MGSV Ground Zeroes
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Posted 3/20/14
Have anyone here completed Metal Gear Solid V; Ground Zeroes? if so, what do you think about it?

I completed it a few hours ago. And people seem to think that the short story and gametime is a problem for GZ, however I don't see a problem whit it at all since the small amount of story in it is a masterpiece . Also, there's much to do after you complete the game such as trophy/achievement hunt, other missions and see if you can complete the game in a faster time.

This picture pretty much sums up my reaction to the ending...
Posted 3/20/14
still waiting to buy my PS4, my copy arrives on Monday.

Just a reminder folks, gratuitous use of the spoiler tag is appreciated.

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Posted 3/20/14 , edited 3/20/14
No more David Hayter and I can't justify spending $30 plus tax for a game that I can run through in an hour or two... sorry Kojima, you won't get my money this time around. With all of that said I'm sure that the story is really good and the game looks pretty but I just don't think it's worth it... I probably won't be picking up Phantom Pain either but I will admit that that one looks like a sure winner. Really, they should've just made it all one game... I hate how these companies capitalize on DLC's and now they wanna sell you 1-2 hour long prologues, these are the kinds of marketing schemes that turn me away from buying video games these days.

I was blown away by Snake Eater, I didn't even like 4 as much, that's how much I liked Snake Eater and I'm happy with leaving it at that.
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Posted 3/20/14
I was on the fence about this game myself. I am super excited for MGS5. Not so much for Ground Zero though.
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Posted 3/22/14 , edited 3/22/14
Bought mine off the PSN store, for the PS4. It just got done installing, and since it's almost 3am, and I can't really get to sleep. I guess I'll start playing it.

Been looking forward to playing this.
Posted 3/22/14
replaying Peace Walker, as a nice refresher
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Posted 4/23/14
After I heard about the secret 'Rape Tape', I no longer had any interest in Ground Zeroes.
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Posted 6/23/14
I might get it for the Xbox 360. It's a fun game.
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Posted 6/27/14
Will get it for PS3 since I won't be purchasing a PS4 for still some time.
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Posted 12/25/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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