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Posted 4/6/14 , edited 4/6/14

Written by: Shiden Kanzaki
Illustrated by: Saki Ukai

List of Volumes: 7 (4/10/14)


In the year 2021 an epedimic known as the Gastrea Virus entered the human body and changed the DNA of its host, turning them into deadly parasites known as Gastrea. As war between humanity and Gastrea broke out, the latter eventually claimed victory and took humanity's spot at the top of the food chain.

10 Years Later...

Now 2031, humanity has found a way to counter Gastrea: using Monolithic walls made of Varanium, a metal which harms Gastrea. Promoter of Tendo Civil Security Rentaro Satomi and Initiator Enju Aihara, who is one of the "Cursed Children," are given a special mission to prevent the destruction of the Tokyo Area!


Rentaro Satomi
Enju Aihara
Kisara Tendo
Tina Sprout
Miori Shiba

Kikunojyo Tendo
Sumire Muroto

Kagetane Hiruko
Kohina Hiruko
Shougen Ikuma
Kayo Senju

Tamaki Katagiri
Yuzuki Katagiri
Syouma Nagisawa
Midori Fuse

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Posted 4/7/14
I have never read a light novel before.
Even though I have A LOT of anime's that are based off of light novels.
I have a hard time comprehending novels or books.
That's why I RARELY read novels.
I read mangas.

But I'm going to make Black Bullet the FIRST light novel I read!
I'm SO GLAD to make it my first light novel! It's be worth it FOR SURE!!!
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Posted 4/7/14
That's funny, Black Bullet was my first Light Novel. I plan on reading more LN now, they're really good, and I now see why so many of them get anime adaptations!

The BB LN is even BETTER than the manga. You'll love it.
Posted 4/7/14 , edited 4/7/14
It's better than the manga? Really???

I'm going to see if I can get Bankshot to read it too at some point.
Wish me luck.

And to as many people as I can.
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Posted 4/7/14
Trust me when I say: I got all of my friends to read it and they are all eagerly waiting for tomorrow.
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Posted 4/7/14 , edited 4/7/14
I've read the Manga guys...So you want me to read the Light Novel...and then you will want me to read all the magazine promotions too, and maybe candy wrappers, and maybe fly to Japan and read all the billboards and playbills on telephone poles.

Then what?
Posted 4/7/14 , edited 4/8/14
Dang it! He found us out!

Better luck next time. xD

Hmmm. Then we'll want you to cosplay.
So start sewing. LOL.
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