghyun asked. "Okay," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun moved his arm's away from Kuro. "If you stand up I can shuffle to the side and you can sit down in-between me and Taemin," he arranged. Kuro stood up, right in-front of Woohyun. Pain rushed through her leg, causing her to fall forwards. Jonghyun and Taemin moved to catch her. Woohyun quickly caught her in his lap as he wrapped his arms around her back. "Kuro!" Key panicked, moving forwards. "Are you okay?" Onew asked, standing up and sitting next to Woohyun. "I forgot how much it hurts to stand or walk with it," Kuro admitted. "Maybe you shouldn't walk around tomorrow," Taemin started. "I have to go to work," Kuro mumbled. "Shit," Woohyun moaned, wrapping his arms around Kuro and putting her onto the sofa, in-between Jonghyun's legs. "Couldn't even do it subtlety?" Minho sighed. "Coming from you, we could all tell it was happening to you and you didn't even let her of your lap," argued Onew. "Can we not talk about it?" Kuro blushed. Woohyun's face was bright red. "I should go, bye," he flushed, doing a small wave before heading to the door. "We should eat before it gets cold," Jonghyun added, patting Kuro on the head. "Aren't you going to move?" Key asked, glancing at Jonghyun before picking up one of the dango sticks. "Are you okay with me here?" Jonghyun questioned. Kuro nodded, picking up one of the dango sticks before eating them. "She look's really cute doing that," Minho sighed, eating into his dango. "You should cook dango's more often," smiled Key once they had finished eating and were watching the second movie. Key and Jonghyun were sitting in the living room, the next morning, while Minho and Onew were cooking in the kitchen. "What is the whether meant to be today?" Taemin asked, coming out of his room . "Sunny," Key responded. "I wont take a jacket then," Taemin responded. "Morning," Kuro mumbled, coming out from her room. "Hey, are you sure that you're okay to go to work?" Minho questioned. "I'll be fine," Kuro responded. "Do you want me to walk you to work?" Taemin offered. "I'm okay, don't worry," she blushed. "How much does it hurt?" Chanyeol asked when they met up later that evening. "Only a little bit," Kuro sighed, swinging on the swing. "You said that you've been on one mission, right?" Chanyeol remembered. "yeah, although the guys go on about two a day," Kuro nodded. Chanyeol patted her on the head. "You're really strong,I wouldn't be able to do it," he commented. "You think i'm strong?" Kuro mumbled. "Really strong," nodded Chanyeol. "But I can't protect myself and i'm always bothering you and the guys," Kuro sighed. "You're amazing, don't worry about pleasing other people," Chanyeol reasured. "Thanks," Kuro mumbled, glancing up at him. Chanyeol got out of his swing before wrapping his arms around Kuro from behind her. "You should probably get home," he added. Kuro jumped out of her swing, almost slipping over. "Do you want me to walk you home?" Chanyeol offered. "I'm not that clumsy, i'll be fine," Kuro responded. "I guess i'll see you in two days," Chanyeol added. "Yep, good luck tomorrow," Kuro nodded. "Thanks, I think the exams going to be okay," Chanyeol stated. "Well Bye," Kuro mumbled, hugging Chanyeol. "See you later," waved Chanyeol, patting Kuro on the head. They waved good bye before walking into different directions. A little girl wearing a kindergarten uniform ran out into the road. "Watch out!" a voice shouted. The little girl turned to the woman who was standing on the street curb. Headlights filled the air followed by a red car going towards the little girl. The woman from earlier screamed. Kuro, who was walking past, felt pain rush through her head. A boy with brown hair appeared in the air, facing towards the little girl. Kuro looked around, realizing she was the only one who could see him. He was wearing a white shirt that was unbuttoned by the top four button, black trousers and a black and white striped loosen tie. "Humans are way to fragile," he sighed, moving his hand up. White lights appeared around the little girl's body, floating up. He held his hand out, causing the chain wrapped around his wrist to slip down. The lights went into the chains before they glowed. A pain formed in Kuro's eyes. She quickly covered her mouth as she coughed up blood. The boy turned around. "The princess..." he stated. Kuro quickly rushed into the nearby alley way and looked down at the blood on her hands. "Why...?" she mumbled, making sure in her mirror that there was no blood anywhere. "Are you alright, Princess?" the boys voice asked from behind her. She quickly turned around, tripping on something on the floor. THUD. The boy knelled down in-front of her. He slightly bowed.
"W-Who are you?" Kuro blushed, quickly standing up followed by him standing up as well."Ikuta Toma," Toma introduced. "So its been three weeks?" Toma asked. Kuro nodded. "Ku-chan, don't worry. I'll help you fight and use your powers," Toma reasured. Kuro looked up at him. "Shinigami to Shinigami," he whispered, winking. "If it's not a bother," Kuro mumbled. "Happy to help," he nodded. "Thank you," Kuro smiled. "And plus your a cute, interesting girl, I want to get to know you," he admitted. Kuro's checks blushed. "Pervert," Kuro blushed, lightly kicking him. Toma saluted. "Isn't it better than me wanting to because your the princess?" he asked. Kuro nodded, looking down. "Wait here five minutes," he commented before running of. Kuro sighed, leaning against the wall. Frost started to form around her hand on the wall. She stepped backwards, looking down at her hand. "Did I do that?" she mumbled. Something cold went against her check. Toma leaned over her shoulder, passing her a cold can of cola. "You coughed up blood earlier, this might help," he stated, walking in-front of Kuro and taking a sip of his can of Fanta. "Thank you," she blushed, attempting to open it. A smile formed on Toma's face. "Hold mine for few seconds," he added, passing his Fanta to Kuro. He took the Cola off Kuro, opening it. Coke fizzed up and went all over him. "Are you okay?" Kuro giggled. Toma swapped their cans. "Better me than you," he sighed, squeezing the cola out of his shirt. "Are you still in school? Kuro asked before taking a sip of her cola. "I'm 18 so i'm in last grade of high school," Toma explained. "You're almost 16 right?" Toma questioned. "Yep, how did you know?" Kuro responded. "As a Shinigami I know these things," Toma responded. "That sounds really stalker-ish," Kuro mumbled. "Anyway you should be in grade 1 of high school starting next month, right?" he asked. "I don't go to school anymore," Kuro added. "Good plan," he smiled, ruffling Kuro's hair,"So what do you do instead?" he questioned. "I work in a cafe," Kuro blushed, moving her hair back into place. A group of four boys wearing the same uniform as Toma came walking up. "Ikuta-kun," one of them greeted. "Hey Mashiro-kun," Toma responded. "You're girlfriend?" one of them asked. "My friend," Toma corrected, wrapping his arm around Kuro's shoulders. "Wanna come Karaoke?" another boy suggested. "It's okay, I have to work later anyway," Toma responded. "You always need to work, if you run out on us again your paying for lunch for a whole week," Mashiro added before walking of. "Being a Shinigami isn't easy as you always need to be ready to reap a soul," Toma commented. "How long have you been a shinigami? Or were you born one?" Kuro asked. "In first year of Junior high I was being heavily bullied, I couldn't take it anymore so," he started, unwrapping the chains around his wrist and showing the faint scar across his wrist. "You tried to kill yourself?" Kuro mumbled. "It worked, I was officially dead for a week. Rem, a death lord, was looking over my case and thought that I would help them. They decided I would be a bad Shigofumi but would be okay with reaping. So after one week I came back to life after being in a 'coma'," Toma explained. "I'm sorry you had to go through that," Kuro quietly mumbled, looking down at the ground. "It was for the best. Now I can do awesome tricks and stuff," Toma reasured, stepping forwards and turning around to face Kuro. "But..." Kuro mumbled. Toma pinched her checks. "It's fine, really," he stated. "Trust me," he smiled once they got to the park. "Why should I trust you?" Kuro mumbled. "You're asking that now?" Toma laughed. "It will be more helpful if you can easily balance on things," he reminded, tapping the swinging bar. "I won't let go of you for a while," he added, holding out of his hand. Kuro took a deep breath before placing her hand in his and climbing up onto the swinging bar, using his shoulder for support. "Just stand up, if you fall I will catch you," Toma stated. Kuro nodded, slowly standing up. "Have you got your balance?" he asked after a minute. "I think so," Kuro nodded. Toma moved his hand away from Kuro's. She stayed balanced for a minute before her foot slipped, causing her to fall to the side. Toma easily caught her. He helped her back onto the swinging bar. After a couple of tries Kuro managed to maintain her balance. "Okay, as a Shinigami being able to use shinigami powers is important, each Shinigami has their own reap method. Like mine is with my chains," Toma stated. "How am I meant to use it if I don't know what it is?" Kuro cried. An hour later they gave up. "You will find it some-when," Toma commented. "Maybe I am useless," Kuro sighed. "You're not useless," he added. Kuro glanced over at him. Toma typed Kuro's number into his phone before sending her a message. "Send me a message if you ever want help with Shinigami stuff," he smiled, handing Kuro her phone back. "Welcome back," Onew called as he heard the front door open. "I'm home," Kuro mumbled. "Hey," Woohyun smiled, coming out of the door nearest to Kuro. "Hi," she blushed. He notice a bruise on Kuro's skirt which was slightly noticeable. "What happened?" he panicked, crouching down. Kuro's face blushed. "I slipped of a swinging bar and bruised it, that's all," Kuro responded. "A swinging bar?" repeated Taemin, front next to Onew on the sofa. Kuro told them what had happened. "A shinigami..." Onew mumbled. "Just be-careful around him," Woohyun added, patting Kuro on the head. "We've ran out of food," moaned Minho coming out of the kitchen. "There's no food?" Jonghyun asked. "Yeah. Taemin, go to the convenient store," Onew nominated. "Why me?" complained Taemin."Can you get some coffee?" Woohyun requested. "Fine," sighed Taemin. "Can I come with you?" Kuro asked. "Are you sure?" Taemin questioned. "It's unfair you have to go on your own," nodded Kuro. Taemin smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "Is there anything else we should get?" Taemin asked as he placed a huge packet of crisps into the basket. "Can we go get Pocky?" Kuro mumbled. "Sure," nodded Taemin. He picked up a box of Toppo into the basket as they walked past. "Thanks for coming with me," smiled Taemin. "No problem, I haven't spent that much time with you anyway," Kuro blushed. She picked up a box of chocolate flavored Pocky of the shelf. Before they paid Taemin placed in the basket; Jagariko, Chuuhai, Korokke, Purin and Onigiri. They were both carrying two shopping bags each."Who should we make put them away?" Taemin asked. "How about Onew as he nominated you," Kuro suggested. "Good idea," grinned Taemin, quickly patting Kuro on the head. Kuro smiled. Taemin's heart-beet started to race. He bit his lip as he looked down at Kuro. A scream echoed through the air. They exchanged eye-contact before rushing to the nearby alley way where the scream came from. "Stay behind me," Taemin ordered. A woman with curly, bleach blonde hair was standing in the alleyway, covered in blood. "Please help," the woman whimpered, holding out her hand which was stained in blood. Kuro tugged on Taemin's sleeve, causing him to look down at her. "Clever Princess," the woman sighed, stepping forwards and showing a body laying behind her. A pool of blood surrounded them. The woman started to laugh, swinging a kitchen knife that was in her hand. Taemin held out his hand, causing a flame to appear. Small red sparkles danced around in his eyes. Taemin wrapped his arm around Kuro's shoulders, pulling her closer to him as he moved his head down. "I'm sorry, trust me," he whispered before pressing his lips against her's. Kuro flinched as she tugged on his shirt. Red sparkles appeared, turning into a tarot card with a red with red star in the middle. Along the top was 'Ace of Flames' written in drippy writing. A small red pearl dropped from the card, landing in Kuro's hand. Small sparkles danced around it. After a minute Taemin pulled his lips away. Red sparkles appeared before bursting away from them. Taemin held his arm out, his hand stretched out. Bursts of flames shot out towards the woman, causing her to turn to dust. A white glow hovered in the air, above the woman's body."Kuro, it's your turn," Taemin whispered. A glowing pink pentagram appeared on the ground underneath Kuro.
Kuro's eyes started to faintly glow. Moonlight bounced of her hair, causing it to sparkle. White sparkles appeared, forming into a clear scythe. As Kuro grabbed the handle the sparkles blew of showing that the black scythe had a cherry blossom pattern. Kuro hit the air in-front of air, causing a burst of pink light to shot out. Kuro's eyes stopped glowing as the woman's soul flew up into the air before disappearing. Her phone started to ring. Kuro and Taemin exchanged eye-contact. "Kuro, if you want to prove your not useless,I have a mission just for you," Jun stated the other end of the phone.The next day Kuro was asleep with her back against the back of the sofa. "They've given her four missions since the card," Onew sighed as he was cooking in the kitchen. "Four missions in less then 24 hours," added Woohyun. Jonghyun sat down next to Kuro on the sofa, gently placing his hand against her forehead. "She's boiling," he sighed, wrapping his arms around her and gently moving her down to lean on his lap. He took his jacket of before placing it over her legs. "How is she?" Taemin asked as he came up from behind the sofa. "She's asleep right now, must be exhausted," Jonghyun responded. Taemin climbed over the sofa and sat down next to Jonghyun. "So, you kissed her?" Jonghyun mumbled. "Yeah, I don't know why," Taemin nodded. "Because you wanted to," Jonghyun stated. He looked down at Kuro, moving the middle of her fringe away from her eyes. "How should we get that guy to stop giving her missions?" Jonghyun asked. "It's like he's trying to get her to prove something," sighed Taemin. "I promised her I wouldn't tell anyone but can you keep a secret?" Jonghyun started, making sure Kuro was still asleep. He whispered about what Kuro told him about Jun. "Seriously?" Taemin asked. Jonghyun nodded. "So that's why he's giving her all the missions at the minute," Taemin sighed, leaning over Jonghyun and kissing Kuro on the forehead. "Anyway I'm going to help them cook," Taemin added before standing up and going into the kitchen. "Poor girl," Jonghyun sighed, brushing Kuro's hair to the side. After a few minutes Kuro lightly grabbed his hand. "She's seriously adorable even when she's asleep," Jonghyun smiled. "I'm not asleep," Kuro mumbled, not opening her eyes. Jonghyun's checks blushed. "How long have you been awake?" Jonghyun babbled. "I grabbed your hand just after I woke up," Kuro mumbled, opening her eyes. She sat up, her hair falling to the side. Jonghyun pulled her closer to him. "Is he giving you all these missions so you can prove your not useless?" he guessed. Kuro nodded. "You don't have to prove anything to him," Jonghyun stated. "He won't stop going on about it, I can't be the week Princess he thinks I am," Kuro cried. "As long as you know that we care about you," Jonghyun muffled into her shoulder. Kuro squeezed his hand. "The foods ready," Onew stated, coming out from around the corner. "You're awake," he smiled. "Yeah, I was just really tired," Kuro nodded. Onew glanced down at her hand. "Why are you holding hands?" he asked. Kuro's face blushed. She quickly let go of Jonghyun's hand, who sighed. Woohyun walked around the corner carrying bowls of noodles. "It's warm, it should give you energy," Minho responded. "Thank you," Kuro smiled. Jonghyun wrapped his arm around her while they were all eating. Kuro's phone started to ring. "Kuro, I have a mission for you. There's three agents you have to go with to this building carrying a really important case. Bring it to the top of the building. The car will be in-front of your apartment. Go to Naomi once you get to the HQ, she will give you something. ," Jun ordered from the other end before hanging up. Naomi passed Kuro a black box. Opening it, she saw a pair of shoes and a dress. "Mission clothes," Naomi explained. Kuro quickly went to get changed before going to the front of HQ.
Three officers were standing in-front of the HQ.The brown haired male officer was carrying a black case. "Yomi Kuro," a woman with black hair announced. Kuro nodded. "We should enter the building now," a black haired officer stated, looking up at a tall, modern building. The woman walked into the lift followed by everyone else. Everyone was in silence. The lift went up three floors before stopping. Everyone looked around at each other. The lights flashed as the lift came to a stop, causing the lights to turn of. Kuro grabbed the railing on the side. "Don't worry. Everything is fine, princess," one of the agents reasured. "There's no signal," the female officer informed, checking her phone.The light on her phone died out. "Is there a speaker in here?" Kuro suggested, keeping her back against the wall. "Director, can you access the buildings security?" the other agent asked. "We can hear you but can't see you," the director informed. Suddenly silence filled the lift. A sludge sound occurred, followed by a quick, high-pitched female scream. The lights flickered on to show the female officer laying on the ground in a puddle of blood. The glass around her was broken with one long piece going all the way through into her back. Kuro quickly covered her mouth. "Can you see us now?" the brown haired officer asked. "Yes," Jun coldly responded. "Can you get us out of here?" the black haired officer asked, crouching down next to the woman to feel her heartbeat. Kuro crouched down against the wall, still covering her nose and mouth. The brown haired officer started to press the buttons. "The emergency services are coming here soon," informed Jun from the other end of the ear-pieces. "Get here soon," the black haired man ordered, standing up. The brown haired officer pulled his gun out of his pocket. "Theirs a spirit somewhere," he added, looking around the lift. "Can you sense it?" the black haired officer asked, looking down at Kuro. "I can't sense them," Kuro mumbled. The lights flickered before the lift went black. Everyone was quite. The officer on the other side of the lift moaned before a thud appeared. "Mark?" the officer by the buttons called out. There was no response. Pain rushed through Kuro's head as she tasted blood. "Princess, are you alright?" the officer questioned as he heard Kuro coughing. The light's flickered on. Kuro moved her hands away to see blood staining her hands. The officer glanced up to see the body of the other officer on the ground, against the wall, with a glass shard going through his neck. The officer stepped backwards, bumping into the wall. "Director, are we both going to die?" he asked. "You have your weapons and you have the Shinigami Princess, you're not going to die," Jun responded. The officer crouched down next to Kuro. "She coughed up blood," he informed. "It also happened when I watched someone else die," Kuro mumbled. "You're powers... your reacting to the deaths," Jun stated, looking at the computer monitors in the security room of the building. "They are five minutes away," informed one of the security guards inside the room. "You two have to wait about ten minutes," The officer sat down against the wall, opposite Kuro. "You know, we might be in the same company but we've never spoken," he started. "Isn't it because your scared of me and the Aces?" Kuro mumbled. "I get paid to fight demons and spirits. You can see why we all aren't two positive about having seven supernatural creatures in the company," the officer reminded. Kuro nodded, glancing over at him. "You're about the same age as my little sister," he sighed. "You have a sister?" Kuro asked. "She's in a coma right now, she's sixteen," nodded the officer. "So she's slightly older then me," Kuro mumbled. "Yeah," the officer replied. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled. "For what?" the officer questioned. "About your sister," Kuro mumbled. "She's strong, don't worry," the officer stated. Kuro nodded. "Is it true that sometimes you can use death eyes?" he asked. "Names and lifespans?" Kuro guessed. "Yeah," nodded the officer. "It's only happened a few times," Kuro mumbled. "Can you see mine?" he asked. Kuro looked up at him. Above his head was 'Noboru Yoshikawa' in the same writing however the lifespan was blurry. "I can only see your name, Noboru Yoshikawa," Kuro mumbled. "That doesn't sound good," he sighed. "What do you mean?" Kuro asked. "The fact that you can see it suggests i'm next," Noburo admitted. "They'll be here in a minute, your not going to die," Kuro mumbled. "So the Princess is strong," he smiled. "I'm strong?" Kuro asked. "As a big brother I can tell that your scared however you're trying so hard to not show it so I won't get worried," Noboru explained. "That counts as being strong?" Kuro mumbled. "Being strong isn't just physical ability's, you have a strong heart," Noboru explained. "A strong heart..." Kuro repeated. The lights started to flicker. Noburo knelled up, looking around. "Not again..." he stated, glancing at Kuro. "When the lights turn of use your powers, protect your self," he ordered. "What about you?" Kuro asked. "Don't worry about me, the Princess is more important," he expressed. The lights suddenly turned of. Pain rushed through Kuro's eyes. "Are you okay?" Noboru called out. "My eyes hurt, you?" Kuro mumbled. "I'm fine, just wait a few minutes. The lights should come on," Noboru reasured. He felt something touch his shoulder. He moved forwards, dripping over one of the bodys. "Yoshikawa-san," Kuro panicked, going to stand up. "Stay there," Noboru ordered, getting his gun out of his pocket. Blood splattered on the floor. The lights turned on to show that glass shards were sticking through his eyes. A tear rolled down Kuro's check. She moved backwards, bumping into the wall. Noboru's body fell to the floor. "Crap," Jun moaned, standing up before running out of the room. "I'm going to die," Kuro cried, leaning her head in her arms which were leaning on her knees. There was silence for five minutes. A sound appeared at the top of the lift. Kuro felt her heartbeat increase as she looked up at the ceiling. The roof opened with Jun standing there. Jun held his hand out towards Kuro. "Trust me, grab it," he ordered. Kuro weakly stood up, reaching up for his hand. As soon as she grabbed it he pulled her out of the lift, causing him to fall backwards with her on-top. "It didn't hurt you, did it?" he asked. "I'm fine," Kuro mumbled, moving to the side. Tears rolled down her checks. "Kuro..." Jun mumbled, watching Kuro cry. He looked around. Awkwardly, he wrapped his arm's around Kuro's back and pulled Kuro up against him. "Just cry," he mumbled. Kuro moved her head slightly down as the tears continued to fall. Jun's grip on Kuro increased.
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Chapter 4-Descendant of the Rose
"Don't worry," Jun whispered, still holding Kuro close to him. Jun walked up to the table in Mcdonalds, placing a cola down in-front of Kuro before sitting opposite. "Thanks," Kuro mumbled. "Do you want me to call any of the Aces here?" Jun offered. "It's okay," Kuro mumbled. "If there is anything I can do, tell me," Jun commented. "What happened to the case?" Kuro asked, not looking up. "The buildings security took it up, using the stairs," Jun explained. "What was in it?" Kuro mumbled. "A device that can scan and tell humans is someone is human or not," Jun informed. "What happened to the... to the body's?" Kuro asked. "Clean up is sorting it," Jun responded. He sighed, looking around. "Let's go," he demanded, standing up and grabbing Kuro's hand before walking of. Kuro quickly grabbed her drink before being dragged of. "Wait!" Kuro cried. "Don't worry," reasured Jun."Matsumoto-kun!" Kuro blushed. "Call me Jun," he demanded. Jun dragged her over to the Shibuya 109 shopping center. "Please wait for five minutes," Kuro begged. Jun stopped walking. "The heels are too high to walk a lot in," Kuro mumbled. "Sorry, I didn't think about that when I brought them," apologized Jun. "You picked them?" Kuro asked. "And the dress," nodded Jun. Kuro looked down at her dress. "You picked an Angelic Pretty dress?" Kuro mumbled. Jun smiled, patting Kuro on the head. Kuro looked up at him. "Why are you being nice to me?" Kuro mumbled. "You know that I don't hate you, right?" Jun asked. "I thought you did," Kuro responded. Jun pulled Kuro closer to him. "You pointed a gun at me when we first met," Kuro reminded. "You kicked me where it hurts when we first met," Jun added. "That's only because you pinned me to a wall and pointed a gun at me," Kuro cried. "Do you want to take the lift or walk up 7 floors?" Jun offered. "I don't want to go in a lift," Kuro mumbled, a flashback of what happened popping into her head. Jun dragged her to the staircase. He sat down on the steps and started to unzip Kuro's shoes. "Pervert!" Kuro blushed, holding her dress down. "I'm not a pervert," Jun stated, carefully taking Kuro's shoe of. "You're going to get blisters if you walk around in them," he commented, unzipping Kuro's other shoe. "You're being way to nice," Kuro mumbled, walking behind Jun who was carrying her shoes. "Would you prefer if i'm teasing you after what happened in the lift?" Jun asked. Kuro's legs felt weak, causing her legs to give out and fall down onto the steps, grabbing Jun's sleeve. "Kuro!" Jun panicked, turning around and sitting down in-front of her. Kuro wrapped her hand over her mouth as she started coughing. "I'll get you a drink, stay here," Jun commented, going to stand up, being interrupted by Kuro grabbing the end of his sleeve. "Please don't leave me," Kuro mumbled, finishing coughing. Jun looked down at her hand to see it stained in blood. "Coughing up blood again?" he asked, gently grabbing her other hand. "What's wrong with me?" Kuro mumbled. "The last times it happened you were reacting to deaths, right?" Jun asked. Kuro nodded. Tears rolled down her checks. "You can only use death vision once in a while, maybe the coughing up blood is you reacting to the death, maybe when you can control death vision you won't cough up blood anymore," suggested Jun, wiping the tears away. "I can't even control when I use it," Kuro cried, the tears rolling down quicker. "You're not useless," Jun argued. "You've been right the whole time," Kuro mumbled, rubbing her eyes. "Iv'e been wrong the whole time," Jun corrected. "All I can do is wait to be rescued," Kuro cried. "Damn, you're going to make me do it," moaned Jun. He lifted Kuro's head up. He held his hand out towards her. A small glowing, green light hovered above his hand. Kuro glanced up at him before looking back down at the light. Sparkles flew away from the light,turning into love-hearts before bursting and disappearing. "You're not human?" Kuro mumbled. "I'm a Incubus," nodded Jun. Kuro quickly moved backwards, falling of the step. Jun quickly caught her, causing him to fall on her. "I was joking, I'm a Yōsei-a bewitching spirit," admitted Jun. "Jerk," Kuro blushed. "Sorry," smiled Jun. The thin pink jacket Kuro was wearing to hide the cut on the side of her arm had moved, showing Jun the bandage. He sat up, helping Kuro up with him. "What happened?" Jun asked. "Nothing, don't worry," Kuro blushed. "You said that the thing from the lift didn't hurt you," remembered Jun. "I've been with you most of the time, if It was from them it wouldn't have a bandage over it," reminded Kuro. Jun moved her sleeve up, pulling away the bandage. "Before you called me to go on that mission," Kuro mumbled. "Why didn't you tell me?" Jun asked, wrapping the bandage over the cut again before pulling down her sleeve. "I'm not sure if I can trust you," Kuro mumbled. "Right, Sorry," apologized Jun, patting Kuro on the head. "Your apologizing?" Kuro asked. "Yeah, sorry for teasing you all those times," Jun continued. "Anyway we should go before it closes," Jun stated, standing up and helping Kuro up. "Where are we going?" Kuro asked. "I'll buy you one thing from this store," Jun informed, starting to walk up the stairs, picking up Kuro's shoes on the way. "Are you sure?" Kuro asked once they got outside the Kokokim store on the 7th floor. "It's an apology for sending you on the mission," nodded Jun. "Its all really cute," Kuro smiled before going into the store, dragging Jun inside. "Why did I get her heels?" he sighed, looking down at the heels Kuro had put back on her feet before leaving the staircase. "It would be easier to kiss her," he said in his head. "Idiot," Jun moaned, lightly hitting his head. "What's wrong?" Kuro asked, looking up from a dress on the railings. "Nothing, don't worry," flushed Jun. "Am I allowed to get this?" Kuro blushed, showing Jun the pastel pink dress she was looking at. "Yep, sure," nodded Jun, picking the dress out of Kuro's hand before going over to the counter.
"I'll carry it," Jun commented once they got out side the shop. "I'm fine with carrying it!" Kuro blushed. "Your arm must hurt, it's okay," Jun reasured. "It makes me feel more useless," Kuro sighed. "If you want to stop for a bit just tell me," Jun added. Two minutes later he felt Kuro tug on his sleeve. "What's wrong?" Jun asked, turning around. As he looked down at Kuro he felt his heartbeat jump. "Their souls weren't there," Kuro mumbled. "Don't worry about it," Jun sighed. "But-" Kuro cried. Jun reached forwards, placing his hand on the side of Kuro's head before pressing his lips against her's. "Every time you comment about it, I have to kiss you," Jun stated. Kuro's checks turned bright red. "Why do people keep kissing me?" Kuro quietly blushed before walking past Jun, who grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him. "The perverted Aces?" he guessed. Kuro looked up at him, her checks blushing even more. "It doesn't mater," Kuro blushed. "You know that at the minute i'm officially their boss so I can punish them if you want," suggested Jun. "That's a little bit harsh," Kuro mumbled. Jun smiled, patting Kuro on the head before letting go of her and walking forwards. Kuro placed her fingers against her lips. Her checks returned to her pale skin-tone. Jun wiped his lips before smiling. "Kuro!" Minho panicked once he saw the front door open with Kuro and Jun there. "You're still slightly covered in blood, you should go get changed," Jun commented, looking down at Kuro's clothes which had faint blood stains. "I'll be back in a minute," Kuro nodded before going to her room. Jonghyun jumped of the sofa. He grabbed Jun's collar, pushing him against the wall. "What the hell did you do to her?" Jonghyun complained. "Nothing," Jun responded. "She told me about how you met and stuff," Jonghyun added. "If you let go of me i'll tell you what happened," bargained Jun. "Is it to do with the mission?" guessed Taemin. Jun told them what happened. Key walked of. "Kuro, I'm coming in," he called through Kuro's door before opening it. Kuro was in her pajamas and was looking down at the floor. "He told us what happened," Key softly commented, walking over to Kuro. "I was useless, I just sat there, scared," Kuro cried. Key wrapped his arm's around Kuro, pulling her towards him from behind her. "Key..." Kuro mumbled. "Something like that happened on my second mission, It was in deserted train with ten agents they all died. It was driving me crazy and I almost drank all their blood," Key admitted. Kuro gently gripped onto his arm."Taemin also told us about your arm," Key added. Kuro looked around at him. "It's still bleeding, how much does it hurt?" Key asked. "It's fine, sorry about the blood," Kuro mumbled. "If I lick the blood it will hurt less," reminded Key. Kuro's checks blushed. "Do you want to?" Kuro mumbled. Key leaned over her shoulder, looking her in the eye. "Are you saying it would be okay if I wanted to?" Key asked. "As long as you don't bite, it would be better for you if you did," Kuro blushed. "If its okay," Key mumbled, carefully taking the bandage of. As Key moved closer, Kuro flinched. "Its obvious she doesn't want to," Key thought to himself, placing his hand on-top of Kuro's head. He started to lick away the blood. "Sorry, that's all that i'll drink," Key apologized a minute later as he pulled his lips away. "You're seriously way to kind," he added, pinching her checks. "Anyway we should go back out there," Key commented, holding his hand out towards Kuro. "You need to go easy on her, it was tough just hearing and watching it through the security cameras," Jun ordered. "You were watching it?" Woohyun questioned. "I knew it wouldn't kill her till everyone was dead, I was hoping the emergency services would get there. But when they all died, it only left her so I panicked and broke into the lift myself," Jun explained. "Thanks for that," Kuro mumbled. Everyone turned around to see Key standing there, holding Kuro's hand. "I'll try to not get the missions given to you," Jun stated. "It was your thought in the first place she was there," argued Taemin. "I need to go, there's loads of paperwork to fill out," Jun sighed. He ruffled Kuro's hair before walking to the door, putting on his shoes and leaving the apartment. Kuro moved her hair back into place."Sleep in my room tonight," Minho added. Kuro's checks turned red. "Is that appropriate?" Taemin moaned. "What ever, I promise I won't do anything," Minho promised. "I'm okay sleeping on my own in my room," Kuro blushed. "You're 22 and she's 15," Woohyun reminded. "It sounds worse when you put it like that," Minho defended. "Its awkward to sleep in a room with a guy," Kuro mumbled. "It's getting late, i'm going to bed," Taemin yawned before going to his room. "I'm going to bed as well," Onew stated, patting Kuro on the head as he walked past to go to his room. "Will you be okay?" Key asked. Kuro nodded. "I'm going to bed while you sort it out," he yawned, going to his room. "Just let her sleep on her own tonight," Jonghyun moaned, exchanging eye-contact with Minho. "Fine," Minho sighed.Onew's phone rang the next morning at breakfast. "We need to tell you all something," Naomi coldly stated from the other end before hanging up.Everyone in SDC gavered in the main office. Naomi and Jun was standing at the front of the office."We lost three agents last night during a mission, their funerals will be taking place next week," Naomi informed. Kuro looked down at the ground. "As you may be aware the directors plane was scheduled to arrive today as they finished early," Naomi started. Some of the officers exchanged eye-contact. "There has been an accident," Naomi continued. Whispers filled the room. Naomi took a deep breath. "The plane was sent down after it left America by demons," Naomi stated. "Are they all okay?" one of the officers shouted out. "Yagami, Harada, Kaname, Tanihara and Ryosuke are all in a hospital here in Tokyo," Naomi responded. "And the others?" another officer shouted out. Naomi glanced at Jun who nodded. "Fujigaya and Okada were uninjured and at home but.. Watase, Ishihara and the director weren't as lucky," Naomi continued. "Watase, Ishihara and the director are dead?" guessed an officer. Naomi nodded. "If anybody wishes to attend there funeral come and tell me," Naomi commented. "Is the kid being our director?" another officer asked, shock in his voice. "I'm being transferred," Jun informed, exchanging eye-contact with Kuro. "A new director is being brought in, he's a infamous detective," Naomi informed. "Anyway, that is all," Naomi concluded before walking of. Jun walked of towards the door. "They're dead?" Onew commented. "Yeah, wasn't suspecting that..." mumbled Minho. "Didn't even get to meet the director," Woohyun added. "Jun!" Kuro shouted, running after him. Jun stopped walking and turned around to face her. "Where are you going?" she asked, trying to catch her breath. "Shanghai division," Jun replied. "You're moving to Shanghai?" Kuro asked. "I was originally apart of the division as rank number 1, I was only back in Japan to fill in for Nakamura, the director," Jun explained. Kuro nodded, looking down. Kuro heard footsteps coming towards her. Looking up, she saw that Jun was walking towards her. "I'll be back in a few months, I've handed in my reservation," Jun commented, his voice softer then before. "You're quitting?" Kuro asked. "Yeah, so don't worry. I'll be back in Tokyo soon," Jun reasured. He placed one hand on the side of Kuro's head, leaning forwards and pressing his lips against Kuro's. Kuro's face turned red as she tried to push him backwards. Jun pulled his lips away. "So when I come back don't be taken by one of them," Jun added, looking behind Kuro. She turned around to see Key, Onew, Jonghyun, Woohyun, Minho and Taemin standing there. "You pervert, she tried to push you away," moaned Key. Jun saluted before patting Kuro on the head. "See you soon," he smiled, passing Kuro a piece of paper before walking of. "Are you okay?" Jonghyun asked, running over to her. "I think so," Kuro nodded. "Do you love him?" Minho asked. "No," Kuro blushed. Jonghyun wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Let's go," Woohyun commented. "Oh yeah, Dino," Onew remembered. Jonghyun looked over at him. "Any special plans for tomorrow?" Onew asked. "Tomorrow?" Kuro repeated. "April 8th, his 24th birthday," Key responded. "It's your birthday tomorrow?" Kuro and Woohyun repeated in-unison. "Its no big deal," Jonghyun sighed. Once they got home Onew and Key cooked dinner. "I'm going to my room, Shamen is on," Jonghyun informed before going to his room."We have to throw him a surprise birthday party," Kuro whispered once Jonghyun had left. "But how, we're all busy tomorrow?" asked Taemin. "I'm only working for three hours tomorrow," Kuro remembered. "I'll help as well," Woohyun commented. "I can get food on the way home," Minho added. "Someone needs to distract him tomorrow," Onew reminded. "We'll ask him who he wants to hang out with but we all know who he will say," Key suggested. Everyone looked over at Kuro. "Me?" Kuro blushed. "I would choose you so yeah," nodded Minho. "What about the cake?" Woohyun reminded. "Someone should make it," Onew suggested. "It might be best if Kuro makes it," added Taemin. "I'm being nominated for everything," Kuro sighed. "Onew would be able to stall him all day as they are both guys and anime fans," Key stated. "That makes sense," Onew nodded. "So i'll get the food, Onew stalls Jonghyun, Kuro makes the cake and everyone else is in charge of decorating?" organized Minho. "Sounds good," Woohyun nodded. "His birthday huh?" Mirei smiled as she tied the bow on her uniform. "I don't know what to get him though," Kuro sighed. "You said that he likes anime, right?" Asami reminded. Kuro nodded. "We're in Akihabara, the central for anime stuff," Karen commented. "Thanks guys," Kuro smiled. "No problem, happy to help," Mirei grinned. "I have about an hour to find him a present," Kuro sighed once she finished working. "There's to much stuff to chose from," Kuro sighed after half an hour. Something in the shop window caught Kuro's attention. Woohyun and Taemin were sitting on the floor in the living room and were blowing up blue ad whit balloons. As soon as Kuro got home she took Jonghyun's present to her room to wrap it up before going to the kitchen. "Do you want any help?" Key offered, appearing in the doorway as he blew up a white balloon. "I'm fine, thanks," Kuro smiled, gently cracking an egg on the side of the mixing bowl. Kuro went to pick up the bag of flour. "Ah, wait!" Key called out. The flour fell out the bottom of the bag, landing on the table and on Kuro, who coughed. "Are you okay?" Key asked once the flour had stopped spreading. "I'm okay..." Kuro mumbled, turning around to face them. A smile popped on Key's face as he stepped forwards. "You have flour on your nose," he smiled, using the end of his sleeve to wipe the flour of. "Thanks," she blushed. "Shout if you want any help," he added, patting Kuro on the head before leaving the kitchen. Kuro placed the baking tins into the oven. "I forgot the frosting," Kuro panicked, looking through the shopping bag which had food coloring, eggs and icing inside. "Can someone watch over the oven while i'm gone? After ten minutes you have to take them out and leave them to cool for 10 minutes?" Kuro requested. "Yep," Key nodded, jumping up of the floor. Kuro picked up her purse, keys and put on her shoes before going out of the apartment. As she looked at the lift her heart beet raced. She took a deep breath before pressing the button. Once it got to the 7th floor the lift stopped. Atsuko walked in. "Hi," Kuro blushed. "Morning," Atsuko smiled. "Going shopping?" Atsuko guessed. "To get frosting, its Jonghyun's birthday," Kuro nodded. "One of the flower boys," Atsuko stated. Onew's phone started to ring. "Be back in a minute," Onew added before running around the corner. "We're done here by the way," Minho informed from the other end of the phone. "Okay, thanks, we'll be there soon," nodded Onew, hanging up. "Do you want to go home? Minho just rang me to say they ordered pizza," Onew wondered. "Okay, sounds good," agreed Jonghyun. Jonghyun walked around the corner first. He froze as he walked around the corner. A smile popped onto his face. White and blue balloons were stuck to the walls and were on the floor. In the middle of the table was a rainbow birthday cake with 24 candles on. Plates of food were around it. On the floor was a pile of six presents, all with a different wrapping paper. Onew lightly pushed him forwards. "Make a wish before the candles go out," he smiled. Jonghyun nodded, sitting down in-front of the cake. He glanced at Kuro before closing his eyes and blowing out of the candles. Taemin passed Jonghyun a knife. Jonghyun carefully cut into the cake. "Wow," Jonghyun smiled, looking down at the rainbow colored cake.
"That's Kuro for you," Taemin smiled, wrapping his arm around Kuro's shoulder. "You made it?" Jonghyun asked. Kuro nodded. "Thanks," Jonghyun smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "Anyway, do you want your presents now?" offered Minho. Jonghyun did a thumps up. Onew had got him a tiger kigurumi, Minho had brought him a one piece Luffy figure, Taemin gave him a small tiger plushie, Woohyun gave him a Shamen King box-set, Key gave him a long sleeved black top decorated in yellow circles with bats inside and Kuro gave him a cat plush.
"Thanks guys," Jonghyun smiled, putting the cat plush on his lap. "You have to wear the Kigurumi to a mission," stated Onew. "Is that really a good idea?" Jonghyun asked, playing with the cat ears. "I can imagine you chasing after a demon and they just turn around a froze when they see you wearing it," laughed Taemin. "I want to see that," Woohyun admitted. "Serious demon hunting," joked Key. Minho's phone vibrated a few minutes later. "I have to go to a mission, see you later, and happy birthday," he sighed, patting Kuro's head on the way past to his room. Shortly after Key and Woohyun went to Woohyun's room to play a video game. Taemin fell asleep on the sofa and Onew was called into a mission. "Thanks for the cat," Jonghyun thanked. "No problem, you said to Minho last week about wanting a pet cat so this is what I thought of," Kuro blushed. "It's cute that you remember that," Jonghyun smiled. Kuro quickly kissed him on the check. "Happy birthday," she blushed. A smile covered Jonghyun's face. "Anyway i'm going to my room, night," Kuro mumbled before standing up. Jonghyun grabbed her hand, pulling Kuro down onto his lap. "J-Jonghyun!" Kuro blushed. He wrapped his hands around her, pulling her closer and hugging her from behind. "I promise that I will protect you, no matter what," he whispered. Kuro glanced around at him. "Morning," Onew yawned the next morning. "Good morning," Taemin smiled as he was cooking breakfast in the kitchen. "Whats for breakfast?"Minho asked. "Pancakes," Taemin responded, carefully putting a pancake onto the plate next to him. "So did Ace boy enjoy his present?" Asami asked at work later that day. Kuro nodded. Mirei,Asami, Karen and Kuro were walking home together. "Oh yeah, I forgot to ask," Karen remembered. Everyone looked at her. "You know about Kuro's secret, right?" she asked. Mirei nodded, slightly confused. "Are you human or something else?" Karen questioned. "I'm a Satori," Mirei responded. "That's really cool," Karen smiled. "Yep, I wish I can use magic or whatever like you two," Asami added. Karen tapped Mirei's and Asami's arm. They followed her line of sight. Kuro quickly turned to see that they were looking at Chanyeol. Chanyeol looked up from his phone and smiled. "Boys," Mirei smiled. Chanyeol inserted 200 yen into the vending machine. Two cans of Cola dropped out the bottom after he pressed the button."One more guy," Chanyeol sighed. "You worry to much," Kuro mumbled. "Of course I do," Chanyeol responded, passing Kuro a can of cola. "Thanks," she smiled, carefully opening it. "You know i'm more than happy to beat them up if they do anything to hurt you," Chanyeol reminded, taking a sip of his can. Kuro smiled and took a sip of her drink. "Anyway, hows school?" Kuro asked, taking another sip. "Hatsumi-san in my class asked me out," Chanyeol responded. Kuro started coughing. "Asked you out?" she repeated. "At break, are you okay?" Chanyeol nodded. "I'm fine, it went down the wrong way. What did you say to her?" Kuro asked. "You know that I like you, I just told her that I wasn't interested," Chanyeol stated. "No pressure there," Kuro sighed. "I know you don't like me like that yet but I won't give up," Chanyeol smiled. A cold breeze drifted across the air. "I'll walk you home," Chanyeol commented, unzipping his jacket before placing it over Kuro's shoulders. Onew's phone started to ring. "Guys," he shouted. Everyone walked out of there room, half asleep. "We have a mission," Onew started."Its 3 in the morning," Key yawned. "Sorry, we all need to go," Onew apologized. The HQ was deserted besides Naomi and Yagami, who had his left arm in a cast, who were both in the main office. "I need you to go a certain car-park and receive a piece of paper with details concerning something important," Naomi informed. "What is it?" Jonghyun asked. "You can know after you get it," Naomi added. She glanced over at Taemin. "Kill the demon," she demanded. "Are you okay?" Kuro asked while Yagami was driving them. "I'm on enough pain medication that I don't feel it and plus its not my main arm so i'm fine," Yagami responded, keeping his focus on the road. The top floor of the car-park was empty besides one man who was standing in the middle. The ground around him had turned black.The man had short light brown hair and green eyes. "The paper!" Jonghyun commented, seeing the piece of paper in the man's hand. Strawberry vines wrapped around his legs. "Thanks Onew," Jonghyun thanked, rushing forwards."This paper has all the details, you won't get it," he shouted, throwing the paper up into the air. "Iv'e got it," Woohyun added.The paper blew up with the wind, going towards the edge. Woohyun quickly jumped onto the railing, catching the piece of paper. He started to loose his balance."Oops," he panicked, waving his arms to keep balanced. He started to fall forwards, of the railing. "Woohyun!" Kuro panicked as she jumped up onto the railing, grabbing Woohyun's hand. As she fell past the railings, she scratched her outer thigh. She started to fall forwards. Woohyun wrapped his arm around her back as they started to fall. Black feathers suddenly flew out from Woohyun's hand, wrapping underneath him. The feathers stopped moving as they landed on the floating feathers. "Are you okay?" Woohyun asked, sitting up with Kuro sitting on-top of him. "I'm fine, you?" Kuro nodded, sitting up. As she looked down to see how high they were up her heart skipped a beat. She carefully stood up. "I'm fine, thanks," Woohyun replied. The feathers started to move. Frost covered the feathers, stopping them from moving. "Do you think you'll be able to jump onto the railings?" questioned Woohyun, standing up. Kuro looked at the railings which was three meters away. Kuro nodded. "Kuro!" Onew shouted, running down the stairs from the top car-park level. He held his hands out past the railings. "I'll catch you," Onew called out. Kuro took a deep breath. She quickly jumped towards the railings. Onew wrapped his arms around Kuro's back as she landed on the railings. Onew helped Kuro jump down. Woohyun quickly jumped over. The feathers blew away. "Where are the others?" Woohyun asked, jumping down. "Jonghyun and Key are still on the top floor, Taemin is trying to get a fix on the target and Minho is up there with him for lookout," Onew explained. Woohyun did a loud fake cough. Onew quickly moved his arms away from Kuro's back. Footsteps occurred as the man walked down the steps followed by Jonghyun and Key, chasing after him. Shadows around the man's feet move, turning into three shadows. The shadows wrapped around Woohyun and Onew. The man pushed Kuro to the floor, aiming a gun straight at her. Kuro quickly moved. BANG.The bullet went all the way through the middle of her right arm. Jonghyun fired a bullet towards the man who moved out of the way. Key covered his nose as blood gushed out. Kuro flinched as her legs gave out and she fell to the floor, holding the wound. Jonghyun rushed over to her as Key stepped forwards. "Deal with them," Jonghyun ordered. Key nodded, focusing back to the three shadows. Paper wrapped around the man's gun."Taemin, how is your shot?" Woohyun asked. "If he stops moving it will be easier," Taemin stated, looking through his gun straight at the man who stepped to the side. The man pointed a gun towards Kuro, pulling the trigger. Jonghyun quickly pushed Kuro to the ground, falling on-top of her. The bullet zoomed into the wall. "Few, it missed," he sighed, looking down at her bleeding arm. "I'll take you out of here," he whispered, sitting up. "You should help them," Kuro mumbled, holding onto her arm. Jonghyun glanced around at Key, Onew and Woohyun who were fighting the man and the four shadows. "I promised that I would protect you," Jonghyun reminded, helping Kuro to stand up.Another gun shot filled the air. A thud appeared. "Onew!" Key panicked. Jonghyun and Kuro looked over at them to see blood pouring from Onew's hand and his gun on the floor underneath him. "I'll be back in a minute," Jonghyun added, quickly kissing Kuro on the check before rushing over to them. "You should go protect Kuro, get her out of here as your both hurt," Taemin suggested through the headpiece. "Right," Onew nodded, hiding the pain from his hand as he used his other hand to pick up his gun before going over to Kuro. "Lets go," he added, putting his gun in his back pocket before holding his unhurt hand towards Kuro. The man moved out of the way of the bullet fired from Woohyun's gun.Strawberry vines wrapped around the man's gun. "Do you trust me?" Onew asked, looking down at Kuro who nodded. He placed his hand that wasn't bleeding on the side of Kuro's head before leaning closer. "Onew," Kuro blushed, trying to move away. Onew pressed his lips against hers. Green sparkles appeared before bursting into the same pink pentagram as before. A similar card appeared with a green star in the middle and 'Ace of Earth' written at the top with the same font as Taemin's card. Green sparkles bursted away from the card before a small pastel green pearl landed in Kuro's hand. Onew moved his lips away from Kuro's. Her face was bright red. Onew unzipped her pocket, placing the green pearl inside, next to the red pearl, before zipping it back up. Rose thorns grew out of the ground around them. Green sparkles drifted of the thorns. The rose thorns wrapped around the man."Got it!" Taemin commented,pulling the trigger on his sniper riffle. A bullet suddenly went through the mans forehead. Blood dripped down his face as he fell forwards. THUD. Woohyun walked over to them. Woohyun wrapped his arm's around Kuro, picking her up Princess style. "We need to get you two to the HQ," he added. "I'm fine, don't worry about me. It will be healed by tonight," Onew responded. Woohyun's grip on Kuro increased. Once they got to the main office he placed Kuro down onto one of the desks while Taemin went to get a first-aid kit before standing in-front of Kuro. Taemin wrapped a bandage over the bullet wound on Kuro's arm. "Ow," Kuro mumbled, flinching. Naomi walked down the stairs. "What happened?" she asked, noticing all the blood. "Onew's hand got shot and Kuro, well Kuro suffered a few more injuries," Minho responded, leaning against the desk and wrapping his arm around Kuro's shoulder. "Do you know where our next director is? We need to talk to him, ASAP," Onew commented, holding up the piece of paper. "He should be here in a minute," Naomi informed. "You kissed her, with tong, didn't you?" guessed Key. Onew nodded. Key glanced over at Kuro. "You should probably apologizing for kissing her like that," Key responded."Yeah, she doesn't like stuff like that," Onew sighed. A man walked out of the shadows, walking in a polite and butler like manner.
"I am Watari, I work with L," he smiled. "Where is L?" Woohyun asked. "My master has... a bit of a social issue. You can contact him through me," Watari explained. "Sounds like me in middle school," Minho joked. "I have a question," Onew commented. Watari looked over at him. "How old is he?" Onew asked. "22 years of age," Watari informed. "So younger than me," Onew mumbled. "Is there a problem?" Watari wondered. "The guy who was our substitute director was young as well, he didn't do a good job," Onew explained, glancing at Kuro. "He has the highest IQ in Japan, and Asia," Watari informed. "Highest?" Taemin and Key repeated in-unison. "Hes solved most of the crimes other detectives cant," Watari responded. "Is he human?" Woohyun asked. "I don't see the importance in that question," Watari replied. "Just to do with the last one," Minho added. "Anyway, you two should go home and get some rest," Naomi advised, glancing at the bandage wrapped around Onew's hand and the bandage on Kuro's arm and thigh. Minho wrapped his arms around Kuro, picking her up Princess style. "I'm okay to walk," Kuro mumbled. "Don't worry about it," Minho responded, noticing Kuro's checks turning red. Onew handed Naomi the piece of paper before they walked to Yagami's van. Onew sat down on the sofa."You shouldn't work today," Woohyun yawned, glancing over at Kuro. "I'll be fine, I can hide them," Kuro mumbled. "It's five in the morning, when are you meant to start working today anyway?" Woohyun asked. "At 11," Kuro mumbled. "That leaves you about four hours sleep," Woohyun reminded, yawning again. Taemin was helping Onew by passing him an aspirin tablet. "Cheers," smiled Onew, taking the tablet along with a glass of water. "Someone should look after you," Key started, wrapping his arm around Kuro's shoulder."I'll look after her," Onew added. "You're injured as well," Taemin reminded. "It makes it easier then," Onew responded. "Okay, if your sure," nodded Minho. "Shout us if you need anything," Taemin added. Jonghyun patted Kuro on the head before going to his room, followed by everyone else. "Do you want any aspirin?" he offered. "It's okay, I'm allergic to a type of Aspirin anyway," Kuro mumbled. "Really?" Onew asked, tightening the bandage on his hand. Kuro nodded. Onew got something out of his pocket however pain rushed through his hand, causing him to drop the box he was trying to pick up. Kuro quickly rushed over, crouching down and passing Onew the box. "It's for you anyway," Onew admitted. "For me?" Kuro mumbled. Onew nodded, opening the box.
"If you don't like it, i'll take it back and buy you something else," Onew added. "It's cute, I love it," Kuro blushed. Onew smiled, moving Kuro's fringe to the side. Pain rushed through his hand. "Are you going to be okay?" Kuro asked, sounding worried."You're injured more than me," Onew added, grabbing Kuro's hand before pulling her down onto his lap."Onew," Kuro blushed. "I won't kiss you again if you don't want to," Onew whispered, tightening his grip on Kuro. "I'm sorry I used tong," he apologized. "It's okay," Kuro mumbled. "I just really always want to kiss you," he admitted. "I should take her to bed," interrupted Jonghyun. As soon as they got into her room and Jonghyun closed the door her legs felt weak, causing her to fall down on the floor. "Kuro!" Jonghyun panicked, rushing over to her. "I don't remember getting shot hurts this much," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun wrapped his arm around her waist. "Why didn't you say before?" Jonghyun asked. "They would worry too much like before," Kuro mumbled. "Does that mean you trust me the most?" Jonghyun asked, looking Kuro in the eye. She nodded. A flashback popped in Jonghyun's head of when he asked her why she had called him after the Lilith incident at the shrine. Jonghyun wrapped his arm around her shoulder, helping her stand up. Kuro placed the necklace on the bedside table and the two gems into the box that the necklace was in."You okay?" Woohyun asked as he saw Key in the kitchen. Key drank half a glass of water. "It's just her blood, don't worry," Key responded. "I can go get you some bear if it will help," Woohyun stated. Key smiled, pouring the water into the sink. "Is it okay if I stay here till you fall asleep?"Jonghyun asked. "I guess," Kuro nodded. "Oh yeah, your pajamas," he remembered, rushing to the wardrobe and bringing Kuro her pajamas. His face blushed as he quickly turned around. "If you need any help just tell me," he added while Kuro was changing.As she put her arm up to put on her top the bullet wound stung. "Ow," she flinched. Jonghyun quickly turned around, kneeling on the bed. Kuro's checks blushed as she quickly covered his eyes. "I didn't see it," he mumbled. Her black bra which was covered in small pastel purple crescent moon's was slightly noticeable. "I could only see the top bit," he defended. Kuro's face turned even more red.She quickly pulled her pajama top up two centimeters. Jonghyun moved her hand away. He glanced at the bandage on her arm. "I wasn't suspecting it to be black," he stated. Kuro's checks blushed. "Pervert!" she blushed, covering his eyes again. Jonghyun accidentally fell backwards onto the bed with Kuro landing on him. "Are you okay?"Jonghyun asked,looking up into Kuro's eyes. "I'm fine, you?" she mumbled. "I'm okay," he nodded. Kuro went to move however pain rushed through her. Jonghyun carefully sat up, with Kuro on his lap. "Are you sure about working later?" he asked. "It's going to be hard to use but i'll be fine," Kuro nodded, holding onto her arm. "Where do you even work?" Jonghyun asked, moving Kuro's hair to the side. Kuro moved of his lap. Kuro picked up a bunny plushie and started to play with its ears. "I trust you but its embarrassing to tell people," Kuro mumbled. "How about I bribe you with Kpop stuff?" Jonghyun stated. Kuro glanced up at him. "It's about a 20 minute walk to Korea town from here," Jonghyun started. Kuro nodded. "I'll buy you a load of Kpop stuff If you tell me," bargained Jonghyun. Kuro placed the bunny plush on-top of Jonghyun's head. "It's still embarrassing," Kuro mumbled, turning around. Jonghyun wrapped his arms around her waist from behind her. "One of the guys know don't they?" he guessed. "Onew accidentally found out," Kuro mumbled, looking around at Jonghyun. Her face turned red as she noticed how close he was. She attempted to move out of his arms. Jonghyun fell forwards, landing on top of Kuro. Kuro turned around, looking up into Jonghyun's eyes. Jonghyun felt his heart beat skip. "It's Maidreamin," Kuro blushed, looking to the side. Jonghyun smiled,leaning forwards and kissing Kuro on the check. "You should get some sleep," Jonghyun added, moving to the side and standing up. Kuro lightly grabbed a hold of the back of his jacket. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun turned around to face her. "What for?" he asked. "Didn't I upset you?" Kuro mumbled, looking down. "I was going to leave as I thought you didn't want me here," he admitted, bending his knees so he got to Kuro's height. Kuro looked up at him. Her checks blushing as she exchanged eye contact with him. "I don't want you to go," Kuro mumbled, looking back down. Jonghyun smiled, leaping forwards and wrapping his arms around Kuro, knocking her backwards onto the bed. "Although its too early," she yawned. "If its okay with you I can stay here and sleep next to you," Jonghyun added, sitting up. Kuro's checks blushed. "That makes me sound like a little kid," Kuro sighed. "I don't think of you as a little kid," Jonghyun whispered. Before she could look up at him, he kissed her on the forehead. "Anyway its like 5:30 in the morning, we should go to bed," Jonghyun added, taking off his jacket. "Is it still okay for me to sleep in here?" Jonghyun asked. Kuro nodded. "As long as you don't do anything perverted," Kuro nodded. Jonghyun switched the bedside table light on before going over to the light-switch, turning it of. "What side do you want to sleep?" Kuro asked as Jonghyun walked over to the bed. "I'm okay on the outside, it means you won't fall out of the bed," Jonghyun added, sitting down on the bed and switching of the light. Kuro moved to the other side of the bed. "I'm really not that clumsy," Kuro sighed. Jonghyun patted her on the head. "Its cute," he smiled, grabbing Kuro's hand and laying down. "You should face the wall, it would hurt to lay on that arm," he advised. "Okay," Kuro nodded, turning around. Jonghyun moved closer, wrapping his arm around her waist. A few hours later Kuro's alarm rang. "Kuro, you need to wake up," Jonghyun commented, poking Kuro's waist. "I don't want to get up," Kuro mumbled, turning around to face Jonghyun. Her injured arm rested on his. "You shouldn't go to work then," Jonghyun added, wrapping his arm around her back. "I'll be annoying if I stay here," Kuro mumbled, mot opening her eyes. "Turn around," Jonghyun mumbled. Kuro opened her eyes. "It might be hurting you to lay on your arm," Jonghyun explained. "Okay," she mumbled, turning around and trying to hide the pain. Jonghyun moved as close to her as he could and wrapped his arm around her. "They didn't come to breakfast," Taemin sighed. "We did only get home four hours ago," Minho yawned. "I'll go see if Kuro is still here," Woohyun added, standing up from the table. "Guys," he yelled as he opened Kuro's door. Everyone rushed to see Jonghyun and Kuro sleeping close to each other. "That pervert," Minho moaned. "We should leave them to get some sleep," Onew stated. "Won't they be hungry?" Key asked. "I'll leave the food for them in there," Taemin suggested. Jonghyun woke up with his head resting on Kuro's shoulder. "How long did we sleep?" he mumbled, picking his phone of the bedside table. He sighed as he read,'12:30'. "What time is it?" Kuro muffled, opening her eyes. "12:30, do you wanna get lunch?" he responded. Kuro nodded, sitting up followed by Jonghyun sitting up. Kuro glanced at her bedside table which had a plate of omelet. "There's food," she mumbled. Jonghyun looked behind him. He picked up the plate. He pulled Kuro in-front of him,in between his legs as he leaned against the back of her bed. He placed the plate down onto the duvet over her lap. "The guys must of left it," he added. After eating Jonghyun's phone beeped. "I need to go to a mission, will you be okay here?" Jonghyun asked. "I'll be fine," Kuro nodded.Key was sitting on the sofa, holding an ice-pack to his forehead."Are you okay?"Kuro mumbled. Key moved his hand away from the ice-pack. "I should be asking you that," he responded, glancing up at her."Do you have a hang over?" she guessed. "Blame Woohyun, he brought us bear so I wouldn't concentrate on your blood that much," Key added. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled. Key wrapped his arm around Kuro's waist, pulling her down onto the sofa. "Morning," Woohyun mumbled, coming around the corner. "You sound worse then earlier," Key observed. "Anyone know a cure for a hangover?" Woohyun asked. "Water?" Kuro suggested. Woohyun patted Kuro on the head before walking of to the kitchen. "How much did you two drink last night?" Kuro asked. "Only three cans," responded Woohyun, coming around the corner carrying two bottles of water, passing one to Key. "Each," Key added. Woohyun sat down the other side of Kuro. "Are you feeling any better?" he asked, gently feeling her forehead. "It still hurts but i'm fine," Kuro mumbled. "At least we know that Vampires and Hunduns can get drunk," Minho added, coming out of his room. "At least Kuro was asleep and didn't see us," Key added. Woohyun nodded. Minho grinned as he walked up to the sofa, leaning over Kuro with his phone in his hand before pressing play. A video of Key and Woohyun dancing to hokey-pokey came onto the screen. Key's and Woohyun's face turned bright red as they quickly turned the video of. "It got interesting this morning," Minho smiled, glancing down at the bandage on Kuro's arm. Woohyun's phone rang. "But-I know-fine," he argued through the phone before hanging up. "Mission?" Minho guessed. "How am I meant to kill a demon with a headache?" he sighed. "If Kuro can do it after being shot you can with being hung over," Key mumbled. "Okay, just next time remind me to not suggest getting drunk," Woohyun stated, getting up from the sofa. "See ya," he waved before going putting on his shoes and leaving the apartment. Key patted Kuro on the head before pulling her closer. "Anyway I need to go shopping, bye," Minho waved, patting Kuro on the head and going to the door. Kuro moved her hair back into place. "You don't mind us patting you on the head, do you?" Key asked. "I'm fine with it," Kuro mumbled. "You like it," he guessed, pinching her checks which caused her to blush. "I don't know why," she blushed. Later that day Kuro was sitting on the sofa reading a volume of the magazine 'kera' while Taemin, Minho and Woohyun were all sitting on the sofa, playing a video game. "Kuro-chan," Jonghyun smiled, crouching down in-front of Kuro and holding a shopping bag out towards her. "I said I would buy you stuff in return for you telling me where you work," Jonghyun smiled. "Are you sure?" Kuro asked. Jonghyun nodded, patting Kuro on the head. "Thank you," Kuro blushed, opening the bag.
"Thank you," Kuro smiled, hugging Jonghyun who smiled as he wrapped his arm around her bag. "I'm glad you like them, I knew you liked GOT7, UKISS, CNblue and B1A4 but I wasn't sure who else," Jonghyun smiled. "You're making him too excited," complained Minho. Kuro's checks blushed as she let go of Jonghyun. "Thanks Kappa," Jonghyun sighed. A bubble suddenly appeared above Jonghyun's head before exploding, causing the water to fall on him. Woohyun snickered while Taemin bursted out laughing. Kuro quickly leaned towards Jonghyun, whispering into his ear. Jonghyun nodded, doing a thumps up. "Can you help me cook something?" Jonghyun asked, winking. "Okay," Kuro nodded. Minho, Taemin and Woohyun returned to their game as Kuro and Jonghyun stood up. "So what should we have for dinner tonight?" Taemin asked. "How about Tonkatsu," Woohyun suggested. "Or Teriyaki," Minho added. "You guys are making it hard to decide," Taemin sighed. Water suddenly poured over Minho. Woohyun and Taemin quickly moved forwards, barely missing the water. Minho looked behind him to see Kuro and Jonghyun standing behind them, holding a empty plastic glass each. Minho smiled as he wrapped his arms around Kuro, pulling her down onto his lap. "Keep it PG to 13," Jonghyun added. Minho stuck his tong out at Jonghyun before looking back down at Kuro. "Does it hurt?" Minho asked, glancing at the bandage on her arm. "A little," Kuro mumbled. The next morning Kuro picked a pair of scissors out of a tray in the kitchen. She went in-front of the mirror in the living room. "What are you doing?" Key asked from behind her, making her jump. She accidentally dropped the scissors. "Sorry," Kuro blushed, picking up the scissors. "Are you going to cut your hair?" he guessed, watching Kuro nod. Key sighed as he took the scissors out of Kuro's hand. "Wouldn't it be easier to go to a salon?" he asked. "It's cheaper this way," Kuro mumbled. Key grabbed Kuro's hand, dragging her over to the sofa. "I'll do it," he smiled, sitting down on the edge of the sofa and pulling Kuro down onto the floor in-front of him. "How short do you want it?" he asked. "Just past my waist, thanks," Kuro mumbled. Key patted her on the head before carefully cutting her hair."Kuro..." Onew mumbled after breakfast. "What's wrong?" Kuro asked. "Can I walk you to work?" Onew asked. "Okay," Kuro blushed."Has it healed?" Kuro asked while they were walking in Akihabara. Onew looked down at his hand which just had a faint scar in the middle. "It's fine, and yours?" Onew responded. "Doesn't hurt as much as before but it should heal soon," Kuro mumbled. Onew slowly locked his fingers with hers. "Do you know what the gems are?" Kuro mumbled. "No idea, you could try asking the Shinigami boy," Onew suggested. "Toma?"Kuro guessed. "Do you trust him?" Onew questioned. Kuro stopped walking. "Should I not?" she mumbled. Onew looked around at her. "I'm just worried that your going to get hurt," he admitted. "Don't worry, you can trust him," Kuro mumbled."Declaring your love for me?" Toma smiled from behind her, causing Kuro to jump. THUD. "You're seriously clumsy though," Toma sighed, glancing at Onew who crouched down next to Kuro. "Are you okay?" he asked. "I'm fine, It just startled me when he appeared," Kuro mumbled. "When I first met you, you tripped over as well," Toma remembered. Onew helped Kuro stand up, being careful with her arm. "So, why were you talking about me?" Toma asked. Onew picked the two gems out of Kuro's pocket. "These appeared," he stated. "Moon stones?" he guessed, stepping forwards. "There is a story in the Zero realm about the Aces processioning magical stones that join together and act really strong," Toma admitted. "What are we meant to do with them?" Kuro mumbled. "I don't know, sorry," Toma responded. Toma looked up at the sky. "I have a job, bye," he sighed before walking into the nearby alley way. "We should go," Onew added. Kuro nodded. "It's so cute," Kuro smiled, spotting a fan in the shop window.
"Can I just pop in here to buy one?" Kuro asked. "Sure," nodded Onew, noticing a Doraemon fan in the background. "Anyway I better get inside," Kuro mumbled once" they reached the cafe. "Kuro," Onew mumbled. Kuro looked up at him. His checks were slightly red as he leaned forwards, kissing Kuro on the forehead. "Bye," he blushed, patting her on the head before walking of. "Onew..." Kuro mumbled."Anyway i'll see you tomorrow," Asami added at the end of Kuro's shift. "Bye," Kuro waved, before going to the convenience store and picking up a basket. As she turned the corner a strange creature stood there.
"Once you are finished please join me in the alley way," it commented, flying up into the ceiling. Kuro looked around to see that no one had noticed. "No one else saw him?" she mumbled."I am Ryuk," he introduced, landing on the ground. "I'm..." Kuro started. "Kuro" continued Ryuk. Kuro nodded. "Why did you want to talk to me?" she mumbled. "I am a Death Lord from the Zero Realm and as your the Princess there is something I need to tell you," Ryuk stated. "You need to tell me something?" she mumbled. "Yes, It's really important. That's why I came here myself to tell you, he informed. Before he could continue a crash happened further down in the alley way, causing them to both look in the direction. A black cat ran past them. Ryuk passed Kuro a clip which had a star on-top of a bow and different colored circles at each of the points.
"Keep it safe, it will come in handy," he warned. "What is it?" Kuro mumbled. "You will find out soon," he responded as his wings spreaded out from behind his back. He flew up into the sky. "Kuro," smiled Minho. Kuro held up the two shopping bags. "Food?" smiled Minho picking up the bag and looking through it. Taemin leaned on Minho's shoulder, looking into the bag. He picked a small bottle of Banana milk out of the bag."Thanks," he smiled, kissing Kuro on the check. Someone wrapped their arms around Kuro's shoulder from behind her, causing her checks to blush. "Onew?" she blushed as Onew guided her over to the table. He sat down, pulling Kuro down in-front of her."We made this for you," Key added, placing a cake down onto the table in-front of Kuro.
"It's cute," Kuro smiled. Onew smiled, patting her on the head. "Glad you like it," he smiled. "So this is what you've been making," Jonghyun added, sitting down next to Kuro. "Is it editable?" Woohyun asked. "I think so," nodded Minho. Jonghyun carefully cut into the cake, passing a piece to Kuro. "Thanks," Kuro smiled. Everyone was in silence while Kuro tried the piece. "So...?" Key asked. Kuro finished eating before nodding. "It's good," she nodded. "Really?" smiled Key. Kuro nodded. Key reached forwards, hugging Kuro.
Kuro grabbed Jonghyun's, Minho's, Taemin's, Onew's and Woohyun's arm. "Thanks guys," Kuro smiled. Minho smiled, hugging her. "So whats up with the whole group hug thing?" Taemin asked, looking Kuro in the eye. "Is it a weird thing? Kuro asked. Woohyun and Onew nodded. "Only because your normally embarrass at stuff like this," explained Jonghyun. "It's just that I don't know how to show how much I care about all of you," Kuro admitted. Her face turned red as she exchanged eye-contact with Taemin. "Why did I say that?" she blushed, hiding under the table. "It was a sweet thing to say," Woohyun smiled. "More like embarrassing," Kuro mumbled, still hiding under the table. As she turned around, she saw Jonghyun right in-front of her. Kuro's face blushed as she moved, accidentally bumping her head on the table. "You're seriously clumsy," Minho sighed, looking under the table. Jonghyun grabbed Kuro's hand, carefully pulling her out from under the table. "We're friends, right?" Woohyun asked. Kuro nodded. "Don't worry about it then," he responded, ruffling her hair.Onew's pocket vibrated. "We all have to go in," he informed, reading the text he had received. "Great, a mission," he sighed.
"We have a surprise for you," Naomi started. "This sounds bad," Taemin mumbled. L stood up of his desk, picking up his laptop. He turned it around to show a beach in the Maldives. "We are sending you here for a week, paid by us," he informed. "You're sending us to the Maldives?" repeated Onew. "So your going on holiday with the boys?" Asami asked after the shift the next day. "On Monday," Kuro nodded. "We need to go shopping," smiled Karen, linking arms with Kuro. "Lets go," nodded Tamai. "Are you sure?" Kuro asked. "It sounds fun," Mirei responded. Sunday night they all pulled their suitcases out near the main door. "You're suitcase is cute," Key smiled as Kuro rolled her suitcase out of her room.
"I brought it a few years ago," Kuro nodded. BEEP.BEEP. BEEP. "Its to early," Minho moaned, turning around. "Minho, you have ten minutes till Yagami's here," Onew called from the other side of the door. "Morning," Yagami called as everyone put their suitcases in the boot. "It's too early," yawned Taemin. "It's not that early," Yagami complained, sitting in the drivers seat. "Its 5 am," reminded Woohyun. "You've been up this time because of missions," Yagami remembered. "It's still early," Kuro mumbled. "You can sleep on my lap if you want," offered Minho from the next next to her. "It's okay," she blushed. "Oh yeah, show your badges to a member of staff at the security area and you'll be able to go through with your guns and stuff," Yagami informed as he parked outside of the airport. Onew lifted Kuro's suitcase out of the boot for her. After check-in they went towards security which wasn't busy. Onew showed one of the men at security his badge. "All of you are from SDC?" he asked. "Yeah," Onew nodded. "You can go through," he sighed. "So meetup in two hours by our gate," organized Minho. "Sounds good," nodded Woohyun. Kuro took a picture of her outfit in the long mirror that was in the woman's bathroom.
Taemin and Minho were both eating together in Mcdonalds. Key and Woohyun had ran into each other and decided to look around the book store together. Onew went around the shops. "Jonghyun," Kuro smiled as she saw Jonghyun looking at some anime magazines in one of the shops. Jonghyun smiled as he patted Kuro on the head. "It's going to be a long flight so i'm buying stuff to do," Jonghyun explained. "About 11 hours," Kuro nodded. "The two hours from Seoul to here was long enough," he sighed, picking up two magazines of the shelf. "I wonder who's going to be sitting next to who though," she added. "Oh right, didn't think about that," Jonghyun remembered. "There's seven of us so maybe three will be sitting on one side, two behind them and then two again. Or maybe four will be sitting in the middle row," he worked out. They walked inside the shop, picking up sandwiches, crisps, drinks and other stuff. "Enjoy your flight," the shop assistant smiled as she passed Kuro and Jonghyun their shopping bags. "Thank you," Kuro and Jonghyun thanked in-unison. Jonghyun noticed the small,pink shopping bag in Kuro's hand. "What did you buy?" he asked. "It was really hard to only buy one thing," she blushed. Kuro showed Jonghyun the way to the Fa-So-La TAX FREE TOY BOX store where she had brought a small Totoro plushie. "I can see why you tried to only buy one thing," Jonghyun nodded. He picked up a Gundam card game. "Although i'm sure there's enough room in one of our suitcases if you want to buy more things," he added, exchanging eye-contact with Kuro. "Okay," Kuro nodded. Jonghyun smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "Hey," Onew waved as he saw Woohyun and Key waiting at the gate before they were meant to meet. "Brought food as well?" he asked as he saw the shopping bag Onew was holding. "Just seven packet of crisps, two bottles of water, medicine just in case, plasters, a bottle of lemonade and spare pairs of headphones," Onew informed. "And people say I act like the mum," Key mumbled. "I'm the leader," Onew reminded. "Sure, sure. You also have a crush on one of the people on the plane," Woohyun added. Onew's face turned bright red. "Don't just say that! She might hear," he blushed. "The Leader's getting embarrassed," teased Minho from behind him. "Where's the others?" he asked. "No idea, I think Taemin went to buy ice cream or something," remembered Woohyun. "I brought TOKYO BANANA instead," Taemin interrupted. "Do you know where the others are?" Key wondered. "In the toy-shop together," responded Taemin, sitting down. "It's hard to believe Jonghyun is 24 now," admitted Minho. "He's 24 as well," Jonghyun moaned as he was walking up with Kuro. They were both holding four shopping bags each. "How many things did you buy in that toy shop?" Taemin asked. Kuro looked down at the ground. Jonghyun patted her on the head. "Lets just say its a good thing that SDC rented the whole island so we can't go shopping on it," he added. "We can take trips to the others," Key added. "I don't think my credit card will like that," Kuro sighed. "What about all the money you've gotten from missions?" Woohyun suggested. "Am I allowed to use it?" Kuro asked. "Of course, It's your money," responded Taemin. Taemin took a picture of the plane through the window while Key took a Selfie of himself in-front of the plane. Minho took a picture of Kuro and Jonghyun who were both playing with the Hello kitty plushie, which was wearing a kimono, that Kuro had brought. "The plane is ready to board," the air stewardess called from the desks.
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Chapter 5-The Maldives
"What's our seating plans?" Woohyun asked while they were walking down the tunnel which connected to their plane. Taemin leaned over his shoulder, looking at Woohyun's boarding ticket. "I'm sitting next to you," he added. Woohyun checked the seat number of Taemin's ticket. "Row F," he nodded. "We're sitting next to each other," Key stated, looking at Onew's ticket. "I'm sitting the other side of Onew," Jonghyun added, looking at both Key's and Onew's ticket. "And we're sitting next to each other," Minho commented, looking at Kuro's ticket. "Don't do anything perverted again," sighed Onew. The people walking in-front glanced around at them. "I'm not going to do something perverted," complained Minho, exchanging eye-contact with Kuro. "I promise I won't do anything creepy," he added, looking down into her eyes. "Okay," Kuro blushed. "He's the one that pinned you to the ground and kissed you. Plus the other thing just after she moved in," reminded Taemin. "You're seriously still going on about that? It was two weeks ago," Minho sighed. "Can we stop talking about that?" Kuro mumbled. "Yeah, agree with that," nodded Jonghyun as they walked up to the open plane door. They passed the air stewardess their boarding pass who then ripped it in half, passing them back half of the ticket. Woohyun's seat was next to the window with an empty seat in-between him and Taemin. Behind them Jonghyun was sitting by the window with Onew in the middle and Key sitting on the alley row. Behind them Kuro was sitting next to the window with Minho sitting in the seat next to her and the seat the other side of him, empty. After the rest of the passengers sat down in their seats the air stewards locked the door and showed what to do in an emergency. "How long has it been?" Woohyun asked as he turned the map on the back of the chair on. "We've only been in the air for an hour," he sighed, turning the screen back to the in-flight movie. One of the air stewardesses stopped once she got to Onew's, Key's and Jonghyun's seat. "You're the ones from SDC, right?" she whispered. "Whats wrong?" Jonghyun asked. "Can we talk to you all in private?" she requested. "Has something happened?" Woohyun asked once they all got to the staff cabin. "The pilot brought on this weird box and we think it unleashed a spirit," she explained. "Do you know where it is?" Key asked. "It was with the suitcases," she informed. "Is it okay if we go down there?" Taemin questioned. "As long as you don't steal anything or anything like that," the stewardess nodded. An air steward carefully opened the passageway to underneath the plane. Minho held his arms out once Kuro was the only person to jump down. "Trust me," he smiled. Kuro nodded, jumping and landing in Minho's arms. A glowing white light was floating around the piles of suitcases."It's a soul," acknowledged Key, dodging out of the way of the soul which came past him. Minho went to catch the soul however it flew past, causing him to fall face first on the floor. Jonghyun and Woohyun went to catch the soul at the same time however ended up bumping into each other."Princess," Taemin smiled, putting his hands on Kuro's shoulders from behind her. Kuro looked around at him. "You're a Shinigami, you can do this," Onew added, helping Minho up. "I can't control when it happens," Kuro reminded. The soul moved closer to them. Taemin quickly wrapped his arms around her, jumping up onto the top of the suitcases. As Kuro looked at the soul, she tugged on Taemin's shirt. "What's wrong?" he asked, looking down at her. "It's a puppy," Kuro mumbled. "It's a puppy's soul?" he asked, watching Kuro nod. "I think its bored," she nodded. "Wanna put on a show?" Taemin whispered, pressing his hand against Kuro's. "Wouldn't that be dangerous?" Kuro asked. "Fire and Ice can be controlled," Taemin responded. Small snowflakes with red sparkles dancing of, appeared in the air. The glowing soul turned into a small, white puppy which started to play with the snowflakes. "It's cute," Woohyun added. "You're turn," Onew stated. Kuro put her hand in-front of her. White sparkles danced around her fingers before dancing around the puppy. After a few seconds, the puppy turned into white sparkles. Key smiled, doing a thumps up.The suitcases underneath Kuro and Taemin started to both. "Kuro!" Jonghyun panicked as the suitcases fell down. Taemin wrapped his arms around Kuro's head as they fell. THUD. Woohyun, Onew, Key, Jonghyun and Minho rushed forwards. Key moved the suitcase to the side. "Are you okay?" Kuro mumbled from underneath Taemin. "I'm okay... you?" he asked, looking down at her. "I'm fine," she blushed. Taemin got of her, moving to the side as she sat up. "Sorry," Taemin apologized, ruffling his hand through his hair.
"It's okay," Kuro blushed. "Okay, that's enough," moaned Key, helping Kuro up. "Is it sorted?" the air stewardess from earlier asked as they were climbing out from the storage area of the plane. "It was the soul of a puppy," Kuro mumbled. "A puppy?" the air stewardess repeated. "It just wanted to play," Kuro nodded. "That's the Shinigami Princess for you," Woohyun smiled, hugging Kuro which caused her to blush. "We should be arriving soon," the air-steward interrupted. "We should go back to our seats," Onew nodded. "Are you sure you're okay?" Minho asked once they sat down. "I'm fine, really," Kuro nodded. "Its just that after things to do with death you normally act different," reminded Minho. "I guess i'm getting used to it," she mumbled, playing with a small, blue Totoro plushie. Kuro had fallen asleep on Minho's shoulder. He carefully wrapped his arm's around her shoulders, moving her head down onto his lap before wrapping his jacket over her. The plane shock. Kuro opened her eyes, leaning up and rubbing her eyes. "Did we land?" she mumbled."We still have five hours left," Minho responded. Kuro's checks blushed as soon as she realized that she had been using Minho as a pillow. "Sorry," she blushed, sitting up. "I put you on my lap," Minho admitted. Onew stood up and looked straight at them. "Hey, pervert, what are you doing?" he moaned. "Nothing, jeez," he sighed, kicking the back of Onew's chair. Onew sighed before sitting back down. "You can sleep on me again, if you want," he offered. "I'm okay, don't worry," Kuro blushed. "Fresh air," Kuro sighed once they got outside the airport. "It's been so long, good old ground," Woohyun smiled, sitting down on the dock. "We need to go to our airbus," Onew reminded. "Right," sighed Woohyun, standing up. After half an hour flight on a airbus, the island finally came in sight. Kuro tapped Key's arm which caused him to look out of the window. "Wow," he smiled.
They all took their suitcases to each of the water-huts. "Hey, Jinki, wanna help me with the BBQ?" smiled Taemin. "Okay, sounds good," nodded Onew. Kuro was sitting on the edge of the patio behind her hut. "Don't you want to come in the water?" Minho offered from under her. As she looked down into the water she saw Minho. "Minho!" Kuro blushed, quickly putting her legs back onto the patio. "Sorry," Minho apologized, climbing up onto the patio. "Onew and Taemin are cooking dinner and I think Key and Woohyun are building sandcastles and Jonghyun is somewhere in the water," Minho explained. Kuro nodded.As she stood up, she slipped on the wet surface caused by Minho when he climbed out of the water. Kuro started to fall forwards, towards the water. "Kuro!" Minho panicked, standing up and wrapping his arms around her from behind her. THUD. He had landed on-top of her."You are seriously clumsy," Minho sighed. "You made it wet..." Kuro mumbled. She carefully turned around to face him,looking up into his eyes. "That's good," he snickered. "Pervert," Kuro blushed, lightly hitting his arm. Minho stuck his tong out at her. "It was because of the sea water," Kuro mumbled. "I know that's what you meant," Minho responded, carefully patting her on the head. "Anyway, your too hard... can you get of me?" Kuro mumbled. A grin formed on Minho's face. "I meant your abs," she blushed, pinching his check. Minho moved his head closer to Kuro's, causing her to flinch. "The food will be ready soon," he whispered before kissing her neck. Minho looked her in the eye as he felt his heart beat increase. "Just for a few seconds," he mumbled, going closer to her. She flinched as she moved to the side. Minho placed his hands on her hips, pressing his lips against hers. After a few seconds he pulled his lips away. "Sorry, Iv'e made your dress wet. It's going see-through," Minho admitted. Kuro's checks blushed as she covered his eyes. "Pervert," she blushed. Minho carefully got of her, helping Kuro up. "I should go help Taemin," Minho added, patting Kuro on the head before going back into the water. Kuro went inside to change into another top and skirt.
"Foods ready," Onew called, carefully picking up the burgers of the BBQ, which was on the patio by the sand near the huts, before putting them into the rolls on the plates next to him. "Thanks, I'm starving," thanked Key, picking up one of the burgers and sitting down onto the nearby white table. "Hey Minho,whys your face so red?" Woohyun asked as Minho came walking of. "It's red?" he asked. "Yeah," nodded Jonghyun, picking up one of the burgers. "It smells good," Kuro added as she came walking up, her face also red. Onew glared at Minho. "What did you do?" he complained. "What do you mean?" Minho asked, glancing over at Kuro. "Both your faces are red," reminded Onew. "Its really hot," Minho reminded. Key walked over to Kuro,looking her in the eye. "Did he do something to you?" he asked. Kuro glanced over at Minho. Key leaned towards Kuro, gently placing his hand against the side of Kuro's head. "Did he kiss you again?" Key whispered. He sensed that Kuro's heart beet changed. "How long?And how?" he whispered, looking Kuro in the eye. "Only for a few seconds," Kuro whispered. "Hey, Minho. Tong?" he asked, looking over at Minho who looked down at the ground. "What are you talking about"? Taemin asked, looking over at Minho. "I only kissed her," Minho stated. "Do we have to talk about it?" Kuro mumbled. "We should eat," Onew added. The next morning Key was cutting watermelon into slices on the white table. "Kuro, Do you want some watermelon?" asked Key, turning around and stopping once she saw Kuro.
"You look really cute," he smiled. "Thanks," Kuro blushed. He passed her a slice of watermelon. "Thank you," she smiled, biting into the watermelon. "Do you have to look adorable even when your eating?" Key sighed. "Why are you watching me eat then?" Kuro blushed, turning around. "Sorry," Key flushed, picking up a slice of watermelon. Kuro was sitting on her legs on the sand as she was looking through the sand. "Bored?" Woohyun asked from behind her. Kuro's checks blushed as she jumped. "Where did you come from?" she blushed, turning around. Woohyun was only wearing black swimming shorts which meant his six pack was on display. "Sorry for making you jump," Woohyun apologized, crouching down in-front of her. "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention," Kuro mumbled. "So, are you bored?" Woohyun asked. "I'm trying to find shells," Kuro explained. "You're going to get sand in your clothes," Woohyun added. Kuro nodded. "It feels awkward to just wear a bikini," Kuro admitted. "Makes sense," Woohyun responded, patting Kuro on the head. "Want to go into the water?" he offered. "I'm okay here," Kuro blushed. Woohyun stood up, holding his hand towards her. "It will be easier to find shells in the water," he convinced. "Okay," Kuro nodded, using his hand to stand up. Kuro and Woohyun were carefully looking at the bottom of the sea bed in the shallow end while being careful to not get wet. "I found one," Woohyun smiled, holding a spiral shell up. "Lets go snorkeling!" Onew smiled as he was holding a snorkeling mask. "Sounds good," nodded Woohyun. Key found a boat. "We should leave our clothes here," suggested Taemin. "That just sounds perverted," reminded Jonghyun, glancing over at Kuro. She was wearing a lavender and black bikini with a bikini skirt.
"Wow," Jonghyun mumbled. Taemin lightly hit his arm. "Ow," Jonghyun moaned, glancing at Kuro who was talking to Woohyun. "Weren't suspecting her to be cute and have a good body?" guessed Onew. Jonghyun nodded. "Hey guys," nagged Key. "We're coming," responded Taemin. "I think here is deep enough," Minho stated as the boat stopped. Jonghyun put the snorkeling goggles on-top of his head and climbed down the ladder on the side of the boat. "Are you coming?" Woohyun asked once they were climbing down. "I'm not to good with deep water," she admitted. Woohyun wrapped his arms around Kuro's waist. "Don't worry, we won't let you drown," he reasured. "You can trust us," Taemin reasured. "I'm just going to paddle for a bit," Kuro sighed. "Okay," nodded Woohyun, exchanging eye-contact with Taemin. Kuro sat down on the edge of the patio area at the bottom of the boat while everyone went underwater. Her feet were under water. Suddenly, she felt something touch her ankle which caused her to move backwards, with her feet now on the patio. Looking over the edge, she saw a tropical fish swim past. Something grabbed her wrist, pulling her into the water. In-front of her was a woman with long black hair, green eyes, pale skin, sharp fang like teeth and wearing a small, strapped green bikini top. Instead of legs she had a dark green tail. Coral grew out of the seabed, wrapping around Kuro. "Get away from her!" Minho's voice ordered as he came swimming up. Minho wrapped his arms around Kuro, pulling her up and swimming to the surface. "Are you okay?" Minho asked once he had swum up to the surface and Kuro was coughing. "I think i'm okay," she nodded, wrapping her arm around the back of his neck. The mermaid grabbed his ankle, pulling him and Kuro under the water. "Trust me," Minho ordered, moving Kuro's head closer to his. She tried to pull away, stopping when Minho pressed his lips against hers. Blue sparkles danced around them. The sparkles bursted into the pentagram, sending out a light blue burst of light. A similar card appeared with a blue star in the middle and 'Ace of Water' written at the top with the same font as Taemin's and Onew's card. Blue sparkles bursted away from the card before a small pastel blue pearl landed in Kuro's hand. He held his hand out towards the mermaid. A large bubble sent towards the mermaid, bursting into waves of water that covered her. Kuro and Minho both leaned on the edge of the patio. "Sorry about kissing you again," he apologized. "It's okay," Kuro blushed, climbing up onto the patio. "Don't move!" Minho instructed, climbing on the patio. "Whats wrong?" Kuro asked, not moving. "There's a scratch on your back," Minho explained, wiping the blood away from the small cut on the bottom of her back. "There's a scratch?" Kuro asked. "Must of been the coral," Minho nodded. "What are you doing?" Onew asked as he came to the surface of the water. "Evil mermaid," Minho stated. "Are you okay?" Onew asked, climbing up onto the deck. "I'm fine," Kuro nodded, moving backwards.

Onew cooked another BBQ that night.

The next day it was hotter than the other days. "Lets go surfing," suggested Woohyun as he walked up to Taemin who was making a stack out of the straws on the white table. "Is there even surf boards?" he asked. "I found some in an area filled with water sports equipment," nodded Woohyun. "Sounds good," Taemin nodded. Key and Onew were both making sandcastles. "This is going to be interesting," Onew stated as he saw Woohyun and Taemin run past holding surf boards. "Taemin did sky diving and stuff when he went to Switzerland a few years ago," reminded Key. Minho was walking along the rocks further away from the huts. "Whats wrong?" Kuro asked. Minho suddenly slipping of the rocks from the jump. Kuro quickly grabbed his hand, causing her to fall forwards. THUD. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled. Minho was sitting up in the water with her on his lap. "Why are you out here?" Minho wondered. "I could ask you the same thing," Kuro mumbled, looking up at him. "You don't seem like the climbing on rocks type," Minho expressed, placing his hand on Kuro's back, just above the cut which had a plaster on-top. "I thought that you might be lonely so I came to find you," Kuro admitted. Minho smiled, patting her on the head. "I'm glad," he smiled. "I wouldn't move if I was you," he warned, looking behind her. "What this time?" Kuro mumbled. "Just a crab," Minho responded. Kuro quickly turned around. A crab was on the side of the rocks. It stared at them for a few seconds before crawling of. "So your scared of ghosts, deep water and crabs?" he guessed. "Ghosts, deep water, going under water, insects and just creepy things if they're close," Kuro mumbled.

Jonghyun was eating an ice-lolly.

"Lets have sparklers!" smiled Woohyun, holding a few packets of sparklers. "Sounds fun," nodded Taemin, being passed a sparkler.

"Hey, if you don't mind could you take a picture of all of us?" Woohyun asked the pilot of the air-bus after he had finished packing their suitcases on board. "Sure," the pilot nodded, being passed a black camera. After getting a group photo they all looked at the picture. "We need to go if you want to catch you're flight to Narita," the pilot announced.
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