noragami manga discussion
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Posted 3/26/14 , edited 3/26/14
so after the show finished, i read that the anime had to diverge from the manga in order to have a climactic ending within 12 episodes, basically rabo is a non character episode. almost everything after yukine's purification isnt cannon.

so i had to read the manga!!

unfortunately even though there are 40 chapters out right now, only 30 of them are translated with the rest coming quickly, (each chapter is about 50 pages, which is awesome)

but before i started blabbering plot points people may want to find out for themselves, i was wondering if anyone else decided to start reading the manga after the show ended.

i for one am enjoying the manga very much, so i recommend anyone interested to give it a shot.
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Posted 6/5/14 , edited 6/5/14
Chapter 41 in a nutshell

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Posted 6/5/14 , edited 6/5/14
^ i love ch 41

but i was all and and and kyaa'ed all over the place with this scene:

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Posted 7/15/14 , edited 7/15/14
Sorry folks, turns out this is a duplicate of /forumtopic-842007/noragami-manga-discussion.

Since neither thread is very active, and this one was started only a few days after the most recent post in the other one (and therefore should not have been created at al), I'm going to go ahead and close this one. I encourage you, if you still have interest in the manga, to copy your thoughts from here into that other thread, or to add new thoughts.
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