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Post Reply New Spring Titles: Kindaichi, Daimidaler, Fairy Tail, The Irregular at Magic High School, Kawaisou, Love Live! School Id
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16 / F / Arizona
Posted 4/7/14
FAIRY TAIL IS COMING BACK!!!!! The moment I have been waiting for! *Happy Dance*
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Posted 4/8/14
any chance of getting original Fairy Tail series?
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37 / M / Surrey, UK
Posted 4/14/14 , edited 4/19/14
Well, AnimaxUK are handing Kawaisou about as well as I expected...

Episode 1 just went up on Saturday, one day before CR announced the release of Episode 2.

As viewers, do we have any recourse when our regional licensee is consistently substandard, and when CR is hands-down doing a better job?

Episode 2 went live (UK, Animax), about two hours after CR release episode 3.

Come on, CR, steal this one back from Animax. They simply cannot handdle simulcasts. Get it on your service which, y'know, actually bloody works.
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