Katawa Shoujo (very) graphic/visual novel
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Posted 3/6/14 , edited 3/6/14
I am not completely sure where this should be so I will stick it here cause it is more populated. You may have heard of this game but if you haven't, don't google it, I think this is a quite misunderstood game. You play as a teenage boy, completely normal until you have an almost fatal heart attack and are put into hospital for many months. You have arrhythmia, a heart disease. You are recommended to go to a special school full of disabled teenagers. The game is a love sim/visual novel. That is how I would explain it. I did play the game with the rather exotic scenes turned off. So I didn't have any awkward situations. The relationship you choose can get a bit intimate. The characters are so believable and lovable. If you have played the game, I made my choices without know where I would go and who I would go with, but I was always drawn to Hanako. Her extreme timidness and vulnerabilities just made me want to help her.

Honestly, play this game, spend the time, it is so worth at least one play through if not many just to see what the other characters are like. Oh, and you can have a bad ending... I will leave it up to you whether you want to know what happens...


Enjoy... I hope you get as invested into the characters as I did (not in any perverted or sexual kind of way)

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Posted 3/6/14

This was the first visual novel game I tried when I was recommended by a friend on its release. It has a very nice pace and story to it and all the characters are well made and lovable. Be wary though, as this game is
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Posted 3/7/14
I'm fairly certain we've previously discussed this in the PC Gaming section before. The overall consensus was it was a good game and well worth playing.
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Posted 3/8/14
As a huge fan of visual novels.. Katawa shoujo was one of the most enjoyable.. The characters are really one of a kind and you will keen to them!

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Posted 3/8/14
The VN could have easily been crass, offensive and in poor taste.
But they handled the subject matter(disabilities) deftly.
The people are people. They aren't defined by their disability. It's great.
Although it is not without hiccups, and weird art at times. Still worth your time, and like I said, handles the sensitive subject matter well.
I've played a few VNs and this probably has the most realistic portrayals of teen love I've seen in the medium. Most VNs it feels like 'true love', or 'meant to be', or the mc becomes some sort of savior figure for the girl. This has crying, misunderstanding and selfishness. Hisao is sometimes not that great of a guy. The heroines aren't perfect idealistic caricatures. It feels more 'real'.

Rin is best girl.
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Posted 3/9/14
In terms of writing, one of the best VNs I have played. Easily. Several of the story arcs are very moving. (Yes, the game is NSFW, but, compared to almost any real eroge, it is quite tame.) I feel that the Rin arc has the best writing of the lot, but the Hanako arc is my favorite.
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Posted 3/11/14
KS is a very good VN but it's always seemed like more of an entry level one to me honestly.
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Posted 12/25/15
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