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Posted 3/7/14 , edited 3/8/14
Written by FloydYoder

Tonari no Seki-kun: Master of Killing Time is the most fun you'll have watching someone dick around in class. The anime follows Yokoi, an ordinary high school girl who is trying to pay attention in class and her classmate Seki, who wastes time so epically it is impossible to pay attention to anything else.

It can be really hard to explain how this is awesome, but I'll do my best. From the opening theme you get a feel for the series as you see Seki playing a miniature bowling game, building a miniature log cabin, and designing a full cartoon, even going as far as getting voice acting from Yokoi. His actual activities are a bit more mundane, but they are done with such gusto that it is absurd. There is an episode where Seki decides to polish his desk. He comes in with professional tools and he polishes his desk until it is really, really shiny. And somehow no one but Yokoi notices him doing this even when he is loudly scraping resin off of his desk. That is how the series plays out, Seki doing something relatively unspectacular and does it in a spectacular way and only Yokoi seems to notice. In the first episode Seki wastes time by setting up dominos with his erasers. The domino set he creates is an amazingly intricate domino set that includes s-curves, multiple levels, and even a freakin' ski lift. The whole time Yokoi tries to get him to pay attention in class but all she accomplishes is getting the teacher mad at her for slacking off.

Yokoi's frustration with Seki is the center of comedy in the series. She often finds his antics to be disrespectful to the teachers and a terrible distraction to her but her objections have no effect on Seki, who manages to get away with his antics even when Yokoi tries to point them out to the teachers. As much as I enjoy watching Yokoi get frustrated with how distracting Seki is being, my favorite moments usually come from Yokoi getting way too involved in Seki's games. Seki is a bit eccentric and something as simple as a game of shogi turns into a narrative involving betrayal, tyranny, war, and the courage of a noble but wounded king. Yokoi becomes comically invested in this tale condemning the traitor and fretting terribly about the fate of the kingdom.

Tonari no Seki-kun comes in 8 minute episodes so the concept never overstays its welcome and manages to stay entertaining. The character designs are simple but appropriate and the voice acting is solid. Personally, I'm kinda glad that Seki doesn't really have any voice acting. I think it is better that he never really says anything and just lets his weird time wasting speak for him.

So check out Tonari no Seki-kun: Master of killing time, the gags will likely leave you hooked and at 8 minutes a pop, you can easily smash through it as I did.
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Posted 3/8/14 , edited 3/9/14
I was super doubtful about this series when I first started watching it. The first episode or two left me feeling a bit ambivalent towards the series as a whole, but by the 3rd episode I changed my mind completely. It's just so... addictive. Every episode I wonder "What else could he possibly DO?!" and he never fails to live up to my expectations. And Yokoi's reactions are always hilarious, sometimes completely understandable and sometimes they come out of left field. (One of my favorite episodes involves the Robot Family.)

The best thing about this series is it's so short. It's the perfect "time waster".
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Posted 3/11/14 , edited 3/11/14
I normally can't get into the "short episode" series at all. I really wanted to like Hetalia, for example, but just could not stand to watch more than a few episodes before it drove me crazy. Needless to say, I went into this show with a lot of doubt. Surprisingly, I find that the length perfectly suits this anime. Just enough to get the joke through without feeling like anything is wasted.

While I love Seki-kun's awesome time killing ideas, the joy of this show really is in Yokoi's reactions, especially when she gets even more caught up in the diversions than Seki himself. the interplay between the two, despite his silence is truly what makes this show.
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Posted 3/11/14 , edited 3/11/14
Short episode series have never pleased me, but this is the FIRST good one i've seen! It's such a simple idea that is very well executed! I even broke and read the manga. Hope they keep the episodes coming.
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