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Post Reply Crunchyroll hits the PlayStation Vita!
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17 / M / England
Posted 12/27/14

agila61 wrote:

McPiranha wrote: why you do dis Crunchyroll! Your torturing us in the UK and the rest of Europe! we need crunchyroll on different platforms over here ;_;

Its better than 2:1 odds that its something about how Sony set their region system up.

Region lock systems are always annoying. And they are quite often commercially foolish, since they are set up based on some theory about the value in things crossing region boundaries, and then the region boundaries make it harder to show that the theory was wrong.

Yeah, I don't really get why some websites and companies set up region lock,I mean I guess it's to stop people from breaching copyright, but stuff like crunchyroll on ps3 and xbox 360 for Europe really doesn't make sense...I guess I have to be glad that we at least have it on the android store
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Posted 1/24/15
We need for Europe please !
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21 / M
Posted 2/25/15
Yeah come on (cue Fox mcloud SSBM taunt)
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24 / M / Austria
Posted 3/7/15
Still waiting for EU Release :/
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25 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 3/28/15
UK and nothing still, what a joke.
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18 / F
Posted 4/27/15
will this be made available in australia?
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42 / M
Posted 5/28/15
ITS been a goddam year now the eu + ps veta = still waiting
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Posted 6/19/15

TheAncientOne wrote:

LoomyTheBrew wrote:

That has nothing to do with Nintendo.

If it doesn't, why are there no other video apps on the Wii U?

I can cite other devices such as the WDTV Live that very likely don't have more units in the field than the Wii U, yet have more streaming video providers. Even the Roku isn't that far ahead (close to 8 million units sold as of January 2014), but it absolutely crushes the Wii U in terms of number of video providers.

Clearly it isn't the number of installed units that is the primary hinderance for video providers. That leaves the following possibilities:

1. It is considerably more difficult to develop for than these other platforms.

2. Nintendo is making it difficult or problematic for developers to get apps on the system.

3. Both of the above.

If you can come up with any other explanations that make any sense, state them.

Well those other devices are guranteed to be used for video streaming because that is what they are sold as. It might just be that the Wii U is perceived as having less user that would use it for video streaming purposes.
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20 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 2 days ago
I'm happy to confirm that Crunchyroll app has officially landed on the UK PlayStation Store for the Vita (as well as PS3 and PS4).

While UK customers were able to access the PS3 & PS4 apps by downloading the US version, the Vita way was rather complicated so by having the app officially on the UK store saves people time!
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18 / M / Netherlands
Posted one day ago
Just tried it out on my Vita, works well and looks great on the OLED screen.
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