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Posted 3/29/14
I hear a lot of hype about this game but i can not find anywhere that it is gonna be a video game ever talks about the building and the "evolving" world. Well I could not every find a reason to care a single bit about this at all and more power too them to do it but what makes this an mmorpg if it even is one.
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Posted 3/30/14 , edited 3/30/14
Its on Landmark Beta this is only a sandbox game atm. This is to build hype only. More less the best build areas will be choose and possibly added to end game. And players might be rewarded. Everquest Next is a mmorpg when it comes out. There will be combat and everything you would expect from a mmorpg. Though the building aspect would probably be gone for the most part. As for the Evolving world there is a vid saying if you kill enough goblins ect they will pack up and move elsewhere. Or if alot of noobs die more will come because they will like the loot.

Big enough mobs could possibly attack the towns. Towns can also be destroyed. To the point there is no trace of it. Which would affect the quest line. If you quest for town npc you could help build better defenses. Every game Ch will be different sense different people make different choices. On 1 ch a town could be missing. On ch 2 the town could be a massive fortress.
Posted 3/30/14
What he said. It's basically two games coming out. Everquest Next Landmark, now just called Landmark, will be first and from my understanding is a minecraft type of game where the best buildings will be added to the actual MMO, Everquest Next. It's an interesting way to get people involved in creating the world but I am just waiting for EQN. Though admittedly my excitement has dropped a bit since learning more about how the classes and combat work. Was really hoping for something a bit closer to how the original was.
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Posted 12/25/15
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