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Posted 4/10/14
Helloooo.. ^^
My name is Chris.
In 1½ month i have my art exam. and in this exam i have to present a piece of art, which i made, of own choice and so on. I'm making a painting. and the idea with the painting is to collect both the culturel experiences and the way people judge Japan.

One half is with the japanese flag and symbollic japanese features, whereas the other half is how judgemental people are towards Japan, anime, manga, some of the Things Japan have!

What i am asking is, anything to do with Japan, that either presents Japan or the judgemental behavior towards the japanese culture or Things in Japan.

I am, of course also working on this myself, but the thing is i have 10 clock hours to do this, which is 5 weeks. only in school. i have to Work on the painting itself in those classes and everything else at home. so any kind of help would be amazing, Pictures, or icons, whatever! i'll be painting this painting myself, nothing stick on and so on. and i will of course post a Picture of it when it is done.

I hope just a few of you will find this interesting or want to help a tiny bit.

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Posted 4/10/14 , edited 4/10/14
i'd say some stereotypical things people think of when you say japan would be like sushi and pokemon and kawaii doki doki peace signs with your hands and bright colours and chibi and ninjas and nintendo and... tentacles.

whereas the other side people miss out on is the culture and the scenery, buildings and cherry blossoms and cute things.

but yeah, it's a really interesting idea. for one of my art projects i focused on the japanese earthquake and incorporated different aspects of japan such as anime and culture and media reactions to the disaster etc. so i'd really love to see how yours turns out c: and goodluck! those long art exams can be a right pain~
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Posted 4/10/14
Ninja face, saying 'Nin-nin.'
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Posted 4/14/14 , edited 4/14/14
That sounds like a very interesting project. I would love to see the inclusion of cherry blossoms (sakura). Good luck!
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Posted 4/16/14
Okay, what you need in order to accurately portray Japanese stereotypes is a ninja, holding a bottle of sake in one hand and a bound, under-aged school girl in the other with a really swooshy background. Try to work in a cephelopod of some sort while your at it.
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Posted 4/18/14
The ninja needs a monkey tail and his own gundam too.
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Posted 12/22/15
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