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Getting Ready for the Day
Posted 4/12/14
What do you do to get ready for the day or go out and about? Do you just throw on whatever and go? Or are you more "go to sleep pretty, wake up pretty" type of person?

Me, I just throw on some sweats or a plain T and jeans. Especially when I go to school. Who cares? It's just high school. I don't need to make an effort in getting all dolled up if I'm just going to go home and sleep after the fact. I do, however, do my best on weekends when I actually have time and the ability to care. I don't wear makeup unless it's lipstick or mascara occasionally; it's the hair I have to worry about! It's also an absolute must that I brush my teeth before I walk out the door. Regardless if I'm having a lazy day or not.
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20 / F / US
Posted 4/12/14
Up -> Shower -> Clothes -> Food -> Leave
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21 / F / UK
Posted 4/12/14
never leave the bed.
Posted 4/12/14

stridersix wrote:

never leave the bed.

Yaaaassss. Always my desired but not-happening preference.
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20 / F / Punville, USA
Posted 4/12/14
Wake up
Stare off into space for a few minutes
Sit up
Repeat step two
Get Dressed
Turn on radio so my bird won't get lonely
Put hand on doorknob
Repeat Step Two
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25 / F / Iwatobi!!
Posted 4/12/14
Since it's Sunday I won't get up till mid-day then just watch anime until roast dinner! Then more tv and see my bf

But any other day I have to drag myself up and put on whatever clothes are easiest and walk around like a zombie for at least 30 mins
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24 / M / Kaguya's Panties
Posted 4/12/14
Wake up
Turn my computer on
Go pee
get an energy drink
go get changed
check my websites
have breakfast
Watch all the anime I want to
Go back to bed
Rinse and repeat.
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26 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 4/12/14
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24 / M / 'MERICA
Posted 4/12/14
It depends on the situation:
If it's work- I shower, shave, brush dem toofuses, and throw my uniform on.
If it's the gym - Basketball shorts and a tank/cut-off
Dinner - Jeans, long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a vest.
Grocery shopping - sweats and a hoodie
Posted 4/12/14
I go to sleep looking flawless, and wake up looking flawless

Honest answer: No. I have a straight man's mentality when it comes to appearances... (unless it's for a date), I usually don't care that much... I never even brush my hair... (which is kinda disgusting... but my excuse is that I have curly hair, and when I brush it, it looks even more terrible).
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Posted 4/12/14
In a normal day when I have stuff to do I just:
Wake up.
Do my hair.
Do my makeup.
Get dressed.
And leave.
I'm normally ready in about thirty minutes.
Or less.
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20 / http://myanimelis...
Posted 4/12/14
Struggle to wake up.
Look at frequently visited sites.
Call over breakfast.
Watch Anime/Read Manga while eating breakfast
Bathroom break.
Whichever I didn't do before the bathroom break.
Eat while surfing the web. (Anime-related sites)
Play whatever I feel like playing. (usually Osu!)
Back to Anime/Manga
Then repeat.
Posted 4/12/14 , edited 4/12/14
Get up and curse the world.

Read, read, read. Did I mention read?

Pee, then brush teeth.

Eat/read at the same time while listening to the radio.

Put on clothes suitable to my day and complain about my hair/my face/myself while I sing along to the radio.

Quick check sites/email/spam people.

Plan world domination and practice my evil laugh.

Go and make other people's day hell.

= success.
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19 / F / texas
Posted 4/12/14 , edited 4/12/14
- Pull on whatever wouldn't be too hot for the weather that day or black pants and tshirt usually.
- Put on foundation and eyeliner & brush teeth
- Since I'm wearing my hair natural I usually braid it, wear it to the side, or put it in a ponytail depending how it's acting that day :P

And I usually shower when I get home.


Shower & brush my teeth, air dry and braid hair, pull on comfy clothes or nice shirt and skirt.

Or just stay in my pajamas and sit on my computer playing LoL and watching Anime.

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23 / M / Chicago, IL
Posted 4/12/14
Busy Days:
Wake Up > Feed My Dogs > Shower > Eat Breakfast > Brush My Teeth > Eat Breath Mints > Leave.

Not So Busy Days
Wake Up > Eat Breakfast > Clean After My Dogs > Feed My Dogs > Shower > Brush My Teeth > Killing Time.
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