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Post Reply Crunchyroll lineup page mystery box log
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TheAncientOne wrote:
I was hoping perhaps the one remaining "?" box would be filled, but with the weekend here, that doesn't seem likely until at least next week. I am somewhat hopeful CR will add the Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi!+ special around the time the second of the two episodes air (September 17), and it will take that box.

I hope your hope/guess is right! Nachuyachumi is, for me, the best animated adaptation to come out of the Yuru Yuri franchise. It would be great if Crunchyroll got that long OVA and the 2 Nachuyachumi+ regular length OVA episodes as well. The two TV series were fun but man.... Nachuyachumi really is amazing! And it sold really well and (I think anyway) it is probably the reason why we're getting a season 3, it tested the waters and came back really positive which is great as other series recently that have come back after a long break (Working!!!, Drrr x2, et al) have really dropped in the sales department, not quite to the level of a bomb but from 22000 or 10000 sales levels down to a few thousand. The long pent up desire for more Yuru Yuri didn't wane at all which is a very, very good thing.
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