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What you prefer to be called:

Class(low, medium, high):

Class you teach:




What made you wanna come/teach here?:

Hair style/color:

Eye shape/color(example #1):
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Posted 4/12/14
Name: Fia Sylvie

Age: 120 (looks 25)

Gender: Female

Please call me Professor Sylvie

Class: High

Creature: Witch

Class teach: Magic users 100 and Magic History 103. These are basic classes that will teach students how to control magic and learn about the history of magic.

Background: Her father was a wizard and taught her how to use her magic. She lived in a small town with her family of 8 siblings and father. Fia has an older brother and she was the second born. It was her job to take care of the rest of the siblings while her father and brother went out on wizard quests for money. Having 4 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters, Fia became a strict disciplinarian and strong willed person. She may be harsh but she secretly has a loving side.

Personality: Strict and witty. Will tell you how to improve, points out flaws but loves all her students who give it their all in her classes.

Reason for teaching: Being a witch was very difficult for her growing up. Her father and brother were always gone. The only time she was able to try practicing using her magic was late at night when everyone else was asleep. She learned magic through her mother's collection of spell books and learned the history of magic. She had to learn the hard way and she does not want that for anyone else. Fia knows from experience how dangerous that can be. She wants to make learning magic easier for others than it was for her.

Hair style/color: Long black flowing hair

Eye shape/color: Big round blue eyes
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Posted 4/12/14
This is what she looks like.
Posted 4/13/14
You are approved! Thanks for applying! Approved by fluffymarshmellows!
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