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Why aren't fighter jets chrome in real life?
Posted 4/9/14 , edited 4/9/14

longdanzi103 wrote:

SoldierSangria wrote:

They should be hot pink instead. Their fabulousness would take out the enemy in an instant.

I think the government needs to start researching fairy princess technology, I want to see rainbows shoot out the back of missiles and see enemy jets explode in glitter

*Cries at the awesome of the post*
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Posted 4/10/14
modern fighters have radar absorbing paint which is fairly matte - see B-2, F-35, F-22.

WW2 prop planes with duralumin skin unpainted looked pretty shiny, good pic of the P-38 up there.
Posted 4/10/14

nemoskull wrote:

close, kinda.

more close

Wow. Now I have to watch some porn.
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Posted 4/10/14
Blinding the enemy as well as blinding your allies lol.
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Posted 12/28/15
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