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Who is your favorite Nisekoi girl?
Posted 5/18/14 , edited 5/19/14
Onodera, nomnom.
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Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/28/14

saksiss wrote:

The thong girl, whatever her name is.

i would so love to torture chitoge a bit yep my sadistic side comes out

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M / Tralfamadore
Posted 6/7/14 , edited 6/8/14
Onodera winsome and willing.

Chitoge pretty and trouble.

Onodera wins; Chitoge all that heavy lifting gets old fast.
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19 / M / Reincarnated in A...
Posted 6/19/14 , edited 6/19/14
I can see this eventually escalating into an all-out-war.

Marika is my favorite girl- but how could you ask me to choose just one?!
I know there are people that hate her, but I think it's sweet how Marie devoted her entire life to Raku, kind of like Kirishima Shouko, even growing out her hair. For some reason, I'm also attracted to the contrast between her aggressive side and her cute side, and that accent of hers. True, she doesn't have the spotlight much in the anime, but the manga has quite a few chapters centered on her, and though they don't exactly have the vanilla moments I hoped for, it's still sweet to read. True, Marika does tend to abuse her power, but then again, what character hasn't? A lot of times in stories like Nisekoi, none of the girls take the initiative, which is what leads to the "no girl chosen" end. Yes, it is overbearing, but Marika does take the initiative when it comes to love. In a way, she has what Kosaki lacks (but she'd lose her appeal if she became like Marika), but she's not yet yandere. It's a little sad how even though she tries hard, the distance never closes- though Raku always seems to make her fall even more in love with him. Overall, Marika is usually brushed aside as the character that adds comedy to the story, and not taken too seriously. Like her frail body. It's usually used as a comedic aspect, but it's actually pretty serious, and with her constant aggression...

Besides, her facial expression are (probably) on par with Kosaki's- though, not nearly as good as Shu's.
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25 / M / Manhattan
Posted 6/19/14 , edited 6/20/14
I was on the Kosaki Onodera train until I stopped reading the manga,around the time
It felt like they were just adding one girl over the other for plot twists in order to prolong the series and confuse us more with all the possibilities.It had a neat twist to it in the beginning,but the numbers just grew too big without the plot advancing enough.

As for Onodera herself,I've always like the Dandere archtype,and she seemed to fit the bill there with cuteness blossoming from everything she does and thinks.I have a high regard for intelligent girls,so it was really a hot debate between two sides of myself as to whether I should switch over to the Kirisaki Chitoge train or not.I decided against it,I don't think it's appropriate to switch sides after things have gotten this far,anyway.

BTW Does anybody know about what will happen to the anime?I heard it was supposed to get a second season,but is that just a rumor or confirmed and is there any news about it lately?
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Posted 6/19/14 , edited 6/20/14
Onodera. I know she lacks initiative, but her sweetness compensates for that.
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Posted 6/23/14 , edited 6/24/14
I'm going with...

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30 / M / Canada
Posted 7/11/14 , edited 7/12/14
I like Ruri because she's the only girl that doesn't fall for the main character.
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24 / M
Posted 7/11/14 , edited 7/12/14
I've yet to read the manga, but right now Onodera has won my heart <3
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27 / M / Corner of Moon &...
Posted 7/12/14 , edited 7/12/14
Tsugumi hands down
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24 / M / Academy city
Posted 8/21/14 , edited 8/22/14
Marika Tachibana
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F / Chicago
Posted 8/22/14 , edited 8/22/14
That's hard to answer, I like all of them save Onodera's friend.

Favorite for Raku would be Marika with Chitoge behind her, Onodera is far too passive and simple to find interesting.

My favorite though is Tsugumi, maybe get her into a yuri dojin

Posted 8/23/14 , edited 8/23/14
Kosaki Onodera.
Posted 8/27/14 , edited 8/27/14
Haru Onodera
Posted 8/27/14 , edited 8/28/14
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