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Toradora to be released on blu-ray with an English Dub track
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Posted 3/13/14

MonkeysxMoo35 wrote:

Trailer got released and I love the voices! Only Ami's is a little irritating but I can live with it

Ryujii and Taiga were a bit hit or miss for me, but definitely more good than bad. Taiga's emotional moments stood out as particular highlights to me.

Minori, on the other hand, even though it was just a short clip..............................

Fake airhead Ami sounded pretty much spot on freaking annoying.

Grrrrr....I love the Japanese version, and I already own it, but....I'm kind of starting to WANT THIS DAMMIT.
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Posted 3/13/14 , edited 3/13/14
I'm super excited for Toradora on Blu-ray and the english dub is just an added bonus.
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Posted 7/12/14
Closed because OP nuked.
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