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Posted 5/2/14
Major ongoing problems indeed, and only getting worse. I (fortunately) still only have to deal with the well known problems, friends with older (Fat) PS3's can barely use the app any more. Getting to the content I want to watch as fast as possible without scrolling on anything else, or hoping that the episode the app just crashed on is in history so I don't have to go through My Queue or Popular or Alphabetical and recrash the app or quitting the app every few episodes so that problems don't start shouldn't be a thing. But for many of us it is.

And if you didn't know, the stuff in bold is the current workaround to your problems. Doesn't prevent crashes, only lowers the chances of getting them.
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Posted 5/2/14 , edited 5/2/14

magicite852 wrote:

You can try to delete the app and re-installing it. It helped a little for me, but honestly the issue is a big memory leak problem that causes the app, at best, to kick you back to the dashboard and at worst hard locks your system. Instead of cracking down on the issue CR decided it would be better to develop apps for the PS4, Vita, and Xbox One. I'm still hoping for some fix, but honestly at this point I'm not expecting a solution anytime soon.

They didn't develop a new app for the PS4 they just reused the PS3 app and all its bugs and no doubt did the same for the PS Vita app.

Crunchyrolls requires you to have a premium account to be able to use the console app because the consoles don't support advertisements but this is false and a very poor excuse just look at Crackle as it is a free app with advertisements. I wouldn't use it anyways if it had advertisements.
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