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Name An Anime That Needs A Spin Off
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Posted 3/24/14 , edited 3/24/14

GoldTStar wrote:

macmcflurry wrote:

GoldTStar wrote:

Soul E...nevermind.

Hunter x Hunter (showing what Leorio and Kurapika have accomplished), i think i would enjoy that.

Eyyy I would literally jump on that faster than ants on an dropped ice cream cone. Leorio was my favorite character in Hunter x Hunter and I think Kurapika doesnt get much love for who he is imo and i would love to see more screen time of these two. A spin off sounds absolutely Wondrous.

Isn't Leorio great? He's funny, strong and has a sense of style. He's actually one of my favorites of all time. I fully understand why they don't get more screen time, so a spin-off focused on them instead would be great.

Now that I think about it's like two used-to-be-main character in Leorio and Kurapika just sound like the PERFECT set up for a spin off series . I would push so hard for this.
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Posted 3/24/14
Chuunibyou Dekomori/Nibutani Edition
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Posted 12/27/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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